Logical Images Release: U.S. Army To Install Logical Images' Visual Diagnostics System At All Primary Care Residency Programs In The United States

ROCHESTER, N.Y., Oct. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Addressing a need to provide specialty level care to military members and their families, the U.S. Army has signed an agreement to install Logical Images' visual diagnostic system, VisualDx, at its 32 primary care residency programs throughout the United States. More than 1,000 doctors, physician assistants and nurses will have access to VisualDx, an interactive point-of-care diagnostic and training software system that helps front-line healthcare workers, bioterrorism responders, and other healthcare professionals quickly and accurately diagnose and appropriately treat diseases.

VisualDx will also serve as a key resource for bioterrorism and emergency preparedness at Army medical facilities. The nationwide deployment follows a six-month formal evaluation in Eastern Europe and additional testing at Fort Bragg.

"Selection by the U.S. Army of VisualDx for its healthcare providers further validates the effectiveness of the software for everyday diagnosis and treatment of common conditions, as well as bioterrorism preparedness," said Michael O'Connor, President, Logical Images. "We are proud to support the U.S. Army in its efforts to provide enlisted men and women and their families with quality health care."

Other recent installations of VisualDx include eight Regional Resource Centers in upstate New York through the New York State Department of Health, and hospitals and health clinics through the District of Columbia Emergency Health and Medical Services Administration.

"VisualDx gives primary care and emergency clinicians problem-oriented, patient-specific access to specialist-level knowledge," said Dr. Art Papier, an Associate Professor of Dermatology and Medical Informatics at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry and Chief Scientific Officer, Logical Images. "We developed VisualDx as a more robust and problem-oriented resource than traditional textbooks and medical atlases for clinicians to quickly make an accurate diagnosis and begin treatment at the point of care."

VisualDx uses patient findings, such as symptoms, signs, medications, medical and travel history, and lesion types, to develop a visual differential diagnosis and treatment recommendation. The system merges more than 8,700 images, covering over 500 diseases, with text describing each disease, information about what a clinician should look for, the differential diagnosis and which diagnostic tests to order. With instant access to thousands of medical photographs, VisualDx allows a clinician to quickly assess the range in presentation for each disease, see how it looks on different skin types and view unusual variations. The system also helps improve healthcare in communities with limited access to a dermatologist or other specialists.

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