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Biotech/Pharma - Supplier News (World)
Thermo Fisher Scientific (TMO) Release: Hybrid Pharmaceutical Twin-Screw Extruder Designed To Deliver True Drug Formulation Flexibility 5/25/2016
Juniper Pharma Services Strengthens Topicals Capability 5/17/2016
Thermo Fisher Scientific (TMO) Release: New Recirculating Chillers Combine Noise Reduction And Cooling Performance 5/10/2016
Watson-Marlow Launches puresu Single-Use Tube Assemblies 5/10/2016
Hamamatsu Photonics’s New LIGHTNINGCURE LC-L5G Offers The UV Intensity Of Metal Halide Lamps For A Wide Range Of UV Curing Applications 4/29/2016
Micronic Release: Screw Cap Tube Recapper Accelerates Sample Storage Process 4/28/2016
FEI Incorporate Glencoe Software's Bio-Formats Library Into AMIRA 4/15/2016
aquila biolabs GmbH Release: The New Standard For Biomass Monitoring 4/5/2016
Aesica Comments On API Manufacturing Trends 3/24/2016
BioElectronics Corporation Appoints Evomed As Australian And New Zealand Distributor 3/21/2016
CPhI - UBM Release: Pharma Ingredients Suppliers To Benefit From Indonesia's First Ever Tax Free Logistics Centers 3/14/2016
Lonza Group (LZAGY.PK) Launches PowerCHO Advance Media for Improved Protein-Production Yields 3/14/2016
Firstkind Seeks Global Distribution Partners To Extend geko Device Roll-Out 3/3/2016
Bedfont Scientific Responds to FDA's Decision to Temporarily Detain Its Products 3/1/2016
TSO3 Inc. (TOS) Provides Operations Update - Recruiting, Supplier Relationships And Improved Process Flow All Contributing To Increased Production Rates And Shipments 2/25/2016
Gilson, Inc. Launches New Line Of PIPETMAN M Electronic Pipettes With Industry Leading Guaranteed Performance In Repetitive Pipetting 2/23/2016
Dhofar Global Launches New Range Of Chemical Products At Middle East Cleaning Technology Week 11/2/2015
Aesica Introduces New Service Model With One CDMO Managing A Customer’s Entire Supply Chain 10/15/2015
Laser Components Release: x-InGaAs And InAs Photodiodes 10/14/2015
High-Speed Quantification Of Immunoglobulin G With New BIA Separations' CIMac r-Protein A Analytical Column 10/13/2015
Evonik Industries Launches Improved L-Ornithine-L-Aspartate Formulations 10/13/2015
Gyros AB Introduces Series Of Kits For Bioprocess Analysis 10/13/2015
Palladio Group And E Ink Introduce Phuturemed, An Advanced Packaging Solution For Pharmaceutical Products 10/13/2015
Integrated DNA Technologies Release: Be A Cut Above With New RNA Tools For CRISPR/Cas9 9/30/2015
Improved Sensitivity With The New Protein And Phospholipid Removal Columns From Biotage AB (BIOTa.ST) 9/17/2015
Sinovac Biotech Ltd. (SVA) Receives Tender To Supply Seasonal Flu Vaccine In Beijing 9/14/2015
Mettler-Toledo (MTD) Release: New Technology Allows Unattended Sampling And Synthesis Of Chemical Reactions 9/1/2015
Mettler-Toledo (MTD) Updates Online Scale Selection Tool 8/27/2015
WuXi PharmaTech (WX) To Be Exclusive Supplier Of Laboratory Testing Services To Lee's Pharm 8/26/2015
Magritek Reviews The Current Use Of Benchtop NMR In Real-Time Monitoring And Optimization Of Chemical Reactions 8/18/2015
Leica Microsystems Launches High Pressure Freezer With Integrated Light Stimulation For "Flash-and-Freeze" Experiments 8/18/2015
Effortless Reactions With The Orb Jacketed Reactor System From Syrris 8/13/2015
StemCell Technologies Inc. Launches Innovative Products To Support CAR T Cell Research 7/1/2015
Biotage AB (BIOTa.ST) Announces EVOLUTE EXPRESS Columns - Simplified, Fast And Efficient SPE Using The Load-Wash-Elute Procedure 6/16/2015
CEVEC Pharma Introduces CAP Go Expression System For Scalable Production Of Tailor-Made Glycoproteins 6/1/2015
A Clean Solution: Flottweg Presents Hygienic Decanters 5/27/2015
Lonza Group Ltd. (LZAGY.PK) Introduces CytoSMART System For Walk-Away Live Cell Imaging 4/28/2015
Biomedica Launches First CE Marked FGF23 ELISA Assay In Europe And Asia 4/22/2015
Julabo GmbH Release: The Power Of Thermodynamics - New PRESTO A45 And A45t 4/17/2015
Sartoclear Dynamics: Sartorius Stedim Biotech Launches A New Single-Use Harvesting Technology For High Cell Density Cultures Up To 2,000 L 4/14/2015
Mettler-Toledo (MTD) Introduces Sensors That Learn™ 3/16/2015
DECTRIS Ltd. Announces New MYTHEN2 R Microstrip X-Ray Detectors For OEM Use In Laboratory Diffractometers 3/11/2015
Andor Neo sCMOS Camera Is Perfect Partner For Correlative Microscopy 3/11/2015
Air Science USA Release: New Ceiling Mounted Air Filtration Units 2/24/2015
RayBiotech Launches World’s Largest Glycan Array 2/23/2015
SYGNIS Announces Global Launch Of The Second Kit From Its Trueprime Product Line: Trueprime WGA Kit 2/23/2015
Eppendorf AG Announces New CryoCube Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers 2/16/2015
Dolomite Launches Educational Microfluidic Starter Kit 2/10/2015
Base Pair Biotechnologies, Inc. Release: Move Over Antibodies, Here Come The Aptamers 2/5/2015
ProImmune Inc. Introduces ProM2™ Human Class II MHC Monomer Reagents To Study CD4+ T Cell Immune Responses 1/29/2015
N4 Pharma Release: Innovative New UK Company Introduces New Breakthrough Pharmaceutical Technologies 1/27/2015
A Novel Approach To 3D Cell Culturing Using The Dolomite Micro Droplet System 1/27/2015
New Enhanced Particle Size Characterisation Capabilities At Reading Scientific Services Ltd 1/22/2015
Fast Andor Neo sCMOS Camera Enables Super-Resolution Of Large Fields 10/30/2014
New Biotage AB (BIOTa.ST) SNAP ULTRA C18 Cartridges – High Performance Reversed Phase Flash Purification 10/30/2014
JN Medsys Introduces Clarity Digital PCR system 10/29/2014
AbCheck s.r.o. Releases the AbAccel Antibody Technology For Out-Licensing 10/28/2014
Sakura Finetek Introduces The World’s First Automated And Programmable Microtome 10/21/2014
Bertin Technologies Launches Precellys® Evolution, Its Brand New Biological Sample Homogenizer In The Precellys Range 9/18/2014
Abcam plc (ABC.L) Introduces Exclusive Range Of Highly Validated Antibody Conjugates 9/3/2014
Primerdesign Launch World’s Most Affordable Real-Time PCR Machine 8/27/2014
Seward Introduces Additional Sample Handling Alternatives To Pipette Tips 8/7/2014
Mettler-Toledo (MTD)’s Newly Launched HE53 Halogen Moisture Analyzer Makes Moisture Analysis Accessible To Everyone 8/5/2014
Dectris Ltd. Introduces Three New Performance Classes Of Hybrid Photon Counting X-Ray Detectors 7/31/2014
Ready-to-Use EZ-Fit™ Filtration Unit From EMD Millipore Leverages Industry Leading Technology For More Efficient Bioburden Testing Of Liquids 7/30/2014
BioNano Genomics Signs Two New Distributors For The Asia-Pacific Region And Announces First Irys System Placement In Korea To Chunlab 7/16/2014
DiaSorin Inc. Release: CMV Assay Launched For Iam Molecular Benchtop Analyzer 7/15/2014
Enzymotec Reports Commercial Introduction Of Its Innovative Omega PC™ Advanced Fish Oil Product 6/23/2014
Mettler-Toledo (MTD) Release: New SmartPrep™ Weighing Funnel: Weigh-in Samples More Accurately In Half The Time 6/16/2014
Sigma-Aldrich Corporation (SIAL) To Launch Austrianova's Cell-In-A-Box® Kit For Research Use 6/6/2014
Rentschler Biotechnologie GmbH & Co. Expands Single-Use Manufacturing Capacities 6/5/2014
Cambridge Cognition Ltd Release: Rapid ipad Assessment Paves The Way For Faster And More Accurate Decision Making On Cognitive Safety And Abuse Potential Of Drug Treatments 6/4/2014
Sartorius Stedim Biotech Launches New Single-Use Bag Family Flexsafe 6/2/2014
Simple Weighing With The New Sartorius AG Entris Balance 5/29/2014
Lucideon (Formerly Known As CERAM) Has Extended Its Extensive Analysis Techniques Offerings And Invested In An Agilent 7900 Quadrapole ICP-MS 5/21/2014
Link Technologies Ltd Release: Vitamin-Mediated Cell Delivery Of Oligonucleotides – An Attractive Approach For Therapeutic Applications 5/21/2014
Curetis Launches Unyvero Implant And Tissue Infection Cartridge In Europe 5/7/2014
Magritek And LEAP Technologies Bring Magritek's Spinsolve Benchtop NMR Spectrometers To The U.S. And Canadian Industrial Accounts 5/7/2014
Exiqon A/S Launches Exosome Isolation Kits For Analysis Of Biofluids 5/6/2014
Fujikura Ltd. Enhances Splicing Products To Support Biomedical Industries 5/6/2014
Mettler-Toledo (MTD) Launches All In One Printers For Lab Instruments 4/30/2014
TAP Biosystems Release: Top Pharma, Biotechs And CRO Choose Ambr250 Automated Mini Bioreactor System - To Accelerate Their Process Scale-Up Of Biological Therapies And Vaccines 4/29/2014
Gallus Biopharmaceuticals, LLC Utilises ambr15 Micro Bioreactor 4/29/2014
Exiqon A/S Launches LNA™ Microrna Mimics With No Off-Target Effect 4/23/2014
Can-Fite BioPharma (CFBI) Initiates The Development Of An A3AR Biomarker Test Kit To Predict Patients' Response To Company's Drugs 4/21/2014
Molecular Profiles Expands Technology With GMP Hot Melt Extrusion 4/8/2014
Mettler-Toledo (MTD)'s SevenExcellence™ Enhancement Offers Fast And Cost Effective Measurement Of Dissolved Oxygen 4/2/2014
Children's Oncology Hospital Units Utilise TAP Biosystems' Fill-It System For Immunotherapy Research To Determine Optimal Dose Of Cancer Therapies And Create Stocks Of Consistent, High Quality Product For Clinical Trials 4/2/2014
Diatron Introduces New 3-Part Differential Hematology Analyzer 4/1/2014
Dolomite Releases Novel Droplet-On-Demand Sequencing And Droplet Generation Microfluidic System 4/1/2014
Mettler-Toledo (MTD) Release: New Weighing Terminal Ensures Safety And Compliance In Hazardous Areas 3/31/2014
JPK Instruments AG Reports On The Use Of The CellHesion 200 System To Study Cellular Adhesion At The Molecular Level In The Field Of Diabetes At The University of Warwick 3/26/2014
EMD Millipore Launches New Kits For Use On Gyros AB's Immunoassay Platform 3/25/2014
Biohit Launches Calprotectin Test For Diagnosis And Monitoring Of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases 3/24/2014
Dolomite Continues To Release The Coolest Microfluidic Products 3/20/2014
ThalesNano Announces The Launch Of H-Cube Mini™ 3/17/2014
The Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI) To Install U-SPECT+/CT For Furthering Oncology Research 3/12/2014
Andor Launches iQ3, Bringing Major Improvements To The User Experience 3/4/2014
Andor Launches Beryllium Window X-Ray CCD Series With -100°C Vacuum Cooling 3/4/2014
Abcam plc (ABC.L) Introduces Alexa Fluor® 680/790 Secondary Antibodies For Fluorescent Western Blotting 3/3/2014
ASPEC Technologies To Distribute CovalX's Proteomic Tools In China 3/3/2014
Dolomite Introduces Groundbreaking Microfluidic System For High Throughput Droplet Microfluidics 2/27/2014
Biochrom Ltd. Introduces EZ Nin Reagent For Improved Amino Acid Analysis 2/24/2014
NBE-Therapeutics Announces Successful Validation Of Its SMAC™-Technology For The Generation Of Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs) 2/21/2014
Milestone For Vapourtec R-Series Flow Chemistry System 2/18/2014
DiaSorin Inc. Marks Significant Growth In Molecular Extraction Kit Sales 2/13/2014
First SYGNIS Pharma AG QualiPhi® -Based Products Launched By QIAGEN Inc. (QGEN) 2/12/2014
AVA Biochem Release: First Industrial Production For Renewable 5-­-HMF 2/3/2014
Active Motif Announces That The Center for Biotechnology (Cebitec) At Bielefeld University Has Deployed Timelogic's J-Series FPGA-Based Hardware Accelerated Biocomputing Platform 1/28/2014
Seward Stomacher® Used For Hygiene Monitoring And Biosecurity 1/27/2014
MIP Technologies AB Presents A New Range Of Polymeric Separation Resins For Industrial Use 1/24/2014
The Cubis Lab Balance From Sartorius Stedim Biotech Helps To Improve Quality Control At Contract Manufacturer Hameln Pharmaceuticals gmbh 1/23/2014
Improved Sensitivity With The New Protein And Phospholipid Removal Plate From Biotage AB (BIOTa.ST) 1/22/2014
Exiqon A/S Launches Next Generation Sequencing Services 1/21/2014
Vaxil BioTherapeutics Utilizes Its Vaxhit Technology To Develop Superior Anti-MUC1 Antibodies 1/21/2014
Optibrium Announces A New Release Of StarDrop Introducing MPO Explorer 1/14/2014
QuantuMDx Group Launches Crowdfunding Campaign To Help Eliminate Malaria With Handheld Lab 1/9/2014
Visual Intelligence Licenses Miniaturized iOne STKA-ARCA Sensor Array Technology To BroadSpot For Retinal Imaging Applications 1/9/2014
Artemis CCD Ltd Announces An Upgraded VS Range Of Cooled Scientific Cameras For 2014 1/8/2014
Thermo Fisher Scientific (TMO) Release: New Cryostat’s 27 Cooled Specimen Positions Offer Flexibility, Functionality 12/18/2013
Thermo Fisher Scientific (TMO) Release: New Cryostat Offers High-Quality, Efficient Frozen Sectioning 12/18/2013
Andor Announce The Launch Of Borealis®, Patented Illumination Technology For Multi-Focal Confocal Microscopy 12/11/2013
Article In Drug Discovery Today Discusses Impact Of C4XD Technology On Structure-Based Drug Discovery 12/10/2013
Cell Therapy Company Uses TAP Biosystems' Fill-It Automated Cryovial Processing System To Rapidly Produce Consistent Cancer Immunotherapy Batches And Cell Banks 12/4/2013
Singapore’s A*STAR Institute Of Microelectronics To Present Cutting-Edge Technologies In Biosensor, Automated Cell Counting And Chip-Scale Tunable Laser 12/3/2013
JHL Biotech Selects GE Healthcare's FlexFactory™ Biomanufacturing Platform For Taiwan Facility 12/2/2013
Cellexus Limited Launches The New CellMaker PLUS – A Highly Flexible, Robust Single-Use Bioreactor System With Full pH And DO Control To Provide High ODs And Yields Of Soluble Protein 11/27/2013
DIREVO Industrial Biotechnology GmbH Completes Laboratory Scale Development Of Low Cost Lactic Acid Production Technology 11/19/2013
Innova Biosciences Achieves InnovaCoat® Key Scale-Up Target 11/13/2013
A Turnkey Solution For Forensic Identification From Tecan 11/12/2013
Cellular Biomedicine Group Offers Stromal Cell Purification Kits in China 11/4/2013
Abcam plc (ABC.L) Introduces Alexa Fluor Secondary Antibodies 11/4/2013
New Method for Microcarrier Cell Culture Using TAP Biosystems's Ambr Micro Bioreactors 10/31/2013
Scil Proteins GmbH: Novel Recombinant Human Thrombin Provided in Innovative Stabilized Formulation 10/31/2013
Cobra Biologics Ltd. Expands Antibody GMP Production Capacity 10/28/2013
WLD-TEC Gmbh Release: New Smart Infrared Loop Sterilizer 10/28/2013
IDDI Increases Audit-Readiness and Simplifies Collaboration by Switching to Veeva Systems, Inc.' Vault eTMF Solution 10/24/2013
Major Food Ingredients Firm Chr. Hansen Installs TAP Biosystems's Automated Vial Processing System to Meet Increasing Demand for Its High Quality Bacterial Starter Cultures 10/24/2013
Frost & Sullivan Finds Technological Innovation Widens Global Application of Mass Spectrometry 10/23/2013
CEA-Leti Transfer of Lipidots® Technology to Cosmetics Maker Capsum Produces First Commercial Use of Nanovector Technology 10/22/2013
Evaluation Success for EKF diagnostic GmbH's POCT HbA1c Analyzers 10/22/2013
Andor Launches Zyla 4.2 – High Quantum Efficiency, Low Noise sCMOS Camera 10/22/2013
Andor Launches iKon-L HF 10/17/2013
NXT-Dx Launches Its H2G2 Genome Browser, "the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Genome" 10/16/2013
JPK Instruments AG Reports on the Study of Structure and Dynamics of Biological Membranes Using AFM and Advanced Fluorescence Microscopies in Pierre-Emmanuel Milhiet's Group at the CBS in Montpellier 10/15/2013
Genovis to Launch FabULOUS™ for Analysis and Characterization of Antibody Molecules 10/15/2013
Oxford Gene Technology Ltd. Release: Complementing NGS Studies With Accurate CNV Detection 10/15/2013
New Application of TAP Biosystems' Ambr Microscale Bioreactor Enables Rapid Method Development of Large Scale Perfusion Culture 10/15/2013
Dolomite's New Membrane Chip Interface Advances Multiple Microfluidic Applications 10/10/2013
Diatron Expands Clinical Chemistry Test Range for Pictus Analyzers 10/9/2013
New for World Vaccine Congress TAP Biosystems's Cellmate Mk9 Automated Cell Culture System Designed for Safe, High-Throughput Viral Vaccine Production 10/9/2013
m2p-labs Launches Next Generation of Controlled Microbioreactors 10/8/2013
Aesica Extends Aseptic Facilities to Include Pre-Filled Syringes Ahead of Market Growth 10/7/2013
New Microplate Hotel for TAP Biosystems' CompacT SelecT Extends Screening System Support 10/3/2013
Berthold Technologies Launches Mithras2 Multi-Technology Microplate Reader With Monochromators 9/26/2013
Vapourtec Publishes Flow Chemistry Guide 9/25/2013
BioOutsource Launches Comprehensive Range of Off-the-Shelf Testing Methodologies to Support Biosimilar Characterization & Comparability Testing 9/24/2013
Nanion Starts Shipping the SyncroPatch 384 Patch Engine - a Revolutionary Instrument for Giga-Seal, Automated Patch Clamp-Based Ion Channel Drug Screening 9/24/2013
Seward Stomacher® 400 Used to Ensure Poultry is Safe for Consumption 9/19/2013
A Practical Introduction to Using Cresset Group's Tools for Imaginative Molecule Design 9/18/2013
World's First Non-Destructive Multi-Bottle Leak & Seal Tester for the Pharmaceutical Industry Launched by Sepha Ltd 9/16/2013
Nanion Introduces New Product Family: CardioExcyte 96 for Cardiac Toxicity Profiling and Screening 9/12/2013
Abcam plc (ABC.L) Launches SimpleStep ELISA Kits 9/9/2013
Redd & Whyte Limited Preddator Low-Volume Dispenser for DMSO Back-Filling Used by Leading Biopharmaceutical Company Application Increases Throughput by a Third and Improves Assay Accuracy 9/3/2013
Exiqon A/S Launches Advanced On-Line Tool for Design of LNA™ Gapmers for Inhibition of mRNA and lncRNA 9/3/2013
Link Technologies Ltd Release: The One-Stop Guide to Oligo Modification 9/3/2013
Innova Biosciences Develops Site-Specific Bioconjugation Technology 9/3/2013
Roche (RHHBY) Launches GS FLX+ System Software Update to Extend Read Lengths for Targeted Gene Sequencing and Microbial Community Profiling Studies 8/6/2013
Creative Biolabs Expanses Custom Immunoassay Kits for Quantitative Detection 7/24/2013
Andor iXon 897 EMCCD Camera Discovers Two Previously Unknown Variable Stars in Well-Mapped Globular Cluster 7/24/2013
Andor EMCCD Camera Delivers Ultrahigh Accuracy for Super Resolution Microscopy 7/23/2013
RaySearch Laboratories: RayStation® 4.0 Released 7/23/2013
Seward Stomacher® Laboratory Blender Products on Show at IAFP 2013 7/23/2013
Link Technologies Ltd Release: Shining the Light on Oligonucleotide Labelling 7/22/2013
Torrey Pines Scientific, Inc. Release: New Compact HPLC Column Heater Room Temperature to 90°C 7/18/2013
Dolomite Presents New Range of Piezoelectric Pumps 7/17/2013
Andor Launches "Optically Centred Crop Mode" for Live Cell Super-Resolution Microscopy 7/9/2013
Vetter Offers a Sterile Water-for-Injection Solution With 5 Years Stability Data 7/9/2013
Exiqon A/S Awarded Global microRNA Research Tools Company of the Year by Frost & Sullivan 7/8/2013
Exiqon A/S Launches LNA™ microRNA Target Site Blockers 6/27/2013
Roche (RHHBY) Launches cOmplete His-Tag Purification Column for Convenient One-Step Protein Purification 6/26/2013
A*STAR Release: New Consortium for 2.5D Through-Silicon Interposer Technology to Benefit Computer and Consumer Electronics Industries 6/24/2013
BioSilta Introduces EnPresso B Growth Systems for Bacterial Cultures 6/24/2013
The Native Antigen Company Ltd Releases Dengue Virus Serotype 2 NS1 Protein 6/20/2013
SAW Instruments GmbH Enhances Protein Interaction Analysis With the Sam®X Acoustic Biosensor 6/18/2013
Magritek Announces First Sales of Spinsolve Benchtop NMR System 6/11/2013
Thermo Fisher Scientific (TMO) Release: Salmonella Species PCR Assay Offers Validated Method for Fast, Simple Detection of Food Pathogens 6/6/2013
Oxford Gene Technology Ltd. Launches Pre-Implantation Genetic Screening Array Aimed at Improving the Chances of Successful IVF 6/4/2013
More Weighing Reliability in Regulated Areas: Sartorius Ltd. Presents New Secura Laboratory Balance 5/31/2013
A*STAR IME Develops a Silicon-Based Optical Modulator for Ultra Fast Telecommunications 5/30/2013
Biotage AB (BIOTa.ST) Breaks New Ground With Its Fully Integrated Mass Directed Flash System 5/30/2013
The Power of Preservation Evaluated Via Seward's Stomacher® Laboratory Blenders 5/29/2013
Roche (RHHBY) Launches New Bead Based DNA Target Enrichment Reagent Kit for Next Generation Sequencing 5/28/2013
Saskatchewan Disease Control Laboratory Selects Fluidigm Corporation BioMark™ HD Platform to Track Infectious Agents 5/10/2013
Link Technologies Ltd Release: Guidance on Selecting the Right PCR Fluorophore and Quenchers 5/8/2013
CERAM Adds Gel Permeation Chromatography to Its Analytical Capabilities 5/7/2013
PLOS ONE Study: Droplet Digital™ PCR Works for GMO Quantification 5/7/2013
AnaSpec, Inc. Introduces Two (2) Anti-Tau Antibody (GlcNAc Ser400 & Ser400) & Five (5) Tau Peptides 4/29/2013
Motion-Amplified Piezo Actuator Cuts Costs: P-604 PiezoMove® by Physik Instrumente 4/25/2013
GATC Biotech Setting a Global Example: Three Accredited Next Generation Sequencing Platforms Under One Roof 4/23/2013