8 Biotechs That Deserve More Attention

Published: Jul 10, 2012

Sometimes great companies have really boring stories. Maybe the company makes great products, or generates big profits and returns, but just doesn’t have the sizzle to get on the TV news, or even keep folks away from the veggie dip at your neighborhood barbecue. It almost takes work to be boring in biotech, since this is an industry with lots of ingredients for juicy storytelling. There are companies risking big money on cutting-edge science. There are heroes and villains. Many people in the industry are on a mission to make drugs that improve quality of life. There’s fast money, and dark forces at work in the stock market. Cut-throat competition, and short-term profit-driven thinking, sometimes conflicts with the industry’s noble stated purpose. There’s no shortage of controversy about the sky-high prices of drugs, shady marketing practices, self-serving backroom political dealing, and on and on.

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