Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Selects TailWind Solutions Software For Clinical Trials; Corporate Control, Compliance And Productivity Now Assured For Mobile Clinicians

SAN MATEO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 11, 2004--TailWind Solutions announced today that they have entered into a corporate-wide contract with Pfizer Pharmaceuticals.

"We are very pleased that Pfizer Pharmaceuticals chose to begin their deployment of our flagship software product, FieldSpace, in a key clinical trial study," said David Koehn, CEO of TailWind Solutions. "Using FieldSpace, clinicians at remote locations around the world who are occasionally connected to a network, can stay current on ever changing protocols during drug trials. FieldSpace automatically updates protocol documents and clinicians return completed online forms that can then be integrated into ongoing data aggregation. The expectation is that Pfizer will expedite the deployment and collection of compliance related documents to and from the field."

"A large part of the cost of clinical trials today is due to paper-based processes resulting in delays and time lost," according to Iain Gillott, principal of iGillottResearch, a market research consultancy based in Austin, TX. "FieldSpace reduces the time lost in printing and shipping the protocols and the associated updates required throughout the clinical trial process. The automation of this process can save tens of millions of dollars, by reducing the time taken to complete the trial, thereby bringing drugs to market sooner."

Pfizer Pharmaceuticals chose FieldSpace because the product meets FDA Section 21 Part 11 requirements, and because its implementation does not place undo stress on their IT department. "We provide a browser-based, client-centered architecture that easily integrates into all backend server technologies, regardless of configuration," continued David Koehn. "FieldSpace enables digital files to be automatically downloaded, stored and accessed on any laptop, even when occasionally connected to a network, and then viewed when convenient. FieldSpace is the ideal solution for busy clinicians. Additionally, due to FieldSpace's encryption technology, HIPAA compliance for patient confidentiality is secured."

The benefits of FieldSpace are relevant across all industries where the secure distribution, monitoring and tracking of sensitive corporate data to mobile workers is required for governmental compliance.

TailWind Solutions

TailWind Solutions Inc., based in San Mateo, California, provides a browser-based, managed delivery software solution that improves the effectiveness of the mobile workforce in regulated industries where compliance is mandatory. TailWind Solutions' product FieldSpace(TM) is available as a client-centric solution that is easy to use, reliable, and provides control of timely business-critical content that allows enterprises to track and monitor deployed information. FieldSpace manages, delivers, stores and tracks digital documentation for mobile workers who are occasionally connected to the Internet, through conventional landline or wireless connections. Early investors in TailWind Solutions include Innovent, an entrepreneurial innovation unit in Nokia. Visit for more information.

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