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Medical Dev. & Diag. - Nanotechnology
Johnson & Johnson (JNJ)'s Ethicon (JNJ) Scoops Up Torax Medical for Undisclosed Sum 2/20/2017
NuVascular Technologies Release: Improving Brachytherapy Treatments For Cancer Patients Using Platform Nanotechnology 3/20/2015
Hologic, Inc. (HOLX) Launches Next-Generation NovaSure Global Endometrial Ablation System For The Treatment Of Abnormal Uterine Bleeding (Menorrhagia) 11/19/2014
Green Tea-Based "Missiles" To Kill Cancer Cells More Effectively, Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology Reveals 10/7/2014
Vaginal Nanoparticle Cream Prevents The Transmission Of HIV For 72 Hours, University of Texas Study 1/30/2014
Nano-Devices Direct Fast And Efficient ‘Spin Waves’, New York University Study 1/30/2014
Nanostart-holding MagForce Nanotechnologies Announces Capital Increase from Authorized Capital 2/1/2012
NanoIsrael 2012: Top Global Researchers, Achievements in Science and Business, and Potential Investors 1/19/2012
Rainbow BioSciences, LLC: N3D’s Bio-Assembler Makes Cell Research Simple 12/20/2011
Developments in Nanobiotechnology Point to Medical Applications, University of California, Santa Barbara Study 9/1/2010
Magnetically Guided Drugs Delivered Precisely to Target Location, Lund University Study 8/27/2010
An Optical 'Tripod' for Atomic-Force Microscopes, University of Missouri and University of Colorado Study 8/26/2010
Coming Soon: Piezoelectronics at Nanoscale, McGill University Study 8/25/2010
Nanocluster Proteins Improve Adhesion of Titanium Bone Implants, Georgia Tech Study 8/24/2010
Nanoparticles Smuggle Drugs to Immune Cells, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Reveals 8/24/2010
Nanotech Yields Major Advance in Heat Transfer, Cooling Technologies, Oregon State University and Pacific Northwest National Laboratories Study 8/23/2010
Enzyme-Containing Nanocoating Kills MRSA on Contact, Georgia Tech Study 8/20/2010
High Definition Diagnostic Ultrasonics on the Nanoscale, University of Nottingham Reveals 8/19/2010
Confining Light for Use in Nanophotonic Devices, Yale University Study 8/18/2010
The Taste of Tiny: Putting Nanofoods on the Menu, Institute of Food Research Study 5/28/2010
Amid Nanotech's Dazzling Promise, Health Risks Grow 3/25/2010
Nanotechnology Tackles the Two Biggest Problems Associated With Chemotherapy, Rutgers University Study 2/26/2010
Nano Needlese Inject Molecules Into Cells, Harvard University And Korea Institute of Science and Technology Study 1/13/2010
Luna Innovations Inc. Emerges from Chapter 11 Reorganization 1/13/2010
"Nano Tattoo" for Diabetics 5/22/2009
Nanotechnology 'Culture War' Possible, Says Yale University Study 12/9/2008
NanoVector to Commercialize First Biologic Nanoparticle Drug Delivery System 12/2/2008
University of Arkansas Researchers Use Nanowires to Develop Neural Probe That Will Limit Damage to Cells and Biological Tissue 10/15/2008
Northwestern University Researchers Write Protein Nanoarrays Using A Fountain Pen And Electric Fields 10/14/2008
Can Genetic Information Be Controlled By Light?, Researchers At Kiel University Think So 10/13/2008
Sensitive Nanowire Disease Detectors Made By Yale University Scientists 10/13/2008
Researchers Use Nanoparticles To Deliver Treatment For Brain, Spinal Cord Injuries, Purdue University Study 10/2/2008
Nano Breech: When Particles Are So Small That They Seep Right Through Skin, University of Rochester Medical Center Study 10/1/2008
Surfx Technologies LLC Announces Appointment of New CEO 9/30/2008
Purifying Nanorods: Big Success With Tiny Cleanup, Rice University 9/25/2008
NaturalNano to Present at the 8th Annual SPE Automotive Composites Conference & Exhibition 9/16/2008
Ratan Tata Joins Nanobiosym Global Advisory Board 9/15/2008
University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Researchers Develop Nano-Sized "Cargo Ships" to Target and Destroy Tumors 9/12/2008
New 'Pyrex' Nanoparticle More Stable In Harsh Environments, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne Study 9/10/2008
New Nano Device Detects Immune System Cell Signaling, Vanderbilt University Study 9/10/2008
Nanoscale Droplets With Cancer-fighting Implications Created, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Study 9/10/2008
A New 'Pyrex' Nanoparticle, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne 9/8/2008
Nanotube 'Longboats' Slaughter Cancer Cells, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Study 9/8/2008
University of Warwick Research Having Major Implications for Development and Testing of Future Drugs 8/26/2008
Monash University Nano-Sized 'Trojan Horse' To Aid Nutrition 8/25/2008
Gold Nanorods to Fight Cancer, Deliver Drugs and More, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Study 8/25/2008
Novel Drug Delivery Systems to Treat Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Based on Carbon Nanotubes, University of Texas Health Science Center, University of Texas Medical Branch, Baylor College of Medicine, Rice University and Transitional Learning Center 8/25/2008
New 'Nano-Positioners' May Have Atomic-Scale Precision, Purdue University Study 8/21/2008
Microbatteries Could Power Tomorrow's Miniature Devices, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) 8/21/2008
World's First Nanotechnology Park 8/20/2008
Nansulate(R) Greentech Coatings by Industrial Nanotech Inc. (INTK.PK) into New Medical Equipment Specifications by Edward Moore Design 8/19/2008
Dr. Hossam Haick, Inventor of Electronic Nose, Named One of World's Top Scientists 8/19/2008
New Imaging Technique Could Spot Early Cancers; Lasers Heat Nanotubes, Then Docs Listen For Ultrasound Waves Released Showing Tumors, Stanford University School of Medicine Study 8/18/2008
Slipping Through Cell Walls, Nanotubes Deliver High-potency Punch To Cancer Tumors In Mice 8/15/2008
New Nanomaterial Makes Plastic Stiffer, Lighter And Stronger; More Durable Medical Equipment -- Michigan State University 8/15/2008
Next Generation Nanosuspension Processing for the Delivery of Non-Soluble Drugs, Microfluidics International Corporation (MFIC) 8/15/2008
Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) Researchers Get A Detailed Picture Of Self-Assembled Peptides On A Nanoparticle 8/15/2008
Nano Vaccine For Hepatitis B Shows Promise For Third World; Nanoemulsion Could Save More Lives By Removing Current Vaccines' Drawbacks, University of Michigan Study 8/13/2008
Scientists Overcome Nanotech Hurdle, University of Liverpool, University of London, and Leeds University 8/13/2008
University of Pennsylvania Scientists Carve Functional Nanoribbons using Super-Heated, Nano-Sized Particles of Iron 7/31/2008
Nanowire Lawns Make for Sheets of Image Sensors in University of California, Berkeley (CAL) Research 7/29/2008
Nanotechnology Regulation: Former EPA Official Highlights Shortcomings Of Current Federal Oversight 7/25/2008
Holey Nanoparticles Create New Tumor Imaging and Therapeutic Agent in Washington University in St. Louis Study 7/23/2008
Luna Innovations Inc. Awarded National Institutes of Health (NIH) Grant to Apply Nanotechnology to Allergy Treatment 7/22/2008
Invisible Nanotube Cable Could Support a Human, Polytechnic of Turin Scientists Say 7/21/2008
Georgia Institute of Technology Scientists Use Magenetic Nanoparticles to Combat Cancer 7/16/2008
Washington University in St. Louis Scientists Develop an Alternative to Chemotherapy: Nanoparticles Tackle Pediatric Brain Tumors 7/15/2008
RainDance Technologies Announces Formation of French Subsidiary 7/10/2008
Carbon Nanotube Windmills Powered by 'Electron Wind' in Lancaster University Study 7/9/2008
North Carolina State University Study Shows Quantum Dots Can Penetrate Skin Through Minor Abrasions 7/3/2008
University of Twente Researchers Capture DNA Molecules in a Nanochannel 6/27/2008
Trap and Zap: Princeton University Researchers Harness the Power of Light to Pattern Surfaces on the Nanoscale 6/19/2008
Nanotechnology, Biomolecules and Light Unite To 'Cook' Cancer Cells at UT Southwestern Medical Center 6/18/2008
Nanoparticles Aid Bone Growth, Rice University and Radboud University Study 6/16/2008
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT): Stripes Key To Nanoparticle Drug Delivery 6/10/2008
Laser Light Produces Complex Nanostructures, Chalmers University of Technology Study 6/4/2008
Brown University Researchers Work Toward Ending Cartilage Loss 6/4/2008
University of Tokyo Scientists Create Microscopic Noodle Bowl 5/30/2008
Nanoparticles Assemble By Millions To Encase Oil Drops, Rice University Study 5/30/2008
Harvard University Engineers Whip Up The First Long-Lived Nanoscale Bubbles 5/30/2008
Protein Fibrils As Alternative Plastics? Amyloids Are Not Just Pathological Agents, They Are Interesting Nanomaterials, University of Tel Aviv Researchers Find 5/29/2008
Chemists At Brown University Create Cancer-Detecting Nanoparticles 5/28/2008
Magnetic Nanoparticles: Suitable For Cancer Therapy? Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt Investigates 5/28/2008
Failed HIV Drug Gets Second Chance with Addition of Gold Nanoparticles, North Carolina State University Study 5/27/2008
Light-driven 'Molecular Brakes' Provide Stopping Power For Nanomachines, Study Presented In American Chemical Society Journal 5/27/2008
Climbing Ivy Reveals Secret 'Superglue', University of Tennessee Study 5/20/2008
Engineers at Harvard University Demonstrate First Room-Temperature Semiconductor Source Of Coherent Terahertz Radiation 5/19/2008
Nanotechnology In Reverse Uses Red Blood Cell To Calibrate Atomic Force Microscope, University of California, Davis (UCD) Study 5/16/2008
'Sticky Nanotubes' Hold Key To Future Technologies 4/29/2008
Breakthrough In Nanotechnology By Uncovering Conductive Property Of Carbon-Based Molecules, University of Pittsburgh Study 4/18/2008
Fiber-Based Nanotechnology In Clothing Could Harvest Energy From Physical Movement 2/14/2008