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Spero Therapeutics Announces Publication In PLoS Pathogens Describing Potential Strategy For Combating Resistant Gram-Negative Bacteria 8/22/2014
Stanley Manne Children’s Research Institute Reveals: Tissue Regeneration Using Anti-inflammatory Nanomolecules 8/22/2014
Study Shows Hera Therapeutics Experimental Compound Shuts Down Human Papillomavirus That Causes Most Cervical Cancer 8/22/2014
San Diego Startup, Hera Therapeutics, Unveils Drug For Viral Infections Tied To Cervical Cancer 8/22/2014
One Mom's Battle To Save Her Child From A Neglected Disease 8/22/2014
Reading "Fifty Shades" Linked To Unhealthy Behaviors, Michigan State University Study 8/22/2014
Pica In Pregnant Teens Linked To Low Iron, Cornell University Study 8/22/2014
Bruckner Oncology Release: A New Trial Tests A Combination Of Vitamin C And "Core" Low Dose, Chemotherapy To Reproduce Promising Safety And Efficacy Findings 8/22/2014
Autistic Kids Have Extra Synapses In Brain, Columbia University Medical Center Study 8/22/2014
In Our Digital World, Are Young People Losing The Ability To Read Emotions? University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Study 8/22/2014
Children Face Higher Health Risk From Cell Phones, Environmental Health Trust Reveals 8/21/2014
Tickling Your Ear Could Be Good For Your Heart, University of Leeds Study 8/21/2014
Love Makes Sex Better For Most Women, Penn State University Study 8/21/2014
Brain Training May Help You Multitask Better, University Of Montreal Study 8/21/2014
Severing Nerves May Shrink Stomach Cancers, Columbia University Medical Center Study 8/21/2014
Bigger Weddings, Fewer Partners Linked To Better Marriages, University of Virginia Study 8/21/2014
Where You Live May Affect How You Fare After Heart Failure, Yale University Study 8/21/2014
Young Blood To Be Used In Ultimate Rejuvenation Trial, Stanford University Reveals 8/21/2014
Why Older People Have Trouble Sleeping, Beth Israel Medical Center And University of Toronto Reveal 8/21/2014
Popular Antibiotic Linked To Increased Heart Risk, British Medical Journal Reveals 8/21/2014
Exco Intouch Achieves Quality Milestone With Iso9001:2008 Certification 8/21/2014
Synpromics Announces Highly Successful Results From Plant Science Projects 8/21/2014
The Obesity Society Release: Unprecedented Level of Research Unveiled In Full Obesity Guidelines Expert Panel Report 8/21/2014
National Human Genome Research Institute Release: Rare Kidney Tumor Provides Insights On Role Of Metabolic Changes In Cancer 8/21/2014
Kindred Bio (KIN) Announces Top-Line Results From Pivotal Study Of Cerekin In Dogs With Osteoarthritis 8/21/2014
Boston Children's Hospital Release: "Deep Sequencing" Picks Up Hidden Causes Of Brain Disorders 8/21/2014
Aspirin's Second Effect: Reduces Inflammation, University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Study 8/20/2014
Children's Drawings May Predict Intelligence Later In Life, King's College London Study 8/20/2014
How We Form Habits and Change Existing Ones, University of Southern California Study 8/20/2014
7 Science-Backed Methods To Get You Out Of Your Head 8/20/2014
Injected Bacteria Shrink Tumors In Rats, Dogs And Humans, Johns Hopkins University Study 8/20/2014
Kindred Bio (KIN) Announces Top-Line Results From Pivotal Study Of CereKin In Dogs with Osteoarthritis 8/20/2014
Memories Of Errors Foster Faster Learning, Johns Hopkins University Study 8/20/2014
Collegium Pharmaceutical, Inc. Announces Publication Of Abuse-Deterrent Data On Oxycodone Deterx® In Journal Of Opioid Management 8/20/2014
Journal Of The American Medical Association Publishes New Study Offering Further Validation For Newborn Screening For SCID, A Life-Threatening Primary Immune Disorder 8/20/2014
Research Study At Banner MD MD Anderson Cancer Center Tests New Drug To Fight BRCA-Associated Breast Cancer 8/20/2014
Ampio Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (AMPE) Release: Analysis Of Available Data From Optimeyes Study (Blinded And Open Label) Of Optina™ For The Treatment Of Diabetic Macular Edema (DME) Indicates Potential For Significant Clinical Benefit 8/20/2014
Deodorant Could Be Making Your Armpits Smell Worse, Ghent University Study 8/19/2014
Instant Noodles Can Lead To An Early Death, Baylor University Medical Center Study Reveals 8/19/2014
Stanford University Research Sheds Light On How Children’s Brains Memorize Facts 8/19/2014
Physically Fit Kids Have Beefier Brain White Matter Than Their Less-Fit Peers, University of Illinois Study 8/19/2014
College Grads Are More Physically Active On Weekends Than Less Educated Folk, University of Kansas Study 8/19/2014
Gene Therapy Protects Mice From Lethal Heart Condition, MU School Of Medicine Researchers Find 8/19/2014
Covidien (COV) Release: Study Published In JACC CI Demonstrates Directional Atherectomy Effective As Frontline Therapy For Peripheral Arterial Disease Patients 8/19/2014
Celgene Corporation (CELG) Release: Clinical Study In The Journal Of Clinical Oncology Reports Patients With Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma Receiving Oral REVLIMID With Standard R-CHOP Achieved 98% Overall Response Rate And 80% Complete Response Rate 8/19/2014
Novan Therapeutics’s Nitricil™ Technology Shows Efficacy Against Multidrug Resistant Superbugs 8/19/2014
Pivotal Therapeutics Inc. Release: Scientific Data Supports Superiority Of Pivotal's Unique Omega-3 Formulation 8/19/2014
Anavex Life Sciences Corp. (AVXL.OB) Reports That Antidepressant Fluvoxamine Reduces Stress Through Sigma-1 Receptor 8/19/2014
A*STAR Release: Singapore Scientists Develop Genome-Wide Mutation Hunting Computational Software For Genomic Medicine 8/19/2014
Allergan Inc. (AGN) Release: Nearly Half Of Women In New Survey Reveal That Their Current Treatments Are Not Adequately Addressing Overactive Bladder (OAB) Symptoms 8/19/2014
Pssssst! Want To Know What Makes Good Gossip? University of Glasgow Reveals 8/18/2014
Common Chemicals Linked To Lower Testosterone Levels, University of Michigan Reveals 8/18/2014
Do Gut Bacteria Rule Our Minds? 8/18/2014
Ampio Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (AMPE) Touts Very Positive Data For Ampion Osteoarthrtis Study 8/18/2014
American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) Release: Quasi-Legal Drug Fifteen Times Stronger Than Heroin Hides In Plain Sight 8/18/2014
Neogenis® Labs Release: Clinical Study Shows Neo40 Nitric Oxide Supplement Reduces High Blood Pressure And Prehypertension 8/18/2014
Chiropractor Caution: Neck Manipulation Possibly Linked With Stroke, Loyola University Reveals 8/15/2014
Kids' Responses To Infections Linked With Depression Risk, University of Cambridge Study 8/15/2014
Here's How A Nap Could Change Your Afternoon 8/15/2014
Giving Antibiotics To Babies May Lead To Obesity, Metabolic Abnormalities, NYU Langone Medical Center Study 8/15/2014
Involuntary Eye Movement A Foolproof Indication For ADHD Diagnosis, Tel Aviv University Study Reveals 8/15/2014
Excess Body Weight Boosts Risk Of 10 Common Cancers, Lancet Study Reports 8/15/2014
Suicidal? These 5 Types Of People Are At Increased Risk Of Considering Suicide 8/15/2014
A Healthy Heart Needs More Than Pinch Of Salt, Population Health Research Institute in Ontario Study Finds 8/15/2014
Tick-Tock: How To Quite Literally Speed Up A Woman's Biological Clock, Human Nature Reveals 8/14/2014
Want To Kill Creativity Of Women In Teams? Fire Up The Competition, Washington University in St. Louis Reveals 8/14/2014
Lucid Dreamers Do Better In The Waking World, University of Lincoln Reveals 8/14/2014
Trouble Sleeping Could Be A Suicide Risk Factor For Older Adults, Stanford University School of Medicine Reveals 8/14/2014
Myth: More Exercise Is Not Always Better, Mayo Clinic Proceedings 8/14/2014
Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration Release: Rare Brain Disorder Included For First Time In National Plan To Cure Alzheimer's Disease And Other Dementias 8/14/2014
More Sunlight Exposure Reduces Risk Of Shortsightedness, University of New South Wales Reveals 8/13/2014
The Evolution Of PMS: It May Exist To Break Up Infertile Relationships, Macquarie University Reveals 8/13/2014
Size Matters When Convincing Your Brain To Eat Healthier Foods, Vanderbilt University Study 8/13/2014
How Your Chilli Addiction Could Be Helping You Live Longer, University of California, Berkeley (CAL) Reveals 8/13/2014
Prayer Does Not Ease Anxiety For Everyone, Baylor University Study 8/13/2014
Elorac, Inc. Reports Impressive Results For Scalp Psoriasis Shampoo Trial 8/13/2014
Liquidia Technologies Inc. To Present New Data Supporting The Role Of Particle Size And Shape In Vaccine Development 8/13/2014
National Space Biomedical Research Institute (NSBRI) Release: Clinical Study To Treat Lower Back Pain On Earth May Help Astronauts In Space 8/13/2014
Brain Training Games Won't Help Children Do Better At School 8/13/2014
Our Brains Blindly Judge A Face's Trustworthiness, New York University Study Reveals 8/12/2014
Why We Can't Really "Live In The Moment," University of Pittsburgh Study 8/12/2014
Diabetics Can Live Longer Than People Without The Disease, Cardiff University Study Shows 8/12/2014
Pregnant Smokers Could Alter Their Children's Genes, Environmental Health Perspectives Study Reveals 8/12/2014
Digoxin Tied To Increased Risk Of Death In Patients With Atrial Fibrillation, Stanford University Study Reveals 8/12/2014
Antidepressants Affect Feelings Of Love For Partner 8/12/2014
Cytori Therapeutics, Inc. (CYTX) Cell Therapy Reduces Hand Disability And Pain In Scleroderma Patients 8/12/2014
Promising Parkinson's Disease Research Highlighted By The Michael J. Fox Foundation To Accelerate Drug Development 8/12/2014
Synthetic Biologics, Inc. (SYN)' Academic Collaborator To Present Novel Monoclonal Antibody Combination For Treatment Of Whooping Cough (Pertussis) At 54th ICAAC 8/12/2014
acib GmbH Release:'Enzyme-Search Engine' Reveals Hidden Possibilities Of Nature 8/12/2014
Losing Weight Doesn't Make You Happy, University College London Study 8/11/2014
Fitness May Help Middle School Students Avoid Depression, University of North Texas Study Says 8/11/2014
One Simple Question Can Identify A Narcissist, Ohio State University Study 8/11/2014
Controversy Over The Best Way To Brush Teeth, University College London Study 8/11/2014
Work-Related Stress Ups Your Diabetes Risk, Helmholtz Zentrum Munchen Study 8/11/2014
Natural Light In Office Boosts Health, Northwestern University Reveals 8/11/2014
The Funny Way Caffeine Can Be Good For Your Ears, Brigham and Women's Hospital Reveals 8/11/2014
Scilex Pharmaceuticals Completes Trial Enrollment For Ztlido™ 8/11/2014
University of Michigan Release: School Violence, Gun-Related Injury Among Top 10 Child Health Concerns Nationally 8/11/2014
VGTI Florida Aims To Stop Spread Of Chikungunya Virus With Novel Vaccine 8/11/2014
Depressed Seniors More Vulnerable To Accelerated Brain Aging, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine Study 8/8/2014
Part Of The Brain Stays "Youthful" Into Older Age, University of Adelaide Study 8/8/2014
Better To Give Than To Receive: Personality Affects Knowledge Exchange, University of Tubingen Study 8/8/2014
A*STAR Scientists Make Breakthroughs In Ovarian Cancer Research 8/8/2014
In Search For Alzheimer's Drug, A Major STEP Forward, Yale University School Of Medicine Study 8/7/2014
Pistachios Good For Diabetics, Penn State University Study 8/7/2014
Dementia Risk Quadrupled In People With Mild Cognitive Impairment, Erasmus MC Study 8/7/2014
Daily Dose Of Aspirin Can Cut Deaths From Three Kinds Of Cancer, Queen Mary University Of London Reveals 8/7/2014
Confirmed: Low Vitamin D May Up Your Risk Of Dementia, University of Exeter Study 8/7/2014
Older Adults Have Morning Brains! Baycrest Centre For Geriatric Care And University of Toronto Study 8/7/2014
University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC) Release: Cancer Study Reveals Powerful New System For Classifying Tumors 8/7/2014
MYOS (MYOS) Reports Additional Clinical Data On The Impact Of Fortetropin On Lean Body Mass, Fat Mass And Muscle Size In Male Subjects 8/7/2014
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Release: How Critically Ill Infants Can Benefit Most From Human Milk 8/7/2014
Queen Mary University Of London Researchers Determine Why Tendons Break Down With Age 8/6/2014
Equation Predicted Happiness Of Over 18,000 People Worldwide, University College London Study 8/6/2014
Clues To Curbing Obesity Found In Brain's "Sweet Spot," Yale University School Of Medicine Study 8/6/2014
Midlife High Blood Pressure Tied To A Weaken Brain, Johns Hopkins University Study 8/6/2014
Racial Differences In Life Expectancy Vary Between States, McGill University Study 8/6/2014
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Release: Discovery Yields Master Regulator Of Toxin Production In Staph Infections 8/6/2014
Sangui Biotech: Start Of Preclinical Trials 8/6/2014
University of California, San Francisco (UCSF)/Fluidigm Corporation Paper Proves Shallow Sequencing Of Related Single Cells Sufficient To Harvest Meaningful Biological Information 8/6/2014
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Release: New Material Structures Bend Like Microscopic Hair 8/6/2014
Eating Resistant Starch May Help Reduce Red Meat Cancer Risk, Flinders University Study 8/5/2014
Eating Baked Or Broiled Fish Weekly Boosts Brain Health, University of Pittsburgh Study Says 8/5/2014
A Reason Brain Tumors Are More Common In Men, Washington University School of Medicine Study 8/5/2014
Revealed: Declining Thinking Skills In Old Age Linked To Visual Processing, University of Edinburgh Study 8/5/2014
Irreversible Damage Of Soft Drinks On Teeth Happens Within 30 Seconds Of Acidity Hitting The Mouth, University of Adelaide Researchers Find 8/5/2014
American College of Gastroenterology Releases Evidence-Based Systematic Review On Management Of Irritable Bowel Syndrome And Chronic Idiopathic Constipation 8/5/2014
Genoa Pharmaceuticals Receives Orphan-Drug Designation For Pirfenidone In The Inhaled Treatment Of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF) 8/5/2014
Hepatitis C Could Become A Rare Disease By 2036, University of Pittsburgh Reveals 8/5/2014
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Release: Survival Increases With Clinical Team Debriefing After In-Hospital Cardiac Arrest 8/5/2014
Kaiser Permanente Study Finds Shingles Vaccine Remains Effective After Chemotherapy 8/5/2014
University of Texas Study: Noise-Induced Hearing Loss Alters Brain Responses To Speech 8/4/2014
Southern-Style Eating Ups Risk Of Death For Kidney Disease, University of Alabama at Birmingham Study 8/4/2014
A Little Video Game Playing Linked To Well-Adjusted Children, University of Oxford Study 8/4/2014
Birth Control Pills May Double Breast Cancer Risk, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Study 8/4/2014
National Institutes of Health (NIH) To Start Ebola Vaccine Clinical Trials As Early As September 8/4/2014
Study Explains How Some People Function On Very Little Sleep, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Reveals 8/4/2014
BioLife Solutions, Inc. (BLFS.OB) CryoStor® Demonstrates Superior Cell Preservation In Multicenter Biobanking Study 8/4/2014
Why Treating Ebola With An Experimental Serum Might Help 8/4/2014
Psychologists Discover A Surprising Thing Happens To Kids Who Read Harry Potter, University of Modena Reveals 8/1/2014
Light Shed On How Depression Is Related To Dementia, Rush University Medical Center Study 8/1/2014
Tree Nuts May Fight Metabolic Disease, Diabetes, St. Michael's Hospital Study 8/1/2014
National University of Singapore (NUS) Study Shows Effectiveness Of Common Anti-Malarial Drug In Controlling Asthma 8/1/2014
8 Fascinating Facts About Tears You Need To Know, University of California, Berkeley (CAL) Reveals 8/1/2014
Dissolvable Fabric Loaded With Medicine Could Prevent HIV, University of Washington Study 7/31/2014
No Extra Benefit Found In Eating More Than Five Portions Of Fruit And Veggies A Day, British Medical Journal Reveals 7/31/2014
Facial Features Are The Key To First Impressions, University of York Study 7/31/2014
Soy May Help Women's Hearts If They Start Early, Wake Forest University School of Medicine Study 7/31/2014
Wide-Faced Men Negotiate Nearly $2,200 Larger Signing Bonus, University of California, Riverside Study 7/31/2014
Drinking In Midlife Doubles Chance Of Memory Problems In Later Life, University of Exeter Study 7/31/2014
Biotech Support Group Release: Review Article Cites HemoVoid™ & HemogloBind™ For Comprehensive RBC Proteome Analysis 7/31/2014
ESTEVE Announces The Start Of A Natural History Study In Patients With Sanfilippo Syndrome Type A (MPSIIIA) 7/31/2014
The Rendon Center for Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine Release: Indoor And Outdoor Sun Tanning Or Sun Burns Directly Linked To Deadly Melanoma Skin Cancer 7/31/2014
Mutations From Venus, Mutations From Mars, Weizmann Institute of Science Study 7/30/2014
Fist Bumps Are Less Germy Than Handshakes, Aberystwyth University Study 7/30/2014
An FDA-Approved Multiple Sclerosis Drug Can Alter Memory? University of California, Irvine Study 7/30/2014
Pessimism Is From Your Brain, University College London Study 7/30/2014
Want To Live Longer? Go For A Five Minute Run, Says Iowa State University Researcher 7/30/2014
CSL Behring Release: Study Suggests C1-INH May Aid In Prevention Of Antibody-Mediated Rejection Following Kidney Transplant 7/30/2014
The Crohn's & Colitis Foundation Of America Release: Focusing On Bacteria's Role In Inflammatory Bowel Disease 7/30/2014
Estrogen Levels In Birth Control Pills Affect How Women Perceive Each Other, University of Trieste Study 7/29/2014
Why Men Like Nice Women And Why Women Like Bad Boys, University of Rochester Study 7/29/2014
Slow Walking Speed And Memory Issues Linked To Early Signs Of Dementia, Albert Einstein College of Medicine Study 7/29/2014
AFFiRiS AG Presents Early Clinical Data On A First-Of-Its-Kind Parkinson's Disease Vaccine 7/29/2014
Kyowa Hakko Release: Cognitive-Enhancing Citicoline Found To Improve Motor Speed And Attention In Adolescents 7/29/2014
University of Sheffield Study Finds That Stem Cells Are Far More Behaviourally Diverse Than Previously Thought 7/29/2014
Choice Bias: A Quirky Byproduct Of Learning From Reward, Brown University Study 7/28/2014
Losing Your Job Could Kill You, But Recessions Could Be Good For Your Health, Drexel University And University of Michigan Study 7/28/2014
Newly Discovered Gut Virus Lives In Half The World's Population, San Diego State University Study 7/28/2014
Total Darkness During The Night Is A Key To Success Of Breast Cancer Therapy, Tulane University Study 7/28/2014
Paracetamol Does Not Work For Lower Back Pain, University of Sydney Study 7/28/2014
Cytonet LLC’s Liver Cell Therapy May Be Effective In Stabilizing Children With Severe Urea Cycle Disorders Awaiting Liver Transplant 7/28/2014
Shift Work Linked To Heightened Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes, Occupational & Environmental Medicine Reveals 7/28/2014
Rosemary And Oregano Contain Diabetes-Fighting Compounds, Agricultural And Food Chemistry Reveals 7/25/2014
Where Are The Unhappiest Cities In America? University of British Columbia Study 7/25/2014
Pain And Itch May Be Signs Of Skin Cancer, Temple University School Of Medicine's Chair Of Dermatology Reveals 7/25/2014
NPS Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NPSP) Release: PARADOX Findings Describe High Burden Of Illness In Patients With Hypoparathyroidism 7/25/2014
Moderate Alcohol Use Associated With Increased Risk For Atrial Fibrillation, Karolinska Institute Study 7/24/2014
Alcohol Improves Your Sense Of Smell, Weizmann Institute of Science Study 7/24/2014
Robot Bladder Surgery Fails To Deliver Fewer Complications, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center Study 7/24/2014
Indian Boy Has 232 Teeth Removed 7/24/2014
ProPhase LLC Scientists Publish New Article Detailing Evolution Of Illness Phases In Schizophrenia 7/24/2014
TCGA Researchers Identify Four Subtypes Of Stomach Cancer 7/24/2014
NPS Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NPSP) Release: PARADOX Findings Published In Endocrine Practice Describe High Burden Of Illness In Patients With Hypoparathyroidism 7/24/2014
Imprimis Pharmaceuticals (immy)' Go Dropless™ Cataract Surgery Formulations To Be Featured In Two Sessions At The 2014 American-European Congress Of Ophthalmic Surgery (AECOS) Summer Symposium 7/24/2014
Geisinger Health System Study: Overweight Boys May Benefit From Living With Adult Who Has Bariatric Surgery 7/24/2014
Bioheart, Inc. Announces World's First Combination Stem Cell Treatment 7/24/2014
Antipsychotic Drugs Linked To Slight Decrease In Brain Volume, University of Cambridge Study 7/23/2014
New Research Links Bad Diet To Loss Of Smell, Florida State University Study 7/23/2014
In Asthma, It's Not Just What You Smell, But What You Think You Smell, Monell Chemical Senses Center Study 7/23/2014
Probiotics May Help People With High Blood Pressure, Griffith University Study 7/23/2014
Young Women With A Heart Attack Continue To Fare Worse Than Men, Yale University School Of Medicine Study 7/23/2014
Migraine Treatment Innovations Still Have Ways To Go 7/23/2014
University of California, Riverside Study Links Autistic Behaviors To Enzyme 7/23/2014
Potential Genetic Link Between Epilepsy, Neurodegenerative Disorders, University of Iowa Study 7/23/2014
Sucampo Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (SCMP) Announces Publication of NICE Recommendation for AMITIZA(R) (Lubiprostone) 7/23/2014
Resverlogix Corporation (RVX.TO) Release: RVX-208 Reduces Major Adverse Cardiovascular Events (MACE) Significantly In Patients With Diabetes Mellitus 7/23/2014
Grafix® Manuscript From Osiris Therapeutics, Inc. (OSIR)’ Multi-center, Randomized, Controlled Clinical Trial Available Electronically In Peer-Reviewed Journal 7/23/2014
The Addario Lung Cancer Medical Institute Release: New Clinical Study Aims To Investigate The Genomics Of Young Lung Cancer 7/23/2014
Avid Cyclists Could Have Higher Prostate Cancer Risk, University College London Study 7/22/2014