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Ansun BioPharma Announces Successful Treatment With DAS181 In A Patient With Severe Influenza And Parainfluenza At IDSA Meeting 10/9/2015
Celgene (CELG) Announces New Data For OTEZLA (Apremilast) Will Be Presented At European Academy Of Dermatology And Venereology Congress 10/9/2015
Fibrocell Science, Inc. And Intrexon Announce Poster Presentation On FCX-007 For The Treatment Of Recessive Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa (RDEB) At American Society of Human Genetics Annual Meeting 10/8/2015
Regulus (RGLS) To Present Additional Preclinical Data Supporting RG-012 As A Novel microRNA Therapeutic In Development For Alport Syndrome At American Society of Nephrology's Kidney Week 2015 10/6/2015
Protalix Biotherapeutics, Inc. (PLX) To Explore Non Alcoholic Steato Hepatitis (NASH) As An Indication For Its PRX 106 Oral Anti TNF 10/5/2015
Parion Sciences Announces Upcoming Presentations Of Data At The North American Cystic Fibrosis Conference Being Held October 8 Through 10, 2015 10/5/2015
NYU Langone Medical Center Release: Experimental Cancer Drug Shows Therapeutic Promise In Mouse Models Of Multiple Sclerosis 10/1/2015
Acceleron Pharma Presents Preclinical Data For ACE-083 And ACE-2494 At The 20th International Annual Congress Of The World Muscle Society 10/1/2015
ProQR Therapeutics B.V. (PRQR) An Investor And Analyst Event And Pre-Clinical Data Presentations For QR-010 For Cystic Fibrosis At Two Upcoming Scientific Conferences 10/1/2015
UbiVac Announces Collaboration With Johnson & Johnson Innovation (JNJ) To Develop And Test, In Preclinical Studies, A Vaccine To Intercept Oral Cancer 9/29/2015
Cellectar Biosciences  (NVLT) Announces Pricing Of $3.3 Million Financing 9/28/2015
Regen BioPharma Announces Positive Results From GLP Safety Study For HemaXellerate 9/28/2015
Kolltan Pharmaceuticals Inc. Announces Presentation Of KTN0158 Preclinical Data At The ESMO Cancer Conference 2015 9/28/2015
Palatin Tech (PTN) Release: Preclinical Data On PL-3994 For Heart Failure And Resistant Hypertension Presented At 2015 Heart Failure Society Of America Annual Meeting 9/28/2015
Microlin Bio Announces Positive Results From Preclinical Lung Cancer Study Using Lead Anti-Microrna Candidate 9/25/2015
Macrophage Therapeutics Produces First Two Immunoconstructs 9/25/2015
Syros Pharmaceuticals Announces New Publication Highlighting The Strong Potential Of CDK7 Inhibition In Difficult-To-Treat Cancer 9/25/2015
Celator Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Announces Positive Results From R&D Programs 9/24/2015
NanoBio Corporation's Genital Herpes Vaccine Demonstrates Efficacy In Guinea Pigs As Both A Prophylactic And A Therapeutic Vaccine 9/23/2015
Addex Therapeutics (ADXN.SW) ADX71149 Demonstrates Synergistic Efficacy With Levetiracetam In Preclinical Models Of Epilepsy 9/23/2015
Scholar Rock Presents First Data For Niche Modulator Inhibiting Myostatin Activation And Announces SRK-015 As Lead Drug Program 9/23/2015
Corbus To Present Additional Data On The Effects Of Resunab In The Treatment Of Pulmonary Infection And Inflammation In Pre-Clinical Models Of Cystic Fibrosis 9/22/2015
Nektar Therapeutics (NKTR) Presents Data Demonstrating That NKTR-214, A CD122-Biased Immunostimulatory Cytokine, Induces Durable And Specific Anti-Tumor Immunity As A Single-Agent And When Combined With Checkpoint Inhibitors In Preclinical Models 9/22/2015
Matinas BioPharma Presents Pre-Clinical Data Showing Anti-Bacterial Activity Of MAT2501 - Encochleated Amikacin - Against Mycobacterium Avium Lung Infections At ICAAC/ICC 2015 9/21/2015
BerGenBio AS Release: BGB324 Enhances Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Efficacy In Preclinical Cancer Models 9/21/2015
Summit Therapeutics Presents New Positive Preclinical Data On Novel C. difficile Antibiotic SMT19969 At ICAAC 2015 9/18/2015
OncoMed Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (OMED) Presents Immuno-Oncology Data For GITRL-Fc Candidate At The Inaugural International Cancer Immunotherapy Conference 9/17/2015
Aeglea Announces Publication Of Nonclinical Data On Lead Molecule, AEB1102, In Human Molecular Genetics 9/16/2015
Novavax (NVAX) RSV F Vaccine Is Highly Immunogenic With Robust Transplacental Antibody Transfer In Preclinical Maternal Immunization Model 9/16/2015
Idera Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (IDRA) Presents New Intratumoral IMO-2125 Preclinical Data At CRI-CIMT-EATI-AACR Inaugural International Cancer Immunotherapy Conference 9/16/2015
Vical  (VICL) To Present Preclinical Data At ICAAC 2015 Meeting For Its Novel Antifungal Drug Candidate VL-2397 9/15/2015
VBI Vaccines Promotes Dr. David E. Anderson To Chief Scientific Officer 9/14/2015
WMIS Young Investigator Of The Year Demonstrates New Preclinical Models Of Central Nervous System Tuberculosis For Early Detection Of Brain Inflammation In Children 9/14/2015
Arrowhead Research Corporation (ARWR) Nominates ARC-HIF2 As First RNAi Therapeutic Candidate Using Extrahepatic DPC Delivery System 9/11/2015
Parion Sciences Release: CLEAN-CF Clinical Trial Expanded To Include Pediatric Cystic Fibrosis Population 9/10/2015
Asterias Biotherapeutics Announces Publication Of Preclinical Data That Supports The Safety And Use Of AST-OPC1 As A Treatment For Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) 9/9/2015
Regeneron (REGN) Scientists Discover Key to Why Some People's Muscles Suddenly Turn into Bone 9/8/2015
Debiopharm And Solid Biosciences, LLC, Announce A Collaboration To Explore The Use Of Alisporivir (Debio 025) In Muscular Dystrophy 9/8/2015
NIH To Evaluate Berg's Drug For The Treatment Of Kidney Cancer 9/8/2015
Trevena, Inc. (TRVN) Announces Presentations At PAINWeek 2015 9/8/2015
Karyopharm (KPTI) Advancing Neuroprotective SINE Compounds in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) 9/3/2015
BioTime (BTX) Chief Executive Officer Dr. Michael D. West To Be Keynote Speaker At Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine Congress 2015 9/1/2015
Blueprint Medicines (BPMC) To Present Preclinical Data On BLU-554 And On Novel Drug Target At International Liver Cancer Association 9th Annual Conference 9/1/2015
Regen BioPharma Develops BORIS Gene Silencing Based Treatment For Unresectable Liver Cancer 8/31/2015
Novogen Limited (NVGN) Announces The Outcome Of A Comprehensive Science Review 8/31/2015
Portola To Present Preclinical Data With Andexanet Alfa And Factor Xa Inhibitor Edoxaban At European Society of Cardiology Congress 2015 8/28/2015
greenovation Biotech GmbH Release: Fabry Enzyme Replacement Therapy (ERT) Based On Mannose-Mediated Cellular Uptake Shows Encouraging Preclinical Results That Allow Start Of Early Clinical Trials 8/27/2015
Symic Biomedical Awarded $1.5MM NIH Phase II SBIR Grant To Develop Its Proteoglycan Mimetic Therapeutics To Reduce Vascular Access Failures In ESRD 8/26/2015
Audentes Therapeutics Receives Orphan Drug Designation For AT001 For The Treatment Of X-Linked Myotubular Myopathy In The U.S. And Europe 8/26/2015
Mirati Therapeutics  (MRTX) To Present Preclinical And Clinical Data At The IASLC 16th World Conference On Lung Cancer 8/24/2015
Celator Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Appoints Michael R. Dougherty As Executive Chairman Of Board Of Directors 8/24/2015
Regen BioPharma BORIS Gene Silencing Technology Successfully Utilized By Independent Researchers To Kill Breast Cancer And Colon Cancer Stem Cells 8/24/2015
Janus Biotherapeutics Enters Collaboration With Roche (RHHBY) In Autoimmune Diseases 8/20/2015
Inovio Pharma (INO) DNA Vaccine Protects 100% Against Deadly MERS Virus In Non-Human Primates 8/20/2015
Visterra, Inc. Announces Publication Of Data Demonstrating The Effectiveness Of VIS410 Against Seasonal And Potential Pandemic Influenza Strains 8/18/2015
Champions Oncology, Inc. (CSBR) Files Patents For Use Of PDX Platform In Immune-Oncology 8/17/2015
Veloxis Pharmaceuticals A/S (VELO) Envarsus XR Granted Orphan Drug Status By FDA For Kidney Transplant Rejection Prophylaxis 8/17/2015
Trevena, Inc. (TRVN) Reports Second Quarter 2015 Financial Results And Provides A Corporate Update 8/11/2015
Bio-Path Holdings, Inc. (BPTH) Reports Second Quarter 2015 Operational And Financial Results 8/11/2015
Calithera Biosciences, Inc. (CALA) Reports Second Quarter 2015 Financial Results And Recent Highlights 8/11/2015
KannaLife Sciences, Inc. Discusses Orphan Drug Opportunity For KLS-13019 8/11/2015
Gliknik Licensee Pfizer (PFE) Receives Orphan Drug Designation From FDA For Drug Candidate Directed Towards Rare Neurological Disorder 8/10/2015
Celsion Corporation (CLSN) Reports Second Quarter 2015 Financial Results And Provides Business Update 8/10/2015
Regen BioPharma Progresses In FDA Responses To dCellVax Clinical Trial Questions 8/10/2015
NanoViricides, Inc. (NNVC.PK) Reports That The Dramatic Effects Of Its Topical Anti-Herpes Treatment Were Reproduced Once Again In An Animal Model In A Different Laboratory 8/10/2015
Immune Design Corporation (IMDZ) And Merck & Co. (MRK) To Collaborate On Combination Trials Of Two Immune Design Immunotherapies With Merck's KEYTRUDA For Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma And Melanoma 8/10/2015
Chimerix (CMRX) Announces Second Quarter 2015 Financial Results 8/6/2015
Amarantus BioSciences, Inc. Announces A New Eltoprazine Publication Confirming The Long-Term Efficacy And Elucidating The Mechanism Of Action In PD-LID 8/5/2015
bluebird bio (BLUE) Announces Participation At The 2015 Wedbush PacGrow Healthcare Conference 8/5/2015
Aratana Therapeutics (PETX) Announces Positive Pilot Field Study For AT-016 7/31/2015
GenKyoTex S.A. ’s NOX1&4 Inhibitor Strategy In Liver Fibrosis Supported By New Preclinical Results 7/30/2015
Inovio Pharmaceuticals (INO)' DNA-Based Monoclonal Antibody Protects Animals Against Lethal Challenge 7/29/2015
Cardax Product Candidates Demonstrate Superior Bioavailability Vs. Microalgal Astaxanthin In Monkey Study 7/29/2015
Oragenics, Inc. (OGEN) Reports Positive In Vivo Antibiotic Efficacy Data In Critical Animal Study 7/29/2015
Ciclofilin Pharmaceuticals' Lead Antiviral Drug Reduces Liver HBV DNA 7/28/2015
Yabao Pharmaceuticals Starts Preclinical Studies On Sepsis Treatment 7/28/2015
EnzymeBioSystems Release: Amooranin Preclinical Sample Batch Completed 7/28/2015
Pernix (PTX) Releases Positive In Vitro Abuse Deterrent Data For Third Generation Extended Release Hydrocodone ZX007 7/27/2015
Matinas BioPharma Announces Abstract On Pharmacokinetics And Efficacy Of Encochleated Atovaquone In Murine Model Of Pneumocystis Accepted For Oral Presentation At IDWeek 2015 7/27/2015
New Data Show Pluristem Therapeutics (PSTI)s PLX Cells Regulate The Immune System 7/27/2015
Yissum Ltd. Introduces A Novel Technology For Drug Screening And Testing Of Orphan Diseases Without Utilizing Animal Models 7/27/2015
Chimerix (CMRX) Announces Positive Topline Results From Brincidofovir Pivotal Study In Animal Model For Smallpox 7/23/2015
Regen BioPharma Successfully Completes In Life Portion Of Experiments Requested By FDA For HemaXellerate Pre-Clinical Study 7/21/2015
BioRestorative To Evaluate Cell Delivery Technology To Advance Metabolic Program Towards Human Trials 7/20/2015
NeuroPhage Pharmaceuticals, Inc.'s NPT088 Universally Targets Misfolded Proteins In Preclinical Studies Highlighted In Oral Session At The Alzheimer's Association International Conference 7/20/2015
TREVENTIS Pre Clinical Candidate TRV 101 Demonstrates Significant Reduction In Both Amyloid Beta And Tau Toxic Aggregates In Animal Models Of Alzheimer's Disease 7/20/2015
Fox Chase Cancer Center To Conduct ONC201 Dose Intensification Trial 7/20/2015
Radius Health (RDUS) Today Announced Preclinical Data For Its Investigational Drug RAD1901 In Combination With CDK And Mtor Inhibitors 7/16/2015
Novogen Limited (NVGN) Release: Anisina Receives Orphan Drug Designation From FDA For Neuroblastoma 7/16/2015
Regen BioPharma Presents Preclinical Proof-Of-Concept Of Diffronc Effectiveness At The International Society for Stem Cell Research Annual Meeting 7/14/2015
Novogen Limited (NVGN) Release: Pre-clinical Studies Suggest Anisina May Improve Chemotherapy Effectiveness In Childhood Cancer 7/14/2015
RestorGenex Announces Positive 3-D Cancer Cell Culture Data For RES-529, A TORC1/TORC2 Inhibitor 7/14/2015
Scholar Rock Presents Preclinical Data For First Demonstration Of Novel Pharmacological Approach To Targeting The Tgfß1 Latent Complex 7/14/2015
Summit Therapeutics Publishes Preclinical Data On Disease-Modifying Potential Of Utrophin Modulation In DMD 7/13/2015
Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) HIV Vaccine Blocks Virus in 50% of Monkeys, Soon to Start Human Trial in 400 7/9/2015
CEVEC Pharma's CAP(R)Go Derived Recombinant Placental Human Alkaline Phosphatase Shows Superior Results In A Preclinical Study 7/6/2015
Navidea (NAVB) Reports Clinical Data Demonstrating Manocept Agent Localizes In Multiple KS Lesions 7/2/2015
Can-Fite BioPharma (CFBI)'s CF602 Sexual Dysfunction Drug Backed By New Preclinical Data Progresses Towards An IND 6/29/2015
Celladon (CLDN) Lays Off More Staff, Considers Liquidation in Wake of Gene Therapy Failure 6/29/2015
Preclinical Data On NeuralStem Inc.'s Genetically Modified HK532-IGF-1 Stem Cells In Alzheimer's Disease Presented At International Society for Stem Cell Research Annual Meeting 6/26/2015
Ciclofilin Pharmaceuticals' HBV Drug Demonstrates Anti-Fibrotic Activity 6/24/2015
Neurotrope To Conduct Study On Niemann-Pick Type C, A Devastating Rare Pediatric Disease 6/24/2015
Catalyst Biosciences Announces Positive Results From A Phase 1 Clinical Trial Of Its Next Generation Coagulation Factor VIIa In Patients With Hemophilia A Or B And Preclinical Results From Its Factor IX And Factor Xa Programs 6/24/2015
Blueprint Medicines (BPMC) Debuts Preclinical Data For First-In-Class RET Drug Candidate 6/22/2015
BioBlast Pharma (ORPN) Announces Positive Preclinical Proof-Of-Concept Results Of Its Novel Read-Through Platform In Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) 6/22/2015
Cristal Therapeutics' Proprietary CriPec Nanomedicine Platform And Promising Preclinical Data Highlighted In Three Recent Publications 6/22/2015
Cour Pharmaceuticals Releases Data On Potential Breakthrough Treatment For Celiac Disease 6/22/2015
RestorGenex Announces Presentation Of Prostate Cancer Data On RES-529, A Dual TORC1/TORC2 Inhibitor 6/19/2015
Spark Therapeutics (ONCE) To Present With Pfizer (PFE) Preclinical Data On Their Lead SPK-FIX Product Candidate For Hemophilia B At The 2015 International Society Of Thrombosis And Haemostasis Congress In June 6/19/2015
International AIDS Vaccine Initiative Release: AIDS Vaccine Candidate Successfully 'Primes' Immune System In Animal Models 6/19/2015
BioBlast Pharma (ORPN) To Present Preclinical Proofs Of Concept In Spinal Muscular Atrophy And Friedreich's Ataxia At Two Leading Scientific Meetings In June 6/18/2015
Cardax Pharmaceuticals Inc. Initiates Monkey Study To Compare Bioavailability Of Patented Consumer Health Product Candidate CDX-085 To Microalgal Astaxanthin 6/18/2015
FORMA Therapeutics, Inc. Achieves Clinical Candidate Licensing Milestone For An Epigenetic Compound In Strategic Alliance With Celgene (CELG) 6/17/2015
ImmunoGen (IMGN)’s IMGN529 For B-Cell Malignancies Demonstrates Synergistic Activity With Rituximab In Preclinical Models Of Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma 6/17/2015
Tolero Pharmaceuticals Presents Positive Preclinical Data That Inhibition Of AXL Kinase Restores Tumor Response To Retinoic Acid 6/16/2015
Tolero Pharmaceuticals Presents Positive Preclinical Data On Hepcidin Inhibition For The Treatment Of Anemia Associated With Chronic Disease 6/16/2015
Bionomics Limited (BNO.AX) Files Patent For Use Of BNC105 In Combination With PD-1 And CTLA-4 Immuno-Oncology Antibodies 6/15/2015
Tikcro Technologies To Proceed With CTLA4 And PD1 Antibody Generation Plan 6/15/2015
Acceleron Pharma Announces Publication In Cancer Research Demonstrating Dalantercept Prevents Metastases In Preclinical Studies Of Breast Cancer 6/15/2015
Protalix Biotherapeutics, Inc. (PLX) Announces AIR Dnase Data Presented At The 38th European Cystic Fibrosis Conference 6/12/2015
Cytori Therapeutics, Inc. (CYTX)’ Preclinical Data For The Treatment Of Thermal Injury Published In The Journal Burns 6/10/2015
Despite Promising AbbVie (ABBV) Partnerships, Neurocrine Biosciences (NBIX) Halts Two Clinical Trials 6/9/2015
Oncolytics Biotech Inc. (ONC.TO) Provides Update At AGM On Planned Registration Program For REOLYSIN 6/9/2015
Fibrocell Science, Inc. And Intrexon Corporation Announce Positive In Vitro Pre-Clinical Data For FCX-007 For The Treatment Of Recessive Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa (RDEB) At European Society Of Human Genetics 6/8/2015
Presentations On Two Novel Zealand Pharma  (ZEAL.CO) Preclinical Peptide Therapeutics As Possible Approaches For The Treatment Of Type 2 Diabetes And Obesity At The American Diabetes Association's 74th Scientific Sessions 6/8/2015
Mundipharma EDO GmbH Data Confirm EDO-S101 Is Effective In Preclinical Models Of Human Glioblastoma 6/3/2015
MGB Biopharma Limited Succeeds In Developing An IV Formulation Of MGB-BP-3 For The Treatment Of Systemic Susceptible And Resistant Gram-Positive Hospital-Acquired Infections 6/2/2015
Prismic Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Release: Combination Of Agents In NEFROSIL Found To Be Highly Effective In Renal Disease Model 6/2/2015
Visterra, Inc. Announces Presentation Of Data At International Influenza Meeting On The Efficacy Of VIS410 For Treatment Of A Deadly Strain Of Avian Influenza 6/2/2015
ARMO BioSciences Announces Efficacy And Safety Data For Immuno-Oncology Program With Novel Mechanism Of Action 6/1/2015
Genticel Announces Positive Preclinical Proof Of Concept Results Of GTL002, Its New Multivalent HPV Therapeutic Vaccine Candidate Based On Company's Versatile Vaxiclase Platform 6/1/2015
Arno Therapeutics Announces AR-12 Antiviral Data Against Multiple Hemorrhagic Fevers Published Online In Antiviral Research 5/29/2015
PharmaCyte Biotech (NVLX) To Conduct Additional Study On Malignant Ascites 5/29/2015
MacroGenics, Inc. (MGNX) Preclinical Research On MGD006 DART Molecule Published In Science Translational Medicine 5/28/2015
Onxeo Announces Preclinical & Clinical Data From Three Studies Supporting The Potential For Belinostat In Multiple Orphan Oncology Indications 5/28/2015
Infinity Pharmaceuticals Inc. (INFI) Reports Preclinical Data For Duvelisib Demonstrating Synergy With Standard-Of-Care Therapies And Emerging Agents In Development For The Treatment Of Hematologic Malignancies 5/26/2015
Celsion Corporation (CLSN) Announces Potent, Durable Preclinical Lung Expression Data For Its Novel TheraSilence RNA Program 5/21/2015
FDA Grants Orphan Drug Designation To Aura Biosciences’ Novel Treatment For Uveal Melanoma 5/21/2015
Zealand Pharma  (ZEAL.CO) Starts Clinical Development Of A Multiple-Dose Version Of Its Stable Glucagon Analogue, ZP4207 5/20/2015
Synthetic Biologics, Inc. (SYN)' SYN-004 Microbiome-Protecting Preclinical Data Highlighted In Late-Breaking Poster At Digestive Disease Week 2015 5/19/2015
Anavex (AVXL) Releases Promising Full Preclinical Epilepsy Data At Antiepileptic Drug Trials XIII Conference 5/18/2015
Synthetic Biologics, Inc. (SYN)' Novel SYN-010 Preclinical Data Featured In Digestive Disease Week Poster 5/18/2015
Celsion Corporation (CLSN) Announces Publication Of Preclinical Data Demonstrating Lung Specific Delivery of microRNA-145 Inhibitor Using Its Novel TheraSilence Platform 5/15/2015
Amarantus BioSciences, Inc. Announces Successful Delivery And Distribution Of MANF In Preclinical Model To Brain Areas Involved In Parkinson's Disease 5/15/2015
Arno Therapeutics Announces Preclinical Data Demonstrating Broad-Spectrum Antiviral Activity For AR-12 5/15/2015
Acucela Announces Publication Of Pre-clinical Data For Emixustat Hydrochloride 5/14/2015
Mesoblast (MSB.AX) Cell Therapy Reduces Inflammation And Reverses Coronary Artery Dysfunction In Rheumatoid Arthritis Preclinical Study 5/12/2015
Celgene (CELG) CEO: Partnerships Bear Fruit to Four New Compounds 5/12/2015
Isarna Therapeutics Presents Positive Preclinical Results Supporting Development Of ISTH0036 For The Treatment Of Glaucoma 5/11/2015
Novogen Limited (NVGN) Release: Australian Studies Confirm TRXE-009 Kills Resistant Paediatric Brain Cancer Cells 5/8/2015
FibroGen, Inc. (FGEN) Announces Receipt Of Milestone Payment From AstraZeneca PLC (AZN) For Successful Completion Of Long-Term Pre-Clinical Safety Studies Of Roxadustat 5/7/2015
Arrowhead Research Corporation (ARWR) Presents Data On Potential RNAi Candidate Targeting Factor 12 Mediated Angioedemic And Thromboembolic Diseases 5/7/2015
Aduro Biotech (ADRO)'s Preclinical Results For Its STING-Targeted CDN Immuno-Oncology Platform Highlighted In Prestigious Peer-Reviewed Publications 5/7/2015
PharmaCyte Biotech (NVLX)'s Melligen Cells Prove Safe In First Preclinical Test 5/6/2015
Dicerna (DRNA) Announces Potent, Durable Knockdown Of Gene Expression In Non-Human Primates With DsiRNA-EX Conjugates Being Investigated For Treatment Of Primary Hyperoxaluria Type 1 (PH1) 5/6/2015
Eleven Biotherapeutics (EBIO) Presents Data On EBI-031 For The Treatment Of Diabetic Macular Edema At Association for Research in Vision & Ophthalmology 2015 Annual Meeting 5/6/2015
MEI Pharma (MEIP) (Formerly known as Marshall Edwards, Inc.) (MSHL)'s Mitochondrial Inhibitor ME-344 Shows Enhanced Anti-Tumor Activity In Combination With Tyrosine-Kinase Inhibitor In Pre-Clinical Studies 5/4/2015
Cell Cure Neurosciences Announces Preclinical Efficacy Data Demonstrating Opregen Preserves Vision 5/4/2015
Islet Sciences Publishes Data Supporting Remogliflozin Etabonate As A Potential Treatment For NAFLD And NASH 5/4/2015
Tamir Biotechnology, Inc. (Formerly Known as Alfacell Corporation) (ACEL) Provides Update On TMR004 Development Against Mutating Ebola 5/1/2015
Thetis Pharmaceuticals Presents Preclinical Data On Novel Oral Agent For Type 2 Diabetes 4/29/2015
EXCLUSIVE: Navidea (NAVB) CEO Tells BioSpace (DHX) New Cancer Treatment Will See More Trial Data in 2015 4/29/2015
Spring Bank Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Presents Preclinical And Clinical Data On Immunomodulatory Agent SB 9200 At The 2015 Annual Meeting Of The European Association For The Study Of The Liver 4/27/2015
Posters At ECCMID 2015 Highlight Preclinical Data From Synthetic Biologics' Novel SYN-005 Monoclonal Antibody Combination For The Treatment And Prophylaxis Of Whooping Cough (Pertussis) 4/27/2015
TAXIS Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Demonstrates Clinical Potential Of TXA709 In Combating Antibiotic Resistance 4/27/2015
Novira Therapeutics Announces Presentation Of Preclinical Antiviral Data For NVR 3-778 At EASL 4/27/2015
BioTime (BTX)’s Clinical Grade Stem Cells From Subsidiary ES Cell International To Be Used In Planned CIRM-Funded Preclinical Studies Of Huntington’s Disease 4/27/2015
Tolero Pharmaceuticals Presents Data Demonstrating Profound Synergy Of Alvocidib And Bromodomain Protein Inhibitors In Nonclinical Models Of Acute Myeloid Leukemia 4/27/2015
Blueprint Medicines Presents New Preclinical Data Demonstrating Its Drug Candidate BLU-554 Induces Significant Tumor Regression In Models Of Hepatocellular Carcinoma 4/24/2015
AuraSense Therapeutics Announces Publication Of Preclinical Data Demonstrating Immuno-Modulation By Its Proprietary Spherical Nucleic Acid Platform 4/23/2015
Medivir AB (MVRBF): Positive Preclinical Antiviral And Safety Profile Of MIV-802 Supports Continued Development 4/23/2015
Cytori Therapeutics, Inc. (CYTX) Reports Preclinical And Mechanistic Data Supporting Use Of Cytori Cell Therapy In Wounds Combining Thermal Burn And Radiation Exposure 4/23/2015
Glide Technologies Completes Successful Proof-of-Concept Study With Novel Solid Dose Formulation of Teriparatide SDI 4/23/2015
TRANSGENE (ENX:TNG) Presents New Data With TG1050, An Immunotherapy Being Developed To Treat Chronic Hepatitis B, At The International Liver Congress 2015 4/23/2015
Threshold Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (THLD) Reports Preclinical Data Suggesting That TH-4000 May Overcome Resistance To Conventional EGFR Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors 4/23/2015
PhaseBio Announces Promising Pre-Clinical Results For PB1046 In Models Of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy 4/22/2015
Capricor Therapeutics, Inc. Granted FDA Orphan Drug Designation For Allogeneic Cardiosphere-Derived Cells For The Treatment Of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy 4/22/2015
Deciphera Pharmaceuticals Presents Data Highlighting Kinase Inhibitor Pipeline Including Proprietary And Partnered Programs At AACR 2015 Annual Meeting 4/22/2015
Prescient Therapeutics Release: Encouraging Pre-Clinical Data Presented At U.S. Cancer Meeting 4/22/2015
Acetylon Pharmaceuticals Presents Data On Synergistic Activity Of Selective HDAC6 Inhibition In Preclinical Models Of Multiple Myeloma And Mantle Cell Lymphoma At The AACR Annual Meeting 4/22/2015
BIND Therapeutics (BIND) Presents Data Highlighting Ability Of Accurins To Control Biodistribution And Accumulate In Target Tissue At AACR Annual Meeting 2015 4/22/2015
Navidea Biopharmaceuticals (NAVB) Data For Manocept CD206 Targeting Platform Demonstrate Potential To Impact Tumor-Associated Macrophages And Kaposi’s Sarcoma Tumor Cells 4/22/2015
Curis, Inc. (CRIS) Presents Preclinical Data On CUDC-427 At AACR Annual Meeting 4/22/2015
Tekmira (TKMR) And Collaborators Publish Positive Preclinical Ebola Survival Data In Nature Journal 4/22/2015
Calithera Biosciences, Inc. (CALA) Highlights Results From Six Preclinical Abstracts At The AACR Annual Meeting 2015 4/21/2015
Preclinical Data Presented At AACR Demonstrate Synergistic Anti-Tumor Effects Of Peregrine Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (PPHM)'s Phosphatidylserine (PS)-Targeting Antibodies With Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors In Models Of Melanoma And Breast Cancer 4/21/2015
Vical Incorporated (VICL) Announces Presentation Of Preclinical Data For Congenital CMV DNA Vaccine At International Conference 4/21/2015
TetraLogic Pharmaceuticals (TLOG) Announces Publication Of Two Papers Describing Birinapant's Preclinical Activity In Chronic Hepatitis B 4/21/2015
Cantrixil Highly Successful In Preventing Growth Of Chemo-Resistant Ovarian Cancer 4/21/2015
Blend Therapeutics Presents Preclinical Data For Lead Candidate BTP-114 That Demonstrated Superiority To Cisplatin In Tumor Growth Inhibition 4/21/2015
Blend Therapeutics Presents Preclinical Data For Lead Pentarin™ Program, BTP-277, Demonstrating Specific And Potent Tumor Cell Targeting For Small-Cell Lung Cancer 4/21/2015
Ariad (ARIA) Announces Results Of Preclinical Studies On Brigatinib At The AACR Annual Meeting 4/21/2015
TRANSGENE (ENX:TNG) Presents New Pre-Clinical Data At AACR On (I) The Combination Of TG4010 With Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors; (Ii) TG3003, An Anti-CD115 Monoclonal Antibody 4/21/2015
Immunexcite Presents New Preclinical Data At AACR Demonstrating Ability Of Its Novel Cancer Immunotherapy Approach To Activate A Potent And Precise T-Cell Attack On Tumors 4/21/2015
OncoMed Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (OMED) Presents Data On Clinical And Preclinical Anti-Cancer Stem Cell Programs At AACR Annual Meeting 4/21/2015
Advaxis, Inc. Presents Lm-LLO Cancer Immunotherapy Data at the 2015 AACR Meeting 4/21/2015
Epizyme (EPZM) Presents Preclinical Research Providing Deeper Understanding Of Multiple Cancer Targets 4/20/2015
Rexahn Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (RNN) Identifies RX-3117 Biomarker & Presents Data At The 2015 AACR Annual Meeting 4/20/2015
Celldex (CLDX)'s Varlilumab Demonstrates Synergistic Anti-Tumor Activity With PD-1 Signaling Blockade In Preclinical Studies 4/20/2015
TG Therapeutics, Inc. (MHA) Presents Pre-Clinical Data On IRAK4 Compounds At The AACR Annual Meeting 4/20/2015