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For the past 20 years, BioSpace has been recognized as the industry leader in heightening awareness and helping to accelerate discovery within the Life Sciences community.

Created to be an awareness and branding marketing tool, BioSpace Profiles have become an important part of the industry's promotion -- while helping educate the public in the process.

No other web site offers such a complete set of integrated solutions from a single location -- connecting users to breaking news, clinical developments and trials, information, companies, events, jobs, people and supplies.

The BioSpace Profile you are about to purchase includes a 500 word description of your Company, your logo and multiple relevant links to items such as all your Company's news, jobs posted on BioSpace. Posting and linking to investor information, company collaborations and inclusion in our search engine and a host of other features are also included in this price.

For easy reference, your BioSpace profile will appear in an exclusive bioscience directory and an array of Industry Categories and Segments throughout the site -- making it easy for relevant users to find you.


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