5 Life Science Companies You Definitely Want to Work For

5 Life Science Companies You Definitely Want to Work For
July 23, 2015
By Angela Rose for BioSpace.com

What makes a company a great place to work?

Some life science professionals might say generous salaries are the deciding factor. Others value biotech or pharma organizations that offer flexible schedules, enabling them to get ahead while still having time with their families. Career development opportunities and a creative benefits package might also set a life science employer apart from the rest.

According to Great Place to Work and Fortune, five life science employers are currently hitting all the right notes in their efforts to create a positive employee workplace experience. From committing to consistent fair treatment and safety to supporting volunteering and philanthropy, these companies have worked hard to earn a place on the 2015 100 Best Companies to Work For list.

Biotech: 2015 Best Companies to Work For
$16,289 million
$5,984 million
Novo Nordisk
$6,600 million
Roche Diagnostics
$2,500 million
$2,290 million

Developing new medicines through genetic engineering makes 98 percent of Genentech’s employees proud of what they do according to the results of an anonymous survey of randomly selected employees. They also feel supported in developing their careers—with a $10,000 college tuition reimbursement benefit and an average of 37 hours of annual training—and are frequently recognized for their achievements.

Work-life balance is a priority for the San Francisco-based biotechnology employer. There is a company bus to aid employees in their commute and a free onsite fitness center to help them fit in a workout despite busy schedules. In addition to 31 paid holidays and vacation days (after one year), Genentech staff can take a six-week paid sabbatical every six years. Thanks to compressed workweeks and telecommute options, 92 percent of these employees say they are able to take time off work whenever they feel it is necessary.

Other Genentech perks include free beverages, take-home meals, massage therapy and a personal concierge and travel service.

5 Life Science Companies You Definitely Want to Work For: Genentech
Photo Credit: Genentech

At this medical technology company, making medical devices—including surgical equipment, orthopedic products and spinal implants—is meaningful work. Ninety-eight percent of the company’s employees are proud of what they do, while 93 percent see their work as more than just a job. Career development is supported with a $15,000 college tuition reimbursement benefit. Full-time employees also receive an average of 115 hours of annual training, and there are numerous leadership development programs available to them.

Because Stryker Corporation has so many worksites, amenities—and employee recognition programs—vary. Awards for achievement may include anything from gift cards to trophies and iPads. Teambuilding and recreation are often combined in walking and running clubs and company sports teams. Other perks include free breakfast, snacks and beverages, subsidized lunches and take-home meals, and on-site banking.

The company’s workers benefit from 27 paid holiday and vacation days (after one year of service) as well as compressed workweeks, telecommute and job share options. Ninety-one percent say they are able to take time off when necessary, while 82 percent say the company encourages work-life balance. Stryker Corporation staff at some of its businesses is paid for 40 hours of volunteer time per year.

5 Life Science Companies You Definitely Want to Work For: Stryker
Photo Credit: Stryker

Novo Nordisk
A healthcare company developing and marketing diabetes products as well as therapies to manage hemophilia, growth-related conditions and menopause symptoms, the work done at Novo Nordisk makes 98 percent of the company’s employees proud. Ninety percent say they feel their work is more than just a job.

Career development is supported through a $10,000 college tuition reimbursement benefit as well as an average 72 hours of annual training. The company also offers specialized training programs in sales, project management and clinical areas.

Novo Nordisk workers are encouraged to have fun. The company throws staff parties to celebrate sales milestones and drug approvals. They also hold an annual kid-friendly summer picnic and an extravagant black tie party—with hotel accommodations included—during the winter holidays. Other perks include free snacks and beverages, subsidized lunch, personal concierge and travel service, car wash, banking and fitness classes.

Employees at Novo Nordisk receive 29 paid holiday and vacation days after one year of service. The company also offers unpaid sabbaticals, subsidized childcare and eldercare resources. Ninety-three percent of workers say they are able to take time off when necessary. They’re also reimbursed for 80 hours of volunteer time each year.

5 Life Science Companies You Definitely Want to Work For: Novo Nordisk
Photo Credit: Novo Nordisk

Roche Diagnostics
Ninety-seven percent of Roche Diagnostics’ workers are proud of the research and diagnostic testing solutions the company provides to doctors and patients. The company offers an annual $10,000 college tuition reimbursement benefit—the most generous of any life science company on the list—as well as an average 35 hours of annual training for full-time employees. Additional formal and informal development programs include mentorship opportunities.

Team-building and employee socialization are encouraged through company sports teams and a gardening club, which has the added benefit of producing fresh fruits and vegetables for workers to take home to their families. Unlimited paid sick days, up to 26 weeks of short-term disability pay, and 100 percent paid organ donor leave make Roche Diagnostics’ time off package one of the most generous in the list. Additionally, employees receive 28 paid holiday and vacation days from their first day of employment.

Other benefits include telecommute and compressed workweek options as well as an on-site cafeteria, fitness center and health center.

5 Life Science Companies You Definitely Want to Work For: Roche
Photo Credit: Roche

Employees at this biopharma company develop new medicines. Ninety-six percent feel proud of what they do. And in addition to a $10,000 college tuition reimbursement benefit, they receive an average of 24 hours of annual training and other development opportunities including a business leader program, various e-learning series, mentorships, internships and postdoctoral fellowships.

Regeneron encourages employees to share their feedback for workflow and business improvement. The company regularly awards employees from $500 to $1,000 for innovative ideas. Additionally, they encourage their teams to have fun with company-sponsored scavenger hunts, picnics and barbecues as well as a summer carnival and holiday party.

Daily perks include free snacks and beverages, subsidized lunch, onsite banking, massage therapy and fitness classes. The time off package is comprised of 34 paid holiday and vacation days (after one year of service) along with unpaid sabbatical options. Workers nearing retirement age can choose a phased plan to help with the transition.

5 Life Science Companies You Definitely Want to Work For: Regeneron
Photo Credit: Regeneron

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