Millar Instruments Releases PVAN 3.4 Software With Seamless Interface To ADInstruments Chart 5.2

NEW ORLEANS, Nov. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Millar Instruments, Inc., developer and manufacturer of Mikro-Tip(R) pressure transducer catheters and pressure- volume (P-V) systems, today announced the release of its PVAN version 3.4 pressure-volume analysis software with a seamless interface to ADInstruments Chart(TM) 5.2.

"With this new enhancement, PVAN 3.4 customers using Chart 5.2 will be able to click a custom toolbar ICON within Chart and launch PVAN along with a particular selected data file," said Bob Pauly, Millar's director of engineering. "This feature greatly reduces the effort Millar customers will have with their data analysis work."

The Millar and ADInstruments joint development effort to simplify the PVAN/Chart interface was specifically intended to improve the user experience.

Another upgrade to PVAN has been the addition of a graphing toolbar for exporting data graphs to JPG, PNG and BMP file formats. This improvement offers customers added ease of use when utilizing screen shots from PVAN in research reports, publications and presentations.

Millar continues to develop PVAN software product features to expand functionality for users.

Demonstrations of the latest PVAN version may be seen in Millar Instruments' booth 747 at the American Heart Association Scientific Sessions conference being held in New Orleans, Louisiana November 7-9, 2004.

About Millar Instruments

Millar Instruments, Inc., designs, manufactures and markets Mikro-Tip(R) catheter pressure transducers for use by medical researchers and clinicians. This high-precision sensor technology allows pressure measurements to be taken at the source, without time delay or motion artifacts. Millar also markets a pressure-volume (P-V) system, capable of simultaneously measuring high fidelity left ventricular pressure and volume within the intact beating hearts of small animal models, such as transgenic mice and rats. An important part of Millar's success has come from working with medical researchers around the world. Millar Instruments is committed to being an integral part of this on- going research by developing products and systems that further promote medical advancements and discoveries.

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