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Genea Biocells Publishes First Human Stem Cell Model Of Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy (FSHD) 5/24/2016
Flu Vaccine May Lower Dementia Risk In Heart Failure Patients, Taipei Medical University Study 5/24/2016
Social Media Poses Threat To People With Intellectual Disabilities, Michigan State University Study 5/24/2016
Sunshine Heart Announces OPTIONS HF Clinical Experience 5/24/2016
Genes Linked To Mood And Stress Can Impact Longevity, Indiana University Researchers Reveal 5/24/2016
Loss Of Y Chromosome In Men Linked To Alzheimer's Disease, Uppsala Universitet Study 5/24/2016
Breast Cancer Drug Found To Reduce Seizures, Northwestern University Study 5/24/2016
Children’s Hospital Colorado Release: Research Behind Global Switch To New Polio Vaccine Strategy Released In The Lancet 5/24/2016
Lab Develops Prototype Machine That Produces 1,000 Pills In 24 Hours, MIT Reveals 5/24/2016
Immediate Aspirin After Mini-Stroke Cuts Risk Of Major Stroke, University of Oxford Study 5/24/2016
Younger Women Are More Likely To Be Non-Adherent To Oral Breast Cancer Therapies, Kantar Health Says 5/24/2016
The Science Advisory Board Release: Scientists Highlight Flaws In The Clinical Trial Process 5/24/2016
3M Company (MMM) Announces Interactive Compendium On The Science And Clinical Benefits Of Patient Warming 5/24/2016
Macrolide Scientific Founder Publishes New Findings In Nature On Groundbreaking Technology For Novel Macrolide Antibiotics 5/24/2016
30 Years Of Official Advice On Low-Fat Diet And Cholesterol Is Wrong, National Obesity Forum and Public Health Collaboration Report Reveals 5/23/2016
The Secret To Successful Aging: Subliminal Messaging? 5/23/2016
Mederi Therapeutics Inc. Release: New Study: Stretta Treatment Of GERD Can Yield Meaningful Cost Savings For Payers 5/23/2016
Myth Busted? Low-Salt Diet May Hurt Your Heart, McMaster University Study 5/23/2016
Eating Fatty Foods When Young May Up Your Breast Cancer Risk, University of Maryland Study 5/23/2016
AlloSource Distributes First Bioengineered Blood Vessels For Humacyte Phase III Clinical Trial 5/23/2016
American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists Release: Radiofrequency Ablation An Effective Alternative Treatment For Adrenal Neoplasms 5/23/2016
Baxter International (BAX) Presents Data Focused On Elevating The Quality Of Care For Renal Patients 5/23/2016
Takeda (TKPYY) Presents Analyses From Vedolizumab Data In Ulcerative Colitis At 2016 Digestive Disease Week (DDW) Annual Meeting 5/23/2016
Otsuka Pharma Release: 48-Week Data, Presented At The Digestive Disease Week (DDW) Meeting Today, Showed Clinical Benefit With Adacolumn In A Sub-Group Of Refractory Patients With Ulcerative Colitis 5/23/2016
Amgen (AMGN) Researchers Discover Gene that Cuts Heart Attack Risk 5/23/2016
Embattled Theranos Tosses Out Two Years of Edison Blood Test Results 5/20/2016
5 Personality Traits Linked To Living A Longer Life 5/20/2016
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center Release: Heart Defect Prediction Technology Could Lead to Earlier, More Informed Treatment 5/20/2016
International AIDS Vaccine Initiative Release: New HIV-Mimicking Particles That Trigger Immune Response Could Advance Aids Vaccine Design 5/20/2016
Key Gene Linked To Diabetes And Down Syndrome Identified, Flinders University Study 5/20/2016
Blindness In The U.S. Will Double By 2050, University of Southern California Study Finds 5/20/2016
NYU Langone Medical Center Release: Factor Preserves DNA Integrity In Bacteria Despite Assault From Antibiotics 5/20/2016
Watching Porn Frequently Could Make You A More Religious Person, Study Published In Journal Of Sex Research 5/20/2016
"Sunscreen Gene" May Help Protect Against Skin Cancer, University of Southern California Study 5/20/2016
Green Light For Migraine Relief, Harvard Medical School Study 5/20/2016
Adults, Especially Women, May Develop ADHD Later In Life -- Or Else Were Missed As Kids, Published In JAMA Psychiatry 5/20/2016
Direct Flow Medical Announces DISCOVER Trial Three-Year Results 5/20/2016
Providence Medical Technology Announces Presentation Of Two-Year Outcomes Of Posterior Cervical Fusion For Single-Level Cervical Radiculopathy 5/20/2016
Immunotherapy Journal Review Of Anti - CD3 Monoclonal Antibodies Highlights Therapeutic Potential Of Tiziana Life Sciences Plc's Foralumab 5/20/2016
Twins’ Close Bond Makes Them More Likely To Live To Retirement, University of Washington Study 5/19/2016
Chemicals Used In Furniture Linked To Low Sperm Counts, Boston University Study 5/19/2016
Is The Cure For Obesity Written In Our Genes? 5/19/2016
Climate Change May Be Causing Chronic Kidney Disease, George Institute For Global Health Study 5/19/2016
High Blood Pressure In Middle Age Linked To Dementia, George Institute For Global Health Study 5/19/2016
Antimicrobial In Toothpaste, Soap Does Not Impact Gut, Oral Microbiome, Stanford University School of Medicine Study 5/19/2016
MGB Biopharma Limited Welcomes Jim O’Neill’s Final Recommendations For The World To Defeat Superbugs 5/19/2016
Kaiser Permanente Release: Overweight Colorectal Cancer Patients Have Higher Survival Rate Than Normal-Weight Patients 5/19/2016
Study Supports Diagnostic Utility Of bioTheranostics’ CancerTYPE ID Molecular Cancer Classifier In Cytology & Limited Tissue Samples 5/19/2016
The Optical Society Release: Researchers Turn An iPad Mini Into An Invisibility Cloak 5/19/2016
GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Present New Data From Breo Ellipta SUMMIT Study In Patients With COPD At ATS Conference 5/19/2016
GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Presents Efficacy Data For Anoro Ellipta In COPD Patients Who Remained Symptomatic On Tiotropium 5/19/2016
Hard Water Linked To Risk Of Eczema In Infants, King's College London Study 5/18/2016
Being Overbooked May Actually Be Good For Your Brain, University Of Texas At Dallas Study 5/18/2016
Eating Potatoes May Give You High Blood Pressure, Harvard Study 5/18/2016
The Science Of What Love Really Is, Biological Psychology Reveals 5/18/2016
Exercise May Cut Risk Of 13 Types Of Cancer, Study Published In JAMA 5/18/2016
Baxter International (BAX) Release: Study Finds 90 Percent Of Pump Programming Events For High-Alert Infusion Medications Are Dose Adjustments 5/18/2016
Xeltis Release: Pediatric Feasibility Study Results Set Stage For Clinical Trial Of World’s First Bioabsorbable Heart Valve Enabling Endogenous Tissue Restoration 5/18/2016
How To Win Friends And Influence People? Just Be Kind, University of California, Berkeley (CAL) Study 5/18/2016
Why Women Have Evolved To Becoming Bisexual, Study Published In Biological Reviews 5/17/2016
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Release: Two Specific Methods Prevented Weight Gain In Young Adults For Three Years 5/17/2016
In Pursuit Of An HIV Vaccine And The AIDS-Free Generation 5/17/2016
Can Tai Chi Truly Help Those With Knee Arthritis? Published In Annals Of Internal Medicine 5/17/2016
Healthy Diet During Your Teens May Reduce Cancer Risk Years Later, Harvard School of Public Health Study 5/17/2016
No Link Between Eating Dinner After 8pm And Obesity, King's College London Study 5/17/2016
Obese Or Anorexic Individuals React Differently To Taste, University of Colorado Anschutz Study Says 5/17/2016
Does A Lack Of REM Sleep "Erase’ Memories?" McGill University Study 5/17/2016
Working Out More Important Than Diet To Prevent Weight Gain, University of Missouri Study Says 5/17/2016
Strekin AG To Develop The P38 MAPK Inhibitor Pamapimod 5/17/2016
Cartiva Announces Publication Of Results Of Cartiva Synthetic Cartilage Implant Pivotal Study 5/17/2016
New CenterWatch Inc. Study Finds That E-Clinical Technologies Are Increasing Investigative Site Work Burden And Performance Inefficiencies 5/17/2016
Great Basin Scientific Initiates Clinical Trial For Bordatella Direct Test 5/17/2016
International AIDS Vaccine Initiative Release: Insights Into The Development Of Antibodies That Target A Large Portion Of HIV Strains Could Advance Vaccine Design 5/17/2016
AstraZeneca PLC (AZN) Aims for More than Just Immuno-Oncology, Targets DNA Repair Mechanisms Inside Cells 5/16/2016
Janssen Pharmaceuticals Release: Newly Published Real-World Evidence Shows Adults With Type 2 Diabetes Significantly Improve Blood Glucose Control And Achieve Treatment Goals When Using INVOKANA (Canagliflozin) 5/16/2016
Kindred Bio (KIN) Announces Positive Results From Pivotal Study Of KIND-010 For The Management Of Weight Loss In Cats 5/16/2016
Genetic Link Discovered Between Binge-Drinking And Impulsivity, University Of Sussex Study 5/16/2016
Your Ability To "Smell" The Taste Of Foods Can Lessen With Age, Oregon State University Study 5/16/2016
Fathers’ Age, Lifestyle Linked To Birth Defects, Georgetown University Medical Center Study 5/16/2016
Research Supporting Favorable Findings On K2M’s RAVINE Lateral Access System To Be Presented At SpineWeek 2016 5/16/2016
Intersect ENT Announces Positive Clinical Results From Pivotal Study Of Newest Steroid Releasing Sinus Implant 5/16/2016
St. Jude Medical (STJ) Furthers The Company’s Legacy Of Heart Valve Excellence With U.S. Launch Of The Trifecta Surgical Valve With Glide Technology 5/16/2016
What Your Poop (Color, Smell, And Shape) Is Telling You About Your Health 5/13/2016
It’s Not Just Bacon: Death Rates Higher When Red and Processed Meats Are Eaten Daily, Mayo Clinic Study 5/13/2016
NYU Langone Medical Center Release: Brain Images Reveal First Physical Evidence That AA Prayers Reduce Cravings 5/13/2016
The More Money You Make, The Less Likely You'll Be Lonely In Midlife, University of Cologne Study 5/13/2016
Alcohol Can Weaken Pancreas' Ability To Absorb Vitamins, Yale University Study 5/13/2016
Bacteria Living On Your Head Might Be Why You Have Dandruff, Shanghai Jiao Tong University Study 5/13/2016
Botox CAN Affect The Perception Of Emotions, SISSA Study 5/13/2016
Akari Therapeutics Announces Receipt Of Orphan Drug Designation For Coversin From The U.S. FDA For Treatment Of Guillain Barré Syndrome 5/13/2016
A*STAR Release: New Technique Paves The Way For Drug Targeting To Fight Microbial Resistance 5/13/2016
Double Century Publication Landmark For Vapourtec 5/13/2016
Scilex Pharmaceuticals Study Suggests Underutilization Of Recommended First-Line Lidocaine Patches And Opioid Overuse For Treatment Of Pain Associated With Post-Herpetic Neuralgia 5/13/2016
Cmed Puts The Spotlight On ‘Game-Changing’ Innovation For Clinical Trials 5/13/2016
NeoChord Receives FDA Approval To Begin Clinical Trial For Treatment Of Degenerative Mitral Valve Regurgitation 5/13/2016
What Happened to Astronaut Scott Kelly’s DNA During His Year in Space 5/12/2016
Clinical Study of Imprimis (immy)' Tri-Moxi-Vanc Dropless Therapy Formulation Show Statistically Significant Reduction In Cystoid Macular Edema In Patients Following Cataract Surgery 5/12/2016
Too Much Folic Acid May Raise Autism Risk, Johns Hopkins University Study Suggests 5/12/2016
Stop Hyping Stem Cell Science, Say Stem Cell Scientists 5/12/2016
Attention, Ladies! Avoid Cosmetics During Pregnancy, SUNY Downstate Medical Center Study 5/12/2016
Husam Balkhy, M.D. To Present Clinical Study Results Of Cardica (CRDC)’s C-Port Distal Anastomosis System At The Annual Meeting Of American Association For Thoracic Surgery 5/12/2016
Level Of Self-Control Linked To Environment, Providence College Study 5/12/2016
Age Of First Solid Foods Not Linked To Child Obesity, CDC Study Reveals 5/12/2016
Gut Microbiomes May Run In Families, Cornell University Reveals 5/12/2016
Life Spine Announces Initial Cases And Multiple Surgeries For PROLIFT Expandable Interbody System 5/12/2016
Convergent Dental Unveils Major Breakthroughs In Usability And Performance With Solea 3.0 5/12/2016
How To Be Happier: 7 Science-Based Ways To Fix Your Perspective And Challenge Yourself 5/11/2016
To Reduce Risk For Alzheimer's, Skip Lumosity And Get Onto The Yoga Mat, UCLA Study 5/11/2016
Mederi Therapeutics Inc. Release: New Multi-Center Registry To Study Benefits Of Stretta Therapy For GERD Patients After Sleeve Gastrectomy 5/11/2016
Positive Response In Kidney And Urinary Tract To ProMetic BioSciences, Inc.'s Plasminogen Treatment In A Plasminogen Deficient Patient Under An Expanded Access (Compassionate Use) Protocol In The USA 5/11/2016
BRCA Mutations May Play Role In Prostate Cancer, SUNY Upstate Medical University Study 5/11/2016
Clues To How Popular Heartburn Drug Might Harm Arteries, Houston Methodist Research Institute Study 5/11/2016
US Phytotherapy Successfully Tests A Viable Treatment For Zika Virus 5/11/2016
Cardiome Pharma Corp. (COM.TO) Announces Publication of Spanish Emergency Department BRINAVESS Study 5/11/2016
FDA Grapples With Gray Areas In Fast-Tracking Experimental Drugs 5/11/2016
Body Image Linked To Overall Life Satisfaction, Feelings About Romantic Relationships, Chapman University Research Shows 5/11/2016
Running Barefoot Improves Working Memory, University Of North Florida Researchers Show 5/11/2016
Obesity May Not Cut Your Life Short After All, Copenhagen University Hospital Study 5/11/2016
IBM (IBM) Release: Scientists Discover New Technology Breakthrough In Fighting Viral Diseases 5/11/2016
Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, Inc. Announces Creation Of Four New Transgenics 5/11/2016
The University Of Luxembourg Announces Breakthrough HuMiX Model In Nature Communications 5/11/2016
InVivo Therapeutics (NVIV) Announces Hospital Of The University of Pennsylvania As New Site For INSPIRE Study 5/11/2016
Boehringer Ingelheim: Nine Out Of 10 AF Patients Are Concerned About Stroke And Many Want To Be Part Of OAC Treatment Decisions, New International Survey Shows 5/11/2016
Expected Growth In PBM Exclusion Lists Poses A Challenge To Drug Developers, According To The Tufts Center For The Study Of Drug Development 5/11/2016
American Academy of Dermatology: How To Remove A Splinter 5/11/2016
Neurocentria Publishes Peer-Reviewed Paper Showing Mechanism Of Action For Its Drug That Reverses Cognitive Impairment In Humans 5/11/2016
BioNano Genomics Next-Generation Mapping Yields Superior Genomic Assemblies With Greater Contiguity 5/11/2016
Kitov (KTOV) Reports KIT-302 Study Successfully Meets FDA Bioequivalence Standards 5/10/2016
Black Americans See Gains In Life Expectancy 5/10/2016
Crown Bioscience, Inc. Announces The Establishment Of Unique EGFR-Mutated Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Models 5/10/2016
Aytu BioScience Demonstrates Expanded Clinical Utility Of MiOXSYS For Assessing Oxidative Stress As A Marker For Male Infertility With New Study 5/10/2016
Could Nasal Spray Curtail Nighttime Bathroom Trips? NYU Langone Medical Center Study 5/10/2016
Ampio Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (AMPE) Launches Clinical Trial Of AMPION For The Treatment Of Osteoarthritis Of The Hand 5/10/2016
How Fasting Helps Fight Fatty Liver Disease, Helmholtz Zentrum Munchen Study 5/10/2016
Diet Drinks During Pregnancy Linked To Baby's Weight Gain, University of Manitoba Study 5/10/2016
When You Take Acetaminophen, You Don't Feel Others' Pain As Much, Ohio State University Study 5/10/2016
Ohio University Release: Scientists Develop Synchronized Molecular Motors 5/10/2016
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center Release: Experimental Therapy Halts Treatment-Resistant Brain Tumors 5/10/2016
American Urological Association Release: BRCA Gene Mutations Associated With Increased Prostate Cancer Risk 5/10/2016
Stemina Biomarker Discovery Announces Rebranding Of Its Diagnostics Business, New Board Member Kevin Krenitsky, MD, And Progress From Its Clinical Study 5/10/2016
Definiens AG’s Symposium Finds Tissue Context Of Tumor Is Key To Cancer Immunotherapy Success 5/10/2016
Araim Pharmaeuticals Release: Queen's University Belfast To Study The Innate Repair Activator ARA 290 In Diabetic Macular Edema 5/10/2016
San Francisco Veterans Affairs Medical Center Release: Study Observes Link Between Cognitive Impairment And Mental Health Problems In Returning Combat Veterans 5/10/2016
Cytori Therapeutics (CYTX) Granted Broad European Orphan Drug Designation 5/10/2016
Research Published in Nature Methods Shows 10X Genomics Technology Provides Faster, More Cost-Effective, High-Quality Genome Assemblies 5/10/2016
Milo Biotechnology Release: Follistatin Gene Therapy Increases Function In Inclusion Body Myositis Patients 5/10/2016
Couple Gave Up Their Careers To Train As Scientists And Find A Cure For Her Rare Genetic Disease 5/9/2016
American Urological Association Release: Studies Demonstrate Protective Effects Of Testosterone In Hypogonadal Men 5/9/2016
Your Sense Of Smell Can Help Predict How Big Your Social Network Is, University Of Chinese Academy Of Sciences Study 5/9/2016
Biosortia Announces Three New Oncology Research Projects Using Microbial Compounds 5/9/2016
Abbott (ABT) Announces Positive Results From Pivotal Study Of Tecnis Symfony IOL For Cataract Surgery 5/9/2016
NYU Langone Medical Center Release: Study Suggests Testosterone Therapy Does Not Raise Risk Of Aggressive Prostate Cancer 5/9/2016
American Urological Association Release: Phallic Reconstruction Shows Promise For Achieving Functional Sexual Organ 5/9/2016
American Urological Association Release: Study Suggests Chemotherapy After Radical Prostatectomy May Benefit Men Who Are At High Risk For Relapse 5/9/2016
American Urological Association Release: New Data Highlight Shifts In Diagnosis And Management Of Prostate Cancer 5/9/2016
American Urological Association Release: Studies Show Oral Testosterone Safe And Efficacious In Long-Term Management Of Hypogonadism 5/9/2016
Responsive Orthopedics Looks to Shake Up the Orthopedics Market 5/9/2016
American Urological Association Release: Studies Demonstrate New Options To Help Prevent And Treat Nocturia 5/9/2016
Using Tablets And Laptops For Reading May Be Changing How You Think, Dartmouth College Study 5/9/2016
Deep Male Voices Not So Much Sexy As Intimidating, Penn State University Study 5/9/2016
American Urological Association Release: Convective Heat System Preserves Sexual Function While Treating LUTS And BPH 5/9/2016
University of California, Santa Barbara Release: First Safe Way To Deliver Drugs To The Placenta 5/9/2016
Okayama University Research: Sticky Molecules To Tackle Obesity And Diabetes 5/9/2016
Osprey Medical Inc. Release: AVERT Trial Results Presented At SCAI 5/9/2016
MDxHealth, Inc. (MXDHF)'s ConfirmMDx Stratifies Risk For Aggressive Prostate Cancer 5/9/2016
PhRMA And The ALS Association Report More Than 560 Medicines In Development For Rare Diseases 5/9/2016
Sanaria Inc.'s Malaria Vaccine Yields Unprecedented Protection In Clinical Trial 5/9/2016
Illumina (ILMN) Release: Collaborative Study of Whole Exome Sequencing Offers New Hope for Children with White Matter Disorders 5/9/2016
WAVE Life Sciences (WVE) To Advance Next-Generation Nucleic Acid Therapies To Address Unmet Need In Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy 5/9/2016
GI Dynamics (GID.AX) Releases Safety And Efficacy Data For Endobarrier Therapy 5/9/2016
NeoTract, Inc. Announces Data Showing Excellent Durability Of Results For Urolift System At Four Years 5/9/2016
Olivo Labs Scientists Develop Novel Polymer That Replicates Young Skin 5/9/2016
Cephalogics Announces Study Results That Demonstrate The Accuracy And Sensitivity Of Its Portable Brain Perfusion Imaging System 5/6/2016
Diabetes Drug Metformin Acts Differently From Previous Theories, Mayo Clinic Research Suggests 5/6/2016
Humans Are The Highest Energy Apes, Making Us Smarter--But Also Fatter, University of Zurich Study 5/6/2016
Splat! Paintball Blow Causes Liver Damage In Teen, Published In BMJ 5/6/2016
Replikins Release: First Response To Zika Replikins Vaccine Candidates Reported 5/6/2016
Innovative Cellular Therapeutics Co., Ltd. Release: Complete Remission Rate of 90%: China-based CAR-T Cell Therapy Achieves Breakthrough Clinical Trial Results 5/6/2016
4 Reasons Why Women With Heart Disease Are Less Likely To Be Prescribed Statins Than Men, Brigham and Women's Hospital Study 5/6/2016
How A Female Sex Hormone May Protect Against STIs, McMaster University Study 5/6/2016
There's A 30% Chance You Don't Need That Antibiotic 5/6/2016
These Ecuadorian Dwarfs Have A Genetic Mutation That Protects From Disease, And There's A Diet Mimics It 5/6/2016
MDxHealth, Inc. (MXDHF) Announces Positive Data Supporting Prognostic Value Of ConfirmMDx And SelectMDx For Prostate Cancer 5/6/2016
National Science Foundation BioXFEL Researchers Capture Ultrafast Molecular Motion 5/6/2016
Kaiser Permanente Release: Mothers' Excess Pregnancy Weight Gain And Elevated Blood Sugar 'Imprint' Obesity In Children 5/6/2016
Akili Interactive Labs Opens Enrollment For Pivotal Trial Of Novel ADHD Treatment 5/6/2016
ReCyte Therapeutics, Inc., A BioTime (BTX) Subsidiary, Announces Peer-Reviewed Publication On Pericyte-Like Progenitor Cells 5/6/2016
Cytori Therapeutics (CYTX) ATHENA Trial Results Support Symptomatic Benefit From Cytori Cell Therapy 5/6/2016
Arrowhead Pharma (ARWR)’ Preclinical Candidate ARC-LPA Achieves 98% Knockdown And Long Duration Of Effect After Subcutaneous Administration 5/6/2016
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Release: Drug-Like Peptides Show Promise In Treating 2 Blood Diseases 5/6/2016
The Science Of How Alcohol Won't Bring You Long-Term Happiness, University of Kent Study 5/5/2016
Medical Errors Now Third Leading Cause Of Death In The U.S., Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Study 5/5/2016
ProMis Neurosciences Announces Identification Of A Fourth Novel Therapeutic Target For Alzheimer's Disease 5/5/2016
Center for Epigenetics And Cancer Prevention Release: French Grape Seed Extract VX1 Found Effective In Suppression Of Cancer Pathway 5/5/2016
Expert Explains Why Autism More Common In Boys, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Study 5/5/2016
Breakthrough: University of Cambridge Scientists Grow Two-Week-Old Human Embryos in the Lab For the First Time 5/5/2016
How Your Brain Uses Statistics to Boost Your Confidence, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Study 5/5/2016
Bipolar Disorder Has Genetic Links To Autism, University of Iowa Study Suggests 5/5/2016
Concerns Grow Over Getting High On Anti-Diarrheal Drug, Published In Annals Of Emergency Medicine 5/5/2016
KCR: Post-Authorization Study Develops Into Crucial Part Of Drug Development Design 5/5/2016