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Medical Dev. & Diag. - Drug Delivery (World)
New Boston Scientific (BSX) Acquisition Raises Question: Will The Lotus (Valve) Ever Blossom? 4/3/2017
Bio-Images Research Ltd. Develops the 'HS Capsule' for Site-Specific Drug Release 5/7/2010
Drug Delivery Breakthrough: Vehicle That Can Carry Drugs to a Specific Organelle Inside the Cell, University of Greenwich Study 2/25/2010
'Micro Shuttle' Drug Delivery Could Mean An End To Regular Dosing, Queen Mary School of Medicine Study 10/2/2009
PCI Biotech: Anti-Tumour Drug More Potent With Light-Directed Delivery 8/19/2009
Cardiogenesis Corporation (CGCP) Announces Presentation of its PHOENIX(R) Combination TMR Plus Stem Cell Delivery System at the International Society of Minimally Invasive Cardiothoracic Surgeons Annual Meeting 6/4/2009
Silica Spheres Enhance Acne Drug, Sol-Gel Technologies Reports 5/26/2009
Photo-Triggered On Demand Drug Release Of Nanoparticles, National Cheng Kung University Medical College Study 4/27/2009
Bristly Spheres As Capsules; Could Be Used to Encapsulate Drugs, University of Hamburg and University of Freiburg Study 3/6/2009
Wireless Drug Control, University of Central Florida And Charles Darwin University Study 2/6/2009
TransPharma Medical Ltd. Receives European CE Mark Approval for its Transdermal Drug Delivery Device 12/15/2008
Royal Phillips Electronics' "Intelligent Pill" Targets Drug Development And Treatment For Digestive Tract Diseases; Prototype Delivers Drugs Where Needed 11/12/2008
Drug Grenades Explode Right On Target, Ghent University Study 10/23/2008
Hormone Therapy Doesn't Raise Heart Risk in Rigshospitalet Study 10/1/2008
Flu Vaccine Delivered Into Lungs Gives Better Results, University of Melbourne Study 9/25/2008
Xel Pharmaceuticals Announces TCM Patch for Alzheimer’s 9/16/2008
Continuous Glucose Monitoring Improves Blood Sugar Control, Clinical Trial Demonstrates, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Funded 9/10/2008
Nanoscale Droplets With Cancer-fighting Implications Created, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Study 9/10/2008
New Study Demonstrates Glucose Device Rapidly Alleviates Major Symptom of Type 1 Diabetes in Children, Morozovskaya Children City Clinical Hospital and University Campus Bio-Medico Study 9/9/2008
University of Warwick Research Having Major Implications for Development and Testing of Future Drugs 8/26/2008
Monash University Nano-Sized 'Trojan Horse' To Aid Nutrition 8/25/2008
China Sky One Medical, Inc. Develops Nasal Spray for Rheumatic Disease 8/14/2008
Estrogen Patch Shows Promise For Prostate Cancer, Imperial College London Study 8/11/2008