Breakthrough Treatment IV Ketamine Infusions for Depression, PTSD, CRPS, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Lyme, Rheumatoid Arthritis and More Now Covered By Insurance!


CLEARWATER, Fla., Aug. 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Chronic pain, inflammation and depression are major components of many conditions such as CRPS (RSD), Fibromyalgia, Treatment-Resistant Depression, PTSD and Chronic Lyme Disease Syndrome. IV Ketamine Infusions have successfully helped thousands of patients for which conventional treatments had failed. In the past, most insurance companies did not cover Ketamine treatments limiting patient's access to the drug. Now, many insurance companies have recognized the significant effectiveness of Ketamine and are beginning to cover many treatments.

Insurance accepted for Ketamine Treatments for Depression, PTSD, Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia, Lyme, Migraines and more! Please visit or call 727-538-2646

Dr. Ashraf Hanna, a board certified physician and Director of Pain Management at the Florida Spine Institute in Clearwater, FL discusses this breakthrough treatment: "IV Ketamine Infusions offer hope to my patients and give them relief from their pain and suffering. We are happy to announce that many insurance companies are now covering Ketamine treatments!"     

"The insurance companies can no longer ignore the overwhelming research studies by top universities and hospitals regarding the use of Ketamine for numerous difficult-to-treat medical conditions. We use IV Ketamine Infusions for chronic pain as well as treatment-resistant depression, PTSD, OCD, anxiety and many more," stated Dr. Hanna. "The fact that insurance is now accepted has really opened up the possibility of this treatment for many patients from around the world."

IV Ketamine has been a safe and effective FDA-approved drug for nearly 50 years. At a molecular level, Ketamine blocks the NMDA receptor. The NMDA receptor is responsible for the body's underlying neural network (similar to a computer network) and its ability to process pain signals to the central nervous system. Over-activation of this receptor can result in excitotoxicity, resulting in a myriad of pain disorders. Ketamine is thought to correct this over-activation by blocking the NMDA receptor. However, the therapeutic effects of ketamine far outlast the actual drug levels in the body leading many to hypothesize that ketamine induces secondary changes that produce long-lasting therapeutic effects in a myriad of disease states.

"While not all insurance companies cover every Ketamine treatment, we hope to continue to add new Ketamine-compliant insurance companies in 2020. Our goal is to help as many patients as possible with this amazing treatment. I have provided over 15,000 Ketamine infusions and have seen so many incredible successes over the past 5 years. Some of my patients were unable to move a limb or walk and now have complete mobility and can walk unaided," stated Dr. Hanna.

For more information regarding IV Ketamine Infusions, please visit or call 727-KETAMINE (727-538-2646).


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