Charles Laverty Announces Major Expansion Plans at Advanced Bifurcation Systems

Los Angeles, California - January 15, 2018- Charles Laverty, CEO of Advanced Bifurcation Systems (ABS), has 30 years of leadership experience in healthcare. He announced that ABS has built top senior leadership team, all with extensive medical device and innovation experience. The most recent additional to the team were Chief Compliance Officer, Scott King, CFO Ken Richards and Vice President of Global Business Development, Drew Foster.

The company has developed a novel technology to overcome limitations in the current approach to bifurcation lesions in coronary angioplasties. It offers a self-aligning and orienting coronary stenting system. The simplified procedure allows a surgeon to place stents into both the mother and daughter vessels of a bifurcation lesion at the same time, using a dual catheter system. The ABS system of delivery ensures automatic alignment of a bifurcating stent which prevents stents from failing. This can happen when they are not aligned, and blood flow is uneven.


This simple, effective method offers many positive benefits and represents the results of 20 years of research by Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Mehran Khorsandi and CTO, Henry Bourang. The procedure can be performed as a day surgery and a patient could be in and out of a medical facility in a matter of hours.

Charles Laverty believes using this method could revolutionize the system in many ways, from eliminating the need for open-heart surgery to reducing the financial costs.

Dr. Mehran Khorsandi had a chance to demonstrate the merits of the procedure to some of the world’s thought leaders in the field of cardiac intervention. He was a featured presenter at last year’s European Bifurcation Club meeting in Portugal.

ABS has managed to build one of the biggest patent portfolios for medical stenting technology today. They already have received 34 patents and have 10 more in process. This is considered a major feat for a startup prior to submitting its application for FDA review.

ABS is currently developing plans for submission to the FDA and other regulatory agencies. The next critical step for the company is requesting approval and the company is developing all required processes for the respective regulatory agencies.

The first tranche of fundraising was recently closed, and the company is planning to begin human trials in New Brunswick, Canada. Charles Laverty says that he is looking forward to working with New Brunswick health care professionals and believes that the quality data from the clinical trials will reflect their excellent reputation.

The company will be opening a facility In New Brunswick which will serve ABS’s customers globally upon successful completion of the human trials and regulatory approval.


Advanced Bifurcation Systems
Charles Laverty
Chief Executive Officer

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