Asuragen, Inc. Appoints French Distributor Biomedical Diagnostics for Signature(R) Oncology Portfolio

AUSTIN, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Asuragen, Inc., a leader in the development of molecular diagnostics, announced today the appointment of Biomedical Diagnostics SA (BMD), a leading medical diagnostic company in Europe, as its exclusive distributor of Signature® Oncology Products in France. Asuragen’s Signature Oncology Portfolio comprises multiplex assays for the detection of mutations in solid and hematologic malignancies. These include a research assay* for KRAS and BRAF mutations, the LTx CE marked IVD assay to detect fusion transcripts in total RNA from whole blood or bone marrow to aid in the clinical diagnosis of translocation positive leukemias, and an assay for the simultaneous detection of the most common NPM1 Mutations*. All these assays utilize multiplex RT-PCR followed by multiplex detection on the Luminex® 100 IS™ or 200™ System.

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