AIDS Researchers Isolate New Potent and Broadly Effective Antibodies Against HIV, International AIDS Vaccine Initiative, The Scripps Research Institute, Theraclone Sciences, Inc., and Monogram Biosciences Study

Published: Aug 18, 2011

A team of researchers at and associated with the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI), The Scripps Research Institute, the biotechnology company Theraclone Sciences and Monogram Biosciences Inc., a LabCorp company, report in the current issue of Nature the isolation of 17 novel antibodies capable of neutralizing a broad spectrum of variants of HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. The new antibodies, large protein molecules that bind to pathogens and flag them for destruction, were isolated from blood serum samples collected in a continuing global search for broadly neutralizing antibodies (bNAbs) launched by IAVI.

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