Castle Biosciences, a Biomarker Based Cancer Diagnostics Company, Announces Appointment of Derek Maetzold as President and CEO

- Castle Biosciences is a rapidly growing, biomarker based cancer diagnostics company -


Castle Biosciences announces the appointment of Derek Maetzold as President and CEO.

Maetzold states, "It is an honor to take on this role at Castle Biosciences. We have made great progress in taking our business from plan to launch in a manner that is consistent with our vision. That is, to build a company that can serve oncologists treating patients with underserved orphan cancers. It is our goal to provide oncologists with diagnostic information that assists their decision making so they may improve outcomes for their patients."

Maetzold continues, "Our focus is to serve those customers who need us most – those with orphan cancers. We look to bring the promise of personalized medicine to these underserved patients."

According to Mr. Maetzold, Castle Biosciences is assembling their team and completing evaluation and licensing discussions on a number of proprietary biomarkers.


Mr. Maetzold is a senior biopharmaceutical leader with twenty-three years of experience in commercial start-up leadership, business development and sales and marketing leadership in US and global roles. He began his career in the field at Sandoz Pharmaceuticals (now Novartis), moved into biotechnology at Amylin Pharmaceuticals, then expanded his experience in business development at Schering Corporation. Most recently he was Officer and Vice President, Marketing and Sales at Encysive Pharmaceuticals.


Castle Biosciences is a biomarker based cancer diagnostics company that is committed to bringing the promise of personalized medicine to underserved orphan diseases. We are focusing our efforts in aggressive, underserved orphan cancer markets where we hope to assist the oncologist in achieving greater outcomes for their patients by providing them with diagnostic information that aids their decision making. We also believe that the high concentration of oncologists managing orphan cancers will allow us to efficiently and effectively serve our customers’ needs.

We intend to accomplish our objectives by identifying, in-licensing, developing, validating, and commercializing multiple prognostic molecular diagnostic assays that have been developed at leading institutions around the United States.

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Castle Biosciences Derek Maetzold, 281-796-9032

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