BrachySciences Advances Commitment To Brachytherapy With Exclusive TargetScan(R) Distribution Agreement

OXFORD, Conn., May 10 /PRNewswire/ -- BrachySciences signs exclusive distribution agreement with Envisioneering Medical Technologies to improve the brachytherapy procedure, a minimally invasive prostate cancer treatment using radioactive seed implants, by delivering new ultrasound and treatment technology called TargetScan(R) to U.S. physicians. The device, created by Envisioneering, enhances brachytherapy outcomes through more accurate seed placement.

"The partnership with Envisioneering allows our company to advance its mission of providing brachytherapists with the most innovative technologies for improving prostate brachytherapy implants," said Jim Matons, BrachySciences president. "We are delighted to have signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Envisioneering as we believe TargetScan(R) represents a major step forward in prostate ultrasound technology."

BrachySciences will introduce TargetScan as part of their latest innovative prostate brachytherapy dedicated products for the first time at the ABS (American Brachytherapy Society) annual meeting held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Innovative Technologies

Unlike traditional devices, TargetScan promotes precise seed placement through improved 3-D ultrasound technology and a stationary probe. According to Dr. Jeff Michalski, clinical director of the department of radiation oncology at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, the stationary probe eliminates the need for physicians to physically move the probe during brachytherapy procedures, stabilizing the prostate for better clinical outcomes.

TargetScan's 3-D imaging improves the visibility of the prostate's apex region, allowing physicians to implant radioactive seeds more precisely into that area. In addition to improved visibility, the enhanced imaging capabilities allow physicians to easily switch between sagittal and transverse views with both planes being visible on a split screen. A simple push of a button allows the live capture to switch from sagittal to transverse views and vise versa which reduces procedure time and improves patient comfort.

"We partnered with the medical community to develop TargetScan and ensure that this new technology would address physicians' current clinical needs and ultimately improve brachytherapy treatment outcomes," said Robert G. Mills, Envisioneering Medical Technologies president. "With BrachySciences, we can deliver this device and its treatment benefits directly to the oncology community and improve the lives of patients nationwide."

"I believe this ultrasound technology will become the new standard of care for mapping, targeting and documenting treatment," said Dr. Peter Grimm, Director of Clinical Research for the Seattle Prostate Institute. "TargetScan provides a better level of certainty of seed and needle placement; making our treatment deliveries more accurate and ensuring that we've done everything possible to help our patients."

The American Cancer Society estimates that this year will result in 234,460 new prostate cancer cases and an estimated 27,350 male deaths.

About Brachytherapy

Brachytherapy is a minimally invasive procedure that involves the use of radioactive seeds the size of rice grains. Brachytherapy, an out-patient procedure, usually takes 45 minutes to an hour to perform. Most patients can return to their normal activities within days. The success rates of prostate brachytherapy have compared favorably with success rates of radical prostatectomy and external beam radiation. In comparison studies, prostate brachytherapy has shown to have a favorable side effect profile when compared with other modalities. Clinical studies have shown that prostate brachytherapy has a cure rate of 94% for appropriately selected patients.

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