8 High-Paying Pharma Industry Jobs

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Discover high-paying pharma industry jobs in our guide. 

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, with sales growing each year. As of 2015, the pharmaceutical industry had already reached the trillion-dollar sales mark worldwide and is steadily growing.

With this rapid growth comes an increase in jobs available. 

If you're looking for a pharma industry job, there are countless options for you. From research and development to sales, the pharma sector has a place for everyone. With the right qualifications and skills, you can make it big in this industry, but first, you have to find the job and company that's the right match for you. 

What is the Pharma Industry?

The pharmaceutical industry fulfills all medicine-related needs. This sector includes the research, production and distribution of drugs, treatments, devices and services. The pharma industry centers around research and data to find new and improved medical treatments. 

The industry has various branches that can accommodate people from numerous fields, that's why there are various pharma industry jobs in the market. People who work as researchers, marketing specialists, data analysts, sales professionals and much more can find their place in the pharma industry.

8 High-Paying Pharma Industry Jobs

Here are some high-paying jobs in the pharmaceutical industry and some skills you need to succeed in these roles.

1. Pharmaceutical Financial Analyst

A financial analyst in a pharmaceutical company is an excellent job opportunity. When working as a pharmaceutical financial analyst, you have to analyze all financial data and assets of the company to help make better decisions for the company in the future. It plays a pivotal role for all businesses and can help the company grow.

As a pharmaceutical financial analyst, you must study the current business environment and market trends to help the company make informed financial decisions. To get this pharma industry job, you need to have comprehensive knowledge in the field of accounting and finance.

2. Regulatory Specialist

If a pharmaceutical or biotechnology company wants to gain approval for their products, they need a regulatory specialist. A regulatory specialist provides scientists and developers with the information they need to make the treatment meet regulatory standards.

Government agencies also consult with regulatory specialists to make devices and medicines more compliant with regulations and standards. As a regulatory specialist, you also have to ensure all the labels on products are accurate. You need to have exceptional critical thinking skills and an understanding of government regulations and medicine to become a regulatory specialist.

3. Research Scientist

Research scientists conduct research to develop new drugs or refine existing ones. This position is in high demand across the world. 

Becoming a research scientist is not an easy task. You need extensive knowledge of chemistry and biology. The job also requires great attention to detail to be successful, as the role includes research to find out the side effects and risks of treatments through executing clinical trials.

4. Medical/Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

To educate medical professionals about the value of pharmaceutical and medical products, the industry needs pharmaceutical sales representatives. These representatives have to communicate important information about medical products to nurses, pharmacists, and other medical professionals.

As a successful pharmaceutical sales representative, you need to have in-depth knowledge about how to communicate with consumers and all the products you're selling. A pharma sales representative has the duty to share medicines and devices with customers and inform them on how to use them.

5. Consultant

As another high-paying job in the pharmaceutical industry, consultants carry out some of the most crucial duties in pharmaceutical companies. For organizations to develop new and improved medicines and medical devices, they need consultants.

As a consultant, you need to be an expert in technology and biology. It is your job to advise and guide managers at biotechnology companies. Consultants study the current trends and determine which treatments need to be developed. They provide consultancy for pharma companies and inform them about which medicines and devices they need to work on.

6. Pharmacy Manager

Every pharmacy needs an excellent manager that provides organization and leadership. You need to have various skills in order to become a successful pharmacy manager. It is part of the primary duties to consult with patients and inform them about the numerous medicines available.

As a pharmacy manager, you are expected to train other workers and pharmacists, schedule deliveries, inform technicians about any problems and much more. You have to look after the entire pharmacy and all of its operations. A successful pharmacy manager has fantastic managerial skills, confidence when conversing with consumers and comprehensive knowledge about medicines and medications’ different reactions.

7. Biostatistician

Biostatisticians collect data and conduct studies regarding public health. The data they collect helps them figure out how current biological data may develop in the future.

A biostatistician needs to have exceptional mathematical and analytical skills. They need to read and decipher trends and work with surgeons, doctors, and other medical professionals. Biostatisticians work in government agencies and facilities to study genetics, test new medicines and monitor the spread of new diseases.

8. Drug Manufacturer

The primary duties of a drug manufacturer include overseeing the production and distribution of various medical products and substances. It is considered one of the best-paying pharma industry job.

To become a successful drug manufacturer, you need to be knowledgeable about managing supply chains, biology and chemistry. As a drug manufacturer, you have to produce vast quantities of medical substances and devices and deliver them to pharmacies, hospitals and other facilities. 

Final takeaway

Getting a pharma industry job is an excellent opportunity for anyone. There are various roles available, and many are in high demand.

From research and development to sales and marketing, the pharma industry is vast and incredibly accommodating for everyone. For more information about these jobs and more in the pharma industry, visit BioSpace's job board

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