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Vinegar Could Potentially Help Treat Ulcerative Colitis, Published In Journal Of Agricultural And Food Chemistry 2/11/2016
Mensa Mutts? Dog IQ Tests Reveal Canine "General Intelligence," University of London Study 2/10/2016
Poor REM Sleep, Higher Risk For Depression? Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience Study 2/9/2016
Do The Seasons Affect How We Think? University of Liege Study 2/9/2016
People Today Are Still Dying Early From High 1970s Air Pollution 2/9/2016
Chocolate During Pregnancy May Help Mom, Baby, Universite Laval Study 2/5/2016
Misery Of Work Second Only To Illness, University Of Sussex Study 2/4/2016
New Perk Discovered In Bilingual Speakers, Concordia University Study 2/4/2016
Antibiotics May Up Risk Of STDs, Study Published In PNAS 2/4/2016
Women More Prone To Contagious Yawning Than Men, Università di Pisa Study 2/4/2016
Every Hour Spent On The Couch Ups Your Diabetes Risk By 22%, Maastricht University Research Shows 2/3/2016
Stem Cells Capable Of Repairing Skull, Face Bones Discovered, University of Rochester Study 2/2/2016
Subtle Brain Differences Discovered In Autistic Men, King's College London Study Reveals 2/1/2016
Once A Risk Taker, Always A Risk Taker, University of Basel And Max Planck Institute Study Suggests 2/1/2016
Painkiller Use In Pregnancy Could Harm Your Daughter's Fertility, University of Edinburgh Reveals 1/28/2016
More Evidence Alzheimer's May Get Transmitted Through "Medical Accidents," University of Zurich Study 1/27/2016
Prenatal Vitamin D Does Not Reduce Asthma Risk, University of Copenhagen Study 1/27/2016
Genes Reveal Intelligent People Are Predisposed To Be Healthier, University of Edinburgh Study Shows 1/26/2016
Typing Fast Kills Your Writing Skills, University Of Waterloo Study 1/25/2016
Oestrogen Supplements May Protect Against Dementia, Norwegian University Of Science And Technology Study 1/25/2016
Five Personality Traits That May Influence College Major, Aarhus University Study 1/22/2016
Veggies Fried In Olive Oil Have More Healthy Benefits Than Boiled Ones, University of Granada Study 1/21/2016
How Face-To-Face Still Beats Facebook, University of Oxford Study 1/21/2016
Link Between Gut Bacteria And Arthritis Investigated, International Consortium Led By Kennedy Institute 1/21/2016
New Findings May Reveal Why Type 2 Diabetics Experience Smelling Problems, Karolinska Institute Study 1/21/2016
Learning A Second Language May Depend On The Strength Of Brain's Connections, McGill University Study 1/21/2016
Could Fish During Pregnancy Boost A Child's Intelligence? Centre For Research In Environmental Epidemiology Study 1/20/2016
Ultrasound Exposure Could Be Making People Sick, University of Southampton Study 1/20/2016
Plastic Might Really Be Tied To Weight Gain, University of Leipzig Researchers Reveal 1/19/2016
Omega-3 Levels Affect Whether B Vitamins Can Slow Brain's Decline, University of Cape Town Study 1/19/2016
Lack Of Self-Control Could Be A Sign Of Power, University of Queensland Study 1/18/2016
The Yin And Yang Of Sleep And Attention, University of Queensland Study 1/18/2016
Skipping Breakfast Boosts Stroke Risk By 20 Percent, Osaka University Study 1/18/2016
Happiness: Is It In Your DNA? Varna University Of Management Study 1/15/2016
Why You Should Stop Cleaning Your Ear With Cotton Swabs, National University Of Malaysia Study 1/14/2016
Blueberries And Red Wine Can Help With Erectile Dysfunction, University of East Anglia Study 1/14/2016
Common Dementia Drug Improves Parkinson's Symptoms, University of Bristol Study 1/14/2016
Coffee May Help You Keep Up With Your New Year Fitness Resolutions, University of Kent Study 1/14/2016
Taste Buds Revealed As The First Line Of Defense Against Obesity, Deakin University Study 1/14/2016
Calorie Cutting May Help Older Obese People With Thinking Problems, University of Sao Paulo Study 1/8/2016
Having More Kids Slows Down Aging Process, Simon Fraser University Study 1/8/2016
Valuing Time Over Money Tied To Greater Happiness, University of British Columbia Study 1/8/2016
Obesity "Linked To Cancer Rise," Cancer Reserach UK Study 1/7/2016
Can Early Menopause Trigger Depression Later In Life? National And Kapodistrian University Of Athens Study 1/7/2016
Exercise May Stop Prostate Cancer From Spreading, Cancer Research UK Study 1/6/2016
Remembering Past Events Might Take Place Quicker Than We Thought, University of Birmingham Research Shows 1/6/2016
Ten Million "Good" Bacteria Found In One Glass Of Filtered Water, Lund University Study 1/4/2016
Eating Potatoes On A Regular Basis May Up Risk Of T2DM, Osaka Center For Cancer And Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Study 12/31/2015
Seaweed Capsules May Lead To An Injection-Free Life For Diabetic Patients, Okinawa Institute Of Technology And Science Graduate University Study 12/29/2015
Very Premature Babies At Greater Risk For Autism, Karolinska University Hospital Study 12/29/2015
Large Proportion Of IBS Patients Are Vitamin D Deficient, University of Sheffield Study 12/28/2015
Partners May Not Spot Penis Repair For Common Birth Defect, University Children's Hospital Zurich Study 12/28/2015
Sleep Isn’t Needed To Create Long-Term Memories -- Just Time Out, Heriot-Watt University Study 12/28/2015
Universite Laval Researchers Identify Molecule With Anti-Inflammatory Properties In Maple Syrup 12/23/2015
Living Happily In A Material World: Material Purchases Can Bring Happiness, University of British Columbia Study 12/23/2015
Toothlessness A Clue To Deadly Heart Disease? Uppsala University Hospital Study 12/18/2015
Ingredient Found In Face Creams May Slow Aging, University of Liverpool Study 12/17/2015
"Moral" Anger Is A Force For Good At Work, University of Liverpool Study 12/17/2015
How Scary Movies Can Curdle Your Blood, Leiden University Medical Center Study 12/17/2015
Some Common Antidepressants Linked To Heightened Risk Of Mania And Bipolar Disorder, Study Published In BMJ 12/17/2015
Tie Between Estrogen And Memory Studied, University of Guelph Researchers Reveal 12/16/2015
There’s More Than Meets the Eye When Making Choices, University Of Montreal Reveals 12/15/2015
Antidepressants During Pregnancy Ups Autism Risk By 87%, University Of Montreal Study 12/15/2015
Olive And Sunflower Oil On Baby Skin Weakens Natural Defences, University of Manchester Study 12/14/2015
Plant Compound Found In Spices, Herbs Boosts Brain Connections, D'Or Institute For Research And Education Study 12/11/2015
Why Moderate Drinking May Prevent Death From Alzheimer's, University of Southern Denmark Odense Reveals 12/11/2015
Behavioral Problems In Youths Are Associated With Differences In The Brain, University of Birmingham Study 12/11/2015
Long Nights And Lazy Days Could Send You To An Early Grave, Sax Institute Reveals 12/10/2015
Myth Busted: Being Happy Won't Make You Live Longer, University of New South Wales Study 12/10/2015
University of Warwick Researchers Create World’s First Ibuprofen Patch - Delivering Pain Relief Directly Through Skin 12/9/2015
Men Have Better Sense Of Direction Than Women, Norwegian University of Science and Technology Study 12/7/2015
Rudeness At Work Is Contagious, Lund University Study 12/7/2015
Genes That Delay Alzheimer's Disease by 17 Years ID'd, Australian National University Scientists Reveal 12/7/2015
What Your Father Ate Before You Were Born Could Influence Your Health, University of Copenhagen Study 12/4/2015
Woman Who Has Never Felt Pain Experiences It For The First Time, University College London Study 12/4/2015
Could Slow Walking Be An Early Sign Of Alzheimer’s? University Hospital Toulouse Study 12/4/2015
How Much Food Dad Eats Could Impact The Next Generation, RMIT Study 12/2/2015
Ultra-Marathon Runners' Brains Shrank While Racing Across Europe, University Hospital Of Ulm Study 12/2/2015
Israel Aims To Recreate Wine That Jesus And King David Drank, Ariel University Reveals 12/1/2015
White Matter Damage Caused By "Skunk-Like" Cannabis, King's College London Study Shows 12/1/2015
Proven: Risk Takers Are Smarter, University of Turku Study 12/1/2015
Scans Prove There's No Such Thing As A "Male" Or "Female" Brain, Tel Aviv University Study 12/1/2015
What Your Musical Taste Says About Your Personality, University of Cambridge Study 11/30/2015
Some Sugar-Free Drinks Can Also Damage Teeth, University of Melbourne Experts Warn 11/30/2015
Screen Time In Moderation, Not Linked To Depression, Second Xiangya Hospital Of Central South University Study 11/30/2015
People Who Eat More Yogurt Have Smaller Waists, Utrecht University Study 11/25/2015
Evidence That The Midlife Crisis Is Real, University of Warwick Study 11/25/2015
The Search For Happiness: Using MRI To Find Where Happiness Happens, Kyoto University Study 11/20/2015
Happiness Spreads But Depression Doesn't, University of Warwick Study 11/20/2015
College Classes May Cut Dementia Risk In Seniors, University of Tasmania Research Finds 11/19/2015
Mom's Age At Birth May Impact Depression In Daughters, University of Western Australia Study 11/18/2015
Men Who Eat Garlic Make Women Take Notice—In A Good Way 11/16/2015
Soy Might Benefit Women With Pregnancy Diabetes, Kashan University Of Medical Sciences Study 11/12/2015
The Science Of Why We Look At Pretty Faces, University of Oslo Study 11/11/2015
Short Bursts Of Exercise May Benefit Type 2 Diabetics, University of Western Ontario Study 11/11/2015
Why People Show Up To Work When Sick, Concordia University Study 11/11/2015
Changes In Humor An Early Sign Of Dementia, University College London Study 11/10/2015
Women Are Gay Or Bisexual But Never "Totally Straight," University of Essex Study 11/10/2015
Dead Bacteria Used To Kill Colorectal Cancer, Nanyang Technological University Scientists Reveal 11/10/2015
Fitter Legs Linked To A Fitter Brain, King's College London Study 11/10/2015
How Women's Bodies Stop Bad Eggs From Being Fertilized, University of Southampton Study Reveals 11/4/2015
Being Moody May Help Us Adapt To Change, University College London Study 11/4/2015
"Magic" Plant Discovery Could Lead To Growing Food In Space, Queensland University of Technology Study 11/4/2015
Early Contact With Dogs Linked To Lower Risk Of Asthma, Uppsala Universitet Study 11/3/2015
Could Vitamin D Help Lower Your Blood Pressure? University of Edinburgh Study 11/2/2015
Anaesthetic Blunts Painful Memories Recalled Before You Go Under, Technical University Of Madrid Study 10/30/2015
Landmark Trial Shows Gene-Targeted Drug Can Treat Prostate Cancer, The Institute of Cancer Research Study 10/30/2015
Follow Your Heart As You Pursue Your Career, Tel Aviv University Study 10/30/2015
Learning In Your Sleep—The Right Way, Swiss National Science Foundation Study 10/29/2015
You Probably Have Herpes, WHO Study 10/29/2015
Your Job Could Widen Your Waistline, University of Adelaide Study 10/29/2015
Asthma Drug May Reverse Aging Brains, Paracelsus Medical University Study 10/29/2015
Ebola Can Linger in Semen For At Least Nine Months, CDC Reveals 10/15/2015
Larger Brains Do Not Lead to High IQs, University of Vienna Study 10/15/2015
Having Sex 3-4 Times Per Week Can Help With Spontaneous Passage Of Kidney Stones, Clinic Of Ankara Training And Research Hospital Study 10/15/2015
Sitting For Long Periods Not Bad For Health, University of Exeter Study 10/14/2015
Training Found To Cause The Brain To Be Better At Multitasking, University of Queensland Study 10/14/2015
Why Being Single Is Much More Than Handling Just Loneliness, Journal Of Marketing Management Reveals 10/13/2015
It's Official: A Glass Of Red Wine With Dinner Can Improve Heart Health In Diabetics, According To Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Researchers 10/13/2015
"Beeting" High Altitude Symptoms With Beet Juice, Norwegian University of Science and Technology Study 10/13/2015
Up To 1 Billion People At Risk Of Blindness By 2050, Brien Holden Vision Institute Reveals 10/13/2015
Birth Month Affects Risk Of Developing Dementia Later In Life, University Of Rostock Study 10/12/2015
Tai Chi Can Help Build Strength, Relieve Pain, University of British Columbia Study 10/12/2015
Summer-Born Kids More Likely To Be Healthy Adults, University of Cambridge Study 10/12/2015
Being Healthy Or Not Might Depend On Your Dad, McGill University Study 10/9/2015
Diet Supplement Keeps Circadian Clock From Slowing Down In Aging Mice, Weizmann Institute of Science Study 10/9/2015
Firstborn Kids More Likely Nearsighted And It May Be Their Parents' Fault, Cardiff University Study 10/9/2015
Women And Men React Differently To Cheating, Norwegian University of Science and Technology Study 10/8/2015
Sun Exposure During Teen Years May Delay Onset Of MS, Copenhagen University Hospital Study 10/8/2015
The Media Love Men… Bad News For Women, McGill University Study 10/7/2015
Self-Propelled Powder To Stop Bleeding Created, University of British Columbia Researchers 10/6/2015
Can Exercise Be Replaced With A Pill? University of British Columbia Study 10/5/2015
Short, Intense Exercise Bursts Can Reduce Heart Risk To Teens, University of Exeter Study 10/1/2015
Musicians' Brains Fire Symmetrically When They Listen To Music, University Of Jyväskylä 10/1/2015
"Good Bacteria" Key To Stopping Asthma, University of British Columbia Study 10/1/2015
Here's Everything You Need To Know About Coffee At Work 9/30/2015
New Links Between Lung Disease And Smoking Behavior Discovered, University of Nottingham Reveals 9/29/2015
Genes Help Set Menopause Timing, University of Exeter Study 9/29/2015
Sex Does Not Increase Heart Attack Risk, Ulm University Study 9/28/2015
Men Can Spot A Cheating Women By Simply Staring At Their Face, University of Western Australia Study 9/25/2015
Wine's Darkest Secret Revealed - It's All In The Fungi, University Of Lincoln Study 9/25/2015
Why Lack Of Sleep Makes Us Emotionally Distracted By Everything, Tel Aviv University Study 9/25/2015
Antidepressants Plus Blood-Thinners Slow Down Brain Cancer, EPFL Study 9/25/2015
Seasonal Body Clock Discovered In Animals, University of Manchester Study 9/25/2015
Why People In "Tall" Nations Are More Likely To Be Slim, University of Melbourne Study 9/24/2015
You May Be Able To Rid Your Depression By Curing Sleep Apnea, University of Western Australia Study 9/24/2015
Cannabis May Cause Schizophrenia, University of Calgary Researcher Warns 9/24/2015
If You’re Sitting Down, Don’t Sit Still, University of Leeds Research Suggests 9/23/2015
Is Radiation Necessary For Life? 9/23/2015
A Text A Day May Keep The Doctor Away, University of Sydney Study 9/23/2015
Barrier Against Brain Stem Cell Aging Discovered, University of Zurich Study 9/21/2015
Early Career Disappointment And Wellbeing Late In Life, University of Edinburgh Study 9/18/2015
Western University Hopes To Use Artificial Intelligence To Improve Breast Cancer Patient Outcomes 9/18/2015
Fruit And Vegetables Aren't Only Good For A Healthy Body -- They Protect Your Mind Too, University Of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Study 9/17/2015
Energy Drinks Tied To Brain Injuries In Teens, St. Michael's Hospital Study 9/17/2015
Antibacterial Soap No More Effective Than Plain Soap At Reducing Bacterial Contamination, Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy Reveals 9/17/2015
Experts Just Released A Rough Guide For Advising Parents About Whether They Should Sequence Their Kids' DNA, Baylor College of Medicine Reveals 9/17/2015
Patent For First Method To Create Human Sperm, But Does It Work? Kallistem Reveals 9/17/2015
"Our Chairs Are Killing Us," Say Sungkyunkwan University School Of Medicine Researchers 9/16/2015
Acetic Acid, Found In Vinegar, Shown To Be Effective Against Bacteria Found In Burn Wounds, University of Birmingham Study 9/16/2015
More Time Outside Tied To Less Nearsightedness In Children, Sun Yat-sen University Study 9/16/2015
Mount Sinai School of Medicine Researchers Explore Cocoa As Novel Dietary Source For Prevention Of Cognitive Deterioration In AD 9/15/2015
Long Sleep And High Blood Copper Levels Go Hand In Hand, University Of Eastern Finland Study 9/15/2015
Hopping Could Reduce Fracture Risk For Older People, Loughborough University Study 9/14/2015
Bad Sleep Ups Your Heart Disease Risk, Kangbuk Samsung Hospital Study 9/11/2015
Your Gut Bacteria Can Reveal Which Diet Works For You, Chalmers University of Technology Study 9/11/2015
Cocoa Flavanols Can Protect Your Heart, University Hospital Düsseldorf Study 9/11/2015
Can Humans Really Catch Alzheimer’s? University College London Study 9/10/2015
New Species Of Human Relative Discovered In South African Cave, University of Witwatersrand Study 9/10/2015
Heart Rate In Teen Boys Linked To Violent Crime In Adulthood, University of Helsinki And Karolinska Institute Study 9/10/2015
The British Psychology Society Journal Paper On Insomnia And The Control Of Emotion 9/9/2015
Genetically Modified Chickens Could Beat Bird Flu, University of Edinburgh Reveals 9/9/2015
Resin May Provide Medicine To Cure Epilepsy, Linköping University Study 9/9/2015
Food Structure Manipulation Could Lead The Way To A Healthier Diet, King's College London Study 9/8/2015
Novel Test Which Can Tell How Well A Person Is Aging Developed, King's College London Reveals 9/8/2015
Common Chemicals Used In Food Packaging and Soaps Tied To Miscarraiges, American Chemical Society Reveals 9/3/2015
The Science Of Why Your World Brightens Up When You Do, University of Rochester Study 9/3/2015
How Wasp Venom Can Killl Cancer Cells, University of Leeds Study 9/2/2015
The Science Of Why Men Find Thinner Women Attractive, Peer J Reveals 9/2/2015
Older People Getting Smarter, But Not Fitter, International Institute For Applied Systems Analysis Study 9/1/2015
Ice Cream That Does Not Melt "Could Soon Hit The Shelves," University of Dundee Reveals 8/31/2015
Midday Naps At The Office Linked To Lower Blood Pressure, Asklepieion Voula General Hospital Study 8/31/2015
Coffee Ups Heart Attack and Diabetes Risk In Young People, Hospital Of San Daniele del Friuli Study 8/31/2015
Food May Be Addictive, Monash University Study Shows 8/31/2015
Could Oral Contraceptives Help Ease Rheumatoid Arthritis? Rheumatism Research Centre Study 8/31/2015
How Neuroticism Gives Rise To Creativity, King's College London Study 8/28/2015
Woman Proves You Don't Need Necessary Gene To Feel Pain After Childbirth Ends With Electric Shocks 8/28/2015
Could A Pill Make Bacon As Beneficial As Fish Oil? University of Gothenburg Study 8/28/2015
Down In The Dumps? Don’t Worry, Your Brain Is Still On Point, Goldsmiths University Study 8/28/2015
Weight Loss Weapon: A Bottle Of Water Before Each Meal, University of Birmingham Researchers Say 8/27/2015
Firstborn Women More Likely To Be Obese, Journal Of Epidemiology & Community Health Reveals 8/27/2015
Low Vitamin D Linked To MS, McGill University Study 8/27/2015
Low Blood Sugar At Birth Linked To Poorer School Performance, Baylor College of Medicine Study 8/25/2015
Cephalon (CEPH)’s Narcolepsy Drug Modafinil May Be World’s First Safe ‘Smart Drug,’ Study Says 8/24/2015
Dumb Study of the Year Nominee? Some Single People Are Also Happy, University of Auckland Reveals 8/24/2015
Extra Virgin Olive Oil Linked To Lower Blood Sugar And Cholesterol, Sapienza University Study 8/21/2015
You Can Catch Happiness But Not Depression, University of Warwick Study 8/20/2015
Hot Chilli May Unlock A New Treatment For Obesity, University of Adelaide Study 8/19/2015
Gestational Diabetes: A Diabetes Predictor In Father, McGill University Health Centre Study 8/17/2015
Higher IQ Linked To Better Physical Fitness, University of Copenhagen Study 8/17/2015