Counterproductive Career Advice That You Should Ignore

woman giving career advice

What might have been very effective in the past may not be applicable today when it comes to career opportunities. 

Receiving and utilizing job-hunting and career advice can be challenging, especially when you get it from those who have worked for decades. While some advice is still useful today, such as making a good impression, other tips are considered counter-productive. 

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Career Advice To Ignore and What To Do Instead

1. Always Keep Your Personal Life Private 

In the past, most people tell job seekers to keep their personal life issues private. You’ve probably heard someone ask you to keep it low and private on social media. 

Today, social media has evolved to include more people in your life, like your colleagues and supervisor or boss.

Also, having to talk about your private life with your boss or co-workers can sometimes do more good than bad. It’s a way of not only venting, but also building a friendship.

However, be mindful while choosing what to share, and what you should keep to yourself. 

2. Let Your Achievements Speak for Themselves

You might have heard that it's best to let your achievements speak for themselves. Sadly, this is not the reality in the job-seeking world today. 

In a perfect world, you won’t need self-branding and self-promoting to stand up from others. Connections, showmanship, impressions and how well you carry yourself can show your potential. 

3. Keep a Strict Work-Life Divide

Previously, people would recommend that you keep a work-life divide. They would say that what happens at work should stay there. 

You don’t need to work after you leave, answer emails or calls, or think about work. On the other hand, when you’re at work, you should not think about anything personal. 

That has changed over time. Today, the most important thing is to balance your work and life so you don’t feel overwhelmed or burnt out. It’s important to negotiate for a work-life balance that fits your needs. 

It doesn’t hurt to check emails for an hour at night to ensure that everything’s in place. At work, if you feel you need a short break, do it. 

What’s important is that you don’t let your work affect your personal life, and vice versa. 

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4. Working Longer Means Working Harder

When you were young, there might have been nights where you waited up your parents to return from work since they had to work late. While an old popular saying states that working longer means working harder, this is not the case today. 

Many people now understand that you should work smarter and not harder. This means that spending your time wisely is better than spending more time at work. 

Take breaks and vacations now and then to recharge and to combat work-related stress. 

5. Never Say No

When you’re working for a company, there is a job description that typically needs to be followed. Some people would have the tendency to say “yes” when asked to take new responsibilities. 

People believed that saying “no” would mean you can’t handle the job well and that you’re not a team player. Today, this is not the case anymore. 

Saying “yes” to everything is a shortcut to job burnout, a particular type of work-related stress. Due to health concerns, people are becoming more conscious of reducing stress and cultivating employee morale. 

If you’re asked to do a new job that you can’t handle at the moment, don’t be afraid to say “no.” Lay out the reasons why and talk about adjustments for both parties. 

6. Don’t Be a Job Hopper

Many people think that job hoppers are immature and unable to handle the job. They might suggest settling and building experience for one job for many years. 

However, job-hopping is a common practice, and it can help build your skills. It can also help you make the most of your opportunities. 

Don’t settle for a job you’re not happy at. Always analyze the situation and if you think that you are worth a better job, then do it. 

Job seeking is a trending topic today, and job seekers need to learn more about the updates of job hunting today. There are pieces of career advice from others who have worked for years. But, the most important thing is you know your worth. 

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