New Hope For HIV Vaccine: Unique HIV Vaccine Formula, Developed By Advanced BioScience Laboratories, Inc. and The University of Massachusetts - Amherst, Elicits Strong Immune Responses, Findings Confirmed By University of Alabama at Birmingham Study

UMass -- Today, Advanced BioScience Laboratories, Inc. (ABL) and the University of Massachusetts Medical School (UMMS) report that their unique HIV vaccine formulation was effective in eliciting strong and balanced immune responses in healthy human volunteers. The findings are published in the journal Vaccine (“Cross-subtype antibody and cellular immune responses induced by a polyvalent DNA prime–protein boost HIV-1 vaccine in healthy human volunteers,” Vaccine online, May 22, 2008) In light of these initial findings, additional assays on volunteers’ samples were done by researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, independently confirming the presence of long lasting and high quality T cell responses against HIV antigens. Results from this confirmatory study are currently available online in the Journal of Virology (April 30, 2008).

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