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First Infant MRI Study Finds Babies Feel Pain "Like Adults," Oxford University Study 4/21/2015
Milk Thistle May Stop Colorectal Cancer Stem Cells From Growing Tumors, University of Colorado Study 4/21/2015
Chamomile Tea Linked To Lower Thyroid Cancer Risk, Oxford University Study 4/21/2015
Smoking May Boost Mom's Chances Of Having Twins, American Journal Of Human Biology 4/21/2015
Queen Mary University Of London 's New Research Gives Clues As To Why Older People Get More Tendon Injuries 4/21/2015
Drugs Help MS Patients Create New Stem Cells To Replace Lost Brain Cells, Case Western Reserve University Study 4/21/2015
Mushrooms Boost Immunity, University of Florida Study 4/21/2015
Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) Release: Study Shows New Technology May Improve Management Of Leading Causes Of Blindness 4/21/2015
SVIN President Tudor Jovin , MD, Co-Leads Groundbreaking Stroke Study In The New England Journal of Medicine 4/21/2015
Guardant Health Results Of Decision Impact Study Of Guardant360 In Metastatic Colorectal Cancer To Be Presented At AACR 4/21/2015
NYU Langone Medical Center Release: Extending Treatment Up To Eight Weeks With Infusion Medication Shown Safe And Effective In Patients With Multiple Sclerosis 4/21/2015
scPharmaceuticals Announces Start Of Pivotal Trial For Novel Furosemide Solution For Subcutaneous Delivery 4/21/2015
Scientists At The J. Craig Venter Institute Publish Paper Outlining Efficient Synthetic Biology Methods To Genetically Engineer Microalgae 4/21/2015
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center Release: Genetic Variance Explains Poor Response To Common Asthma Medications 4/21/2015
Seattle Children's Pediatric Leukemia Adoptive Therapy (PLAT-02) Clinical Trial Boasts 91% Complete Remission Rate In Children With Relapsed Leukemia 4/21/2015
Auris Medical AG (EARS) Announces Publications Related To AM-101 In Peer-Reviewed Scientific And Medical Journals 4/21/2015
Kids With ADHD Must Squirm To Learn, University of Central Florida Study Says 4/20/2015
Brain Scans Give Clues to Link Between Alzheimer's, Down Syndrome, Alzheimer's & Dementia Reveals 4/20/2015
Remote Tribepeople Carry Antibiotic Resistance Genes, Washington University in St. Louis Study 4/20/2015
Broccoli Sprout May Prevent Head and Neck Cancer, University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute (UPCI) Study 4/20/2015
Soyfoods Reduce Breast Cancer Recurrence, Georgetown University Medical Center Study 4/20/2015
MRIs Show Rebellious Teens React To Parents, University of Southern California Study 4/20/2015
Long Term, Regular Aspirin Use May Reduce Cancer Risk, Harvard School of Public Health Study 4/20/2015
Results From The Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center At Thomas Jefferson University 4/20/2015
Case Western Reserve University Release: Drugs Stimulate Body’s Own Stem Cells To Replace The Brain Cells Lost In Multiple Sclerosis 4/20/2015
Portage Biotech's CPP Platform Delivers A Peptide Cargo Across Blood Brain Barrier 4/20/2015
The Number One Cause Of Depression - Everywhere 4/17/2015
Cow Milk Without The Cow Is Coming To Change Food Forever, Counter Culture Labs Reveals 4/17/2015
Could Maple Syrup Help Cut Use Of Antibiotics? McGill University Study 4/17/2015
How Humans Can Sniff Out Happiness, Utrecht University Study 4/17/2015
Sugar-Sweetened Drinks May Lower Your Stress Levels, University of California, Davis (UCD) Study 4/17/2015
Playing A Wind Instrument Could Help Lower Sleep Apnea Risk, European Lung Foundation Reveals 4/17/2015
"Pull My Finger!" Scientists Solve Knuckle-Cracking Riddle, University of Alberta Reveals 4/17/2015
A Dog's Life: Azabu University Study Reveals People's Hormonal Link With Tail-Waggers 4/17/2015
Fish Oil Essential For Developing Brain, University of California, Irvine Study Finds 4/17/2015
Teen Vaping Triples: E-Cigarettes, Hookahs Threaten Drop In Teen Tobacco Use 4/17/2015
Oncolytics Biotech Inc. (ONC.TO) Announces Receipt Of Orphan Drug Designation From The U.S. FDA For Malignant Gliomas 4/17/2015
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Release: Restoring Cellular Energy Signals May Offer Promise Of Treating Mitochondrial Diseases In Humans 4/17/2015
Life Extension Study Finds Lipid-Based Vitamin D Formulation Boosts Blood Levels 28.5% In 60 Days 4/17/2015
E-Cigarette Flavoring Chemicals May Pose Risks When Inhaled, Portland State University Study 4/17/2015
Eight Nutrients To Protect The Aging Brain, Institute Of Food Technologists Study 4/16/2015
AnaptysBio Advances First-In-Class Anti-IL-36 Receptor Antibody Program To Treat Orphan Inflammatory Disease 4/16/2015
Positive Clinical Study Results For Cellmid's Hair Growth Product Using Novel FGF5 Inhibitor 4/16/2015
Foundation Medicine, Inc. (FMI) Release: Genomic Profiling of Gastric Cancer Identifies Drug-Targetable Mutations 4/16/2015
Arch Therapeutics' AC5 Compared Favorably Vs. Commercially Available Combination Hemostat In Animal Study 4/16/2015
Tokyo Institute Of Technology Release: Fruit Fly Studies Shed Light On Adaptability 4/16/2015
Singapore Eye Research Institute Release: Discovered Gene Allows A Peek Into The Future On Eye Disease 4/16/2015
Man Agreed To Be The First Human Being To Have A Head Transplant 4/16/2015
What Divorce Does To A Woman's Heart, Even After Remarrying, Duke University Study 4/16/2015
BPA Exposure During Pregnancy Affects Fertility In Three Generations, University of Illinois Study 4/16/2015
Inadequate Vitamin E Can Cause Brain Damage, Oregon State University Study 4/15/2015
What Five Days Of Eating Fatty Foods Does To Your Muscles, Virginia Tech Study 4/15/2015
Cancer Linked To Muscle-Building Supplements, Brown University Study 4/15/2015
Case Western Reserve University Release: Connection Between Social Anxiety And Drug Use Offers Opportunities For More Effective Treatments 4/15/2015
FDA Advisory Committee Reviews Takeda (TKPYY)'s Alogliptin Examine Cardiovascular Safety Outcomes Trial 4/15/2015
Study Published In The Journal Science Identifies The First Genetic Variant Directly Correlated To Mitotic-Origin Aneuploidy In Human Embryos 4/15/2015
Study Published In The Journal Of Clinical Psychiatry Shows INVEGA SUSTENNA Effective Six Months Longer Than Common Oral Antipsychotics In Treatment Of Schizophrenia 4/15/2015
Gestational Diabetes May Boost Autism Risk, Kaiser Permanente Southern California Study 4/15/2015
To Protect Your Aging Brain, Start With Exercise, Duke University Medical Center Study 4/15/2015
Marijuana Extract May Help Epilepsy Patients, New York University Langone Comprehensive Epilepsy Center Study 4/15/2015
Arcadia Biosciences Release: Study Shows Nitrogen Use Efficiency Trait Increases Biomass Of Sugarcane 4/15/2015
Cellectis Plant Sciences, Inc. Publishes A Study Demonstrating Reduced Acrylamide In Fried Potatoes 4/15/2015
BioInvent (BOVNF): Cancer Cell Publishes Data Highlighting The Potential Of Bioinvent’s BI-1206 To Help Overcome Antibody Drug Resistance In Cancer Therapy 4/14/2015
DiscoveryBioMed Is Developing A Novel “Dual Action” Small Molecule Monotherapy For All Cystic Fibrosis (CF) Patients 4/14/2015
Swedish Orphan Biovitrum Receives Orphan Drug Designation For Elocta In Switzerland 4/14/2015
Isofol Medical AB Release: First Patient Successfully Treated With Modufolin As A Rescue Therapy With High Dose Methotrexate (HDMTX) Treatment In Osteosarcoma 4/14/2015
Thermo Fisher Scientific (TMO) Release: New Pre-validated Fluorinated Fragment Library Boosts Drug Screening Efficiency 4/14/2015
Your Pain Reliever May Also Be Diminishing Your Joy, Ohio State University Study 4/14/2015
New Evidence For How Green Tea And Apples Could Protect Health, Norwich BioScience Institutes Study 4/14/2015
Eating Out Boosts High Blood Pressure Risk, Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore Study 4/14/2015
Control Smartphones With A Stroke Of Your Hair, Pontifical Catholic University Study 4/14/2015
Are Scientists Nearing A Cure For Baldness? University of Southern California Study 4/14/2015
The Mental Health Benefits Of Probiotics: "Good Bacteria" May Improve Mood, Fight Depression, Leiden University Study 4/14/2015
University of Massachusetts Medical School Release: "Sugar" - a WPI-Built Diabetes App - Enters Clinical Testing 4/13/2015
Depressed Patients Find Relief With Hallucinogenic, University of Sao Paulo Study 4/13/2015
Underweight People A Third More Likely To Develop Dementia, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Study 4/13/2015
ZeaVision, LLC Release: Clinical Research Study Demonstrates EyePromise EZ Tears Relieves Dry Eye Symptoms And Discomfort Fast 4/13/2015
Milo Biotechnology Release: First Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Patient Treated In Follistatin Gene Therapy Trial 4/13/2015
Diabetes Risk "Can Be Tripled By Childhood Stress," Linköping University Study 4/13/2015
Qualyst Transporter Solutions Highlights New Perspective On Intracellular Concentrations As Critical In Designing In Vitro Studies 4/13/2015
University Of Salzburg Release: Brain Training Instead Of Medication To Counter Insomnia 4/13/2015
Case Western Reserve University Release: Molecular And Functional Basis Established For Nitric Oxide Joining Oxygen And Carbon Dioxide In Respiratory Cycle 4/10/2015
Longer Life May Lie in Number of Anti-Inflammatory Genes You Have, University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Study 4/10/2015
Cancer Research Uncovers The Fountain Of Youth, University of Toronto Study 4/10/2015
Worms And Germs Lead To Better Immune Function, Duke University Medical Center Study 4/10/2015
This Dietary Fiber Supplement May Help Control Weight Better, University of Calgary Study 4/10/2015
Long Distance Runners Have More Testosterone, Higher Sex Drive, University of Cambridge Study 4/10/2015
Shorter People Have a Higher Risk Of Heart Disease, University of Leicester Study 4/10/2015
New Research Shows PharmaCyte Biotech (NVLX)'s Melligen Cell Line Can Reverse Diabetes 4/10/2015
The NIH Spends More On Paperwork Than Researching Hodgkin’s Disease 4/10/2015
Pacira (PCRX) Announces New Data On Health Economic Benefits Of EXPAREL For Postsurgical Pain Control Following Total Knee Replacement Surgery 4/10/2015
NERI Release: RECESS Study Reveals No Benefit To Transfusing Shorter-Storage Red Blood Cells For Cardiac Surgery Patients 4/10/2015
Cheap Allergy Drug May Treat Hepatitis C, NIH Study 4/9/2015
How Only One Percent Of The Population Has A Normal View Of The World, Dartmouth College Study 4/9/2015
Antidepressants Linked To First-Time Seizures, University of Basel Study 4/9/2015
New Type Of Broccoli Cuts Cholestrol, Institute Of Food Research Study 4/9/2015
Neurotrope Receives FDA Orphan Drug Designation For Bryostatin In The Treatment Of Fragile X Syndrome 4/9/2015
Profectus BioSciences, Inc.' Ebola Vaccine Shown Effective And Safe In Providing Rapid, Single-Dose Protection Against Current "Makona" Ebola Outbreak Strain In Non-Human Primates 4/9/2015
Novogen Limited (NVGN) Release: Australian Studies Confirm Anisina As Potential Important New Weapon Against Melanoma 4/9/2015
MPN Genetics Network Release: CRISPR Researchers Target Incurable Blood Cancer 4/9/2015
Why Japan's Longest-Lived Women Hold The Key To Better Health 4/8/2015
Too Much Of A Bad Thing Can Be Good In Brain Tumors, Yale University Study 4/8/2015
Rigorous Exercise Linked To Longer Life, University of Sydney Study 4/8/2015
How Emotions Help Recall Information, New York University Study 4/8/2015
Men More Likely Than Women To Travel Back In Time And Kill Hitler, University of Texas Study Finds 4/8/2015
Does More Cancer Screening Cut Cancer Deaths? 4/8/2015
First Reported Case Of Six-Year Survival For Patient With Metastatic Lung Cancer And Rare Genetic Mutation: Journal of Cancer Prevention & Current Research Reveals 4/8/2015
Why Remembering Makes Us Forget, University of Cambridge And University of Birmingham Study 4/8/2015
Lion Biotechnologies, Inc. Announces Publication Of Data From Clinical Study Of Metastatic Cervical Cancer Patients Treated With HPV-TIL 4/8/2015
Viagra, Other ED Drugs Not a Universal Cure For All Impotence 4/8/2015
In Rare Cases, Kids Can Get Food Allergies From Donated Blood, Hospital For Sick Children Study 4/8/2015
STEM CELLS Translational Medicine Release: Study Showing How Stem Cells Slow Aging May Lead To New Heart Failure Treatments 4/8/2015
Novel Painkiller With Little Or No Signs Of Addiction And Other Serious Opioid Side Effects Patented By Phoenix PharmaLabs, Inc. 4/8/2015
Turbo-Charging Hormone Can Regrow The Heart, University of New South Wales Research Finds 4/8/2015
STEM CELLS Translational Medicine Release: Study Showing How Stem Cells Slow Aging May Lead To New Heart Failure Treatments 4/8/2015
International Stem Cell Corporation Demonstrates Reversal Of Neurological Stroke Symptoms Using Neural Stem Cells 4/7/2015
Reminder Of Buddhist Beliefs Reduces Prejudice-Even Among Christians 4/7/2015
Facebook May Make You Depressed, University of Houston Study 4/7/2015
Sugar Addiction Doesn't Just Make You Fat; It Affects Your Heart, Brain, And Even Your Sex Life 4/7/2015
Narcissism Beliefs Debunked, University of Arizona Reveals 4/7/2015
New System Uses Video To Track Your Health, Rice University Study 4/7/2015
Harry Perkins Institute Of Medical Research Release: Phylogica Ltd. Peptide Fusion Kills Aggressive Breast Cancer Cells 4/7/2015
How Millennials Are The "Gayest Generation," Public Religion Research Institute Reveals 4/6/2015
Nanoparticles Provide Novel Way To Apply Drugs To Dental Plaque, University of Rochester Study 4/6/2015
Fooled By A Google (GOOG) Search: Why You Probably Think You're Smarter Than You Are 4/6/2015
Four Eggs A Week Reduces Diabetes Risk, University Of Eastern Finland Study 4/6/2015
"Exploding Head Syndrome" Affects 1 In Every 5 Young Adults At Some Point In Their Lives, Washington State University Study 4/6/2015
High-Fat Dairy Products Cuts Diabetes Risk, Lund University Study 4/6/2015
Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Announces Thermo-Rx Brand Acacia Rigidula Extract Clinical Study Results 4/3/2015
Ancientbiotics - A Medieval Remedy For Modern Day Superbugs? University of Nottingham Study 4/3/2015
Cigarette Smoke Makes Superbugs More Aggressive, University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Study 4/3/2015
Eek! How Your Face Reveals Your Body's Real Age, Shanghai Institutes Of Biological Sciences Study 4/3/2015
Sexual Dysfunction Inadequately Reported In Hair Loss Drug Trials For Men, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine Study 4/3/2015
Scientists Develop First Perfume Which Smells Better The More You Sweat, Queen’s University Ionic Liquid Laboratories (QUILL) Reveals 4/3/2015
Night Owls Have Higher Risk Of Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome, Korea University College Of Medicine Study 4/3/2015
Too Much Iced Tea Linked To Man's Kidney Failure 4/2/2015
Depression Often Co-Occurs With Joint Diseases, University of Basel Study 4/2/2015
Folic Acid May Help Seniors Weather Heat Waves, Penn State University Study 4/2/2015
CDC Publishes First National Study On Use Of Behavioral Therapy, Medication And Dietary Supplements For ADHD In Children) 4/2/2015
XBiotech Announces Publication Of Positive Clinical Results For Xilonix In Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer 4/2/2015
NYU Langone Medical Center Release: Key Mechanism Identified In Pediatric Bone Cancers That Allows Proliferation Of Tumor-Forming Stem Cells 4/2/2015
Facebook App Encourages Individuals To Get In Touch With Their DNA, University of Michigan Reveals 4/1/2015
An Apple A Day Won’t Keep The Doctor Away But Maybe The Pharmacist, University of Michigan Study 4/1/2015
Date Syrup Shows Promise For Fighting Bacterial Infections, Cardiff Metropolitan University Study 4/1/2015
University of York Researchers Discover Bacterial Genetic Pathway Involved In Body Odor Production 4/1/2015
Saccharin Shows Promise As Cancer Inhibitor, University of Florida Researchers Find 4/1/2015
University of Cincinnati Release: Pulmonary Embolism Risk Scoring Could Guide Treatment, Ease Burden On EDs 4/1/2015
Rhinomed (ASX:RNO) To Initiate Nation Wide Sleep Study This Saturday Night 4/1/2015
Stop Blaming The Moon, Says University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Scientist 4/1/2015
New Study Recommends Early Introduction Of Peanuts To Prevent Allergies, Loyola University Health System Reveals 3/31/2015
New Liver Cancer Report, New Links Emerge: Coffee Is Protective, Obesity Increases Risk, World Cancer Research Fund International Reveals 3/31/2015
Is Hummus Good For You? 6 Health Issues The Superfood Dip Can Treat 3/31/2015
New Genetic Link Found For Alcohol-Related Liver Cirrhosis, University of Cincinnati Study 3/31/2015
Short Bouts Of High-Intensity Exercise Before A Fatty Meal Best For Promoting Vascular Health In Youth, University of Exeter Study 3/31/2015
Pesticides On Fruits, Veggies Linked With Poorer Semen Quality 3/31/2015
Smartphone Use Changing Our Brain And Thumb Interaction, Say University of Zurich Researchers 3/31/2015
Trial Shows Stem Cells Provide Long-Term Relief from Dangerous Crohn’s Side Effect, STEM CELLS Translational Medicine Reveals 3/31/2015
Ozone Air Pollution Could Harm Women's Fertility, Pennsylvania State University College Of Medicine Study 3/31/2015
Trevi Therapeutics Announces Completion Of Enrollment In Pivotal Study Of Nalbuphine ER In Uremic Pruritus 3/31/2015
Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Announces Fastin Rapid Release Clinical Study Results 3/31/2015
The 90/10 Rule: Cheat Meals Actually Boost Your Metabolism And Help You Lose Weight, Seton Hall University Study 3/30/2015
Consuming Eggs With Raw Vegetables Increases Nutritive Value, Purdue University Study 3/30/2015
Michael Mosley: Why I Consumed My Own Blood 3/30/2015
Complex Genetic Ancestry Of Americans Uncovered, University of Oxford Study 3/30/2015
University of Verona Researchers Want To Rename Schizophrenia, Help Lessen Mental Health Stigma 3/30/2015
Playing Music By Professional Musicians Activates Genes For Learning And Memory, University of Helsinki Study 3/30/2015
Body’s Good Fat Tissue Communicates With Brain Through Sensory Nerves, Georgia State University Researchers Find 3/30/2015
Caris Life Sciences' Multiplatform Tumor Profiling Enhances Understanding Of Molecular Drivers And Treatment Selection In Uterine Carcinomas 3/30/2015
Mologen AG (MOLGF.PK) Presented Data Supporting The Administration Scheme Of MGN1703 At ITOC-2 Conference 2015 3/30/2015
Study Using Caris Life Sciences Molecular Intelligence Multiplatform Tumor Profiling Identifies Potential Treatment Strategies for Small Cell Cervical Cancer 3/30/2015
Caris Life Sciences Molecular Intelligence Facilitates Comparison Of Biomarker Profiles To Inform Targeted Treatment Strategies In Distinct Gynecological Cancers 3/30/2015
Yale University And Novogen Limited (NVGN) Release Data On Cantrixil Mode Of Action 3/30/2015
Cytonet LLC Enrolls Patients Into Ongoing U.S. Clinical Trial Evaluating Liver Cell Therapy For Severe Urea Cycle Disorders In Pediatric Population 3/30/2015
Kura Oncology's Menin-MLL Inhibitor Program Shows Promise In Study Published In Cancer Cell; Program Targeting Acute Leukemias Licensed From University of Michigan 3/30/2015
Caris Life Sciences' Multiplatform Tumor Profiling Technology Identifies Expression Of PD-1 And PD-L1 In Gynecologic Malignancies 3/30/2015
Amgen (AMGN)'s deCODE genetics (DCGN) Publishes Largest Human Genome Population Study 3/27/2015
Crossing Fingers Can Reduce Feelings Of Pain, University College London Study 3/27/2015
Fitness Level Associated With Lower Risk Of Some Cancers, Death In Men, University of Vermont Study 3/27/2015
High-Fat Diet Alters Behavior And Produces Signs Of Brain Inflammation, Louisiana State University Study 3/27/2015
A Single Gene May Decide Why Some People Get So Sick With The Flu, Rockefeller University Study 3/27/2015
Sushi Parasite Inspires Worm Test For Cancer, Kyushu University Study 3/27/2015
Roseroot Herb Shows Promise As Potential Depression Treatment Option, University of Pennsylvania Team Finds 3/27/2015
Just Slip Out The Back, Jack: Are Humans Hardwired To Break-Up And Move On? Saint Louis University Medical Center Study 3/27/2015
Widows May Have Fewer Social And Financial Problems Than In The Past, University of Bern Study 3/27/2015
Flamel Technologies (FLML) Announces Positive Results Of A First-in-Man Clinical Trial With LiquiTime Guaifenesin 3/27/2015
Why Drug For Type II Diabetes Makes People Fat, Georgia State University Study 3/27/2015
BG Medicine (BGMD) Welcomes Major Publication On The Bioimage Study In The Journal Of The American College Of Cardiology 3/27/2015
Hospira Clinical Data Shows Proposed Biosimilar, Epoetin Hospira, Demonstrates Pharmacokinetic And Pharmacodynamic Equivalence Compared To Amgen (AMGN)'s Epogen 3/27/2015
Positive Outcomes With H.P. Acthar Gel In Proteinuria In Nephrotic Syndrome Reported At National Kidney Foundation Spring Congress 3/27/2015
NIH Study Finds No Evidence Of Accelerated Ebola Virus Evolution In West Africa 3/27/2015
Clanotech AB Receives Orphan Drug Designation In The U.S. 3/27/2015
Caris Life Sciences Demonstrates Clinical Utility Of Tumor Profiling By Identifying Molecular Differences And Additional Therapeutic Options For Hepatocellular Carcinoma 3/27/2015
Boston University/BMC Study Finds The Role Of Genes Is Greater With Living To Older Ages 3/27/2015
Most Antibiotics During Pregnancy Are Unlikely To Cause Neurological Damage To Fetuses, Great Ormond Street Hospital Study 3/27/2015
Looking For Happiness In All The Wrong Places, Baylor University Study 3/26/2015
Child With Autism Improves With Antibiotic, Microbial Ecology In Health And Disease Reveals 3/26/2015
Sleep Loss Tied To Emotional Reactions, University of Arkansas Study 3/26/2015
People Who Suffer Migraine Headaches May Be At Double The Risk Of Stroke, Loyola University Medical Center Study 3/26/2015
AlloSource Announces Positive Clinical Results For AlloTrue™-Cleansed And Low-Dose Irradiated Tendons Used In Kaiser Permanente Study Of ACL Revision Risks 3/26/2015
Pacira (PCRX) Announces Data Reinforcing Benefits Of EXPAREL For Postsurgical Pain Control Following Total Hip And Knee Replacement Surgery 3/26/2015