"Girl Born Without A Face" Redefines Beauty: Juliana Wetmore, Treacher Collins Sufferer, Can Finally Talk After 45 Surgeries

Published: May 28, 2014

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A little girl from Jacksonville, Fla., can teach us a thing or two about beauty. Eleven-year-old Juliana Wetmore goes to school, talks, and plays with her classmates, beating all odds after being born with Treacher Collins syndrome, or without a face. It was after a complicated pregnancy, Juliana’s parents, Tom and Tami Wetmore, discovered they gave birth to a girl who was missing 40 percent of the bones in her face. Despite critics on social media that suggested euthanizing Juliana, the Wetmores are rejoicing today, as Juliana can now talk and communicate in sign language after 45 surgeries in 11 years.

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