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Biotech/Pharma - Outbreaks (World)
Asia Outbreaks Prompt Question: Is All Zika Dangerous? 11/23/2016
Florida Keys Approves Trial Of Genetically Modified Mosquitoes To Fight Zika 11/22/2016
Despite Progress, Measles Kills 400 Children A Day: WHO 11/11/2016
Cuba Is Waging An Organized, Intrusive War On Zika. It's Working 11/10/2016
What's The Next Global Disease Threat? Some Predictions 11/8/2016
Should You Worry About Tick Borne Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever In Spain? 9/9/2016
Russia Reports First Case Of Person Infected With Zika Virus 2/16/2016
UN Readies Nuclear Solution To Destroy The Zika Virus 2/12/2016
China's First Zika Virus Case Confirmed, Reports Say 2/10/2016
Zika Virus: Pregnant Queensland Woman Tests Positive 2/10/2016
"Super-Gonorrhoea" Outbreak In Leeds 9/18/2015
A Vaccine Against Placental Malaria Made With Expres2ion Biotechnologies’ Protein Expression Technology, Expres2, Is Ready To Start Human Tests In Germany And Benin 3/20/2015
CALBIO15: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Exec Says Ebola Vaccine Will Arrive in 2016, Takes Aim at Vaccination Critics 3/3/2015
BIOCEO15: Sarepta (SRPT) CEO Feels Backlash After Saying Ebola Research Isn’t in "Shareholder Interest" 2/10/2015
Full Blown Ebola Epidemic Unlikely In U.S., Says Specialist 10/20/2014
CDC Confirms First American Ebola Case In Dallas 10/1/2014
Sarepta Therapeutics (SRPT) Should Shut Up About Ebola And Focus On Job No. 1 8/7/2014
Patients Got Unapproved Ebola Virus Drug 8/6/2014
FDA Says "Stands Ready" To Work With Companies Developing Ebola Drugs 8/5/2014
Cholera Outbreak in Cameroon 'Worst in 20 Years' Says UNICEF 9/7/2010
The Scripps Research Institute Research Team Finds Structure Of 'Swine Flu' Virus 3/25/2010
Was Swine Flu A False Pandemic? 1/5/2010
Norweigian Scientists Announce H1N1 Mutation 11/24/2009
New Malaria 'Poses Human Threat', Study in Clinical Infectious Diseases Shows 9/9/2009
University of Rouen, France Scientists Find New Strain Of HIV 8/3/2009
Swine Flu Pandemic Could Trigger Vaccine Battles 7/17/2009
Drug-Resistant Flu Strain Turns Up in Denmark but Doesn’t Last Long 6/30/2009
World Health Organization Declares Swine Flu Pandemic 6/12/2009
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Officials Fear New H1N1 Could Mix With Drug-Resistant Strains 5/20/2009
Swiss Hospital University Hospital of Geneva Develops 36-Hour Swine Flu Diagnostics Test 4/30/2009
Companies Like Novartis AG And Others Start Initial Work On Pandemic Vaccine for New Swine Flu 4/28/2009
U.S. Declares Public Health Emergency; Obama Admin. Releases Stockpile of Antiflu Virus Drug 4/27/2009
Flu a Windfall for Roche Holding AG (RHHBF.PK) and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), Shares Jump 4/27/2009
Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd. (RDY) Announce Settlement of Clarinex(R) (Desloratadine) ANDA Patent litigation With Schering Corporation And Sepracor, Inc. (SEPR) 12/23/2008
Canada Sees Plunge In Number Of West Nile Virus Cases In 2008 10/31/2008
"Sumo Virus" Warning Is Issued; Deadly Rugby Virus Spreads In Sumo Wrestlers -- National Institute of Infectious Diseases in Tokyo, Japan 9/29/2008
Bad Vaccines Risk Encephalitis Epidemic In India 9/17/2008
Morocco "Goat Plague" Poses Regional Threat, United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) 9/10/2008
First "Virophage" Could Take The Fight To Viruses, University of the Mediterranean Study 8/7/2008
Yokohama City University Experts Try To Block Flu Virus Replication 7/28/2008