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ProMis Neurosciences Announces New Program To Identify Novel Alzheimer's Disease Targets On Toxic Strains Of Protein Tau 7/25/2016
Jaguar Animal Health Announces Positive Preliminary Topline Results Of Two Chinese-Sponsored Farm Studies To Evaluate The Safety And Effectiveness Of Neonorm Botanical Extract In Piglets 7/25/2016
Malaria Drug May Help In Cancer Fight, Cancer Research UK Radiation Research Centre Study 7/25/2016
"Humans Of New York" Story Exposes How Big Pharma Preys On The Weak 7/25/2016
Science Shows Not All High-Ranking People Turn Out To Be Selfish Jerks, Michigan State University Study 7/25/2016
Why Big Pharma Is Hungry For Bacteria 7/25/2016
Why Obese Women Have An Uncontrollable Urge To Eat, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Study Reveals 7/25/2016
Sitting 10+ Hours A Day Linked To Increased Heart Disease Risk, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Study 7/25/2016
Changes In Personality, Behavior Could Be An Early Sign Of Dementia, University of Calgary Study 7/25/2016
Araim Pharmaeuticals Obtains Fourth Orphan Designation: ARA 290 Obtains US Orphan Drug Designation For Treatment To Increase Survival And Improve Functioning Of Pancreatic Islets Following Transplantation 7/25/2016
Why Apnea Patients Are Prone To Suffer From Glaucoma, Hokkaido University Study 7/25/2016
Alzheimer's Association Formal Education And Complex Work May Reduce The Negative Effects Of Bad Diet And Cerebrovascular Disease On Cognition 7/25/2016
Who's Buying Legal Marijuana These Days? Mostly Men And Millennials 7/25/2016
Donald Trump Appeals To The Brains Of Voters—Will It Win Him The Election? 7/25/2016
"Brain Training" Cut Dementia Risk In Healthy Adults, University of South Florida Study 7/25/2016
A*STAR Release: WNT Signalling Shown To Play Critical Role In Hair Follicle Stem Cell Maintenance 7/25/2016
Evolva’s Nootkatone Enters NIH-Sponsored Studies To Assess Its Effectiveness Against Mosquitoes That Transmit Zika Virus 7/25/2016
Amniox Medical Highlights Studies Finding CLARIX FLO And CLARIX CORD 1K Improving Foot And Ankle Outcomes 7/25/2016
Underdog Bigfoot Biomedical Faces Medtronic (MDT) and Other Players in the Artificial Pancreas Race 7/25/2016
BIOPHYTIS Receives Belgian Regulatory Authorization To Start Sarconeos Pharmacokinetics Study In Elderly Healthy Volunteers (SARA-PK) 7/25/2016
Smoking Makes Women Vulnerable To Brain Bleeds, University of Helsinki Study 7/22/2016
The Science Of Rekindling The Fire In Your Relationship, University of Rochester Study 7/22/2016
Living Past 90 Doesn't Doom You To Disease, Disability, Albert Einstein College of Medicine Study 7/22/2016
Noisy Homes Can Slow A Toddler's Vocabulary, University of Wisconsin Study 7/22/2016
Genetic Causes Of Higher Melanoma Risk In Men Discovered, Universitat Jaume I de Castellón Reveals 7/22/2016
New Review Concludes Evidence For Alcohol Causing Cancer Is Strong, University Of Otago Study 7/22/2016
Sjogren's Syndrome Foundation: Rheumatology Clinical Practice Guidelines Published 7/22/2016
U.S. Department Of Veterans Affairs Researchers Working To Identify Risk Factors For Colon Cancer Under 50 7/22/2016
Couples Who Drink Together, Stay Together, University of Michigan Study 7/21/2016
Shasqi Local Drug Activation Technology Provides Improved Drug Efficacy With Minimal Side-Effects 7/21/2016
NYU Langone Medical Center Release: Researchers Discover Gene That Controls Regeneration Of Injured Muscle By Adult Stem Cells 7/21/2016
DNA Could Explain Why Italian Island Has So Many 100-Year-Olds, Tiziana Life Sciences Plc Reveals 7/21/2016
Singulex Release: Study Demonstrates Cardiac Troponin Analysis Can Help Identify Heart Disease Risk And Guide Treatment 7/21/2016
Aytu BioScience Announces Publication Of Peer-Reviewed Study Demonstrating The Utlility Of MiOXSYS In The Assessment Of Male Infertility 7/21/2016
Amyloidosis Research Consortium Announces Publication Of Seminal Manuscript In Peer-Reviewed Journal Leukemia Encouraging Use Of NT-proBNP As Endpoint In Clinical Trials 7/21/2016
"Inherited" Conditions Are Often Due To Shared Lifestyles In Families, University of Edinburgh Scientists Find 7/21/2016
Higher-Income Students Have An Edge When It Comes To Working Memory, University of Toronto Study 7/21/2016
Alzheimer's May Hamper Ability To Perceive Pain, Vanderbilt University Study Shows 7/21/2016
Rockefeller University Study Suggests Humans Can Detect Even The Smallest Units Of Light 7/21/2016
Trick To Cutting Calories: Order Your Food One Hour Before It's Time To Eat, Carnegie Mellon University Study 7/21/2016
Human Longevity’s Quest to Help You Live Longer 7/21/2016
Infections, Antibiotic Use Linked To Manic Episodes In People With Serious Mental Illness, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Study 7/21/2016
Newron Pharma (NWRN) Announces Initiation Of The STARS Study In The United States 7/21/2016
American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Release: Wrist Fractures Linked To Poor Balance In Elderly Patients 7/21/2016
New Study Evaluates Masimo (MASI) PVI As A Predictor Of Fluid Responsiveness In Patients Undergoing Liver Transplantation 7/21/2016
Working Full Time Is Officially Bad For You After A Certain Age, Melbourne Institute Of Applied Economic And Social Research Study 7/20/2016
Braeburn Pharma Announces Probuphine Data Published In The Journal Of The American Medical Association 7/20/2016
Is There A New Way To Get Zika? 7/20/2016
Menopause Reversal Restores Periods And Produces Fertile Eggs 7/20/2016
McMaster University Scientists Find Possible Vaccine For Sexual Transmitted Disease 7/20/2016
Organovo (ONVO) On Track To Commercialize Kidney Tissue; Company Signs First Customer Orders For Kidney Tissue Early Access Program 7/20/2016
Hookipa Biotech Initiates First-in-Human Study Of Cytomegalovirus Vaccine 7/20/2016
Genomic Vision Is Accelerating Its Clinical Trial In Cervical Cancer With An Additional Study In The Czech Republic 7/20/2016
Kadmon Data Published In Science Signaling Show ROCK2 Signaling As A Key Modulator Of T Follicular Helper Cell Function In Autoimmune Diseases 7/20/2016
Love Hormone Produced During Sex Decreases Appetite And Stops Binge Eating, York University Study 7/20/2016
Could Copper Be The New Fat Burner? Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Study 7/19/2016
ProMis Neurosciences Announces New Program To Identify Novel ALS Disease Targets On Toxic Strains Of Protein TDP43 7/19/2016
Mazor Robotics Shows Off Studies Showing Advantage of Robotic Assistance in MIS Spinal Procedures 7/19/2016
What Your Menstrual Cycle Says About Your Fertility, St. Luke's Medical Center Study 7/19/2016
A Stressful Life Can Trigger Violent Crimes In Some People, Oxford University Study 7/19/2016
The DNA That Makes You Happy Can Also Make You Sad, University of Oxford Study 7/19/2016
Heavy People May Die Up to 3 Years Early, Oxford University Study 7/19/2016
How Medicine Is Failing Obese People 7/19/2016
A Healthy Diet Can Include A Lot Of Fat, University of Minnesota Study 7/19/2016
Stentys Enrolls First Patient In Left Main Clinical Trial 7/19/2016
Angle Announces Initiation Of Two Hundred Patient European Ovarian Cancer Study 7/19/2016
Experimental Biology And Medicine Release: Genotation: Actionable Knowledge For The Scientific Reader 7/19/2016
Vaccine Could Stop Alzheimer’s In Its Tracks, Flinders University Study 7/18/2016
Zika Epidemic Will End In Three Years, Imperial College London Study Suggests 7/18/2016
An Early Bedtime For Tots Linked To Better Weight As Teens, Ohio State University Study 7/18/2016
DalCor's Dalcetrapib Demonstrates Genotype-Dependent Effects On Cholesterol Efflux And Inflammation In Data Published By The Montreal Heart Institute In Circulation: Cardiovascular Genetics 7/18/2016
Imbalance Of Gut Bacteria Linked To Elevated Diabetes Risk, University of Copenhagen Study 7/18/2016
Immune System, Social Behavior And Autism Could Be Linked, University of Virginia Study 7/18/2016
UK Biotech Dives Into Sardinia Gene Pool For Secret Of Long Life 7/18/2016
YiSheng BioPharma Reports Early Success For Its Adjuvant In Ebola Vaccine 7/18/2016
A*STAR Release: Singapore Scientists Discover New Pathways Leading To Cancer Progression 7/18/2016
Remo | CRO Release: Clinical Trial Innovation Through Big Data And Outreach 7/18/2016
FDA Grants Auris Medical AG (EARS) Fast Track Designation For Keyzilen In Acute Peripheral Tinnitus 7/18/2016
Combined Cataract And Presbia Microlens Surgeries Demonstrate Excellent Results And Patient Satisfaction In Near-Vision Improvement 7/18/2016
InVivo Therapeutics (NVIV) Announces Ben Taub Hospital/Baylor College of Medicine As New Site For INSPIRE Study 7/18/2016
IlluminOss Completes Enrollment For U.S. Clinical Trial Using Groundbreaking Photodynamic Bone Stabilization System 7/18/2016
ImmunoQure Announces Publication In Cell Of Naturally Occurring Patient-Derived Autoantibodies That Limit Human Diseases 7/18/2016
This STD Could Get A Lot Harder To Treat, CDC Study 7/15/2016
Could We One Day Heal The Mind By Taking Control Of Our Dreams? 7/15/2016
Eating Too Much Red Meat Linked To Kidney Failure, National University of Singapore (NUS) Study 7/15/2016
Youngest Siblings More Likely To Go Into Business, University of Birmingham Study 7/15/2016
Eating More Cinnamon Could Improve Learning Ability, Rush University Medical Center Study 7/15/2016
International Team Led By Humabs Biomed Identifies Novel Therapeutic Antibody Candidates Isolated From Zika-Infected Patients 7/15/2016
Cardiac Scientists At Lankenau Institute for Medical Research Release Consensus Report On J Wave Syndromes 7/15/2016
Artificial Lighting May Be Doing Terrible Things To Our Bodies, Leiden University Medical Center Study 7/15/2016
Emotional Abuse In Childhood Linked To Migraines In Adulthood, Yale University Study 7/14/2016
Alzheimer's Gene May Show Effects In Childhood, University of Hawaii Study 7/14/2016
Working Out With Lighter Weights Just As Effective As Heavier Weights, McMaster University Study 7/14/2016
Cancer Drug Could Help Parkinson's, Dementia Patients, Georgetown University Study 7/14/2016
History Credits This Man With Discovering Ebola On His Own. History Is Wrong 7/14/2016
Dengue Fever Cases Drop 91% In Neighbourhood Of Piracicaba, Brazil, Where Oxitec's Friendly Aedes Were Released 7/14/2016
Millennials And Marrying Young: Like Mother, Like Child, Ohio State University Study 7/14/2016
Obesity Linked To Premature Death, Particularly In Men, University of Cambridge Study 7/14/2016
Hungry Parents May Feed Their Kids More, University of Florida Study 7/14/2016
CureVac Release: Study In Peer-Reviewed Journal Vaccine Demonstrates Decoding Mode Of Action Of mRNA Vaccines 7/14/2016
Oxford Gene Technology Ltd. Release: Leading Experts Reveal How Exon-Focused Microarrays Are Advancing Genetic Syndrome Research 7/14/2016
Cilian AG Provides Update On Vaccine Program Münster, Germany, July 2016 7/14/2016
Wageningen University Release: New Insights In Furanic Intermediates And Aromatic Derivatives From Biomass 7/14/2016
ProMis Neurosciences Announces New Program To Identify Novel Alzheimer's Disease Targets On Toxic Strains Of Protein Tau 7/14/2016
InVivo Therapeutics (NVIV) Opens First Ex-U.S. Site In Canada For INSPIRE Study 7/14/2016
Hengrui Medicine OK'd To Start China Trials Of Autoimmune Drug 7/14/2016
New Study Assesses Utility Of 1st Generation Masimo (MASI) Pronto Pulse CO-Oximeter With Sphb Spot Check Technology In Evaluating Pediatric Trauma Patients 7/14/2016
Spirox Announces First U.S. Cases With Minimally Invasive Device For Lateral Cartilage Support In Patients With Nasal Valve Collapse, A Major Cause Of Nasal Obstruction 7/14/2016
Why Jet Lag Is Tougher When Traveling East, University of Maryland Study 7/13/2016
Why Artificial Sweeteners Can Increase Your Appetite, University of Sydney Study 7/13/2016
InVivo Therapeutics (NVIV) Receives Investigational Testing Authorization From Health Canada 7/13/2016
Mitralign, Inc. Completes Enrollment In First Phase Of U.S. Early Feasibility Study On Tricuspid Repair 7/13/2016
Pregnant Women Carrying A Boy May Be At Risk For Preterm Birth, University of Adelaide Study 7/13/2016
What You Order At A Restaurant Could Positively Influence Your Relationships, University of Chicago Study 7/13/2016
Cycling May Help Lower Type 2 Diabetes Risk, University Of Southern Denmark Study 7/13/2016
A*STAR Release: Study Finds Strong Genetic Risk Factor For Kidney Disease 7/13/2016
InDex Pharmaceuticals AB Publishes Results From COLLECT Study 7/13/2016
Mechanism Of Autophagy Initiation Has Just Been Revealed, Tokyo Institute Of Technology Study 7/12/2016
Pomegranate Finally Reveals Its Powerful Anti-Aging Secret, EPFL Study 7/12/2016
What Changes When Someone Gets Fit? 7/12/2016
Zika Virus Gene Replikins: Significant Mutations Detected 7/12/2016
Ionis Pharma (IONS) Announces Publication In Nature Biotechnology Of A Novel Mechanism Of Action For Antisense Drugs That Significantly Expands Therapeutic Opportunities 7/12/2016
Experimental Biology and Medicine Release: A Yeast Derived Substance May Prevent Diabetic Cataract 7/12/2016
Zavante Therapeutics Lead Product Candidate, ZTI-01 (fosfomycin for injection) Demonstrated In Vitro Activity Against Bacteria Resistant To Last Resort Antibiotic 7/12/2016
A Medical Mystery Of The Best Kind: Major Diseases Are In Decline 7/12/2016
Pregnancy Multivitamins Are A Waste Of Money, Royal College Of Midwives Review Says 7/12/2016
How Staying Warm May Ward Off The Common Cold, Yale University Study 7/12/2016
Hops Extract Could Help Reduce Breast Cancer Risk, University of Illinois Study 7/12/2016
The Science Behind Slurpees And "Brain Freeze," Johns Hopkins University Study 7/12/2016
Orthocell Receives Ethics Approval For Pivotal Ortho-ATI Tendon Study 7/12/2016
A*STAR Release: A New Way To Diagnose And Treat Lung Cancer 7/12/2016
InVivo Therapeutics (NVIV) Announces Update On The INSPIRE Study And FDA Approval Of Expansion Of The Study To 20 Evaluable Patients 7/12/2016
Milestone Study On Pomegranate Anti-Aging Mechanism Reported By Amazentis SA And EPFL Researchers 7/12/2016
Progyny Scientists Present A New Study To Further Aid Embryo Selection At Annual Conference Of The European Society Of Human Reproduction And Embryology 7/12/2016
Mystery Virus From Herpes Family Linked To Infertility, HHV-6 Foundation Study 7/11/2016
The More Fruit And Veggies You Eat The Happier You Are, University of Warwick Study 7/11/2016
Thumb-Sucking And Nail-Biting Kids May Develop Fewer Allergies, University of Otago Study 7/11/2016
The Science Of Why We Tap Our Feet To A Musical Beat, University of Oslo Study 7/11/2016
Could Statins Help Fight Cancer? Aston University School Of Medicine Study 7/11/2016
Game Of Genomes: An Epic Quest To Crack The Mysteries Of Our DNA 7/11/2016
Results Of New Study With Castle Biosciences’ Skin Melanoma Gene Expression Test Published In Current Medical Research And Opinion 7/11/2016
Innsbruck Medical University Release: Addiction Research Uncovers Potential Of Social Interaction 7/11/2016
BioCad: Advanced Rheumatoid Arthritis Medicine Developed In Russia 7/11/2016
Vernalis PLC (VNLPY.PK) Announces Successful Completion Of CCP-08 Pivotal Multiple-Dose Comparative Bioavailability Study 7/11/2016
Titan Spine Secures CMS New Technology ICD-10 Code For Nanotextured Surface On Interbody Fusion Devices 7/11/2016
SanBio, Inc. Release: First Patient Is Randomized In STEMTRA Trial For Traumatic Brain Injury 7/11/2016
Milestone Study On Pomegranate Anti-Aging Mechanism Reported By Amazentis SA And EPFL Researchers 7/11/2016
Myriad Genetics (MYGN) Announces Positive Results For An Endopredict Clinical Study Published In The Journal Of The National Cancer Institute 7/11/2016
Drinking Caffeine May Play A Role In Hearing Loss, McGill University Study 7/8/2016
Brain Inflammation Linked To Depression In MS Patients, King's College London Study 7/8/2016
Why Do More Black Women Die of Breast Cancer? NIH Study 7/8/2016
American Academy of Neurology Release: Athletes May Have White Matter Brain Changes Six Months After A Concussion 7/8/2016
Perception Of Body Size Can Change In Only Two Minutes, Macquarie University Study 7/8/2016
New Anti-Malarial Drugs On Their Way, University of Geneva Study 7/8/2016
A*STAR Release: A New Way Of Looking At Cancer 7/8/2016
Aytu BioScience Presents Clinical Findings For Its MiOXSYS System At 32nd Annual Meeting Of The European Society Of Human Reproduction And Embryology 7/7/2016
Wei Wang's Lab Release: Novel Approach Reveals More Diversity In The Human Brain 7/7/2016
How Diet Quality Of Parents And Kids Are Connected, University of Delaware Study 7/7/2016
Marijuana Dampens Your Brain's Response To Rewards, University of Michigan Study 7/7/2016
Amount Of Time People Gaze Into Each Other's Eyes Is Remarkably Short, University College London Study 7/7/2016
Why People With Anger Problems Tend To Misuderstand Others More, University of Chicago Study 7/7/2016
IM HealthScience Release: Peer-Reviewed Medical Journal Publishes Results Of Two Studies Demonstrating Rapid Symptom Improvement, High Patient Satisfaction And Enhanced Quality Of Life With IBgard, A Novel, Non-Prescription Medical Food For The Dietary Management Of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) 7/7/2016
Prostate Cancer Foundation Release: Inherited Genetic Mutations Found In 12% Of Men With Metastatic Prostate Cancer 7/7/2016
Broccoli May Help Treating Age-Related Vision Loss, Buck Institute for Age Research Study 7/7/2016
Cytel Publication In The New England Journal of Medicine Propels Adaptive Design Into The Mainstream Of Medical Research 7/7/2016
New Drug Could Improve Memory After Traumatic Brain Injury, University of Miami And Tetra Reveal 7/7/2016
Premier Biomedical Anti-Cancer Antibody Outperforms Leading Multi-Billion Dollar Commercial Cancer Treatments In Initial Head-to-Head Testing At A Major University 7/6/2016
Poor Sleep Health Could Contribute To Inflammatory Disease, UCLA Study 7/6/2016
Ever Noticed Time Seems To Move Faster When You're In Control Of Things? University College London Study 7/6/2016
Sex Could Play A Role In Type 2 Diabetes Treatment... But Not In The Way You Think, IRCM Study 7/6/2016
Everon Biosciences Introduces New Age-Related Cellular Target That Changes Focus Of Antiaging Drug Discovery 7/6/2016
The State Of Cloning 20 Years After Dolly The Sheep 7/6/2016
More Unsaturated Fats Linked To A Longer Life, Harvard School of Public Health Study 7/6/2016
Study Finds High Satisfaction Amongst Patients With ConforMIS Customized Total Knee Replacements 7/6/2016
University Of Electro-Communications Research: Mathematical Model Gives Insights Into Cotranscriptional Folding Of RNA 7/6/2016
Smith & Nephew Inc. (SNN) Release: New Protocol Including The Use Of ALLEVYN LIFE Reduces Hospital-Acquired Pressure Ulcers By 69% In Large Facility 7/6/2016
Kalytera Therapeutics To Present New Data That Supports The Continued Investigation Of KAL671 For The Treatment Of Osteoporosis In Prader-Willi Syndrome At The IPWSO Conference 7/6/2016
Araim Pharmaeuticals Receives Orphan Drug Designation From The US FDA For ARA 290 For The Treatment Of Sarcoidosis 7/5/2016
Indian Doctors Grow New Nose On Boy's Forehead 7/5/2016
Mosquitoes More Likely To Bite Preggies, Alcohol Drinkers, Durham University Study 7/5/2016
Enjoy That Pasta Salad: Noodles Linked To Lower BMI 7/5/2016
Persistent HPV Infection Raises Risk Of Anal And Genital Cancers, Copenhagen University Hospital Study 7/5/2016
Breathing In A Cure, Texas A&M University Study 7/5/2016
Meet Candida Auris, The Drug-Resistant Yeast Infection That Kills Up To 60% Of Those Infected 7/5/2016
C4X Discovery Identifies Multiple New Drug Targets For Development 7/5/2016
PharmaCyte (PMCB)’s Research On Medical Uses Of Cannabinoids Supported By Recent Scientific Article 7/5/2016
Set Point Release: Breakthrough First-In-Human Study Shows Vagus Nerve Stimulation Significantly Reduces Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms, Inhibits Cytokine Production 7/5/2016
Celltrion (068270.KQ) Announces Its Commitment To Develop Anti-Drug Antibody And Drug Concentration Assay To Enable Evidence-Based Decision-Making In anti-TNF Treatment 7/5/2016
iBio, Inc. (IBIO) Receives FDA Orphan Drug Designation For Fibrosis Product Candidate 7/5/2016
Gelatin Instead Of The Gym To Grow Stronger Muscles, University of Southern California Researchers Reveal 7/5/2016
Cravings For High-Calorie Foods May Be Switched Off By New Food Supplement, Imperial College London Study 7/1/2016
Stretching May Ease Women's Depression And Menopause Symptoms, Meiji Yasuda Life Foundation Of Health And Welfare Study 7/1/2016
Stem Cell Clinics Selling Risky Treatments Explode Across the U.S., University of Minnesota Study 7/1/2016
Thinking "I Can Do Better" Really Can Improve Performance, University Of Wolverhampton Study 7/1/2016
Family History Biggest Predictor Of Heart Attacks In People With Psoriasis, University of Copenhagen Study 7/1/2016
New Study Pinpoints Behavior Type Linked To Binge Drinking, Florida Atlantic University Reveals 7/1/2016
Microcephaly Screening Alone Won't Detect All Cases Of Zika Virus In Newborns, Universidade Federal de Pelotas Study 7/1/2016
University of New Mexico Release: Systemic Mastocytosis Responds To New Drug 7/1/2016
Need Skills? Corporate Volunteering Programs Not Always Best Place To Acquire Them, University of Vermont Study 7/1/2016
Ampio Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (AMPE) Announces Results Of Ampion Trials 6/30/2016