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Data Confirms Uptake Medical’s InterVapor Significantly Improves Lung Function in Severe Emphysema Patients 10/2/2015
Scientists Discover Why Binge Drinking Can Lead To Alcoholism, Stanford University Medical Center Study Finds 10/2/2015
Sibling Rivalry Affects Your Mental Health, Risky Behaviors, University of Missouri Study 10/2/2015
Researchers Discover Link Between Height And Cancer, Karolinska Institute Study 10/2/2015
Negative Spiritual Beliefs Linked To More Pain And Worse Physical, Mental Health, University of Missouri Study 10/2/2015
Why Beauty Really Is In The "Eye Of The Beholder," Massachusetts General Hospital Study 10/2/2015
Sermonix Pharmaceuticals Shares Study Results At The North American Menopause Society 10/2/2015
Heart Failure Research From The Mayo Clinic Utilizing The BVA-100 Blood Volume Analyzer Presented At The Annual Heart Failure Society Of America Meeting 10/2/2015
How Height And BMI Affect The Number Of Sexual Partners Men And Women Have, Chapman University Study 10/1/2015
Marken (Formerly known as Marken Time Critical) Leads Logistics Industry In Gene And Cell Therapy Trials 10/1/2015
Short, Intense Exercise Bursts Can Reduce Heart Risk To Teens, University of Exeter Study 10/1/2015
Musicians' Brains Fire Symmetrically When They Listen To Music, University Of Jyväskylä 10/1/2015
"Good Bacteria" Key To Stopping Asthma, University of British Columbia Study 10/1/2015
How Human Memory Works: Why The Brain Remembers And Forgets 10/1/2015
Lift Weights To Lose Weight: Strength Training Boosts Metabolic Rate, Mobility In Women 10/1/2015
Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute Release: Snapshot Of Stem Cell Expression 10/1/2015
AntiCancer Announces New Technology For Growing Hair In Long-Term Culture 10/1/2015
Here's Everything You Need To Know About Coffee At Work 9/30/2015
KemPharm Reports Positive Data Demonstrating Tamper-Resistant Properties Of KP201/APAP 9/30/2015
Provista Diagnostics Offers Hope For The Early Detection Of Breast Cancer In Women With Dense Breasts 9/30/2015
Drugs Go Under Cover As Platelets To Destroy Cancer, North Carolina State University Study 9/30/2015
Addicted To Shopping? University Of Bergen Study 9/30/2015
AM-Pharma Publishes Further Preclinical Data On recAP To Treat Acute Kidney Injury 9/30/2015
Rotation Medical Technology Surgical Technique Article And Accompanying Video Published In Arthroscopy Techniques 9/30/2015
University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) Orthopaedic Institute Finds Disposable, Plastic Spine Instrument By Xenco Medical Outperforms Metal Counterpart 9/30/2015
Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism, University Of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Study Shows 9/30/2015
Pennsylvania State University Release: New Study Finds That Social Skills May Be A Key Indicator Of Your Child's Long-Term Success 9/30/2015
NIH Scientists Create World’s Largest Catalog Of Human Genomic Variation 9/30/2015
Mount Sinai School of Medicine And LifeMap Solutions Announce Initial Results For Asthma Health App And New Features To Enhance Clinical Impact 9/29/2015
Sartorius Stedim Biotech Release: New Paper On Automated, Single-use, High-Throughput Process Development 9/29/2015
Glytec LLC Release: New Study Demonstrates That Improvements In Glucose Control Reduced Complications After Heart Surgery 9/29/2015
Oragenics, Inc. (OGEN) Reports Positive Results Of An Independent ProBiora3 Study 9/29/2015
Provectus Biopharmaceuticals Inc. Reports Publication Of Review Paper On PV-10 Tumor Ablation And Immune Stimulation 9/29/2015
OvaScience (OVAS) Drops to New Low After AUGMENT Update 9/29/2015
Blind Clinical Study Of Nugene's Light And Bright Gel(TM) Shows 89% Of Participants Experience A 50% Or More Improvement In Their Hyperpigmentation Appearance 9/29/2015
Janssen-Cilag International NV (JNJ) Release: First Data From Europe’s First And Largest Prospective Observational Study Of Metastatic Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer (mCRPC) Presented At The 2015 European Cancer Congress (ECC2015) 9/29/2015
Cook Medical Release: Preliminary European Results Announced: Zilver Vena Self-Expanding Venous Stent 9/29/2015
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Release: Discovery Provides Insight Into Life-Threatening Respiratory Distress In Newborns 9/29/2015
Hologic (HOLX) Sinks as Study Questions Computer-Aided Mammograms 9/29/2015
Chemical Exposure Linked To Rising Diabetes, Obesity Risk, Endocrine Society Reveals 9/29/2015
Caris Life Sciences Release: Caris Molecular Intelligence Tumor Profiling Identifies Potential Responders To Anticancer Therapy Across A Range Of Tumor Types 9/29/2015
New Links Between Lung Disease And Smoking Behavior Discovered, University of Nottingham Reveals 9/29/2015
Eat Spicy, Live Longer? Study Says Yes, Tulane University Reveals 9/29/2015
Genes Help Set Menopause Timing, University of Exeter Study 9/29/2015
Regen BioPharma Cancer Stem Cell Gene Target Shown to be a Key Mediator of Cancer Immune Surveillance by Independent Researchers 9/29/2015
Verona Pharma (VRP.L) Positive Headline Data From RPL554 Clinical Study In COPD Patients 9/29/2015
Plum Good Health Benefits, Texas A&M University Study 9/28/2015
Post Diagnosis Aspirin Improves Survival In All Gastrointestinal Cancers, Leiden University Medical Center Study 9/28/2015
Sex Does Not Increase Heart Attack Risk, Ulm University Study 9/28/2015
Exercise, Dieting Found To Improve Fertility In Women With Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Penn State College Of Medicine Study 9/28/2015
Antibiotic Overuse Might Be Why So Many People Have Allergies, American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (AAAAI) Reveals 9/28/2015
Like A Foreman, Brain Region Keeps Us On Task, Brown University Study 9/28/2015
University of Illinois Study Adds To Evidence That Viruses Are Alive 9/28/2015
Caris Life Sciences Release: New Clinical Data Demonstrate Clinical Utility Of Caris Molecular Intelligence Profiling To Aid Treatment Selection For Rare Or Refractory Solid Tumors 9/28/2015
Broad Institute Release: Scientists Discover New System For Human Genome Editing With Potential To Increase Power And Precision Of Genome Engineering 9/28/2015
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Rlease: Newly Identified Mechanism Solves Enduring Mystery Of Key Element Of Cellular Organization 9/28/2015
Men Can Spot A Cheating Women By Simply Staring At Their Face, University of Western Australia Study 9/25/2015
Wine's Darkest Secret Revealed - It's All In The Fungi, University Of Lincoln Study 9/25/2015
Why Lack Of Sleep Makes Us Emotionally Distracted By Everything, Tel Aviv University Study 9/25/2015
Mobile App Records Our Erratic Eating Habits, Salk Institute for Biological Studies Study 9/25/2015
Antidepressants Plus Blood-Thinners Slow Down Brain Cancer, EPFL Study 9/25/2015
Seasonal Body Clock Discovered In Animals, University of Manchester Study 9/25/2015
Boehringer Ingelheim Release: Extending Overall Survival Is Less Important Than Quality Of Life And Disease Stability For The Majority Of Physicians Treating Patients With Advanced Lung Cancer Following First Line-Chemotherapy 9/25/2015
Newly Discovered Metabolism Certifies Evolutionary Advantage For Yeast, acib GmbH Study 9/25/2015
Jaguar Animal Health Initiates Proof-Of-Concept Study To Evaluate Safety, Tolerability & Efficacy Of Neonorm In Foals 9/25/2015
WHO Says Most People In Europe Too Fat 9/24/2015
Why People In "Tall" Nations Are More Likely To Be Slim, University of Melbourne Study 9/24/2015
Dizziness After Standing May Hint At Scary Risk, Harvard Medical School Study 9/24/2015
You May Be Able To Rid Your Depression By Curing Sleep Apnea, University of Western Australia Study 9/24/2015
What The Inuit Can Tell Us About Omega-3 Fats And Paleo Diets, University of California, Berkeley (CAL) Study 9/24/2015
Increased Activity In Older Brains May Point To New Avenues For Treating Memory Loss, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine Study 9/24/2015
America's Fattest States 9/24/2015
Cannabis May Cause Schizophrenia, University of Calgary Researcher Warns 9/24/2015
CAPNIA, Inc. Announces Publication Of CoSense Clinical Data In The Journal Neonatology 9/24/2015
Cartiva Announces First Patient Treated In Study Of Cartiva Synthetic Cartilage Implant For Pain Associated With Osteoarthritis Of The Thumb 9/24/2015
Clearside Biomedical Announces 50th Patient Enrolled Using Suprachoroidal Drug Administration 9/24/2015
Enumeral Biomedical (ENUM) Announces Identification Of Anti-PD-1 Antibodies With Potential For Differentiated Mechanism Of Action 9/24/2015
Why Female CEOs Are Less Common, Harvard University Study 9/23/2015
High Fat Diet Leads To Overeating, Vanderbilt University Study 9/23/2015
If You’re Sitting Down, Don’t Sit Still, University of Leeds Research Suggests 9/23/2015
Biova Release: BiovaFlex Research Shows Reduced Back Pain After 5 Days, Improved Range of Motion (ROM) 9/23/2015
Is Radiation Necessary For Life? 9/23/2015
Female Mice Exposed To Environmental Chemicals May Cause Decreased Physical Activity In Their Offspring, University of Missouri Study 9/23/2015
The Effects Of Fast Food On The Body 9/23/2015
A Text A Day May Keep The Doctor Away, University of Sydney Study 9/23/2015
More Evidence Proves Coffee Doesn't Harm Your Heart, Karolinska Institute Study 9/23/2015
Common Pregnancy Complications Linked To Heart Disease Deaths Later On, Circulation Reveals 9/23/2015
People Are Surrounded By A Personal Microbial Cloud, University of Oregon Research Finds 9/23/2015
Celltex Therapeutics Corporation Release: Young Woman With Juvenile Arthritis And Dysautonomia Sees Major Improvements After Receiving Her Own Adult Stem Cells 9/23/2015
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center Release: New Cell Type May Help Explain Why Some People Have Dangerous Food Allergies 9/23/2015
Stemina Biomarker Discovery Launches Largest Ever Clinical Study Of Metabolism Of Children With Autism 9/23/2015
Invictus Oncology Presents Data On IO-125, Novel Supramolecular Therapeutic At ASCO Breast Cancer Symposium, 2015 9/23/2015
Theravance Biopharma (TBPH) Release: Data From New Studies Confirm In Vitro Potency Of VIBATIV (Telavancin) Against Gram-Positive Bacteria, Including MRSA 9/23/2015
Orthofix International NV (OFIX) Announces Publication Of Data Confirming The Clinical Benefits Of Trinity Evolution Cellular Bone Allograft In Foot And Ankle Procedures 9/23/2015
Angle Release: Newly Published Study Shows Parsortix Cell Separation System Is Effective At Isolating Circulating Tumor Cells For Metastatic Cancer 9/23/2015
bioAffinity Technologies Release: Clinical Study For Non-Invasive Lung Cancer Test Reports Promising Results In Journal Of Thoracic Oncology 9/23/2015
MetaStat Announces Positive Topline Results Of A Metasite Breast Prognostic Study In Invasive Breast Cancer 9/23/2015
AstraZeneca PLC (AZN) Offers Preclinical Data in Crowdsourcing Effort to Develop New Cancer Therapies 9/22/2015
Medtronic (MDT) Launches Real-World Study for Superdimension Lung Device 9/22/2015
Old Drug Offers New Hope to Treat Alzheimer’s Disease, Gladstone Institute Study 9/22/2015
OpGen (OPGN) To Present Data Showing Acuitas Tests Are Effective Tools For Investigating Transmission Of "Super Bugs" 9/22/2015
The AKC Canine Health Foundation Release: Spontaneously Occurring Cancer In Dogs Helps To Inform Human Disease 9/22/2015
Morgridge Institute For Research Release: Stem Cell-Derived "Organoids" Help Predict Neural Toxicity 9/22/2015
Canine Patients Treated With Ocata Therapeutics’s Hemangio-Derived Mesenchymal Cells (HMC) Achieve Remission In A Model Of Crohn’s Disease 9/22/2015
HTG Molecular Diagnostics Release: PROOF Centre To Begin Clinical Validation Of Heart Transplant Rejection Liquid Biopsy Test Using The HTG Edgeseq System, A Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS)-Based Platform 9/22/2015
The Lies We Tell Are More Convincing When We Need To Pee, California State University, Fullerton Study 9/21/2015
Barrier Against Brain Stem Cell Aging Discovered, University of Zurich Study 9/21/2015
Fast Food Eaters Are Not Exactly Who You Think They Are 9/21/2015
How Your Brain Decides Blame And Punishment--And How It Can Be Changed, Vanderbilt University Study 9/21/2015
Chimerix (CMRX) Presents New Research On Hospital Readmission Rates In Hematopoietic Cell Transplant Recipients 9/21/2015
Exosome Diagnostics Announces Publication Of ExoIntelliScore Prostate Initial Clinical Study Positive Results 9/21/2015
Theravance Biopharma (TBPH) Release: Data From New Studies Confirm in vitro Potency Of VIBATIV (telavancin) Against Gram-Positive Bacteria, Including MRSA 9/21/2015
Aura Biosciences Announces Publication Describing Selective Binding Of Viral-Like Particles To Cancer Cells 9/21/2015
TAXIS Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Demonstrates Synergistic Efficacy Against MRSA And Low Resistance Frequency With TXA709/Cefdinir Combination 9/21/2015
ETView Medical, Ltd. And The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center (Houston, TX) Announce The Start Of A Prospective, Randomized Clinical Evaluation Of Vivasight-DL Vs. Standard Double-Lumen Endotracheal Tubes 9/21/2015
MIT Release: Targeting DNA 9/21/2015
ProtoKinetix Inc. (PKTX.OB) Begins Testing Diabetic Mice With AAGP At University of Alberta 9/18/2015
National Lipid Association Publishes Part Two Of Its Recommendations For Patient-Centered Management Of Dyslipidemia 9/18/2015
Cleveland Biolabs Inc. (CBLI) Announces Publication Of Studies Demonstrating Efficacy Of Entolimod As A Radiation Countermeasure Up To 48 Hours After Exposure Of Nonhuman Primates To Lethal Radiation 9/18/2015
Beijing Shenogen Granted Fast Track Status For Novel Cancer Drug 9/18/2015
Biothera’s Cancer Immunotherapy Drug Imprime PGG Elicits Increased Natural Killer Cell Activation And Cancer Cell Killing 9/18/2015
Biothera’s Imprime PGG Cancer Immunotherapy Drug Activates Dendritic Cells, Leading To Enhanced T Cell Expansion And Cytokine Production 9/18/2015
Early Career Disappointment And Wellbeing Late In Life, University of Edinburgh Study 9/18/2015
Western University Hopes To Use Artificial Intelligence To Improve Breast Cancer Patient Outcomes 9/18/2015
Tai Chi Linked To Improved Physical Capacity In Certain Common Long Term Conditions, BMJ Reveals 9/18/2015
Do Estrogen Levels Affect The Willingness To Share? Goethe University Study 9/18/2015
Chapman University Publishes Research On Attractiveness And Mating In National Study Of Americans 9/18/2015
Yoga Improves Arthritis Symptoms And Mood, Johns Hopkins University Study Finds 9/18/2015
Working Out in the Morning is Best for Stress, Not Muscle Size, Report Says 9/17/2015
Science Explains Why September 16 Is The Most Common Birthday In America 9/17/2015
Why Scientists Make Bad Entrepreneurs—And How To Change That 9/17/2015
A New Hospital Supercomputer Predicts The Probable Time Of Your Death, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Study 9/17/2015
A*STAR Scientists Sequence Streptococcus Bacteria Strain Causing Severe Infections 9/17/2015
Beet Juice Boosts Muscle Power In Heart Patients, Washington University School of Medicine Study 9/17/2015
Fruit And Vegetables Aren't Only Good For A Healthy Body -- They Protect Your Mind Too, University Of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Study 9/17/2015
Women Lag Men In Medical Research Funds And Faculty Posts 9/17/2015
Energy Drinks Tied To Brain Injuries In Teens, St. Michael's Hospital Study 9/17/2015
Antibacterial Soap No More Effective Than Plain Soap At Reducing Bacterial Contamination, Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy Reveals 9/17/2015
Experts Just Released A Rough Guide For Advising Parents About Whether They Should Sequence Their Kids' DNA, Baylor College of Medicine Reveals 9/17/2015
Patent For First Method To Create Human Sperm, But Does It Work? Kallistem Reveals 9/17/2015
Virus In Cattle Linked To Human Breast Cancer, University of California, Berkeley (CAL) Study 9/16/2015
The Reason Why Middle Class People Are More Likely To Play Music, Paint And Act Revealed, University of Oxford Study 9/16/2015
"Our Chairs Are Killing Us," Say Sungkyunkwan University School Of Medicine Researchers 9/16/2015
Anatara Lifesciences Reports Second Successful Detach Trial 9/16/2015
International Team Discovers Natural Defense Against HIV, Michigan State University Study 9/16/2015
Twin Study Suggests Genetic Factors Contribute To Insomnia In Adults, Virginia Commonwealth University Reveals 9/16/2015
University of Florida Health Researchers Find Some Evidence Of Link Between Stress, Alzheimer's Disease 9/16/2015
Acetic Acid, Found In Vinegar, Shown To Be Effective Against Bacteria Found In Burn Wounds, University of Birmingham Study 9/16/2015
Link Between Air Pollution, Increased Deaths And Increased Deaths From Heart Disease Affirmed, NYU Langone Medical Center Study 9/16/2015
More Time Outside Tied To Less Nearsightedness In Children, Sun Yat-sen University Study 9/16/2015
Get Fit To Improve Cognitive Function; Why Exercise Is Important For The Brain As It Ages 9/16/2015
Canadian Cancer Society Release: Could A Vaccine Prevent Cancer From Spreading After Surgery? 9/16/2015
Thermo Fisher Scientific (TMO) Release: Using Proteomics To Understand How Genetic Mutations Rewire Cancer Cells 9/16/2015
RBCC Partner n3D's Innovative Toxicity Test Highlighted In Major Scientific Journal 9/16/2015
NYU Langone Medical Center Release: Link Between Air Pollution, Increased Deaths And Increased Deaths From Heart Disease Affirmed 9/15/2015
Hemispherx (HEB) Reports Low NK Cell Activity in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and Relationship to Disease Symptoms 9/15/2015
GENFIT (ALGFT) Announces Positive Results From Proprietary Nash Biomarker Program 9/15/2015
Sirona Biochem Reaches Major Milestone By Successful Scale-Up Of Skin Lightening Compound SBM-TFC-1067 9/15/2015
Diabetes Points Stanford University Scientists Toward Old Gallstone Drug 9/15/2015
Big Pharma Handing Out Fitbits To Collect Better Data In Drug Trials 9/15/2015
Mount Sinai School of Medicine Researchers Explore Cocoa As Novel Dietary Source For Prevention Of Cognitive Deterioration In AD 9/15/2015
Long Sleep And High Blood Copper Levels Go Hand In Hand, University Of Eastern Finland Study 9/15/2015
Kaiser Permanente Study Shows Length Of Time Between Births May Increase Autism Risk 9/14/2015
Eating A Lot Of Fish May Help Curb Depression Risk -- At Least In Europe, BMJ Reveals 9/14/2015
Resveratrol Impacts Alzheimer’s Disease Biomarker, Georgetown University Medical Center Study 9/14/2015
Hopping Could Reduce Fracture Risk For Older People, Loughborough University Study 9/14/2015
Keeping Gut Bacteria In Balance Could Help Delay Age-Related Diseases, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Study Finds 9/14/2015
Encouraging Results From Real-World Users Of Gilead (GILD)'s HIV-Prevention Pill Truvada 9/14/2015
TxCell Granted U.S. Orphan Drug Designation For Col-Treg In The Treatment Of Chronic Non-Infectious Uveitis 9/14/2015
New Study Reveals That ASEA's RENU 28 Is Effective At Treating Cellulite And Improving Skin Elasticity 9/14/2015
UC Davis Health System Release: Low Vitamin D Among Elderly Associated With Decline In Cognition, Dementia 9/14/2015
PeriGen, University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) And Kaiser Permanente Northern California Unite To Research Preventable Causes Of Birth-Related Brain Injury 9/14/2015
Stanford University Release: Non-Invasive Breast And Ovarian Cancer Screening Study Released 9/14/2015
Volunteers Ate 6000 Calories A Day For Science, Temple University Study 9/11/2015
Pain Awareness Month: 5 Natural Pain Killers That Will Heal You Back To Health 9/11/2015
Bad Sleep Ups Your Heart Disease Risk, Kangbuk Samsung Hospital Study 9/11/2015
Gut Bugs Key To Good Cholesterol And Heart Health University Medical Center Groningen Study 9/11/2015
Your Gut Bacteria Can Reveal Which Diet Works For You, Chalmers University of Technology Study 9/11/2015
Why MS Symptoms May Improve As The Days Get Shorter, Brigham and Women's Hospital Study 9/11/2015
International Contrast Ultrasound Society Release: Pilot Study Shows Positive Results For Treatment Of Pancreatic Cancer 9/11/2015
AstraZeneca PLC (AZN) Presents New Data On The Higher Burden Of Opioid-Induced Constipation Reported For People With Back Pain Who Take Prescribed Opioid Medication 9/11/2015
Case Western Reserve Scientists Discover Long-Sought Genetic Mechanism For Cancer Progression 9/11/2015
Puma Biotech (PBYI) Announces Publication Of PB272 In HER2 Non-Amplified Metastatic Breast Cancer With A HER2 Mutation 9/11/2015
Cocoa Flavanols Can Protect Your Heart, University Hospital Düsseldorf Study 9/11/2015
Keeping Older Muscles Strong, University of Iowa Study 9/10/2015
Man Who Has Gone 12 Years Without Bathing Helps Launch Skin Product Line With Natural Bacteria 9/10/2015
Can Humans Really Catch Alzheimer’s? University College London Study 9/10/2015
Kids With Better Lipid Levels Drink Less Sugary Drinks, Tufts University Study 9/10/2015
New Species Of Human Relative Discovered In South African Cave, University of Witwatersrand Study 9/10/2015
Heart Rate In Teen Boys Linked To Violent Crime In Adulthood, University of Helsinki And Karolinska Institute Study 9/10/2015
Egalet Announces Scientific Data At PAINWeek 2015 Meeting Supports Analgesic Efficacy Of SPRIX Nasal Spray Versus Commonly Prescribed Oral Combination Opioids In Treatment Of Moderate To Severe Short-Term Pain 9/10/2015
Cartiva Announces First Patient Enrolled In Proxifuse Post Market Study 9/10/2015
Lumicell Announces FDA Approval To Launch Feasibility Study In Gastrointestinal Cancers 9/10/2015
Presbia Completes Second Stage Enrollment In The U.S. FDA Pivotal Study Of Presbia Flexivue Microlens 9/10/2015
Lumicell Announces FDA Approval To Launch Feasibility Study In Gastrointestinal Cancers 9/10/2015
Cytori Therapeutics, Inc. (CYTX) Release: Scleroderma Therapy Benefit Sustained At One Year Follow Up 9/10/2015
Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMY) Release: Updated Label For Daklinza (Daclatasvir) For The 12-Week Treatment Of Non-Cirrhotic Patients With Chronic Hepatitis C Genotype 3 Approved By The European Commission 9/10/2015
Oregon State University Release: Results from Pulmonary Non-Tuberculous Mycobacteria (PNTM) Study Using Aradigm's Liposomal Ciprofloxacin To Be Presented At ICAAC/ICC 2015 9/10/2015
The Oncologist Release: Afatinib Benefits Extend To NSCLC Patients With Rare Mutations 9/9/2015
Myriad Genetics (MYGN) Adds To Scientific Evidence For The MyPLAN Lung Cancer Prognostic Test 9/9/2015