CEL-SCI Receives U.S. Patent For CEL-1000 Anti-Infective Drug

VIENNA, Va., Nov. 1 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- CEL-SCI CORPORATION has been issued a new U.S. patent covering its anti-infective drug CEL-1000. The term anti-infective covers anti-viral, anti-microbial and anti- bacterial uses, as well as drugs which stimulate the body's innate immune system to defeat disease. The patent, U.S. Patent No. 6,951,647, is titled, "T cell Binding Ligand Peptide and Method of Inducing A Cellular Immune Response."

CEL-1000 has been tested by numerous CEL-SCI collaborators in various research labs and at the U.S. Naval Medical Research Center (NMRC) where it demonstrated protection against herpes simplex, viral encephalitis, malaria and cancer in animal models.

CEL-1000 is a modified version of a human immune-based protein known to bind to both human and mouse immune cells and appears to act by enhancing the host's protective immune response.

Maximilian de Clara, President of CEL-SCI, said, "This patent protects our rights for the CEL-1000 product in the U.S. Other patents for this product are still pending."

CEL-SCI Corporation is developing new immune system based treatments for cancer and infectious diseases. The Company has operations in Vienna, Virginia and Baltimore, Maryland.

CEL-SCI Corporation

CONTACT: Gavin de Windt of CEL-SCI Corporation, +1-703-506-9460; orInvestor Relations, Michael Lucci, Jr. of Lucci Financial Group, LLC, forCEL- SCI Corporation, +1-248-723-3330

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