Applied Data Research Release: Cardiovascular Stent Technology Evolving to Address Therapeutic Shortfall

Published: May 06, 2008

(Nashua, NH) - The introduction of the drug eluting stent (DES) has been a significant development in cardiology, revolutionizing treatment for patients and improving outcomes. But as their use has grown, reports of adverse events and potential risk factors have dimmed the luster of first-generation DES and led to a debate within the cardiovascular community that is intense and ongoing.

Efforts to correct perceived weaknesses in the current generation of coated devices has led to an intense level of activity, with more than two dozen technology-driven companies pursuing development-stage stents designed to provide improved patient outcomes by eliminating or at least mitigating the problems of marketed devices. These participants are exploring a number of new and innovative approaches that include novel stent geometries, non-durable stents, new classes of drugs, and novel coating application technologies and strategies. These and other findings of a recent survey are the subject of a comprehensive report. The report documents and analyzes cardiovascular stent development activity and the companies driving the next-generation of stent technology. More information is also available at .

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