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Biotech/Pharma - Gene Discovery (World)
New Maps Reveal "Real" Ethnic Make-Up Of The U.S. 4/9/2014
Scientists Make Breakthrough in Bile Duct Cancer With Discovery of New Gene Mutations, Van Andel Institute Study 5/14/2012
Scientists Find Gene Mutations Linked to Inherited Prostate Cancer, Institute of Cancer Research Study 7/12/2011
Researchers Discover New Bone Deformity Gene, University of Queensland Reveals 5/4/2011
Gene Responsible for Severe Osteoporosis Disorder Discovered, King's College London Study 3/7/2011
Discovery Of New Gene Test For Inherited Neuromuscular Disorder, University of Newcastle Study 2/14/2011
Rogue Gene Unveiled in 'Exciting' Discovery by University of East Anglia 1/25/2011
Single Gene Could Be Key To A Baby's First Breath, CNRS - Faculté de Médecine Study 7/26/2010
More Genes Implicated in Type 2 Diabetes, Oxford University Study 6/28/2010
Gene Loss Can Cause Leukemia, Flanders Institute for Biotechnology Researchers Find 6/8/2010
A*STAR And Genome Institute of Singapore Scientists Find Genes Associated With The Development Of A Form Of Throat Cancer Called Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma, Through A Large Scale Study Of More Than 10,000 Subjects 6/1/2010
New Alzheimer Genes Fail for Risk Prediction, University Medical Center Study 5/12/2010
Breast Cancer Gene Clue Discovery, University of Cambridge Study 5/10/2010
Gene Find Offers Hope of Screening Test for Bone Disease, University of Edinburgh Study 5/3/2010
Scientists Hail 'Revolutionary' Kidney Gene Find, University of Edinburgh Study 4/12/2010
Scientists Discover Childhood Deafness Gene, Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre Study 4/9/2010
A Genetic Gift For Sushi Eaters; Sushi Wrap Bacteria Could Help Digestive Process, National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) Study 4/8/2010
Gene Links Lower Birth Weight And Diabetes, Peninsula Medical School Study 4/7/2010
Genetic Variants Associated With a Risk of Crohn's Disease, University of Copenhagen Study 4/7/2010
Autism Susceptibility Genes Identified, University of Oxford Study 3/26/2010
Genome Institute of Singapore Scientists Make Groundbreaking Discovery Of Genes That Increase The Likelihood Of Causing A Form Of Inflammatory Bowel Disease 3/15/2010
Putting Gene Duo To Work For Parkinson's, University of Sheffield Study 3/5/2010
Genes Associated With Early Tooth Development Identified, Imperial College London, University of Bristol, And University of Oulu Study 3/2/2010
African Gene Trawl May Provide Secrets To Long Life, University of New South Wales Study 2/18/2010
Key Cancer Gene 'Link To Poverty', University of Dundee Study 2/16/2010
Gene That Improves Quality Of Reprogrammed Stem Cells Identified By Genome Institute of Singapore Scientists 2/8/2010
Scientists Identify First Genetic Variant Linked To Biological Aging In Humans, University of Leicester, King's College London, and University of Groningen Study 2/8/2010
Morbidly Obese 'May Have Missing Genes', Imperial College London Study 2/4/2010
DNA Sweep Finds New Genes Linked to Diabetes, MAGIC Study 1/19/2010
Genetic Causes Identified for Disturbances in Lipid Metabolism, Helmholtz Zentrum Munchen Study 12/28/2009
Microcephaly Genes Associated With Human Brain Size, University of Oslo, University of California, San Diego (UCSD), And Scripps Translational Science Institute Study 12/22/2009
Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute Scientists Unlock Genetic Code In Major Cancer Breakthrough 12/17/2009
Gene Identified as Cause of Some Forms of Intellectual Disability, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) Study 12/16/2009
Amount of Gene Surplus Determines Severity of Mental Retardation in Males, Flanders Institute for Biotechnology Researchers Find 12/14/2009
New Genes for Lung Disease Discovered, Study in Nature Genetics 12/14/2009
Mothers' Genes Important In Preterm Birth Risk, Karolinska Institute Study 12/11/2009
Genes May Protect Some People From TB Infection, McGill University Study 12/7/2009
Gene Module Underlying Atherosclerosis Development Discovered, Karolinska Institute Study 12/7/2009
Childhood Obesity Linked to Mutant Gene, Cambridge University Study 12/7/2009
Sperm Gene May Cause Men's Life Span Longevity Disadvantage, Tokyo University of Agriculture Study 12/2/2009
'Mental Illness Gene' Discovered By University of Edinburgh Scientists 11/30/2009
Gene Increases Effectiveness Of Drugs Used To Fight Cancer And Allows Reduction In Dosage, University of Granada Study 11/25/2009
Gene Increases Effectiveness Of Drugs Used To Fight Cancer And Allows Reduction In Dosage, University of Granada Study 11/24/2009
Gene Implicated in Stress-Induced High Blood Pressure, University of Freiburg And Medical College of Wisconsin Study 11/24/2009
'Slimming Gene' Discovered That Regulates Body Fat, University of Bonn Study 11/23/2009
Gene Protects Brain-Eaters From Mad Cow-Type Disease, University College London Study 11/19/2009
Low Birth Weight And Diabetes Have A Common Genetic Background, Helmholtz Zentrum Munchen Study 11/13/2009
Gene Discovery Gives Clues to Crohn's Disease, Colitis, University College London Study 11/5/2009
Two Genes Cooperate To Cause Aggressive Leukemia, University of Gothenburg Study 11/4/2009
New Genetic Cause Of A Fatal Immune Disorder, Geneviève de Saint Basile Research 11/3/2009
Genetic Links To Fungal Infection Risk Identified, University College London and Radboud University Study 11/2/2009
Scientists Discover Gene Key to Human Speech, University of New South Wales Study 10/23/2009
Genes May Link Hip Fractures and Heart Disease, Uppsala Universitet Study 10/21/2009
Polymorphisms Of The Interleukin-1 Gene Complex May Influence Alcohol Dependence, University of Oviedo Study 10/13/2009
New Cancer Gene Discovered, University of Gothenburg Study 10/13/2009
Ironing Out Genetic Cause Of Hemoglobin Problems, Imperial College London Study 10/12/2009
Genetic Variation Of Enzyme Linked With Outcomes For Women Receiving Tamoxifen, Dr. Margarete Fischer-Bosch-Institute of Clinical Pharmacology Study 10/7/2009
Key Cancer Spread Gene Found, University of Cambridge Study 10/5/2009
Schizophrenia Gene Linked With Abnormal Neurogenesis In Adult And Postnatal Brain, Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine Study 9/24/2009
Three Genetic Variants Are Found to Be Linked to Alzheimer's, Cardiff University Study 9/8/2009
Short Stature: Both A Specific Gene, And Its Abnormal Regulation, Can Trigger The Condition, Heidelberg University Hospital Study 8/26/2009
Genetic Variations Linked To Brain Size, University of Oslo And The Scripps Research Institute Study 8/21/2009
Mutation in Renin Gene Linked to Inherited Kidney Disease, Wake Forest University School of Medicine And
Charles University in Prague Study
Three Genetic Variants Linked To Common Childhood Leukemia Found, Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) Study 8/17/2009
Genes Key To Staph Disease Severity, Drug Resistance Found Hitchhiking Together, National Institute of Allergy And Infectious Diseases (NIAID), University of Tubingen, And University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey Study 8/3/2009
Ovarian Cancer Early Warning Hope As 'Killer' Gene Discovered, University College London Study 8/3/2009
New Gene May Signal Aggressive Breast Cancer, Genome Institute of Singapore Study 7/21/2009
Moles And Melanoma: Genetic Links To Skin Cancer Found, University of Leeds Study 7/20/2009
New Genetic Study At University of Cambridge Of Asperger Syndrome, Autistic Traits And Empathy; Identify 27 Genes 7/15/2009
'Allergy Gene' Identified By University of Edinburgh Scientists 7/13/2009
European Molecular Biology Laboratory Scientists Identify Cholesterol-Regulating Genes 7/8/2009
Genetic Clue To Brain Cancer Risk, University of Texas and the The Institute of Cancer Research Study 7/6/2009
Gene Predicts How Brain Responds To Fatigue, Human Study Shows, University of Liege And University of Surrey Study 6/25/2009
Discovery Of Facial Malformation Gene, Oxford University Study 6/19/2009
Fifty-One Genes Predict Breast Cancer Survival, University of Gothenburg Study 6/15/2009
Two Gene Locations Linked To Multiple Sclerosis Discovered, University of Melbourne And Florey Neurosciences Institutes Study 6/15/2009
Genetically Elevated Levels of Lipoprotein Associated With Increased Risk of Heart Attack, Herlev Hospital in Denmark's Study Shows 6/10/2009
Gene For Glowing Passed Along To Monkey Offspring, Keio University Study 5/28/2009
Premature Ejaculation May Be A Genetic Disorder, Finnish Researchers Say 5/28/2009
Heart Attack Risk and Periodontal Disease Share Identical Gene, Kiel University Study 5/26/2009
Japanese Scientists Identify Gene That May Explain Hair Loss, National Institute of Genetics in Mishima Study 5/26/2009
Genes That Influence Start Of Menstruation Identified For First Time, Peninsula Medical School Study 5/18/2009
Smoking Gene Link In Pregnancy, Peninsula Medical School And University of Bristol Study 5/15/2009
Gene May 'Bypass' Disease-linked Mitochondrial Defects, University of Tampere Study 5/12/2009
Single Gene Flaw Sparks Wide Range of Disorders, University College London Study 5/7/2009
Experts Identify Genes Linked To Chronic Diseases, National Institute of Health in Seoul Study 4/27/2009
Learning Disabilities In Males: Nine New X Chromosome Genes Linked To Learning Disabilities, University of Cambridge Study 4/20/2009
Genetic Risk Factors Play Role In Autoantibody-negative Rheumatoid Arthritis, Leiden University Medical Center Study 4/17/2009
Experts Identify Mutant Genes Linked To Hepatitis B, University of Tokyo Study 4/7/2009
Alzheimer's Gene Changes Brain Early, Imperial College London Study Finds 4/7/2009
Genetic Link To Blood Cancers Revealed, University of Southampton Study 3/26/2009
The Notch Gene Accelerates Colon Carcinogenesis, CNRS - Faculté de Médecine Study 3/25/2009
Researchers Find 10 Genes That Raise Sudden Death Risk, Institute for Human Genetics And Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Study 3/23/2009
Genetics Of Fear: Specific Genetic Variations Contribute To Anxiety Disorders, Karolinska Institute And University of Greifswald Study Suggests 3/11/2009
Gene Linked to Male Infertility May Not be Guilty After All, University of Siena Study 2/26/2009
'Happiness' Gene Helps You Look On The Bright Side, University of Essex Study 2/25/2009
Seeing Sounds Or Hearing Colors: Scientists Narrow Search For Genes Associated With Synesthesia, Imperial College London Study 2/6/2009
Gene May Lead To Early Onset Of Brain Tumor, INSERM Study 1/27/2009
Asian Heart Disease Gene Found 1/23/2009
Researchers Discover Three Genes That Increase Risk Of Severe Obesity In Kids And Adults, INSERM And CNRS - Faculté de Médecine Study 1/22/2009
Is There A Relationship Between Sleep-Wake Rhythm And Diabetes?, Helmholtz Zentrum Munchen Study 1/20/2009
Epilepsy Linked To Genetic Defect On Chromosome 15, University of Kiel Study 1/16/2009
Single Gene Fuels Overeating Risk, University College London Study 1/12/2009
On A High-Fat Diet, Protective Gene Variant Becomes Bad Actor, Universite Louis Pasteur Strasbourg Study 1/12/2009
Gene Ups Risk for Those on Blood-Thinner Plavix, Hopital Pitie-Salpetriere Study 12/23/2008
Experts Identify Gene Variants Linked To Lung Cancer, Fudan University Study 12/22/2008
New Anti-tumor Gene Identified by Virginia Commonwealth University Researchers 12/17/2008
Study Finds Six New Gene Mutations Linked To Obesity, International Team Reports 12/15/2008
Genetic Link Between Type 1 Diabetes, Celiac Disease Seen, University of Cambridge And Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry Study 12/11/2008
Gene Variant May Predispose Children to Craving for Junk Food, University of Dundee Study 12/11/2008
'Body Clock Gene' Diabetes Clue, Imperial College London, CNRS - Faculté de Médecine, Lille University, McGill University, And Steno Diabetes Centre Study 12/8/2008
The Genetic Heart Of The Lipids, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute Led Study 12/8/2008
First 'Placebo Gene' Discovered By University of Gothenburg And Uppsala Universitet Researchers 12/4/2008
Gene Which Protects Against Lung Cancer Identified, University of Nottingham Study 12/3/2008
Scientists Pinpoint Flu Gene, University of New South Wales Study 12/2/2008
Scientists Find 4 Genes That Drive Metabolism, Helmholtz Center Led Study 12/1/2008
Valencia University Scientists Create "Supermice" That Can Resist Cancer And Age 11/14/2008
Autism Gene Linked To Childhood Language Disorder, University of Oxford Study 11/6/2008
Scientists Find Genes That Lift Lung Cancer Risk, International Study 11/3/2008
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) And Dutch Scientists ID 3 New Candidate Genes for Schizophrenia 10/27/2008
Transsexual Gene Link Identified, Prince Henry's Institute of Medical Research Study 10/27/2008
Gene Expression Pattern Predicts Response In Advanced Bowel Cancer, Institut de Recherche en Cancérologie de Montpellier Study 10/23/2008
Gene Study Turns Up 26 Lung Cancer Genes, International Team Reports 10/23/2008
Gene Mutation In Worms Key To Alcohol Tolerance, University of Liverpool 10/22/2008
Knocking The Sox Off Cancer And Lymphatic Disorders, The University of Queensland Researchers Discover Lymphatic Gene 10/20/2008
Gene Mutation Protects Against Obesity And Diabetes, German Institute of Human Nutrition Researchers Say 10/20/2008
Gene Variations, Secondhand Smoke Linked to Early Asthma, INSERM Study 10/16/2008
Two More Genes Linked To Common Skin Cancer, deCODE genetics, Inc. (DCGN) Study 10/13/2008
New Genetic Links To Baldness Discovered, King's College London Study 10/13/2008
Genome Institute of Singapore Scientists Identify Gene That May Make Humans More Vulnerable To Pulmonary Tuberculosis 10/9/2008
Gene That May Contribute To Improved Rice Yield Identified, Chinese Academy Of Science And Penn State University Researchers Say 10/7/2008
Genetic Link To Age-Related Macular Degeneration Reported, University of Southampton Study 10/7/2008
Inflammatory Bowel Gene Uncovered By German And UK Researchers; Nature Genetics Reports 10/6/2008
French Scientists Close To Cracking Wheat's Genetic Code, Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique Study 10/3/2008
Faulty Gene "Is Link To Dyslexia," Oxford University Study 10/1/2008
Common Gene Mutation Lowers Risk for Bipolar Disorder, University of Edinburgh Study 9/30/2008
Penicillin Bug Genome Unravelled, DSM Anti-Infectives B.V. 9/30/2008
University of Tokyo Experts Identify Daytime Sleepiness Gene 9/29/2008
Variant Of Vitamin D Receptor Gene Linked To Melanoma Risk, University of Padova Study 9/22/2008
Genes Linked To Blindness Produced By Corneal Oedema Identified by University of Granada And San Cecilio Teaching Hospital Scientists 9/19/2008
Gene Variant Raises Skin Cancer Risk, Portuguese Institute of Oncology Study 9/16/2008
Early Stage Colon Cancer Characterized By Inactivation Of Gatekeeper Gene, Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology and National University of Singapore's (NUS) Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine Study 9/15/2008
University of Nottingham Researchers Achieve Breakthrough In Child Brain Cancer 9/10/2008
Marriage Problems? Husband's Genes May Be To Blame, Karolinska Institute Study 9/3/2008
New Medication Leads in "Brake Cable" Cancer Gene, Western Australian Institute for Medical Research Study 8/29/2008
Helmholtz Zentrum Munchen Researchers Discover Key Allergy Gene 8/22/2008
Genes That Cause Hereditary Disease PCH Discovered, University of Cologne Study 8/22/2008
Study Links Genetic Traits To Bipolar Disorder, Cardiff University and Massachusetts General Hospital Study 8/18/2008
Scientists Discover 'Scaredy-Cat' Gene That Makes Us Jump During Horror Movies, University of Bonn Study 8/12/2008
Genes May Make Some People More Prone To Anxiety, American Psychological Association 8/11/2008
Mutation Found In Dachshund Gene May Help Develop Therapies For Humans With Blindness, Norwegian School of Veterinary Science, Broad Institute of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University Study 8/8/2008
Novel Kind Of Learning Gene Discovered by Freie Universitat Berlin Scientists 8/5/2008
Genes For Schizophrenia Uncovered, University of Cardiff Medical School Study 8/4/2008
deCODE genetics, Inc. (DCGN) and Massachusetts General Hospital Gene-Hunters Find Hope and Hurdles in Schizophrenia Studies 7/31/2008
'Transsexuality Gene' Boosts Male Hormones, Medical University of Vienna Research 7/30/2008
Obesity Gene Works By Increasing The Appetite, University College London Scientists Have Discovered 7/28/2008
National Institute Of Diabetes And Digestive Diseases Scientists Define 21 New Genes Associated with Crohn's Disease 7/22/2008
University of Tokyo Experts Identify Genes for Bird Flu Replication 7/10/2008
Hardwired for Fat: Imperial College London Scientists Identify Obesity Gene 7/7/2008