Ben Venue Laboratories Resumes Limited Production at Troubled Ohio Plant

Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH'sBen Venue Laboratories unit has resumed limited drug manufacturing at its troubled Ohio plant, as it continues to fix the facility. Ben Venue, a contract manufacturer, had suspended production at its Bedford, Ohio, site in November 2011 after health authorities identified manufacturing deficiencies, including contamination problems. The company said in a statement Tuesday it resumed manufacturing on a limited number of lines at the plant, and expects to add manufacturing lines as it makes progress upgrading its plant. For most products, supplies won't be available for at least several months, the company said. Ben Venue's troubles caused a shortage of Johnson & Johnson's (JNJ) cancer drug Doxil, as well as supply disruptions and recalls for other products it made on behalf of other drug companies. J&J said earlier this week it would restore full access to Doxil by releasing the remaining reserve made before Ben Venue's shutdown, and shifting to newly manufactured supply that J&J expects in the near future. The new supply is expected to be produced by Ben Venue in available areas of its Bedford plant, while another supplier will handle sterilization-related tasks for the injectable drug.

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