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Faster Heart Rate Linked To Diabetes Risk, Penn State University Study 5/22/2015
Does Botox Actually Rejuvenate Your Skin? University of Ottawa Study 5/22/2015
Memory Loss Not Always First Sign Of Alzheimer’s, National Hospital For Neurology And Neurosurgery Study 5/22/2015
Emoticons ; ) May Signal Better Customer Service, Penn State University Study 5/22/2015
Infections Can Affect Your IQ, Aarhus University Study 5/22/2015
ASCO: Glactone Pharma Demonstrates That New Compound Reduces Immunosuppressive Markers In Prostate Cancer Cells 5/22/2015
Botox Seems To Ease Depression, University Of Texas Medical Center Reveals 5/21/2015
St. Jude Medical (STJ) Release: Re-Engineered Antibiotic Shows Potential For Treatment Of Drug-Resistant Bacteria 5/21/2015
Ampio Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (AMPE) Announces Positive Study Results On Optina For The Treatment Of Diabetic Macular Edema 5/21/2015
Anavex (AVXL) Encouraged By Data Showing Sigma-1 Receptor Reduces Tau Dysfunction, A Hallmark Of Alzheimer's Disease 5/21/2015
Earlier Puberty And Stunted Growth In Boys Linked To Pot Use, Pir Mehr Ali Shah Agriculture University Rawalpindi Study 5/21/2015
DNA Bank To Unlock Genetic Clues About Stuttering Created, University of Alberta Reveals 5/21/2015
How Watching A Film Can Make You Smarter, Goldsmiths University Scientists Reveal 5/21/2015
Paracetamol Risk To Unborn Boys, University of Edinburgh Study 5/21/2015
Snacking On Protein Can Improve Appetite Control And Diet Quality In Teens, University of Missouri Study 5/21/2015
Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc. Announces Health Outcomes Data That Support The Consideration Of Brovana (Arformoterol Tartrate) Inhalation Solution For The Maintenance Treatment Of COPD At The American Thoracic Society (ATS) 2015 Annual Meeting 5/21/2015
Bayer HealthCare (BAY) Release: New Data Show Need For Improved Monitoring For Pulmonary Hypertension Following Pulmonary Embolism 5/20/2015
SanBio, Inc. Announces Publication In Stem Cells And Development 5/20/2015
Arraystar Inc. Release: Ribosomal RNA Removal – The 3Rs Underpinning The RNA Revolution 5/20/2015
ASCO’s Most Important Abstracts: BioSpace (DHX)’s Cheat Sheet for You 5/20/2015
Skipping Meals May Actually Increase Belly Fat, Ohio State University Reveals 5/20/2015
Your Genes May Influence Leadership Ability In The Workplace, Kansas State University Research Finds 5/20/2015
Elite Athletes' Brains 82 Percent Faster, University College London Study 5/20/2015
Science Finally Explains Why Men Really Exist, University of East Anglia Study 5/20/2015
Old Bones Can Regain Youthful Healing Power, Hospital For Sick Children Study Finds 5/20/2015
How To Restore Youthful Vigor To Adult Brains, University of California, Irvine Study 5/20/2015
Your Brain's Unique Response To Words Can Reveal Your Identity, Basque Center On Cognition, Brain, And Language Study 5/20/2015
Should Women Copy Men By Faking The 80-Hour Work Week? Boston University Study 5/20/2015
Drinking Coffee May Lower Erectile Dysfunction Risk, University of Texas Health Science Center Study 5/20/2015
Integrated DNA Technologies Release: Untangling The Web Of Gene Expression 5/19/2015
Discovery Paves Way For Homebrewed Drugs, University of California, Berkeley (CAL) Study 5/19/2015
Obese People Not Just Clumsy, Dublin City University Study 5/19/2015
Many Popular Probiotics Could Actually Be Harmful, Columbia University Study 5/19/2015
Men With Asthma Less Likely To Develop Lethal Prostate Cancer, Johns Hopkins University Study 5/19/2015
Diarrhea Medicine Could Cure A Hangover, University of Pennsylvania Study 5/19/2015
GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Release: New Study Shows Inner-City Asthma Care Program Reduces Student Absenteeism By Up To 20 Percent 5/19/2015
American Urological Association Release: Studies Demonstrate Risks, Benefits Of Testosterone Therapy 5/19/2015
Alcon (ACL) Study Reveals Nearly Half Of Americans Would Avoid Reading Glasses If They Knew It Made Them Look Older 5/19/2015
"Extreme" Exposure To Secondhand Cannabis Smoke Causes Mild Intoxication, Johns Hopkins University Study 5/19/2015
Appalachian State University Release: Human Performance Lab Validates Non-invasive Method To Measure Muscle Glycogen 5/19/2015
Paediatric Dentists At The University Of Greifswald Show Clear Superiority Of CURODONT REPAIR And Fluoride In Comparison To Fluoride Alone In A Controlled Clinical Study 5/19/2015
Digestive Disease Week Release: New Studies Document Advances In Treating Gastrointestinal Diseases 5/19/2015
Lakewood-Amedex Inc. Announces Its Novel Bisphospocin Class Of Antimicrobials Kills Multidrug Resistant-Tuberculosis (MDR-TB) Strains In Fifteen Minutes 5/19/2015
Digestive Disease Week Release: Menopausal Hormone Therapy Increases Risk of Gastrointestinal Bleeding 5/19/2015
Thermo Fisher Scientific (TMO) Release: Research Scientists Release Initial Data From The Saudi Human Genome Program 5/19/2015
Death In Your State: What's Really Killing Americans, CDC Reveals 5/18/2015
How Birth Month Really Does Influence Personality Traits, University of Connecticut Study 5/18/2015
First-Born Kids Are Just Plain Better At Picking Up Second Languages, University College London Study 5/18/2015
High Salt Intake May Delay Puberty, University Of Wyoming Study 5/18/2015
On Planes, Savory Tomato Becomes Favored Flavor, Cornell University Study 5/18/2015
Three Perspectives On "The Dress," Giessen University Study 5/18/2015
Ebola Isn't Going To Spread Through The Air, New University of Florida Study Reveals 5/18/2015
Canadian Journal Of Urology Study Highlights The Benefits Of Heparin And Alkalinized Lidocaine Combination Formulation For The Relief Of Interstitial Cystitis Symptoms 5/18/2015
Applied Genetic Technologies Corporation Announces New Data Supporting Novel Gene-Based Therapies For Rare Inherited Retinal Diseases 5/18/2015
California CRO WCCT Global Completes Successful Study In Older Subjects 5/18/2015
American Urological Association Release: Studies Show Quitting Smoking Improves Outcomes In Urologic Disease 5/18/2015
American Urological Association Release: Poor Sleep Quality May Impact Severity Of Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms In Male Shift Workers 5/18/2015
American Urological Association Release: Overactive Bladder Treatment Linked To Decreased Fall Risk For Older Adults 5/18/2015
University College London Release: Study Shows Non-Memory Alzheimer’s Symptoms More Likely In Younger People 5/18/2015
American Urological Association Release: New Studies Call For Improved Assessment Of Prostate Cancer Screening And Treatment Selection 5/18/2015
Real-World Data From Three Separate Studies Demonstrate That Valeritas' V-Go Significantly Reduces A1c And Lowers Total Daily Insulin Dose For Patients With Diabetes 5/18/2015
Indian Academy of Diabetes Release: Clinical Trial Outcomes Spotlighted At Scientific And Clinical Congress Show Favorable Results 5/18/2015
American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists Release: Testosterone Replacement Therapy Benefits Outweigh Risks, Say Researchers 5/18/2015
American Urological Association Release: New Studies Call For Smarter Approach To Prostate Cancer Screening 5/18/2015
Scientists At The Center For Infectious Disease Research Discover How Lethal Parasites Control Their Escape From The Immune System 5/18/2015
American Urological Association Release: Biomarkers To Improve Prostate Cancer Screening 5/18/2015
Data From TOLMAR Pharmaceuticals Demonstrate ELIGARD Consistently Suppresses Serum Testosterone Levels In Patients With Advanced Prostate Cancer 5/18/2015
American Urological Association Release: Penile Fracture - Not A Wait-And-See Situation: Study Suggests Waiting Several Hours Before Treatment Can Result In Impaired Erectile Function 5/18/2015
American Urological Association Release: Beyond The Wrinkles: Botulinum Toxin A And Its Innovative Treatment For Bladder Disorders 5/18/2015
New Test Detects Drug Use From A Single Fingerprint, University of Surrey Study 5/15/2015
Link Between Vitamin E And Air Pollution Discovered, King's College London Study 5/15/2015
Botox May Erase Irregular Heartbeat Issues, State Research Institute Of Circulation Pathology Reveals 5/15/2015
Your Handshake Tells The Story Of Your Health, McMaster University Study 5/15/2015
Vitamin B May Help Prevent Some Skin Cancers, University of Sydney Study 5/15/2015
Prometheus Laboratories Inc. Release: New Data Show Proleukin (aldesleukin) Improves Patient Outcomes As First-Line Therapy For The Treatment Of Patients With Metastatic Melanoma Or Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma 5/15/2015
American Society of Hypertension, Inc. Release: New Research Reveals Connection Between Stroke Risk And Too Much Shuteye; Anti-Hypertensive Meds And Risk Of Falls; And Genes That Make The Body Salt-Sensitive 5/15/2015
OvaScience (OVAS)’s AUGMENT Fertility Treatment Continues To Demonstrate Improved Pregnancy Rates In Women With Very Poor Prognoses 5/15/2015
Personalized Medicine Is Gaining Traction, But Faces Multiple Challenges, Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development Study Concludes 5/15/2015
Hold Your Breath To Dampen The Pain Of An Injection, University Of Jaén Study 5/14/2015
Is It Time To Ditch Annual Performance Reviews? Rice University Study 5/14/2015
Can Diet And Exercise Prevent Muscle Loss In Old Age? University of Southampton Study 5/14/2015
Halyard Health New Data From Three ON-Q Studies Showing Reductions In Opioid Consumption And Length Of Stay Following Spine, Major Foot And Ankle, And Mastectomy Surgeries 5/14/2015
Thermo Fisher Scientific (TMO) Release: Celiac Disease Markedly Underdiagnosed In Adults, Say Danish Researchers 5/14/2015
Men Who Exercise May Delay High Cholesterol, University of South Carolina Study 5/13/2015
Wearing Red Can Make You Appear Angry And Dominant, Durham University Study 5/13/2015
How Too Much Artificial Light Might Be Making You Fat, Leiden University Medical Center Study 5/13/2015
Celiac Disease Linked To Nerve Damage, Karolinska Institute Study 5/13/2015
Purdue Pharma L.P. Release: Data On Long-Term Safety And Effectiveness Of Hysingla ER (hydrocodone bitartrate) Extended-Release Tablets CII Presented At American Pain Society Scientific Meeting 5/13/2015
UC Davis Mind Institute Research Finds Differences In The Brains And Behavior Of Girls And Boys With Autism 5/13/2015
Changing Profile Pictures Will Not Change Your Personalities: University of Connecticut Researcher 5/12/2015
Dad's Age Linked To Blood Cancer Risk In His Kids, American Journal Of Epidemiology Reveals 5/12/2015
Lab-Made Sperm Cells Offer New Approach To Treat Male Infertility, Kallistem Reveals 5/12/2015
More Sex Doesn't Doesn't Make You Happier, Carnegie Mellon University Study 5/12/2015
How Chewing Gum Can Stop Unwanted Songs From Playing In Your Head, University of Reading Study 5/12/2015
Five Scientific Reasons Motherhood Rules, University of California, Riverside Study 5/12/2015
Drug-Resistant Typhoid Spreading Fast Globally, Sanger Institute Study 5/12/2015
Mologen AG (MOLGF.PK): Progress In Clinical Trials Sets First Quarter Trend 5/12/2015
Kids Exposed To Multiple Languages At Home Become Better Communicators, University of Chicago Study 5/12/2015
New Peer-Reviewed Publication Provides Further Insights Into Mechanism Of ISA Pharmaceuticals’ SLP Immunotherapeutics 5/12/2015
MYOS (MYOS) Initiates Clinical Study On Fortetropin Dose Response 5/11/2015
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Release: First Cancer-Promoting Oncogenes Discovered In Rare Brain Tumor Of Children And Adults 5/11/2015
In Hearings, University of Minnesota Admits Problems in Solvay Pharmaceuticals, Inc.’s Schizophrenia Drug 5/11/2015
Mom's Weight Gain During Pregnancy Linked To Kid's Obesity, University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston Study 5/8/2015
Thomas Jefferson University Launches Major Head And Neck Cancer Study Utilizing Cesium-131 Where Current Standard Of Care Treatments Have Failed 5/8/2015
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Release: Tracking Defects Caused By Brain Tumor Mutation Yields Insight To Advance Targeted Therapy 5/8/2015
Measles May Weaken Immune System Up To Three Years, Princeton University Study 5/8/2015
Viagra To Prevent Transmission Of The Malaria Parasite? INSERM Study 5/8/2015
Carrot Or Stick? Punishments May Guide Behavior More Effectively Than Rewards, Washington University School of Medicine Study 5/8/2015
Millennials Have Less Sex Partners Than Their Parents, San Diego State University Study 5/8/2015
The New Science On Old Age: 10 Ways To Live Longer 5/7/2015
200-Year-Old Heart Drug Linked To Premature Death, European Hearth Journal Reveals 5/7/2015
NIH Release: GTEx Findings Reveal New Insights Into How DNA Differences Influence Gene Activity, Disease Susceptibility 5/7/2015
BOC Sciences Release: New Pluripotent Stem Cells Were Identified In A Study 5/7/2015
Thomas Jefferson University Release: Photoactive Dye Could Prevent Infection During Bone-repair Surgery 5/7/2015
New Laboratory Study Shows That NovaBay Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NBY)’ Avenovacompletely Inactivates The Bacterial Enzyme That Contributes To Blepharitis And Meibomian Gland Dysfunction 5/7/2015
Bioiberica Release: Experts Found Evidence That The Most Commonly Prescribed Treatments For Osteoarthritis, Such As Anti-Inflammatory Drugs Or Acetaminophen, Have Limited Effectiveness And Considerable Secondary Effects 5/7/2015
As Life Slips By: Why Eye Movement Doesn’t Blur The Picture, University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Study 5/7/2015
SCAI Release: Antiplatelet Drug Ticagrelor More Effective Than Clopidogrel For Ad Hoc PCI Patients 5/7/2015
SCAI Release: Combined Blood Pressure And LDL Cholesterol-Lowering Medication Therapy Reduces Harmful Coronary Plaque 5/7/2015
First Baby Born With OvaScience (OVAS)’s AUGMENT Fertility Treatment 5/7/2015
Childhood Maltreatment Linked To Sleep Problems Among Adult Canadians, University of Toronto Study 5/6/2015
Marina Biotech, Inc. (MRNA) Announces SMARTICLES-Mediated Delivery Of A Double-Stranded Oligonucleotide To Immune Cells 5/6/2015
Horphag Research Ltd. Release: Study Shows Pycnogenol® Can Help Improve Endothelial Function In Cases Of Borderline Hyperglycemia, Hypertension Or Hyperlipidemia 5/6/2015
Bioiberica Release: Experts Found Evidence That The Most Commonly Prescribed Treatments For Osteoarthritis, Such As Anti-Inflammatory Drugs Or Acetaminophen, Have Limited Effectiveness And Considerable Secondary Effects 5/6/2015
University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Release: Molecular Homing Beacon Redirects Human Antibodies To Fight Pathogenic Bacteria 5/6/2015
Coffee May Act As An Antioxidant, Monash University Study 5/6/2015
Could Being Born in America Be Bad for Your Health? 5/6/2015
All Sugars Are Not Equally Desirable, University of Southern California Study Finds 5/6/2015
Late-Night Snacking: Is It Your Brain's Fault? Brigham Young University Study 5/6/2015
Dress To Impress For New Perspective, Says Columbia University Study; The Psychology Behind The Power Suit 5/6/2015
Luye Pharma Completes US Trials Of Anti-Psychotic 5/6/2015
Oncoceutics Release: Proprietary Discovery Method For First-In-Class ONC201 Published 5/5/2015
New Link Between Diabetes And Alzheimer’s Discovered, Washington University in St. Louis Study 5/5/2015
Eat More Protein For Breakfast To Prevent Type 2 Diabetes Blood-Sugar Spikes, University of Missouri Study 5/5/2015
Overweight Diabetes Patients Outlive Skinnier Ones, University Of Hull Study 5/5/2015
New Survey Yields Clues To The Key To Living To 100, University of Illinois Study 5/5/2015
Gambling Is All An Illusion, University of Konstanz Study 5/5/2015
Cosmederm Bioscience Release: New Clinical Research Finds TriCalm Hydrogel's Itch Relief Significantly Superior To Leading OTC Treatments 5/5/2015
Pernix (PTX) Releases Pharmacokinetic Data For ZX007 5/5/2015
A World First In Male Fertility: Kallistem Obtains Complete Human Spermatozoa In Vitro 5/5/2015
Applied Genetic Technologies Corporation Release: Novel Gene-Based Therapy For Achromatopsia Demonstrates Functional Rescue Of Cone Cells 5/5/2015
Excellent Three Year Results Of EndoStim Therapy For Severe Reflux Disease Presented At The SAGES Annual Meeting In Nashville. 5/5/2015
Good Start Genetics, Inc. Reports New Data Reinforcing The Accuracy And Clinical Utility Of Goodstart Select Genetic Screening Technologies 5/5/2015
Here's How Aspirin Fights Cancer, University of Minnesota Institute Reveals 5/4/2015
Late Start On Solid Foods Could Up Cancer Risk for Babies, University of Texas Study 5/4/2015
Key Driver Of Human Aging Discovered, Salk Institute for Biological Studies Reveals 5/4/2015
Inattention At Age Seven Linked To Lower High School Exam Scores, University of Nottingham Study 5/4/2015
Poor Sleeping Habits Linked To Lower Pain Tolerance, Norwegian Institute Of Public Health Study 5/4/2015
Swapping One Sugary Drink A Day For Water Cuts Diabetes Risk, University of Cambridge Study 5/4/2015
How Walking An Extra Two Minutes Each Hour Can Add Years To Your Life, University of Utah Study 5/4/2015
Is Cheese The Secret To A Longer Life And Faster Metabolism? Aarhus University Study 5/4/2015
Data From Recently Published Studies Provide Strong Support For Current And Future Applications Of Pressure BioSciences, Inc. (BBII)' PCT Platform 5/4/2015
RegeneRx Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. (RGRX) Release: Researchers Report That Thymosin B4 Has A Major Role In Dermal Burn Wound Healing 5/4/2015
Pharmaust Limited (ASX:PAA) Clinical Trial In Dogs For Treatment Of Canine Cancers 5/4/2015
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Release: Discovery Could Help Reverse Glucocorticoid Resistance In Some Young Leukemia Patients 5/4/2015
GlassesOff Announces Positive Results From ADHD Study 5/4/2015
Polygamy May Be Bad For A Man's Heart, King Faisal Specialist Hospital Study 5/1/2015
Scientists Discover a Way To Change Blood Types, University of British Columbia Reveals 5/1/2015
What Urine Samples Tells Us About Obesity, Imperial College London Study 5/1/2015
Diet Swap Shows How Junk Food Ups Your Cancer Risk, University of Pittsburgh and Imperial College London Study 5/1/2015
Air Pollution And Poverty Lowers Child IQ, Columbia University Study 5/1/2015
University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Release: Boosting The Body’s Natural Ability To Fight Urinary Tract Infections 5/1/2015
Hanyang University Release: Clinical Trial Moves Stem Cell Therapy For ALS Patients One Step Closer To Reality 5/1/2015
Bayer HealthCare (BAY) Release: Five-Year Follow-Up Study Further Supports Effectiveness And Safety Of The Essure Procedure As A Non-Surgical, Non-Hormonal Option For Permanent Contraception 5/1/2015
Harry Perkins Institute Of Medical Research Release: Changing View Of Muscular Dystrophy 4/30/2015
Arrowhead Research Corporation (ARWR) Publishes Data On Advances In Subcutaneous siRNA Delivery 4/30/2015
University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Release: Spinal Cord Axon Injury Location Determines Neuron’s Regenerative Fate 4/30/2015
Salk Institute for Biological Studies Release: Vital Step In Stem Cell Growth Revealed 4/30/2015
University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Release: Boosting the Body’s Natural Ability To Fight Urinary Tract Infections 4/30/2015
People Will Live Longer Than Official Estimates Predict, Say Imperial College London Researchers 4/30/2015
"Ghosts" Created In The Lab By Tricking The Brain, Swiss Federal Institute Of Technology Study 4/30/2015
ESCMID Announces Late-Breaking Study Results At ECCMID 4/29/2015
Age At Autism Diagnosis Differs Between Boys, Girls, Kennedy Krieger Institute Study 4/29/2015
The Multiple Sclerosis Association of America Publishes 2015 MS Research Update 4/29/2015
Scientists Skeptical About Secret Blood Test That Has Made Elizabeth Holmes A Billionaire 4/29/2015
Body Clock’s Molecular Reset Button Discovered, McGill University Study 4/29/2015
ChromaDex, Inc. Release: Washington University Medical School Scientists Publish Results Of Pre-Clinical Study Showing Nicotinamide Riboside Is Effective In Rescuing Neurons Subjected To Trauma And Disease 4/29/2015
The World's Happiest Countries 4/29/2015
REPLICor Inc. Release: Significant Reduction Of HBsAg And HDV RNA By REP 2139-Ca In Caucasian Patients With HBV / HDV Co-Infection 4/29/2015
Study From Boston Children's Hospital Reveals The First Six Months Of Life Are Best For Stimulating Children's Heart Growth 4/29/2015
In Fight Against Alzheimer's, $100 Million Genentech (RHHBY) Trial in Colombia May Be Ground Zero 4/28/2015
Just An Hour Of TV A Day Linked To Unhealthy Weight In Kindergartners, University of Virginia Study 4/28/2015
We Think Better On Our Feet, Literally, Texas A&M University Study 4/28/2015
High Salt Intake May Not Raise Blood Pressure In Teens, Boston University Study 4/28/2015
Insomnia Linked To Impaired Work Performance In Night Shift Workers, Meadowlands Hospital Study 4/28/2015
Adaptive Biotechnologies And Researchers From MD Anderson Cancer Center Demonstrate Ability To Detect Hodgkin's Lymphoma In Blood 4/28/2015
Ocean Bio-Chem, Inc. Releases Update On Use Of PERFORMACIDE To Control Bird Flu Infections 4/28/2015
NYU Langone Medical Center Release: More Power To The Mitochondria: Cells' Energy Plant Also Plays Key Role In Stem Cell Development 4/28/2015
New Research From Targeted Medical Pharma Finds A Link Between Obesity And Nutritional Deficiencies 4/28/2015
Merck & Co. (MRK) Announces The Trial Evaluating Cardiovascular Outcomes With Sitagliptin (TECOS) Met Primary Endpoint 4/28/2015
Lund University Research Shows A Patented Spinach Extract Is Tied To Weight Loss 4/28/2015
Independence Equals Success For Women In The Dating Game, University of Queensland Study 4/27/2015
Extra Sleep May Restore Memory And Stall Alzheimer’s-Like Condition, Washington University School of Medicine Study 4/27/2015
Babies As Young As Six Months Using Mobile Media, American Academy of Pediatrics Reveals 4/27/2015
Late-Breaking Oral Presentation At The International Liver Congress (ILC 2015) Highlights RG-101's Potent, Durable And Pan-Genotypic Effects In Diverse HCV Population 4/27/2015
Hospira Leadership Presents At Preeminent European Biosimilars Forum, Announces New White Paper On Extrapolation 4/27/2015
Flex Pharma (FLKS) Initiates Human Proof-Of-Concept Efficacy Study In Nocturnal Leg Cramps 4/27/2015
Stealth Biotherapeutics Expands Ocuvia’s Clinical Development Into Rare Mitochondrial Optic Neuropathies 4/27/2015
University of Vienna Scientists Gain Unique Insight Into The Function Of A Key Muscle Protein 4/27/2015
NanoViricides, Inc. (NNVC.PK) Discusses The Strong Effectiveness Of Its Anti-Herpes Drug Candidates In A Lethal Animal Model Of Dermal Herpes Infection 4/27/2015