Bioz Launches the Next-Generation of Its Industry-Leading AI Search Engine for Life Science Experimentation

New AI Platform Accelerates Scientific Research and Drug Discovery, includes over 300 Million Product Listings from 50,000 Vendors

LOS ALTOS, Calif., June 4, 2019 ( - Bioz, Inc., developer of the world's most advanced and comprehensive search engine for life science experimentation, has launched the next-generation of its patent-pending search engine. The updated cloud technology includes a new user interface, extensive coverage of scientific papers, millions of images and figures from articles, thousands of techniques, sub-techniques, advanced filters, and tens of millions of additional search results. The new platform offers deep insights into the best experimentation techniques, protocols, and optimal workflows when using life science products.

Bioz has enriched the platform’s search results with in-depth information, including the usage-context as extracted from peer-reviewed scientific publications, adding a higher level of confidence to the researcher’s discovery process. It is now quicker and easier to identify the best products to purchase and how to work with them. Having this data at the researcher’s fingertips is a key differentiator for R&D researchers, and is a true catalyzer of discovery.

"Our goal is to push the boundaries of possibility in all fields of research and discovery around the world. Bioz has quickly disrupted life science research by structuring and surfacing scientific knowledge that truly guides researchers when they perform their experiments. With Bioz, we are creating an objective ecosystem that incentivizes, accelerates and empowers scientific discovery," said Dr. Karin Lachmi, co-founder and CSO of Bioz. "Today, over 2 million biopharma R&D scientists and university researchers from just about every country in the world, rely on our industry-changing cloud-based platform, enabling life science researchers to work faster, smarter and more cost-effectively."

By unlocking the value of scientific data, Bioz empowers the entire global scientific community to fight all diseases. With Bioz, researchers are able to evaluate, identify, and select optimal reagents, tools and techniques, based on objective scientific data, which accelerates and de-risks the long process of discovery.

The Bioz search engine taps into the latest advances in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) to mine and structure hundreds of millions of pages of complex and unstructured scientific articles. This places an unprecedented amount of summarized scientific experimentation knowledge at researchers' fingertips.

Bioz Stars, part of the Bioz platform, is a one of a kind unbiased and objective algorithmic rating system that assigns scores to over 300 million life science products, tools, reagents, lab equipment, instruments, assays and kits. The Bioz Stars scores are data-driven, and indicate how well a product is likely to perform in a researcher's experiment, based on scientific validation as seen in peer-reviewed published articles. Bioz Stars scores are calculated with objective parameters that are optimized to serve the research community in choosing the right products for their next experiment.

Complementing each product's Bioz Stars score is a detailed set of product usage insights, guiding researchers in how to best use the selected products in their specific experiments. Product usage guidance is provided to users in the form of over one billion structured and objective data points relating to assays, techniques, sub-techniques, and protocol conditions such as dilution, temperature, time and concentration, among many others.

The newly available next-generation Bioz platform is free for researchers in academia, while several convenient subscription plans are available to scientists who work in industry. With the new Bioz platform, scientists benefit from the following advanced functionality:

New user interface: The new platform displays more results on each page, and has a highly-intuitive UI and UX that is focused on guiding researchers to quickly find the products and techniques that they need.?

New supplier partner program: The new Bioz supplier program offers advanced Bioz Badges. The badges are dynamic iFrame/API-based widgets that streamline product selection on supplier websites, increasing sales conversion and researcher engagement, while offering researchers full-transparency into the latest product use-cases, coupled with product ratings.

A faster "brain" for search quality: Users can now benefit from much faster performance, as a result of new algorithms, and new platform architecture, for product synonym/acronym-matching across millions of articles.

A smarter "brain" for high-quality search results: Users can now benefit from millions of high-quality search results, structured via hundreds of sophisticated algorithmic rules that identify, link, correlate and analyze product data entities and associated suppliers, techniques and protocol conditions, all structured from millions of scientific articles.

New deeper structuring: Product search results are now structured such that each product is matched with specific assays and the protocol conditions relevant to those assays. This helps researchers in their workflow, to not only identify the best products to use, but to also decide how to best work with each product in their specific assays. These deep data insights are based on the Bioz platform analyzing and summarizing what has worked for other researchers, as detailed within millions of peer-reviewed life science articles.

More data: An incredible 28 million scientific articles, 16 million images and 7 billion protocols and protocol conditions, are now available on the Bioz website to empower researchers. With the new platform, Bioz is updating its article corpus in real-time so that researchers have access to the most up to date structured information.

"We are thrilled to announce the release of the next-generation of the Bioz platform, offering researchers from around the world an unparalleled experimentation resource that includes objective Bioz Stars product ratings and evidence-based guidance that is structured from the source that researcher trust most, scientific articles," said Daniel Levitt, co-founder and CEO of Bioz. "Bioz is the industry's first and only digital life science platform to offer researchers what they are looking for when planning and performing successful experiments. In doing so, Bioz helps researchers to not only choose "what to buy" but to also decide "how to use” what they buy, which facilitates much faster and smarter life science research and drug discovery for the benefit of all humankind."

Visit and start using Bioz today to find the best products for your experiments. Bioz welcomes you to your next discovery.

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About Bioz, Inc.

Bioz is the world's most advanced AI search engine for life science experimentation, empowering scientists in biopharma and academia to accelerate their research towards new discoveries. Bioz guides scientists to the most-validated and cost-effective products to use in their experiments by providing them with evidence-based product recommendations. These recommendations have been reverse-engineered from real-world experiments, as described in over 500 million pages of scientific text from peer-reviewed articles. The result:, the world's most comprehensive source of life science product recommendations and experimentation guidance, covering over 300 million products, 50,000 suppliers, 16 million images, and over 7 billion protocol conditions and associated techniques, enabling researchers to work faster and more cost-effectively, generating more successful and impactful outcomes.

Bioz AI was developed by an experienced team of software engineers, led by AI experts from Microsoft and Google and Nobel Prize winners in chemistry. The technology incorporates proprietary cutting-edge NLP, ML, neural networks, deep learning, and domain-specific named-entity recognition, entity matching, and entity linking algorithms. What used to take scientists months, now takes them mere minutes with Bioz, 82x times faster than before. By accelerating the pace of experiments, Bioz is accelerating the pace of drug discovery by as much as 50%, which translates into billions of research dollars saved. With objectivity, transparency, and trustworthiness, Bioz empowers researchers in the top 25 biopharma companies, and in more than 12,000 academic institutions in 196 countries.

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