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ATLANTA, Feb. 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Avion Pharmaceuticals, a specialty pharmaceutical company, announces the launch of FeRiva a new prescription iron supplement. FeRiva delivers two forms of iron utilizing a patented INNER CAP multi-compartment capsule technology. FeRiva contains 75 mg of elemental iron that includes Ferrochel® (Ferrous Bis-glycinate Sulfate) and Ferronyl® (Carbonyl Iron), two preferred forms of iron for improved tolerability and compliance.

"We are proud to expand our support for the Ob/Gyn healthcare provider community with the important launch of FeRiva. At Avion, we work diligently to offer new and unique delivery systems as well as improvements to current products that will offer ease of use and adherence, as well as beneficial health outcomes," stated Mike Sullivan, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, for Avion Pharmaceuticals. "FeRiva fills an important gap in the iron category by providing a smarter iron supplement that will help improve the absorption and bio-availability of iron while minimizing the GI side effects."

Avion Pharmaceuticals CEO Mark Pugh added, "Avion Pharmaceuticals is focused on nurturing the health and nutritional needs of women. Our goal is to provide products that deliver maximum benefit along the continuum of care in women's lives. Understanding women's health and matching products that deliver positive support will help ensure improved lifestyles for women of all ages and life."

About Avion Pharmaceuticals, LLC.

Avion Pharmaceuticals, LLC., is a Specialty Pharmaceutical company formed to develop and market a portfolio of innovative pharmaceutical products in the Women's Heath and Dermatology therapeutic areas. Avion Pharmaceuticals focuses on identifying opportunities to acquire and enhance the market potential of innovative, commercially available therapeutics and late-stage development drugs to fulfill unmet medical needs. For additional information about Avion Pharmaceuticals please contact the company at 678-325-5188.

Ferronyl is a registered trademark of ISP Investments, Inc. PureWay-C is a registered trademark of Innovation Laboratories, Inc. Ferrochel is a registered trademark of Albion Laboratories, Inc. covered by U.S. Patents 6,716,814 & 7,838,042. Covered by one or more claims of U.S. Patent # 7,670,612 (INNERCAP Technologies, Inc).

FeRiva is a trademark of Avion Pharmaceuticals, LLC. Under license from Acella Pharmaceuticals, LLC. All rights reserved.

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