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Biotech/Pharma - Software (World)
Ardigen Provides Bioinformatics And Software Support To EpiBiome - A Rising Star In Biotech From The San Francisco Bay Area 5/16/2016
Ocimum Biosolutions Inc. Unveils New Software Product, PharmaTracker To Manage QA/QC Processes In Pharmaceutical Industries 5/13/2016
Interactive Biosoftware's Alamut Software Suite Includes COSMIC Data Free Of Charge 5/10/2016
Mapi Research Trust Launches New Clinical Outcome Assessment (COA) Reference Portal 5/3/2016
Montrium Releases eTMF Navigator To Provide Greater Business Intelligence In Clinical Trials 4/28/2016
BioAscent To Launch New Compound Cloud Library Service, Increasing Drug Discovery Success 4/27/2016
ZEISS Atlas 5 – A New Approach To Master The Multi-Scale Challenge 4/22/2016
FEI Incorporate Glencoe Software's Bio-Formats Library Into AMIRA 4/15/2016
Cambridge Cognition Ltd Launches New Online Recruitment Platform To Accelerate Pharmaceutical Development 4/13/2016
Emerald Announces Implementation Of Its Cloud Based, Artificial Intelligence, DermaCompare Technology With TEREM, One Of The Largest Israeli Medical Clinics 4/11/2016
Synthace Ltd Partners With Microsoft To Bring Antha To Azure 4/6/2016
Smartmedical Launches EmoWatch, The First Vocal Emotion Recognition App For Apple (AAPL) Watch 4/5/2016
Mirahome Launches Mooring Indiegogo Campaign: Pre-Orders for the Perfect Night's Sleep, Every Night 4/4/2016
Huawei And WuXi AppTec Join Forces To Create China Precision Medicine Cloud Platform 3/17/2016
CSIRO Uses Dell Supercomputer To Help Combat Post-Childbirth Complications In Women 3/14/2016
BC Platforms And Microsoft To Provide Expanded Genomic Data Management Solutions In The Cloud 3/2/2016
Royal Philips Electronics N.V. (PHG) Debuts New Cloud-Based Clinical Analytics Dashboard To Enhance Patient Care And Staff Efficiency In Critical Care 3/1/2016
ArisGlobal Signs First ARISg Customer In China 3/1/2016
Royal Philips Electronics N.V. (PHG) Further Extends Capabilities Of Its Cloud-Based HealthSuite Digital Platform; Expands Ecosystem To Drive Value-Based Connected Health Solutions 3/1/2016
WuXi AppTec Releases New Mobile App For Compounds Sourcing 2/18/2016
Pharmasol Launches Update To Business Process Automation System 2/16/2016
Octapharma AG Selects IDBS' E-WorkBook 10 2/9/2016
ScHARR Release: Exco InTouch Announces The Demonstration Of Equivalence For EQ-5D-5L 12/9/2015
WuXi PharmaTech (WX) Launches App For Oncology Models 10/16/2015
WuXi PharmaTech (WX) Launches Mobile OncoWuXi, The World's First App For Accessing Oncology Models 10/13/2015
Medtronic (MDT) Launches superDimension Lung Navigation Software With Suggested Fiducial Marker Placement 10/8/2015
Brainreader Release: New Neuroreader Software Speeds Detection Of Changes In Brain Volume; Vital To Diagnosis Of Degenerative Brain Diseases 8/4/2015
Genedata Releases A Breakthrough For Genomic Comparison 7/21/2015
Mettler-Toledo (MTD) Introduces Collect+ Data Collection And Visualization Software 7/21/2015
IDBS Takes Silicon Valley ApproachTo Global R&D Software Delivery 7/20/2015
Mettler-Toledo (MTD) Release: New Mobile Library App For Weighing Expertise On The Go 6/1/2015
Cambridge Cognition Ltd: New Cloud Based Assessment Tool To Accelerate Development Of Alzheimer’s Treatments 5/20/2015
PHT Corporation Selects Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) Elitepad 1000 With Windows 8.1 For Sitepad System In Eclinical Research 4/27/2015
Linguamatics Ltd Releases Industry's First Federated Text Mining Platform 3/31/2015
Optibrium Introduces StarDrop 6.1 With New Strategies For Selection And Optimisation Of High Quality Compounds 3/19/2015
Biopharm Unveils New Product Developments 3/17/2015
Genedata Biologics Licensed By Pfizer (PFE) 3/3/2015
XRWARE Introduces XRWARE Virtual Grid.This New Software Allows Manufacturers To Eliminate Existing Grid Investment And Grid Artifact. It Also Eliminates The Dose Penalty Of A Grid Thus Reducing The Attendant Increased Scatter And Patient Dose 2/13/2015
Forget Smartphones—Genomic Data is the Next Big Deal, Says Edico Genome CEO 2/4/2015
ChemAxon Ltd. Launches The Connect Module Of Its Plexus Suite Web Collaboration Platform 2/3/2015
ZEISS Enters The Software Sector With Analysis Solution 1/29/2015
ChemAxon Ltd. Introduces Marvin Live For Real-Time Web Based Chemistry Collaboration 1/20/2015
ChemAxon Ltd. Introduces Biomolecule Toolkit To Extend Their Chemical Intelligence To Biologics 1/15/2015
YPrime Releases Interactive Response Technology (IRT) Version 2.0 11/19/2014
Cartagenia Partners With CollabRx, Inc. To Provide Pathology Laboratories And Cancer Centers Access To Personalized Information On Therapeutic Options 11/10/2014
Covidien (COV) Launches Next-Generation SuperDimension™ Lung Navigation Software To Simplify Planning, Enhance Visualization During A Procedure 10/28/2014
GE Healthcare Life Sciences’ Dharmacon Launches Innovative Gene Engineering Platform 10/28/2014
Biomax Informatics launches BioXM™ Knowledge Management Environment Version 5.1 10/24/2014
Eagle Genomics Launches Eaglecore™ New Software Platform Will Improve Bioinformatics Research 9/3/2014
DrugDev Acquires Award-Winning Trialnetworks Platform, Launches Innovation Lab, Unveils Investigator Databank Website And Reaches $1 Billion In Global Site Payments In First Half Of 2014 8/21/2014
NeuroVigil Inc. Announces New Brain Research Initiatives 8/15/2014
Optibrium Launches Sentira™: New Software For Compound Data Visualisation 8/11/2014
PHT Corporation Selects Google Inc. Nexus Android Smartphone For Logpad® System Use In Clinical Research Programs 7/8/2014
Strand Life Sciences Release: Avadis NGS Becomes Strand NGS With Version 2.0 Release 7/7/2014
Commercial Launch Of Advanced Biological Laboratories SA (ABL)'s OncoChek™ Software 6/16/2014
Cegedim SA Relationship Management Partners With Scribe Software To Enable Platform Connectivity 6/5/2014
Queen's Award For Cambridge Text Analytics Software Company Linguamatics Ltd 4/22/2014
MEDIAN Technologies Announces €422K Phase 2 Project Award 4/8/2014
Oxford Gene Technology Ltd. Release: New Updates To Leading aCGH Data Analysis Software 3/25/2014
Simulations Plus (SLP) Finds China Distributor For R&D Modeling Software 3/19/2014
Bitplane Launches Software For Instantaneous Visualisation Of Multi-GB Non-Imaris Files 3/13/2014
Ocimum Biosolutions Inc. Unveils Its New Software Product To Handle Biologics Process Development And Data Management 3/12/2014
INTEGROMICS Releases New Version Of Its qPCR Data Analysis Software 2/28/2014
Active Motif And Ghent University Announce The Deployment Of TimeLogic Corporation's Hardware-Accelerated Genome Analysis System In The Department Of Plant Biotechnology And Bioinformatics 2/26/2014
Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corp. Offers $750 Million To Acquire Accelrys Inc. (ACCL) 1/30/2014
Titian Software Release: Crossing Continents: Mosaic Sample Management Software In Asia 1/8/2014
mehealth™ Release: A New Software Tool For ADHD, Clinically Proven To Improve Quality Of Care, Launches Today 12/12/2013
Accelrys Inc. (ACCL) Bags Irish Software Developer QUMAS for $50 Million 12/11/2013
Driving European Drug Discovery With Mosaic (MOS) 12/3/2013
OECD Chooses TEMIS To Semantically Structure Its Knowledge And Information Management Processes 11/21/2013
Eagle Genomics Completes First Fundraising £1 Million Fundraising Will Be Used To Develop New Products 11/21/2013
Cresset Group Release: Rapidly Explore Available Chemistry Space In Spark V10.2 11/14/2013
Titian Software Supports Growth of the European Laboratory Automation Community 11/7/2013
Advanced Biological Laboratories SA (ABL) Release: HepatiC™, HCV Patient Registry and Database to Aid in the Management of HCV-Infected Patients Receiving Direct Acting Antiviral Therapy 10/21/2013
Sartorius Stedim Biotech Introduces Advanced System for Agar and Membrane Transfer 9/30/2013
New Distributor Contract Signals Titian Software's Commitment to China 9/24/2013
Linguamatics Ltd Enhances Access to Content With Latest Release of Text Mining Platform 9/19/2013
Matrix Science Ltd. Introduces Mascot® Insight Software for Evaluating and Managing Proteomics Data 9/16/2013
Definiens AG and Advanced Cell Diagnostics, Inc. Launch Software for Quantitative RNA In Situ Hybridization 9/12/2013
Eagle Genomics Secures £590,000 to Expand Its Current Bioinformatics Offerings 9/3/2013
Ocimum Biosolutions Inc. Enters "Core Facility Management Software" Space With "Facility Tracker™" 7/30/2013
Dotmatics Cloud Hosted Platform Enables AstraZeneca PLC (AZN) Neuroscience Drug Discovery Collaborations 7/25/2013
Sartorius Stedim Biotech Presents First App for Membrane Chromatography 7/19/2013
Andor sCMOS Cameras Exhibit 100 fps in µManager; the Leading Open Source Microscopy Acquisition Software 7/17/2013
TEMIS Complements Leading-Edge Luxid® Semantic Content Enrichment Platform With Best-in-Class Data Analytics and Visualization Capabilities 6/27/2013
Victrix CMCC Chooses Cresset Group's Software for Drug Discovery Consulting Projects to Give Insight Into Molecular Activity 6/27/2013
Optibrium Introduces StarDrop 5.4 to Target Novel, Safe and Efficacious Drugs 6/11/2013
Roche (RHHBY) Launches New Software Updates for Its LightCycler 96 and LightCycler Nano PCR Systems 6/6/2013
TEMIS Unveils Luxid® for Microsoft SharePoint 2013 5/21/2013
GENALICE Prepares for Launch of Raw DNA Sequence Data Processing Software 4/18/2013
Shionogi, Inc. Selects QUMAS ComplianceSP on Microsoft SharePoint 2010 to Manage Quality Across the Organization 4/9/2013
Eagle Launches Latest Edition of "Elements of Bioinformatics" 3/27/2013
Cresset Group Announces Release of forgeV10.1 3/25/2013
Cresset Group Chemistry Software Available Free to Degree Students and at Low Cost to Academic Researchers 3/18/2013
RaySearch Laboratories: RayStation® 3.5 Released 3/15/2013
BioData Inc. Launches Labguru 2 Research and Lab Management Software 3/6/2013
NoMachine Software Facilitates Group Collaboration at Annual Radiology Event 2/28/2013
Boehringer Ingelheim Corporation Implements Titian Software's Mosaic Software to Manage New Biological Entity Samples 2/28/2013
Definiens AG and Advanced Cell Diagnostics, Inc. Introduce RNAscope SpotStudio™ - Early Access Program Started 2/12/2013
Cresset Group Release: Field Based Chemistry North America and Europe 2013 2/5/2013
Cresset Group Release: Biologically Intelligent Database Searching for Lead Identification and Patent Fortification 1/17/2013
Cresset Group Release: sparkV10 Chosen to Facilitate the Hit Optimization Process in ProMining Therapeutics 1/9/2013
Sartorius Stedim Biotech Expands PAT Software Portolio for Optimization of Biopharmaceutical Development and Manufacturing Processes 12/18/2012
EyeBrain Launches New Software to Measure Eye Movement Disorders in Children When Reading 12/10/2012
Titian Software Release: New Mosaic™ 5.0 for Expertly Efficient Sample Management 12/6/2012
Cresset Group Release: torchV10 Chosen to Add Value to Enzyme Engineering 11/20/2012
Forest Laboratories UK Ltd. Implements Mobile CRM Solution From Cegedim Relationship Management to Increase Rep Efficiency, Drive Sales and Aid in Corporate Growth 9/27/2012
Cresset Group Unveils SparkV10 – the Update to FieldStere, a Leading Bioisostere Software Tool 9/19/2012
CLC bio Acquires the Drug Discovery-Software Company Molegro 9/4/2012
De Gruyter Chooses TEMIS Semantic Content Enrichment Solution 9/4/2012
Acceleron Pharma Selects QUMAS to Manage Regulatory Documents 8/30/2012
CLC bio Delivers Breakthrough Functional Genomics Analysis with New Resequencing Pipeline 8/9/2012
Titian Software Mosaic™ Sample Management Software Offers Error-Free Sample Supply Chain 8/9/2012
Persistent Systems Named Leading Player in the Software/ISV R&D and Consumer Software Segments by Zinnov 8/8/2012
Simcyp Limited Releases Version 12 of its Simulator, Extending its Lead in the Application of Population-Based Modelling and Simulation 8/1/2012
Titian Software Announces Three Installations in China of its Mosaic™ Sample Management Software 6/15/2012
CLC bio Delivers Specialized Antibody Engineering and Selection Software for Crucell N.V. (CRXL) 6/8/2012
Cresset Group Launches forgeV10 and Range of Next Generation Chemistry Software 5/29/2012
EXTEDO Announces the Availability of a New Version of XEVMPD Solution 5/21/2012
Samsung Bioepis Selects QUMAS on Microsoft SharePoint 2010 to Manage Regulatory Documents 5/15/2012
Roche (RHHBY) 454 Life Sciences and Roche (RHHBY) Sign Co-Promotion Agreement for Next-Gen Sequencing Software Tools 5/9/2012
CLC bio Trims Desktop Software Portfolio and Permanently Reduces Selected Prices 4/12/2012
Oxford Gene Technology Ltd. Releases Major CytoSure™ Software Update 4/11/2012
iWorx Establishes Operations in Mumbai, India 4/9/2012
Westfalische Wilhelms-Universitat Munster Relies on Bitplane Imaris Software to Visualise Effect of Neurobeachin on Differentiation of Synapses 4/4/2012
Weifa Chooses QUMAS Compliance Platform on Microsoft SharePoint 2010 to Manage Quality Across the Organization 4/3/2012
Precise Biometrics AB Signs a Credit Facility of SEK 30 Million 3/29/2012
INTEGROMICS Launches RealTime StatMiner 4.3 on TIBCO Spotfire 3/29/2012
EVMPD Software Provider Pharma eReport Announces Full General Availability of Centrality XEVMPD Compliance Solution 3/21/2012
Titian Software Hosts European and American User Group Meetings 3/20/2012
Optibrium's StarDrop 5.2 Adds New FieldAlign Plug-in Module 3/20/2012
Almac Group Adds aXcess™ to Its Suite of Services to Complement Clinical Packaging and Distribution Bundle 3/12/2012
New iControl™ Software from Mettler-Toledo (MTD) 3/9/2012
Cambridge Biomedical Inc. Selects QUMAS Compliance Platform on SharePoint 2010 to Manage Regulated Content 3/1/2012
Titian Software Release: Improving the Efficiency of Compound Management 2/29/2012
Linguamatics Ltd Puts Big Data Mining on the Cloud 2/29/2012
Cegedim SA Relationship Management’s Mobile Intelligence 6 Enables Improved Productivity, Efficiency and Stakeholder Relationships 2/27/2012
Precise Biometrics AB Announces Thursby Software’s Use of Smart Casing to Provide Secure Browsing on Mobile Devices 2/23/2012
OR Technology Release: New Version of dicomPACS®DX-R X-ray Acquisition Software Guarantees a More Efficient Workflow 2/23/2012
ELC Group Launches New Software Subsidiary Pharma eReport to Provide Complete EVMPD Compliance Solution 2/21/2012
TIBCO Spotfire and ChemAxon Ltd. to Deliver Integrated Solution for Chemical Science Community 2/14/2012
Titian Software to Provide Roche (RHHBY) With Mosaic Software for Managing its Global Sample Banks 2/13/2012
CLC bio and VIB Agree on an Academic Regional Site License 2/9/2012
Cresset Group Expands Professional Services Division 2/1/2012
Maven Semantic Release: Cord Blood Research Database 1/26/2012
TAKE Solutions, Inc. Announces Global Release of PharmaReady 5.0 1/18/2012
CLC bio and SciEngines Collaborate on 188x Acceleration of BLAST 1/10/2012
INTEGROMICS Announces the Release of SeqSolve 2.1 1/9/2012
Trial By Fire Solutions Release: SimpleCTMS Selected by West Coast Clinical Research Organization for Study Management 1/4/2012
Bitplane Launch Imaris 7.4. Go Beyond Visualization With ImarisVantage 12/14/2011
Cresset Group Launches Flexible Chemistry Service Program: CompChem on Demand 12/12/2011
Cresset Group Introduces New Support Resources for FieldStere 11/30/2011
Pierre Fabre Selects Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corp.' Version 6 Platform to Deploy Next-Generation PLM for Life Sciences 11/22/2011
Titian Software Release: Mosaic™ Brings the Pieces Together 11/14/2011
Aurobindo Pharma Fully Deploys Cegedim Relationship Management’s Award Winning* Mobile Intelligence(TM) for iPad(TM) Software as a Service (SaaS) Solution 11/14/2011
Trial By Fire Solutions Extends SimpleCTMS Client Base to Asia-Pacific 11/2/2011
Thomson Reuters Launches New Competitive Intelligence Solution for the Pharmaceutical Industry 10/27/2011
Bitplane Imaris 4D Software Helps the Centre for Microvascular Research Understand Regulation of Transendothelial Migration of Neutrophils in Vivo 10/26/2011
Accelrys Inc. (ACCL) Announces New Unified Product Suite for Biology Assay and Study Management Needs 10/12/2011
Accelrys Inc. (ACCL) Unveils Industry-First, Enterprise-Wide Cheminformatics Suite 10/11/2011
INTEGROMICS Announces New Version of Seqsolve (TM) NGS Analysis Software 9/13/2011
Nanosight Launches the CFR21 Part 11 Compliant Version of Their Nanoparticle Characterization Software 9/6/2011
Fuji Xerox Japan Selects EXTEDO eCTDmanager Suite to Manage Regulatory Submissions 8/23/2011
StudyManager Evolve(TM) Gaining Momentum in Chinese Market 8/19/2011
Leica Microsystems and Visiopharm Announce Software Integration for Digital Pathology Image Analysis 8/19/2011
Thermo Fisher Scientific (TMO) Launches New Cryostat for Higher Quality, More Comfortable Sectioning 7/25/2011
Mettler-Toledo (MTD) Release: iRO Data Logger for Simple, Convenient and Comprehensive Temporary Data Collection for Process Analytical Measurements 7/14/2011
Bitplane Launch Imaris 7.3. Rediscover the Cell with Imaris 6/29/2011
Leica Microsystems Launches Free Digital Pathology App for Microsoft's iPad and iPhone 6/28/2011
INTEGROMICS Launches Omicshub Proteomics 2.0., a Data Management and Analysis Tool for Mass Spectrometry Laboratories and Core Facilities 6/8/2011
Eppendorf AG's New Software Speeds Validation Of Automated Liquid Handling Processes 6/1/2011
CLC Genomics Workbench Goes Hand in Hand with Ion Torrent Data 5/12/2011
ICON Releases NONMEM(R) 7.2 5/9/2011
Agilent Automation Solutions Release: Automation of a Magnetic Bead Workflow for Protein Biomarker Quantification 5/3/2011
Andor Offers Extensive Active Illumination Portfolio for Optogenetics and Photostimulation 4/6/2011
With Advanced Object Detection, you Can Count on Olympus Corporation (OCPNF) Microscopy Software 3/7/2011
Transinsight GmbH Release: Genecloud - Semantic High Performance Cloud Computing Software for the Life Sciences 3/7/2011
QIAGEN N.V. (QGEN) Launches Screengel Software for Qiaxcel(R) Multicapillary Gel Electrophoresis Systems 2/8/2011
The Olympus Corporation (OCPNF) Cellsens Dimension Database Solution Module for Data Storage and Management 1/21/2011
INTEGROMICS Release: Publication in Cell Describes Novel Polyadenylation Genome-Wide Profiling, Achieved Using Integromics 'Seqsolve' Next Generation Sequencing Software 1/10/2011
Ocimum Biosolutions Inc. Release: Gene Logic Launches New User-Friendly ASCENTA 4.0 with Improved Functionality 1/6/2011
Cresset Group Introduces Newest Cloud Computing Enabled Application with FieldAlign V3.0 12/13/2010
INTEGROMICS Launches Seqsolve, a Next Generation Sequencing Functional Bioinformatics Analysis Software 12/1/2010
QIAGEN N.V. (QGEN) Launches Free iPhone and iPad App 11/16/2010
eXeTek Ltd Launches CyMek Software Developer Kit 11/16/2010
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) Adopts ChemAxon Ltd. JChem Base for Japanese Consortium for Glycobiology and Glycotechnology Database (JCGGDB) 11/2/2010
Inhibox Ltd. Announces Lox - A New System for Versatile Fragment-Based Design 10/28/2010
Tobii Technology AB Announces Eye-Tracking Software Development Kit Now Available Free, Establishes Online Portal to Help Scientists Gain Access to Free Custom Apps and Knowledge Sharing 10/26/2010
Instem Release: Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica Chooses Provantis Software Solution 10/7/2010
Pixcelldata, a New Irish Software Company, Announces the Beta Release of Collibio, Next Generation Software for Digital Pathology 10/7/2010
iMDsoft Launches MVdashboard for Critical Care 10/6/2010
CLC bio Scientists Publish Paper and Offer Free Software for De Novo Assembly Simulation 10/5/2010
BBGes and GeneBio Develop Accurate Mass LC-MSMS Spectra Library of Drugs With SmileMS 9/30/2010
Digisonics DigiServ Manages Enterprise-wide Software Systems 9/24/2010
Reinnervate Limited Launches Ec23(TM), A Potent Mediator Of Cell Differentiation For Cell Culture Applications 9/15/2010
Systech and Marchesini Showcase Integrated Platform for Evolving Global Requirements 9/2/2010
Golden Helix Partners with CloudScientific to Provide Genetic Analysis Software in China 8/31/2010
KIKA Clinical Solutions Releases Veracity(TM) 3.10, Newest Version of its Advanced EDC Platform for Clinical Trial Management 8/30/2010
Carl Zeiss Introduces Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy Solution for Life Sciences 8/26/2010
Prof. Hans H. Maurer of University of Saarland Annotating New LC-MS Library of Drugs, Poisons and their Metabolites with SmileMS 8/24/2010