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How Neuroticism Gives Rise To Creativity, King's College London Study 8/28/2015
Could A Pill Make Bacon As Beneficial As Fish Oil? University of Gothenburg Study 8/28/2015
Colorful Potatoes May Pack Powerful Cancer Prevention Punch, Penn State University Study 8/28/2015
BioSTAR Release: Korean Researchers Find The Possibility That Adult Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCS) May Extend Lifespan 8/28/2015
Down In The Dumps? Don’t Worry, Your Brain Is Still On Point, Goldsmiths University Study 8/28/2015
Study Reveals the Secret to A Better Relationship and Sex Life 8/27/2015
Weight Loss Weapon: A Bottle Of Water Before Each Meal, University of Birmingham Researchers Say 8/27/2015
For Marijuana And The Brain, Questions Remain, JAMA Psychiatry Reveals 8/27/2015
Life Expectancy Climbs Worldwide But People Live Sicker For Longer, University of Washington Study 8/27/2015
Can Taking Aspirin Up Your Chances Of Having A Boy, Journal Of Clinical Investigation Reveals 8/27/2015
STEM CELLS Translational Medicine Release: Stem Cell Treatments Help Rats Live Longer, Healthier Lives 8/27/2015
Low Vitamin D Linked To MS, McGill University Study 8/27/2015
Two New Studies Supported By The ALS Association Highlight Discovery Around Most Common ALS Gene Mutation 8/27/2015
Firstborn Women More Likely To Be Obese, Journal Of Epidemiology & Community Health Reveals 8/27/2015
Citizen Science Reveals Thousands Of Microbes Found In Our Homes, North Carolina State University And University of Colorado Study 8/27/2015
Motif Release: Potent Efficacy Of Iclaprim Confirmed In Independent Laboratory Study 8/26/2015
Artificial DNA Expands Definition Of Life On Earth, Synthorx Reveals 8/26/2015
Long-Lasting Flu Vaccine Comes Closer To Reality, The Scripps Research Institute, Janssen Pharmaceutical Reveals 8/26/2015
Microbiomes Associated With Schizophrenia ID'd, George Washington University Study 8/26/2015
Off Switch For Biofilm Formation Identified, University of Maryland-Led Study Reveals 8/26/2015
Childhood Obesity Program Failed, University of Texas Study Finds 8/26/2015
Morgridge Institute for Research Release: Algorithm Helps Identify Elusive Genes That Express Like Clockwork 8/26/2015
Integra LifeSciences (IART) Announces FOUNDER Study Results Which Show Increased Rate Of Complete Wound Closure And Decreased Time To Complete Wound Closure With Integra(R) Dermal Regeneration Template (IDRT) For Treatment Of Chronic Diabetic Foot Ulcers (DFU) 8/26/2015
Journal Of Pediatrics Release: A New Study Finds Use Of Dexamethasone In Asthma Patients Hospitalized Reduces Hospital Stays & Yields Health Care Savings 8/26/2015
Solace Therapeutics, Inc. Completes Enrollment Of The SUCCESS Clinical Trial For The Vesair Bladder Control System For Stress Urinary Incontinence 8/26/2015
Peregrine (PPHM) Presents Data At Annual Immunotherapy And Vaccine Summit (IMVACS) Supporting Ability Of Bavituximab To Mediate Anti-Tumor T Cell Responses Across Multiple Tumor Types 8/26/2015
Publication of OvaScience (OVAS)’s AUGMENT Fertility Treatment Shows Statistically Significant Improvements in Embryo Selection and Transfer Compared to Standard IVF 8/26/2015
Apifix To Expand Commercialization Activities In Europe By Opening Two New Clinical Sites To Treat Children And Adolescents Who Have Scoliosis With A Non-Fusion Approach 8/26/2015
MIT Release: Searching Big Data Faster 8/26/2015
Scientists Find A Way To Reprogram Cancer Cells, Mayo Clinic Reveals 8/26/2015
Is Incense Bad For Your Health? South China University Of Technology Study 8/26/2015
Generex Biotechnology Corporation (GNBT) Provides Update On Success Of Buccal Insulin Formulation Enhancement Project 8/25/2015
Nature Improves Sleep For Men And Older People, University of Illinois Study 8/25/2015
How Woman's "Hysteria" Turned Out To Be Deadly Heart Condition 8/25/2015
NYU Langone Medical Center Release: Scientists Show How Exposure To Brief Trauma And Sudden Sounds Form Lasting Memories 8/25/2015
An Aspirin A Day May Keep Colon Cancer Away, Annals Of Internal MedicineM Reveals 8/25/2015
Mom's Diet Linked To Baby's Heart Risk, Archives Of Diseases In Childhood Fetal & Neonatal Reveals 8/25/2015
Certain Heart Meds May Help Cancer Patients, University of Texas Study 8/25/2015
Alzheimer’s Research UK Release: Researchers Suggest Omega-3 And Exercise Do Not Improve Memory And Thinking Skills In The Elderly 8/25/2015
Intertek Publishes Study On Improving Inhalation Medicines With King's College London 8/25/2015
Cephalon (CEPH)’s Narcolepsy Drug Modafinil May Be World’s First Safe ‘Smart Drug,’ Study Says 8/24/2015
Dumb Study of the Year Nominee? Some Single People Are Also Happy, University of Auckland Reveals 8/24/2015
Does This Phylum Make Me Look Fat? University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) Study 8/24/2015
Bay Area's TriVascular Tech (TRIV) Nabs $10 Million, Launches EVAR Study in Women 8/24/2015
Will Doctors Soon Be Prescribing Video Games For Mental Health? Akili Reveals 8/24/2015
Autistic Traits Linked To Creative Problem-Solving, University Of Stirling 8/24/2015
TriVascular Tech (TRIV) Announces First Patient Enrolled In The LUCY Study 8/24/2015
Breastfeeding May Expose Infants To Toxic Chemicals, Harvard University Study 8/24/2015
New Study By The Scripps Research Institute And Janssen Makes Major Advance Toward More Effective, Long-Lasting Flu Vaccine 8/24/2015
Research Study Tests Pancreatic Cancer Drug At Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center 8/21/2015
Extra Virgin Olive Oil Linked To Lower Blood Sugar And Cholesterol, Sapienza University Study 8/21/2015
Part Of Brain That Taps Into Our Memory Banks Pinpointed, Johns Hopkins University Study 8/21/2015
A Daily Glass of Wine Increases Risks of Breast Cancer in Women, BMJ Study 8/20/2015
Scientists Discover How The Obesity Gene Works, MIT Study 8/20/2015
Scientists Build Almost-Formed Human Brain In Lab, Ohio State University Reveals 8/20/2015
Two-Year-Olds' Vocab Can Predict Kindergarten Success, Penn State University Study 8/20/2015
Working Longer Hours Boosts Your Stroke Risk, University College London Study 8/20/2015
Eli Lilly (LLY) Release: Jardiance Demonstrated Cardiovascular (CV) Risk Reduction In People With Type 2 Diabetes At High Risk For CV Events 8/20/2015
You Can Catch Happiness But Not Depression, University of Warwick Study 8/20/2015
Severe Headaches During Pregnancy Could Be A Sign Of Much Bigger Problems, Albert Einstein College of Medicine Study 8/20/2015
Vomiting Device Offers Direct Evidence That Vomit Aerosolizes Norovirus-Like Particles, North Carolina State University Study 8/20/2015
Fisher Center for Alzheimer's Research Foundation Scientists Identify Protective Molecule That Could Lead To New Class Of Alzheimer's Medications 8/20/2015
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Release: Seizures Are Common But Often Not Apparent In Newborns After Heart Surgery 8/20/2015
Boehringer Ingelheim Release: Jardiance Demonstrated Cardiovascular (CV) Risk Reduction In People With Type 2 Diabetes At High Risk For CV Events 8/20/2015
Navidea (NAVB) Reports Publication Of Lymphoseek Comparative Results In Injection Site Pain Study In Breast Cancer 8/20/2015
InVivo Therapeutics (NVIV) Announces Enrollment Of Fourth Patient In Pilot Spinal Cord Injury Trial 8/20/2015
Shorter Women Have Shorter Pregnancies, March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation Study 8/19/2015
Gilead (GILD)'s Ambitious Goals After Curing Hepatitis C: Hepatitis B and HIV 8/19/2015
Politics, Wedding Costs are Keys to a Happy Marriage, Studies Say 8/19/2015
Anxious? Depressed? Blame Your Middle-Management Position, Columbia University Study 8/19/2015
Hot Chilli May Unlock A New Treatment For Obesity, University of Adelaide Study 8/19/2015
Vertex (VRTX)'s Success Spurs Startups Corbus and Pulmatrix to Enter Cystic Fibrosis Market 8/18/2015
Integrated DNA Technologies Release: Make Antisense Of lncRNA Knockdowns 8/18/2015
The Book Of Life: Pages Of "Drinkable Book" Act As Filter To Turn Raw Sewage Into Drinking Water 8/18/2015
NeuroMetrix (NURO) Touts Positive Clinical Study Data for Quell Wearable Pain Relief Device 8/18/2015
Drinking Coffee Daily May Boost Colon Cancer Survival, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Study 8/18/2015
Are Vaginal Germs Linked To Preemie Birth? Stanford University Study 8/18/2015
Metabolon And Baylor College of Medicine Show Metabolomics May Play Key Role In Precision Medicine 8/18/2015
Tokyo Institute Of Technology Research: Key Genetic Event Underlying Fin-To-Limb Evolution 8/18/2015
Alzheimer’s Research UK Researchers Target Immune System In Hunt For New Alzheimer’s Treatments 8/18/2015
Chrysalis Biotherapeutics (Formerly known as Chrysalis BioTechnology)' TP508 Reverses Radiation-Induced GI Damage 8/18/2015
La Jolla Pharma (LJPC) Receives Orphan Drug Designation For Two Novel Compounds For Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva 8/18/2015
Bacterioscan Platform Rapidly Differentiates MRSA And MSSA, Speeding Treatment Of Severe Infections 8/18/2015
Vitamin D In Teens: Don’t Overdo It, Bad Things Might Happen, Mayo Clinic Study 8/17/2015
Exercise Hormone Irisin Really Does Exist In Humans, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Study 8/17/2015
Gestational Diabetes: A Diabetes Predictor In Father, McGill University Health Centre Study 8/17/2015
Higher IQ Linked To Better Physical Fitness, University of Copenhagen Study 8/17/2015
Women Who Work Or Lift A Lot May Struggle To Get Pregnant, Harvard University Study 8/17/2015
Intersect ENT Announces Positive Preliminary Clinical Results For The PROPEL Mini Steroid Releasing Implant In Patients With Frontal Sinus Disease 8/17/2015
Poiesis Medical Release: How Foley Catheter Harms The Bladder And May Cause Infections: New Multimedia White Paper 8/17/2015
Tetris Can Block Cravings, University Of Plymouth Study 8/17/2015
What Clinicians Need To Know About Bilingual Development In Children, Florida Atlantic University Study 8/17/2015
University of Vienna Release: Clever Feedback System Regulates Immune Responses 8/17/2015
Having Kids Make People Miserable, Western University Study 8/14/2015
Translational Vision Science & Technology Release: Can Your Brain Control How It Loses Control? 8/14/2015
Low-Fat Vs. Low-Carb Diet: Which Is Better For Weight Loss? National Institute Of Diabetes And Digestive And Kidney Diseases Study 8/14/2015
What Controls Waking Up And Going To Sleep Discovered, Northwestern University Study 8/14/2015
Genetically Modified Yeast Turns Sugar Into Painkillers, Stanford University Study 8/14/2015
Another Difference Between The Sexes Uncovered, Northwestern University Reveals 8/14/2015
KemPharm Announces Positive Data From Intranasal Human Abuse Liability Study Of KP201/APAP; Reports Q2 2015 Results 8/14/2015
Invitae And Collaborators Announce Publication Of New Data Showing The Clinical Actionability Of Multi-Gene Panel Testing For Hereditary Breast And Ovarian Cancer Risk In JAMA Oncology 8/13/2015
AngioDynamics (ANGO) Release: Research Data Published In Annals Of Surgery Concludes Irreversible Electroporation Utilizing Nanoknife Results In Substantially Prolonged 8/13/2015
Inhibikase Therapeutics Launches Clinical Study For Survivors Of PML 8/13/2015
Surgeons Smash Records With Pig-To-Primate Organ Transplants 8/13/2015
MJNA's Investment Company AXIM Biotech Announces Clinical Trial Launch Of Medchew RX For Treatment Of Pain And Spasticity In Multiple Sclerosis And Development Of Pharmaceutical Cannabis Chewing Gum 8/13/2015
Adult IQ Of Premies Can Be Predicted By Age Two, University of Warwick Study 8/13/2015
Leaner Kids Report Eating More Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids, University of Colorado Study 8/13/2015
Can Fish Oil Slow Down Schizophrenia? University of Melbourne Study 8/13/2015
Mystery Of How Contractions In Labor Grow Stronger Revealed, University of Liverpool Study 8/13/2015
ASLAN Pharmaceuticals Pte Ltd Receives Orphan Drug Designation From The FDA For ASLAN001 (Varlitinib) In Cholangiocarcinoma 8/13/2015
National Human Genome Research Institute Release: New Research Reveals Unintended Consequences Of Inappropriate Medical Food Use In Managing Patients With A Type Of Metabolic Disorder 8/13/2015
Protein-Packed Breakfast Prevents Body Fat Gain, University of Missouri Study 8/13/2015
Why A Well-Fed Woman Is More Likely To Focus On Romance, University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Study 8/12/2015
Trans Fats, Not Saturated Fats, Linked To Death Risk, McMaster University Study 8/12/2015
Darting Eyes In REM Sleep Are Seeing Objects In Your Dreams, Tel Aviv University Study 8/12/2015
Study Shows Edwards Lifesciences (EW)’ Sapien and Medtronic (MDT)’s CoreValve Outcomes are Similar 8/12/2015
How Much Is Your Time Really Worth? University of Leicester Study 8/12/2015
Iodine During Pregnancy Good For Babies' IQ And The Economy, University of Birmingham Study 8/12/2015
Parents' Math Anxiety Can Undermine Children’s Math Achievement, University of Chicago Study 8/12/2015
Teens With Depression, Bipolar Disorder Should Be Screened For Heart Disease, Experts Say 8/12/2015
A*STAR Release: Singapore Scientists Discover Rejuvenation Factors 8/12/2015
Hybrigenics’ Inecalcitol Gets Orphan Drug Designation For The Treatment Of Acute Myeloid Leukemia In The United States 8/12/2015
SynteractHCR Requalifies As Certified Member Of BVMA, The Federal Association Of CROs In Germany 8/12/2015
Epic Sciences Publication Validates Unbiased Detection Of Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs) From A Liquid Biopsy 8/11/2015
Kyowa Hakko Release: Groundbreaking Study In Journal Of Attention Disorders Finds That Daily Cognizin Citicoline Oral Supplement Improves Attention In Adolescent Males 8/11/2015
Genetics May Be Underlying Cause Of Infertility, Cornell University Study 8/11/2015
Southern Diet Could Raise Your Risk Of Heart Attack, University of Alabama at Birmingham Study 8/11/2015
bioRASI's Dermatology Trial Recruits Over 1,000 Rosacea Patients In 3.5 Months 8/11/2015
The Next Great GMO Debate 8/11/2015
Novavax (NVAX) Hopes to Solve a Riddle that Has Puzzled Drugmakers for Decades 8/10/2015
If You Want To Reach 100, Keep Your Inflammation Levels Low, Newcastle University Study 8/10/2015
How Mozart, Coltrane May Help Treat Epilepsy, Ohio State University Study 8/10/2015
Nicotine-Eating Bacteria May Lead To New Anti-Smoking Drug, The Scripps Research Institute Study 8/10/2015
This Is Your Brain On Loneliness, University of Chicago 8/10/2015
Crime-Scene Compound May Be Newest Tool In Fight Against Malaria, Washington University School of Medicine Study 8/10/2015
Women Are Hurt More By Breakups But Men Never Fully Recover, Binghamton University Study 8/10/2015
Allergy Therapeutics plc Key Paper On Proteomics In The Field Of Allergy Published In The World Allergy Journal 8/10/2015
Erasmus Medical Center Study Highlights Advantages Of Stereotaxis, Inc. (STXS) Platform Compared To State-Of-The-Art Manual Techniques In VT 8/10/2015
Presbia Surpasses Treatment Of 300 Subjects As Part Of The US FDA Pivotal Study Enrollment 8/10/2015
Grip Strength May Reveal Whether You Have Diabetes, High BP, University of Florida Study 8/7/2015
Excessive Workout Supplement Use: An Emerging Eating Disorder In Men? Alliant International University Study 8/7/2015
Believing You Are Fat May Cause Further Weight Gain, University of Liverpool Study 8/7/2015
European Medicines Agency Grants Orphan Drug Designation To DCR-PH1, Dicerna (DRNA)'s Investigational Therapy For The Treatment Of Primary Hyperoxaluria Type 1 (PH1) 8/7/2015
Case Western Reserve University Release; High Blood Sugar Of Diabetes Can Cause Immune System Malfunction, Leading To More Infection And Slower Wound Healing 8/7/2015
Could Sleeping One One Side Lower Your Alzheimer's Risk? Stony Brook University Study 8/6/2015
Eating Certain Carbs May Lead To Depression, Columbia University Medical Center Study 8/6/2015
Spicy Foods Linked To Longer Life, Harvard University Study Finds 8/6/2015
British Journal Of Dermatology Publishes International Psoriasis Council Psoriasis Research Priorities 8/6/2015
COLA Accreditation Renewed For Moleculera Labs Testing Services For Childhood Autoimmune Conditions Affecting Brain And Behavior 8/6/2015
A Man's Meat Intake Might Influence His Fertility, American Society for Reproductive Medicine Reveals 8/6/2015
Indiana University Researchers Find Romantic Kissing Is Not The Norm In Most Cultures 8/6/2015
GW Pharma (GWPH) Receives FDA Fast Track And European Medicines Agency Orphan Designations For Intravenous Cannabidiol In The Treatment Of Neonatal Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy (NHIE) 8/6/2015
Xiangya Hospital Central South University Release: China (Hunan) Medical Team Successfully Completed Fifth Batch Of Medical Aid For Sierra Leone's Battle Against Ebola 8/6/2015
Marina Biotech, Inc. (MRNA)'s CEQ508 Granted FDA Fast Track Designation For Familial Adenomatous Polyposis 8/6/2015
KannaLife Sciences, Inc. Announces Publication of Its Global PCT Patent Covering Cannabidiol-like Neuroprotective Agents 8/6/2015
Transparency Life Sciences Announces Start Of Ulcerative Colitis Clinical Trial Assessing Feasibility Of Decentralized Patient Data Collection 8/5/2015
Inadequate Hydration Can Lead To Impaired Cognitive, Emotional Function, Harvard University Study 8/5/2015 Manipulation And Extraction Studies Satisfy FDA Requirements For Abuse-Deterrent Opioids 8/5/2015
Exercise During Teen Years Lowers Cancer Risks, Vanderbilt University Medical Center Study 8/5/2015
Can An "Adventure" Gene Make Us Liberal Or Conservative? National University of Singapore (NUS) Study 8/5/2015
Okayama University Research: Peptide Directs Artificial Tissue Growth 8/5/2015
Alzheimer’s Research UK Release: Intranasal Insulin May Improve Memory In Mice 8/5/2015
Fox Chase Cancer Center Release: Mutations That Predict Response To Therapy Could Guide Treatment Of Bladder Cancer 8/5/2015
Quanterix And Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Publish Study On The Development And Validation Of Digital Elisas For Ultrasensitive Detection And Quantification Of C. Difficile Toxins In Stool 8/5/2015
Case Western Reserve University Release: Key Protein Drives "Power Plants" That Fuel Cells In Heart And Other Key Systems In The Body 8/5/2015
Etubics Platform Shown To Significantly Increase Surivival Of End Stage Colorectal Cancer Patients 8/5/2015
Bayer (BAY) Looks to Nematode Worms to Cure Cancer 8/5/2015
Special Veggie Rich Diet Keeps Your Brain 7.5 Years Younger, Rush University Medical Center Study 8/5/2015
First Genetic Analysis Of People With Extremely High Intelligence, King's College London Study 8/5/2015
Men Possess Better Sperm Quality With New Women, College Of Wooster Study 8/4/2015
Active Sex Lives for Seniors Linked To Higher Quality Of Life, Glasgow Caledonian University Study 8/4/2015
Is Your Office Too Cold? Blame Men, Maastricht University Study 8/4/2015
Can Memories Be Lost And Found? Cardiff University Study 8/4/2015
Pupil Mimicry May Boost Trust, Leiden University Study 8/4/2015
Overactive Genes Found In Depressed Females, University of Illinois Study 8/4/2015
How Perfectionism Leads To Burnout, York St John University Study 8/4/2015
Mutation Alert Halts Stem-Cell Trial To Cure Blindness, Riken Center For Developmental Biology 8/4/2015
10X Genomics Releases Linked-Read Data From National Institute Of Standards And Technology (NIST) Genome Samples 8/4/2015
INSYS Therapeutics Receives FDA Orphan Drug Designation For Its Pharmaceutical Cannabidiol For The Treatment Of Infantile Spasms 8/4/2015
Sanofi Pasteur (SASY.PA) Release: New Analysis Reports Lower Rates Of Serious Cardio-Respiratory Events Among Study Participants Administered Higher-Dose Influenza Vaccine 8/3/2015
Entellus Medical (ENTL) Announces Positive 24 Month Data From Remodel Trial And Meta-Analysis Across 6 Studies 8/3/2015
STEM CELLS Translational Medicine Release: Cartilage Regeneration By Stem Cells Could Lead To Ultimate Knee And Hip Replacements 8/3/2015
TriVascular, Inc. (TRIV) Reaches Major Milestones In Key Clinical Studies 8/3/2015
Standing For Two Hours Of Your Day Found To Have Great Health Benefits, University of Queensland Study 8/3/2015
University of Vienna Release: Existing Mutations As Basis For Survival 8/3/2015
University In Seoul Release: Cartilage Regeneration By Stem Cells Could Lead To Ultimate Knee And Hip Replacements 8/3/2015
This Latest Study Adds One More Piece To The Alzheimer's Puzzle 8/3/2015
First Artificial Ribosome Designed, University of Illinois Researchers Reveal 7/31/2015
NewLink Genetics (NLNK) Release: Vaccine Candidate Potentially Effective Against Ebola In Large Trial In Guinea 7/31/2015
NanoSmart Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Receives Second FDA Orphan Drug Designation For Treatment Of Pediatric Cancer 7/31/2015
Another Study Questions The Benefit Of Fish Oil Supplements, University of Pennsylvania Reveals 7/31/2015
How House Dust Chemicals Might Make Kids Gain Weight, Duke University Study 7/30/2015
Climbing A Tree Can Improve Cognitive Skills, University Of North Florida Researchers Reveal 7/30/2015
Small Doses Of Red Grape Chemical May Help Prevent Bowel Cancer, Cancer Research UK Cambridge Research Institute Study 7/30/2015
Blocking A Gene Reduces Fat, University Of Montreal Study 7/30/2015
Prostate Cancer Could Actually Be Five Different Diseases, Cancer Research UK Cambridge Research Institute Study 7/30/2015
BOC Sciences Release: Studies Show It’s Not Necessary To Eat For Two During Pregnancy 7/30/2015
Hormones May Take The Blame For Cheating, Unethical Behavior, University of Texas Study 7/30/2015
AEterna Zentaris (AEZS) Announces Optimized Erk Inhibitor Compounds For Further Development 7/30/2015
First U.S. Patients Enroll In Boehringer Ingelheim's Global RE-DUAL PCI And RE-CIRCUIT Trials Evaluating Pradaxa (Dabigatran Etexilate Mesylate) 7/30/2015