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Science Shows That Men Who Eat Salads Smell More Attractive To Women, Macquarie University Study 8/23/2016
"Bagpipe Lung" Warning For Wind Musicians, Wythenshawe Hospital Study 8/23/2016
Citrus Fruits Could Help Prevent Obesity, Universidade Estadual Paulista Study 8/22/2016
Unhealthy Diet During Pregnancy Could Be Linked To ADHD, University College London Study 8/19/2016
Can Season And Place Of Birth Influence Celiac Disease Risk? Umea University Study 8/17/2016
Revealed: The Brain's Generosity Center, Oxford University Study 8/17/2016
Pro Golfers More Likely To Have Different Shaped Hip Joints To Most Of The Population, University of Warwick Study Suggests 8/17/2016
How Much A Decade Of Obesity Raises Your Cancer Risk, WHO Reveals 8/17/2016
Heading For A Fall: Neuroscientists Reveal How Overconfidence Can Lead To Poor Decision Making, Monash University Study 8/16/2016
Long-Lived Parents Could Mean A Healthier Heart Into Your Seventies, University of Exeter Study 8/16/2016
Did Our Big Brains Evolve For Judging People? Cardiff University Study 8/15/2016
Treatment Option For Alzheimer’s Disease Possible, University of Manchester Study 8/15/2016
Possible Link Between Zika And Severe Joint Condition, Recife's Association For Assistance Of Disabled Children Study Details 8/10/2016
Seasonal Allergies Could Change Your Brain, Paracelsus Medical University Study 8/9/2016
Combioxin Escalates To High Dose In CAL02-001 Trial In Patients With Severe Pneumococcal Pneumonia Following IDMC's Positive Recommendation 8/9/2016
Okayama University Research: Keeping Cells In Shape To Fight Sepsis 8/8/2016
MHT Scientific Confab Sri Lanka Release: A 'New-Age-Climax' Brought To The Scientific World--Breakthrough Discovery Of Magneto-Hydro-Tropism Turns The Archaic Newtonic-Cartesian Ladders Upside Down 8/8/2016
International Virotherapy Center Release: New Publication Shows Surprisingly Positive Results With Oncolytic Virus Rigvir 8/8/2016
Acupuncture May Slow Down Pre-Dementia Memory Loss, Renmin Hospital Of Wuhan University Study 8/5/2016
Brains Of Overweight People "Ten Years Older" Than Lean Counterparts At Middle-Age, University of Cambridge Study 8/4/2016
Both Insomnia Or Oversleeping Might Up Your Stroke Risk, University Hospital Essen Study 8/4/2016
Who You Hate Linked To How Smart You Are, Tilburg University Study 8/4/2016
Tokyo Institute Of Technology Release: Fibroblast Growth Factor Signalling Controls Fin Regeneration In Zebrafish 8/4/2016
China's "Mosquito Factory" Aims To Wipe Out Zika, Other Diseases, Sun Yat-sen University Centre Of Vector Control For Tropical Diseases Reveals 8/3/2016
Women Without Tonsils Or Appendix May Be More Fertile, University of Dundee Study 8/3/2016
Myth Busted: Higher BMI Not Linked To Increased Heart Attack Or Death Risk, Umea University Study 8/2/2016
Why Smart People Should Spend Less Time With Friends, Singapore Management University Scientists Explain 8/2/2016
Here's More Evidence That High Saturated Fat Diets Aren't Good For Your Brain, University Of Naples Federico Study 8/1/2016
Pregnancy Problems More Likely With Baby Boys? University of Adelaide Study 8/1/2016
Too Much Light At Night And Too Little In The Morning Linked To Obesity, Nara Medical University School Of Medicine Study 7/29/2016
Exercise For One Hour Daily To Help Beat Health Risks From Sitting, University of Cambridge Study 7/28/2016
A Potential Lifesaver Lies Unrecognized In The Human Body, University of Tubingen Study 7/28/2016
Parasite Found In Cat Poop May Actually Help Treat Ovarian Cancer, Dartmouth College Study 7/28/2016
ProMis Neurosciences Announces Results In Two Presentations At The 2016 Alzheimer's Association International Conference 7/28/2016
Actinogen Medical Announces Landmark Research On Excess Cortisol And Alzheimer’s Disease 7/28/2016
Healthy Clones: Dolly The Sheep's Heirs Reach Ripe Old Age, University of Nottingham Study 7/27/2016
How Binge Watching TV Programs Could Kill You, Osaka University Study 7/27/2016
Dutch Men Confirmed As World's Tallest, Imperial College London Study 7/26/2016
NeuroDerm (NDRM) Announces Start Of Bioequivalence Trial In Healthy Volunteers Of ND0701, A New Continuous Subcutaneously Delivered Apomorphine Product Candidate For The Treatment Of Advanced Parkinson’s Disease 7/26/2016
Fraunhofer Institute For Medical Image Computing MEVIS Release: The Glowing Brain 7/26/2016
c-LEcta Enzymes Allow Efficient Production Of Human Milk Oligosaccharides 7/26/2016
Malaria Drug May Help In Cancer Fight, Cancer Research UK Radiation Research Centre Study 7/25/2016
Changes In Personality, Behavior Could Be An Early Sign Of Dementia, University of Calgary Study 7/25/2016
Why Apnea Patients Are Prone To Suffer From Glaucoma, Hokkaido University Study 7/25/2016
ProMis Neurosciences Announces New Program To Identify Novel Alzheimer's Disease Targets On Toxic Strains Of Protein Tau 7/25/2016
Alzheimer's Association Formal Education And Complex Work May Reduce The Negative Effects Of Bad Diet And Cerebrovascular Disease On Cognition 7/25/2016
Evolva’s Nootkatone Enters NIH-Sponsored Studies To Assess Its Effectiveness Against Mosquitoes That Transmit Zika Virus 7/25/2016
Underdog Bigfoot Biomedical Faces Medtronic (MDT) and Other Players in the Artificial Pancreas Race 7/25/2016
The Science Of Rekindling The Fire In Your Relationship, University of Rochester Study 7/22/2016
Smoking Makes Women Vulnerable To Brain Bleeds, University of Helsinki Study 7/22/2016
Genetic Causes Of Higher Melanoma Risk In Men Discovered, Universitat Jaume I de Castellón Reveals 7/22/2016
Higher-Income Students Have An Edge When It Comes To Working Memory, University of Toronto Study 7/21/2016
"Inherited" Conditions Are Often Due To Shared Lifestyles In Families, University of Edinburgh Scientists Find 7/21/2016
DNA Could Explain Why Italian Island Has So Many 100-Year-Olds, Tiziana Life Sciences Plc Reveals 7/21/2016
Menopause Reversal Restores Periods And Produces Fertile Eggs 7/20/2016
Working Full Time Is Officially Bad For You After A Certain Age, Melbourne Institute Of Applied Economic And Social Research Study 7/20/2016
Love Hormone Produced During Sex Decreases Appetite And Stops Binge Eating, York University Study 7/20/2016
Genomic Vision Is Accelerating Its Clinical Trial In Cervical Cancer With An Additional Study In The Czech Republic 7/20/2016
A Stressful Life Can Trigger Violent Crimes In Some People, Oxford University Study 7/19/2016
The DNA That Makes You Happy Can Also Make You Sad, University of Oxford Study 7/19/2016
Heavy People May Die Up to 3 Years Early, Oxford University Study 7/19/2016
Angle Announces Initiation Of Two Hundred Patient European Ovarian Cancer Study 7/19/2016
Mazor Robotics Shows Off Studies Showing Advantage of Robotic Assistance in MIS Spinal Procedures 7/19/2016
Stentys Enrolls First Patient In Left Main Clinical Trial 7/19/2016
Imbalance Of Gut Bacteria Linked To Elevated Diabetes Risk, University of Copenhagen Study 7/18/2016
Zika Epidemic Will End In Three Years, Imperial College London Study Suggests 7/18/2016
YiSheng BioPharma Reports Early Success For Its Adjuvant In Ebola Vaccine 7/18/2016
Combined Cataract And Presbia Microlens Surgeries Demonstrate Excellent Results And Patient Satisfaction In Near-Vision Improvement 7/18/2016
Eating Too Much Red Meat Linked To Kidney Failure, National University of Singapore (NUS) Study 7/15/2016
Youngest Siblings More Likely To Go Into Business, University of Birmingham Study 7/15/2016
Artificial Lighting May Be Doing Terrible Things To Our Bodies, Leiden University Medical Center Study 7/15/2016
International Team Led By Humabs Biomed Identifies Novel Therapeutic Antibody Candidates Isolated From Zika-Infected Patients 7/15/2016
Obesity Linked To Premature Death, Particularly In Men, University of Cambridge Study 7/14/2016
Working Out With Lighter Weights Just As Effective As Heavier Weights, McMaster University Study 7/14/2016
Wageningen University Release: New Insights In Furanic Intermediates And Aromatic Derivatives From Biomass 7/14/2016
Pregnant Women Carrying A Boy May Be At Risk For Preterm Birth, University of Adelaide Study 7/13/2016
Cycling May Help Lower Type 2 Diabetes Risk, University Of Southern Denmark Study 7/13/2016
Why Artificial Sweeteners Can Increase Your Appetite, University of Sydney Study 7/13/2016
A*STAR Release: Study Finds Strong Genetic Risk Factor For Kidney Disease 7/13/2016
InDex Pharmaceuticals AB Publishes Results From COLLECT Study 7/13/2016
Pregnancy Multivitamins Are A Waste Of Money, Royal College Of Midwives Review Says 7/12/2016
Pomegranate Finally Reveals Its Powerful Anti-Aging Secret, EPFL Study 7/12/2016
Orthocell Receives Ethics Approval For Pivotal Ortho-ATI Tendon Study 7/12/2016
A*STAR Release: A New Way To Diagnose And Treat Lung Cancer 7/12/2016
Mechanism Of Autophagy Initiation Has Just Been Revealed, Tokyo Institute Of Technology Study 7/12/2016
Thumb-Sucking And Nail-Biting Kids May Develop Fewer Allergies, University of Otago Study 7/11/2016
Could Statins Help Fight Cancer? Aston University School Of Medicine Study 7/11/2016
The More Fruit And Veggies You Eat The Happier You Are, University of Warwick Study 7/11/2016
The Science Of Why We Tap Our Feet To A Musical Beat, University of Oslo Study 7/11/2016
Innsbruck Medical University Release: Addiction Research Uncovers Potential Of Social Interaction 7/11/2016
Perception Of Body Size Can Change In Only Two Minutes, Macquarie University Study 7/8/2016
Drinking Caffeine May Play A Role In Hearing Loss, McGill University Study 7/8/2016
Amount Of Time People Gaze Into Each Other's Eyes Is Remarkably Short, University College London Study 7/7/2016
Ever Noticed Time Seems To Move Faster When You're In Control Of Things? University College London Study 7/6/2016
Sex Could Play A Role In Type 2 Diabetes Treatment... But Not In The Way You Think, IRCM Study 7/6/2016
Smith & Nephew Inc. (SNN) Release: New Protocol Including The Use Of ALLEVYN LIFE Reduces Hospital-Acquired Pressure Ulcers By 69% In Large Facility 7/6/2016
Mosquitoes More Likely To Bite Preggies, Alcohol Drinkers, Durham University Study 7/5/2016
Persistent HPV Infection Raises Risk Of Anal And Genital Cancers, Copenhagen University Hospital Study 7/5/2016
Set Point Release: Breakthrough First-In-Human Study Shows Vagus Nerve Stimulation Significantly Reduces Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms, Inhibits Cytokine Production 7/5/2016
Stretching May Ease Women's Depression And Menopause Symptoms, Meiji Yasuda Life Foundation Of Health And Welfare Study 7/1/2016
Thinking "I Can Do Better" Really Can Improve Performance, University Of Wolverhampton Study 7/1/2016
Cravings For High-Calorie Foods May Be Switched Off By New Food Supplement, Imperial College London Study 7/1/2016
Microcephaly Screening Alone Won't Detect All Cases Of Zika Virus In Newborns, Universidade Federal de Pelotas Study 7/1/2016
Queen's University's Researcher Finds Truth To Age-Old Maxim "Work Hard, Play Hard" 6/30/2016
Here's More Evidence That Brain Fatigue Makes Us Do Dumb Things, INSERM Study 6/30/2016
Skype Data Of 500 Million People Reveals The Real Patterns Of Social Adoption, Aalto University Study 6/30/2016
Olympics Will Come And Go But Zika Is Here To Stay, Scientists Say 6/30/2016
Boehringer Ingelheim Release: INMARK Now Enrolling: First Study To Evaluate The Effect Of OFEV (Nintedanib) On Biomarkers Reflecting The Underlying Fibrotic Process In IPF Patients 6/30/2016
Compounds In Parsley And Dill Help Fight Cancer, Moscow Institute Of Physics And Technology Research Shows 6/29/2016
Car Ownership Has The Biggest Influence Over How Much Exercise Londoners Do While Traveling, Published In Journal of Transport & Health 6/29/2016
Fish Oil During Pregnancy Does Not Protect Against Excessive Adipose Tissue Development, Technical University Of Munich Study 6/29/2016
Curetis Completes Sample Enrollment In Unyvero FDA Trial In Lower Respiratory Tract Infections 6/29/2016
Travelers Could Gain Antibiotic Resistant Genes In Just Two Days, Maastricht University Study 6/28/2016
Marijuana-Based Drug Helps Kids With Rare Forms Of Epilepsy In Studies, GW Pharma (GWPH) Reveals 6/28/2016
Plants Grown In Simulated Mars Conditions Found Safe To Eat, Wageningen University Study 6/28/2016
Ontario Institute for Cancer Research Release: Researchers Discover Protein Signatures For Accurate Non-Invasive Diagnosis Of Aggressive Prostate Cancer 6/28/2016
Glide Technologies Announces Successful Clinical Proof-Of-Concept Study With Its Novel Octreotide Solid Dose Formulation Delivered Via SDI 6/28/2016
Overweight And Obesity Impact On Periodontitis: A Brazilian Birth Cohort, University of Adelaide Study 6/27/2016
Depression, Adverse Childhood Events And Sleep Disturbances Linked To Changes In The Immune System, University Of Eastern Finland Study 6/27/2016
European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) Release: Optimising The Use Of Single Arm Trials In Cancer Drug Development 6/27/2016
Intrusive Parents May Lead Children To Be Overly Self-Critical: National University of Singapore (NUS) Study 6/27/2016
Onxeo Advances Development Plan For First-In-Class Signal Interfering DNA Compound AsiDNA 6/27/2016
Where Zika Virus Goes, Abortion Rates Grow, Study Published In The New England Journal of Medicine 6/24/2016
Why Our Social Circles May Shrink With Old Age, Cognitive Ethology Laboratory Study 6/24/2016
Smoking May Damage Your Sperm, BJU International Study 6/23/2016
Temporary Blindness Linked To Smartphone Use In Dark, Moorfields Eye Hospital Study 6/23/2016 Release: Expert Update On Cancer Stem Cells And Cancer Stem Cell Inhibitors In Gastrointestinal Cancers 6/23/2016
Common Medication Provides Insight Into Brain Abnormalities In Dystonia, University of Florida Study 6/23/2016
Blood Flow Change In Brain May Be First Warning Sign For Alzheimer's, Montreal Neurological Institute Study 6/22/2016
Eating More Fiber Linked To Less Severe Food Allergies, Monash University Study 6/22/2016
Third To Half Of UK Population Lives With Chronic Pain, Study Published In BMJ 6/22/2016
Is "When We Eat" As Important As "What We Eat"? King's College London Study 6/22/2016
National Parkinson Foundation And Global Kinetics Corporation Announce The Commencement Of A Clinical Trial To Study Impact Of Personal KinetiGraph Use In Routine Clinical Care Of Patients With Parkinson's Disease 6/22/2016
New Link Discovered Between Diabetes And Alzheimer's Disease, University Of Aberdeen Study 6/21/2016
Experiment Sheds Light On Why We Obey Habits, Study Published In Neuron 6/21/2016
Pot Use During Pregnancy May Affect Brain Development In Offspring, Erasmus University Medical Center Study 6/20/2016
Living Near An Airport May Give You High Blood Pressure, Jagiellonian University Medical College Study 6/20/2016
NovaBiotics Ltd Announces New Data On Cysteamine (Nylexa) As An Antimicrobial Resistance Breaker In Multi Drug Resistant Bacteria 6/20/2016
Heart Failure Risk Linked To Your Weight As A Teenager, Sahlgrenska Academy Study 6/17/2016
Links Between Autism And Epilepsy Deepen, Karolinska Institute Study 6/16/2016
Children Less Likely To Trust Ugly People, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University Study 6/16/2016
Tavad Release: Advanced Treatment For Addiction To Benzodiazepines Effective In 94 Percent Of Patients 6/16/2016
The Pain And Pleasure Of Sad Music Revealed, Durham University Study 6/15/2016
PharmaMar S.A. Announces The Start Of A Pivotal Study With Plitidepsin In Angioimmunoblastic T-Cell Lymphoma 6/15/2016
New Research From ICON Demonstrates Support For ‘Bring Your Own Device’ Approach In Clinical Trials 6/15/2016
Transcatheter Tricuspid Valve Repair (TTVR) Has Been Successfully Achieved In Feasibility Study Of 4Tech Tricinch At San Raffaele Hospital, Milan, Italy 6/15/2016
ALK Release: New Data From GAP Landmark Trial Confirm GRAZAX Prevents Asthma Symptoms In Children 6/14/2016
Novo Nordisk Canada Inc. (NVO) Release: Study Finds Victoza Significantly Reduced The Risk Of Heart Attack And Stroke In People With Type 2 Diabetes 6/14/2016
Aspirin Linked To Colon Cancer Survival, Biotechnology Centre In Oslo Study 6/13/2016
Exercising In Middle Age Can Save Your Memory Later, University of Melbourne Study 6/13/2016
Addex Therapeutics (ADXN.SW) mGluR4 And mGluR7 Programs Demonstrate Potential In Preclinical Models Of Neurodegenerative And Psychiatric Diseases 6/13/2016
Successful Switch To Sanofi (SNY)'s Toujeo Evaluated In A Real-World Setting 6/13/2016
Ex-Valeant (VRX) CEO's Pay Structure May Have Increased Dangerous Risk-Taking, Stanford University Study Says 6/10/2016
Young People With Older Friends Can Help Reduce Ageism, University of Kent Reveals 6/10/2016
First Time Ever: Air Pollution Leading Risk Factor For Stroke, Auckland University of Technology Study 6/10/2016
Witnesses Can Catch Criminals By Smell, New Research In Frontiers in Psychology Reveals 6/10/2016
Cantargia'’s CAN04 Product Candidate Show Very Good Safety At High Dose Levels, Paving The Way For Final GLP Toxicity Study In Autumn 2016 6/10/2016
Mallinckrodt (MNK) Presents New Data from 44-Week Open Label Extension Of Company-Sponsored H.P. Acthar Gel Trial in Lupus 6/10/2016
Allergan (AGN) Release: Study Reveals Gender Differences In Migraine Treatment 6/10/2016
Lighting Color Affects Sleep And Wakefulness, Oxford University Study Reveals 6/9/2016
GlaxoSmithKline (GSK): The One Big Drugmaker Working on a Nanobot Cure 6/9/2016
touchNEUROLOGY Release: A New Review Stresses That Non-Vitamin K Antagonist Oral Anticoagulants Can Reduce Atrial Fibrillation-Related Stroke With Significantly Reduced Cardiovascular And Bleeding Risks Compared With Warfarin 6/9/2016
Salacious Alibi More Credible If You Lie About It At First, Maastricht University Reveals 6/8/2016
Barley Lowers Not One But Two Types Of 'Bad Cholesterol,' St. Michael's Hospital Study Suggests 6/8/2016
Think Talking On Your Hands-Free Is Safe? Think Again, Says University Of Sussex Research 6/8/2016
High-Fat Mediterranean Diet Does Not Cause Weight Gain, The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology Journal Reveals 6/7/2016
ASCO2016: New Cancer Drugs Fire Up Body’s Hunters In Tumor Hide And Seek 6/7/2016
Technical University Of Munich Release: A New Molecular Toolkit For The De-Novo Design Of Bioactive Agents 6/7/2016
NUI Galway Stem Cell Breakthrough Will Generate Heart Tissue In A Lab Dish 6/6/2016
Women Twice As Likely As Men To Experience Anxiety, University of Cambridge Research Reveals 6/6/2016
Psychopathy Need Not Be A Disadvantage, University of Bonn Study Reveals 6/6/2016
Asia-Pacific Hepatocellular Carcinoma Trials Group (AHCC) Release: SIRveNIB, A Major Primary Liver Cancer Study In The Asia-Pacific Region, Completes Enrollment 6/6/2016
ASCO2016: Janssen-Cilag International NV (JNJ) Release: New Data Reveal That Presence Of Metastases At Initial Prostate Cancer Diagnosis May Have A Critical Impact On Prognosis For Metastatic Castration-Resistant Patients 6/6/2016
ICON-Sponsored Research By Carnegie Mellon University Validates Shorter And Simpler Patient Consent Processes In Clinical Trials 6/6/2016
Austrian Science Fund FWF Release: Cholesterol-Lowering Drug Kills Melanoma Cells – If Messenger Substance Is Present 6/6/2016
BMI And Waist Size Linked To Prostate Cancer Risk, University of Oxford Study Finds 6/3/2016
Researchers Get One Step Closer To Developing Non-Allergenic "Super" Peanuts, University of Western Australia Reveals 6/3/2016
4 Things You Can Do To Decrease The Chance Your Breast Cancer Risk, Study Published In JAMA 6/3/2016
Women Are More Interested In Sex Than You Think, University of Toronto Study Shows 6/3/2016
Supplement May Prevent, Reverse Damage To Aging Brain, McMaster University Research Suggests 6/3/2016
A*STAR Release: New Material Kills E. Coli Bacteria In 30 Seconds 6/3/2016
World Heart Federation Release: CVD Deaths To Rise By A Third In Less Than 10 Years 6/3/2016
A*STAR Release: Novel Study On Histones Provides Better Understanding Of Gene Regulation 6/3/2016
Seaweed Could Potentially Help Fight Food Allergies, Study Published In American Chemical Society 6/2/2016
Women Find Men More Masculine When Wearing Deodorant, University Of Stirling Study 6/2/2016
Is It Normal Not To Want Sex? University of New South Wales Study 6/2/2016
BioNTech Release: Nature Publication Describes First Example Of A Clinically Applicable And Systemic mRNA Cancer Immunotherapy Vaccine 6/2/2016
Cerenis Therapeutics, Inc. Release: Publication Of The Location Clinical Study Results In The Renowned Scientific Journal Of The European Atherosclerosis Society 6/2/2016
Could Endurance Training Be Bad For Your Heart? University of Saarland Study 6/1/2016
Smog Can Make Blood Pressure Soar, Guangdong Provincial Institute Of Public Health Study 6/1/2016
ProQR Therapeutics B.V. (PRQR)’s Drug Candidate QR-110 For Leber’s Congenital Amaurosis Type 10 Receives European Medicines Agency And FDA Orphan Drug Designation 6/1/2016
Ontario Institute for Cancer Research Release: Clinical Trial Launched To Test Use Of MRI To Improve Prostate Cancer Diagnosis And Management 6/1/2016
Running May Be Better Than Cycling For Long-Term Bone Health, Istituto Ortopedico Galeazzi Study 5/31/2016
Rosetta’s Comet Contains Ingredients For Life, University of Bern Study 5/31/2016
Beer Drinkers Found To Be Less Alzheimer's-Prone, University Of Tampere Reveals 5/31/2016
Women Cooking With Biomass Fuels More Likely To Have Cataracts, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Study 5/27/2016
Workaholics More Likely To Have ADHD, Anxiety, University Of Bergen Study 5/26/2016
Antidepressants: Rise In Off-Label Prescriptions, McGill University Study 5/26/2016
Will A Common Heart Medication Help Treat Alzheimer’s Disease? Orebro University Study 5/26/2016
National University of Singapore (NUS) Engineering Team Develops Novel Technology To "Print" Customised Tablets For Personalised Medicine 5/26/2016