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Virginia Tech Researchers Discover Potential Biomarker To Detect "Bubble Boy" Disorder 10/1/2014
Genetic Test For Cancer Patients Could Be Cost-Effective And Prevent Further Cases, University of Exeter Study 10/1/2014
How To Predict Who Will Suffer The Most From Stress, Concordia University Study 10/1/2014
Clinical Performance of TrovaGene, Inc.'s Precision Cancer Monitoring Platform Presented At Second Annual International ECD Medical Symposium 10/1/2014
New Drug-Delivery Capsule May Replace Injections, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Study 10/1/2014
New Blood Test Shows Who Has And Who May Get Cancer, University Of Bradford Study 10/1/2014
How Your Fingers Can Predict Everything From Penis Size To Sexual Orientation 9/30/2014
Caffeine-Laden Underwear Will Not Help You Lose Weight, Federal Trade Commission Says 9/30/2014
Bionic Vision Australia Successfully Completes Clinical Trial Of Implant In Retinitis Pigmentosa 9/30/2014
Medical Device Approvals Lack Safety Evidence, National Center For Health Research Study 9/30/2014
Weaving Wearables Into Clothing, Hexoskin Reveals 9/30/2014
QIAGEN Inc. (QGEN) Release: New Study Confirms Superior Sensitivity Of DIGENE HC2 HPV DNA Test Vs. The Other FDA-Approved Tests For HPV 9/30/2014
Vexim Reports Six Month Results Of Comparative Study Of SpineJack® Versus Balloon Kyphoplasty 9/30/2014
MobileOptx Uses Medical Device Innovation To Bring Endoscope And iPhone Together 9/30/2014
Brainsway (BRSYF.PK) Deep TMS Brings Substantial Improvement To OCD Patients In Deep TMS Stud 9/30/2014
Clinical Findings Published In Lancet Support Administration Of Flu Vaccine With PharmaJet’s Needle-Free Injector 9/30/2014
Wearable Artificial Kidney: A Dialysis Machine To Clean Blood While On The Go, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Reveals 9/29/2014
Pebilepsy Uses Fitness Tracker To Monitor Night Time Seizures 9/29/2014
Self-Powered Rocket Nanovesicles To Ferry Drugs Around Body Able To Open And Close Using External Magnets, Radboud University Study 9/29/2014
Clinical Study Results Of LifeBond's Lifeseal™ Surgical Sealant For GI Surgeries Announced At The ESCP's 9th Scientific & Annual Meeting 9/29/2014
Myriad Genetics, Inc. (MYGN)'s Tumor BRACAnalysis CDx Identifies 44% More Candidates For PARP Therapy 9/29/2014
New Cell Sorting Method Developed By UH Manoa Mechanical Engineer 9/29/2014
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Researchers Identify Early Sign Of Pancreatic Cancer 9/29/2014
Genomic Health, Inc. (GHDX) Announces Positive Results From Latest Clinical Validation Study Of Oncotype DX® As Predictor Of Near- And Long-Term Outcomes In Racially Diverse Group Of Prostate Cancer Patients 9/29/2014
Molecular Response (MRL) Announces The Opening Of New Facilities In San Diego, Accredited By The College of American Pathologists 9/29/2014
Endologix Inc. To Initiate First Ever Comparative Randomized EVAR Study 9/29/2014
Endologix Inc. Completes Enrollment In EVAS FORWARD 9/29/2014
DRP Biomedical Release: Breakthrough Medical Device For Kidney Patients Clears FDA Hurdle 9/29/2014
Apira Science Release: Igrow Clinical Study Featured In Premier Laser Technology Journal 9/29/2014
GlySure Presents Successful Medical ICU Study Results At ESICM 9/29/2014
Simple Blood Test Could Be Used As Tool For Early Cancer Diagnosis, University of Bristol Study 9/26/2014
Boston Scientific Corporation (BSX) Could Take CRM Lead: Analyst 9/26/2014
Mechanized Human Hands: System Designed To Improve Hand Function Lost To Nerve Damage, Oregon State University Study 9/26/2014
Volunteers Use 3D Printers To Create Inexpensive Prosthetics 9/26/2014
4D Ultrasound: GE Healthcare’s Voluson E10 Ultrasound Machine Gives Us Never-Before-Seen 4D Color Images Of Fetal Development 9/26/2014
QIAGEN N.V. (QGEN) Release: New Study Confirms Superior Sensitivity Of Digene HC2 HPV DNA Test Vs. The Other FDA-Approved Tests For HPV 9/26/2014
Genomic Health, Inc. (GHDX) Announces Oral Presentation Of Positive Results From Second Large, Independent Clinical Validation Study Of Oncotype DX® In DCIS Breast Cancer At 2014 CTRC-AACR San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium (SABCS) 9/26/2014
DIAXONHIT - BJI Inoplex(™ Test: Completion Of Patients Enrollment In The Final Validation Study Of The First Diagnostic Test For Prosthetic Bone And Joint Infections 9/25/2014
Unique IMRIS Hybrid OR Enables Highly Complex Deformity Correction At Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center 9/25/2014
nContact, Inc. Release: Convergent Procedure Using Cryoballoon Demonstrates Promise Of New Ablation Approach In The Treatment Of Persistent Atrial Fibrillation 9/25/2014
Nanotubes Help Healing Hearts Keep The Beat, Rice University Study 9/25/2014
"Skin-Like" Device Monitors Cardiovascular And Skin Health, Northwestern University Study 9/25/2014
Medtronic, Inc. (MDT) Gears Up For Clinical Trial Of Smartphone-Enabled Continuous Glucose Monitor 9/25/2014
Media Multitaskers Have Less Gray Matter, University Of Sussex Study 9/25/2014
Catheter Connections Fails Disinfection Test On Second Common Bacteria: Ivera Medical Corporation 9/24/2014
Breath Test For TB Developed, University of New Mexico Study 9/24/2014
New Data Not Looking So Good For Boston Scientific Corporation (BSX)'s Watchman Anti-Stroke Device 9/24/2014
Helius Medical Technologies Announces Pilot Study For PoNS™ 9/24/2014
Boston Scientific Corporation (BSX) Enrolls First Patients In U.S. Trial Of The Lotus™ Valve System 9/24/2014
Airway Muscle-On-A-Chip Mimics Asthma, Harvard University Study 9/24/2014
Synthetic Skin Helps Create New Chemical Weapon Decontaminant, Defence Science And Technology Laboratory Study 9/24/2014
MediValve Announces Initiation Of Post-Market Clinical Evaluations Of The Acwire™ Guidewire At Lenox Hill Hospital (New York) 9/24/2014
Dominion Diagnostics Release: Improvement Of Abstinence In Chemical Dependence Treatment Programs With Comprehensive Analysis Of Reported Drugs (CARD)® 9/24/2014
BoneSupport Release: Twelve-Month Follow-Up Of CERAMENT™ With Gentamicin Confirms Significant And Sustained Eradication Of Chronic Infection And Demonstrated Formation Of New Bone 9/24/2014
Brain Waves Test May Improve Diagnosis For Autism, Albert Einstein College of Medicine Study 9/24/2014
Brain Wave May Be Used To Detect What People Have Seen, Recognize, Northwestern University Study 9/24/2014
Blood Test May Help Determine Who Is At Risk For Psychosis, University of North Carolina Study 9/23/2014
California Institute of Technology Scientists Use Light To Make Mice Asocial 9/23/2014
Lego-Like Modular Components Make Building 3-D "Labs-On-A-Chip" A Snap, University of Southern California Study 9/23/2014
Smartphone App May Allow Parents To Screen Newborns For Jaundice, University of Washington Study 9/23/2014
Seno Medical Instruments, Inc. Completes Patient Enrollment In U.S. Pivotal Study Of Imagio® Breast Imaging System 9/23/2014
PositiveID (PSID) Accelerates Prototype Development Of Its Firefly Dx System for Real-Time Molecular Diagnostic Testing 9/23/2014
1st Use Of The SynCardia Systems, Inc. Total Artificial Heart In A 17-Year-Old Congenital Heart Disease Patient At Pediatric Hospital 9/23/2014
New Chip Promising For Tumor-Targeting Research, Purdue University Study 9/23/2014
BIOTRONIK Release: EDUCAT Study Shows Patient Education Increases Acceptance Of Home Monitoring And Reduces Patient Anxiety 9/23/2014
Torax Medical Release: New Study Shows Magnetic Implant Is An Important Break-Through In The Treatment Of Reflux Disease 9/22/2014
SinuSys Release: New Osmotic Technology To Treat Painful Sinus Infections Shows Excellent Results At One Year 9/22/2014
electroCore Release: Randomized Data Presented At International Headache Meeting (EHMTIC[I]) Shows Gammacore Significantly Reduces Cluster Headache Attack Frequency – "The Worst Pain Known To Medical Science[Ii]" 9/22/2014
Masimo Corporation (MASI) PVI® Helped Assess Fluid Responsiveness In Clinical Study Of Adult, Noncardiac Patients 9/22/2014
Simple Test Can Help Detect Alzheimer’s Before Dementia Signs Show, York University Study 9/22/2014
Five Diseases Wearables Are Tackling 9/22/2014
New Biomedical Implants Heal Bones Faster, Focus On Personalized Medicine, University Of Malaya Study 9/22/2014
iPhone Eye Test Spots Vision Problems Cheaply, Smart Vision Labs Reveals 9/22/2014
Intersect ENT Announces Positive Data From Clinical Trial Of New In-Office Implant For Recurrent Chronic Sinusitis 9/22/2014
Sequenom Inc. (SQNM) Laboratories Presents New Data Supporting The Accuracy Of The MaterniT21® Plus Laboratory Developed Test In Clinical Setting 9/22/2014
InnFocus MicroShunt™ Shows Promising Glaucoma Results At ESCRS 9/22/2014
First Patient Enrolled In U.S. Study Of Novate’s Sentry IVC Filter 9/22/2014
SinuSys Release: Vent-Os™ Sinus Dilation System Effectively Establishes And Maintains Patency Of Maxillary Sinus Ostia At 12 Months 9/22/2014
Magnetic Resonance Helps To Detect And Quantify Fat In Liver, University Of The Basque Country Study 9/19/2014
InspireMD Ltd. To Host Conference Call And Webinar And To Discuss Recently Released Results Of Cguard™ CARENET Trial On September 24th 9/19/2014
Inspire Medical Systems Release: New Data Shows Reductions In Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) Severity And Improvement Of Quality Of Life With Inspire Therapy 9/19/2014
Alcon, Inc. (ACL) Exec Talks About Its DT1 Water Gradient Contact Lens 9/19/2014
Smartgels Are Thicker Than Water, Okinawa Insitute Of Science And Technology Study 9/19/2014
First Discovery Of Actionable Genetic Alterations In A Deadly Cancer Reported By Personal Genome Diagnostics And Blueprint Medicines 9/19/2014
Svelte Medical Systems, Inc. Release: World’s First Integrated Delivery System Meets All Endpoints In The Direct II Randomized, Controlled Drug-Eluting Coronary Stent Study 9/19/2014
Blood Test Could Identify When Cancer Treatment Has Become Detrimental, Institute Of Cancer Research Study 9/18/2014
Failing Students Saved By Stress-Detecting App, Dartmouth College Study 9/18/2014
Inside the Deal: How Contrasting Styles Brought Covidien (COV) And Medtronic, Inc. (MDT) Together 9/18/2014
University of Gothenburg Study Shows Users Of Insulin Pumps Are At 29 Percent Lower Risk Of Death Compared With Patients On Insulin Injections 9/18/2014
Latest Data Shows OrbusNeich's COMBO™ Dual Therapy Stent Has Excellent Healing Benefits 9/18/2014
Intersect ENT Enrolls First Patient In Clinical Study To Expand Access To PROPEL Treatment To Broader Patient Population 9/18/2014
Gel-like Padding Could Help Cells Survive Injection, Heal Spinal Cord Injuries, Stanford Bio-X Reveals 9/18/2014
"Smart Material" Chin Strap Harvests Energy From Chewing, École de Technologie Supérieure Study 9/18/2014
Minomic Launches US Pilot Study of MiStat(TM) Novel Prostate Cancer Screening Technology 9/18/2014
Studies Support Growing Use Of The Accuracy Tomotherapy® System For Breast Cancer To Improve Tumor Control With Reduced Toxicities 9/18/2014
Kessler Foundation Study Finds Ekso Bionics (EKSO) Bionic Suit Is Safe And Effective For Gait Training Stroke Patients In Inpatient Rehabilitation Setting 9/18/2014
Hansen Medical (HNSN) Release: Study Finds Sensei® Robotic System Associated With Statistically Significant Improved Success Rates Compared With Manual Persistent AF Ablation 9/18/2014
EBS Technologies Reports That A Clinical Study Published In Neurology® Validates Electrical Brain Stimulation Technology Designed To Expand The Visual Field Of Patients With Impaired Vision 9/18/2014
St. Jude Medical (STJ) Hits The "Pause" Button On Portico TAVI Device 9/17/2014
First Blood Test To Diagnose Depression In Adults, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine Study 9/17/2014
InSpire MD Announces Positive Results From CGuard™ CARENET Trial With 0% MACE Reported At 30 Days 9/17/2014
Neuroimaging Technique Identifies Concussion-Related Brain Disease In Living Brain, Mount Sinai School of Medicine Study 9/17/2014
Cardiac Dimensions, Inc. Announces New Long-Term Outcomes Data From TITAN II Clinical Trial Demonstrates Safety, Efficacy Of Enhanced CARILLON Mitral Contour System 9/17/2014
New Urine HPV Test Could Replace Invasive Pap Smears, Queen Mary University Of London Study 9/17/2014
One-Minute Point-Of-Care Anemia Test Shows Promise In New Study, Georgia Institute of Technology Reveals 9/17/2014
Avita Medical Secures U.S. FDA Approval To Modify ReCell® Clinical Burns Trial 9/17/2014
Asuragen, Inc.’s Xpansion Interpreter® Test Study Of 1,040 Transmissions Of Fragile X Alleles Reveals Personalized Risks For Expansion From Parent To Child 9/17/2014
GI Dynamics Release: New Data Presented At EASD Demonstrate Robust Cardiometabolic Health Effects Of Endobarrier® Therapy In Obese People With And Without Diabetes 9/17/2014
REPRISE II Data Demonstrate Sustained Safety And Performance Outcomes At One Year For The Boston Scientific Corporation (BSX) Lotus™ Valve System 9/16/2014
CeloNova BioSciences Release: First-In-Man Study Of The COBRA PzF™ Coronary Stent Shows Promising Results Highlighted By Short, 30-Day Dual-Antiplatelet Therapy And Low, 3% TLR Rate 9/16/2014
CardioMEMS Data Shows Pulmonary Artery Pressure Monitoring Significantly Reduces Heart Failure Hospitalizations In Patients With Chronic Kidney Disease 9/16/2014
Agendia BV Announces Study Showing Molecular Subtyping Can Improve Breast Cancer Treatment 9/16/2014
Osiris Therapeutics, Inc. (OSIR) Release: Grafix® Featured In Plenary Session Oral Presentation At The Joint Annual Meeting Of The Eastern And New England Vascular Societies 9/16/2014
GenomeDx Biosciences Release: Two New Studies Show Decipher Genomic Prostate Cancer Test Charts Best Course Of Treatment And Influences Patient Outcomes 9/16/2014
Brain Scans May Forecast Reading Difficulties In Kids, University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) Study 9/16/2014
Revealed: How Fear Is Processed In The Brain, Center for BrainHealth Study 9/16/2014
Is This The First Example Of Truly "Beautiful" Wearable Tech? 9/16/2014
Your Brain On Snacks: Brain Stimulation Affects Craving And Consumption, University Of Waterloo Study 9/16/2014
Imaging Identifies Asymptomatic People At Risk For Stroke, Weill Cornell Medical College Study 9/16/2014
TearLab Corporation (TEAR) Release: Study Demonstrates Hyperosmolarity Of The Ocular Surface May Impact Cataract Surgery Planning 9/16/2014
Medtronic, Inc. (MDT) Drug-Coated Balloon Shows Strong Clinical And Economic Benefit In Treatment Of Peripheral Artery Disease 9/16/2014
Spectranetics Corporation (SPNC) Release: EXCITE ISR Proves Superiority In Safety, Efficacy Of Laser Atherectomy With PTA Vs. PTA Alone; Data Presented At TCT 2014 9/16/2014
Twelve-Month Data from St. Jude Medical (STJ) EnligHTN Renal Denervation System Show Continued Safety And Efficacy For Patients 9/15/2014
The International Drug & Explosives Detection Company IDenta Corporation Is Releasing A Very Positive Comparison And Assessment Of Field Test Kits For Commonly Seized Drugs Of Abuse 9/15/2014
Abbott Laboratories (ABT)’s Dissolving Heart Stent Clears Arteries In Key Trial 9/15/2014
Botox "May Stunt Emotional Growth" In Young People, Aesthetic Nursing Reveals 9/15/2014
Blood-Cleansing Biospleen Device Developed For Sepsis Therapy, Harvard University Study 9/15/2014
Unisense FertiliTech A/S Release: Large Prospective Randomized Trial Confirms Clinical Benefit Of Embryoscope® Time-Lapse System 9/15/2014
Retina Implant AG's International Clinical Results Presented For The First Time In Europe 9/15/2014
A 28-Gene Test For Kidney Disease, Claritas Genomics Reveals 9/15/2014
Teen Invents Sensor To Help Alzheimer's Patients 9/15/2014
Microarray Technology Proves Superior To Sequencing For Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing 9/15/2014
Abbott Initiates ABSORB IV Trial To Evaluate Quality Of Life And Cost Savings Of Dissolving Heart Device 9/15/2014
CLEAN-TAVI Trial Shows Claret Medical Cerebral Protection System Dramatically Reduces Brain Lesions And Neurological Events Following Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) 9/15/2014
Newly Detected Varients Could Make Testing For Prostate Cancer Risk Better, Nature Genetics Reveals 9/15/2014
Covidien plc (COV) Announces Start Of Enrollment In Two Neurovascular Clinical Trials 9/15/2014
Agendia BV Test For Molecular Subtyping Of Breast Cancer Is A Better Guide To Pre-Surgical Treatment, Study Finds 9/15/2014
Statins And Diabetes: A Clearer Picture Emerges, Copenhagen University Hospital Study 9/12/2014
Medicinal Marijuana Inhaler Enables Controlled, Smokeless Doses, Syqe Medical Reveals 9/12/2014
Antler-Inspired Prosthetic Merges With Your Bone To Feel Like A Real Limb, University of London And Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital Study 9/12/2014
ßAir Bio-Artificial Pancreas May Finally Treat Type-1 Diabetes, Beta-O2 Reveals 9/12/2014
Workforce Drug Test Positivity Rate Increases For The First Time In 10 Years, Driven By Marijuana And Amphetamines, Finds Quest Diagnostics Inc. (DGX) Drug Testing Index™ Analysis Of Employment Drug Tests 9/12/2014
New Infrared Marker For Bio-Imaging, Helmholtz Zentrum Munchen Study 9/12/2014
Amarantus BioSciences, Inc. Completes Enrollment Of 72 Patient LP-002 Clinical Study For Alzheimer's Blood Diagnostic Lympro Test® 9/12/2014
"Electronic Skin" Could Improve Early Breast Cancer Detection, University of Nebraska Study 9/11/2014
TOPS Comprehensive Breast Center Study Conducts a Reader Study Comparing Prospective Tomosynthesis Interpretations With Retrospective Readings Of The Corresponding FFDM Examinations 9/11/2014
VolitionRX NuQ(R) Blood Test Detects 84% Of Colorectal Cancers; Including Both Early- And Later-Stage Cancers 9/11/2014
Perfect Focus Through Thick Layers May Bring Better Vision To Medicine, Weizmann Institute of Science Study 9/11/2014
Study Shows Use Of 20/20 GeneSystems, Inc.’ Breast Cancer Indexsm Molecular Test Substantially Lowers Medical Costs For ER+ Breast Cancer Patients Compared With Standard Management 9/11/2014
What You Can Tell About A Person From Looking At Their Teeth 9/10/2014
Pulmonx, Inc.’s Zephyr Endobronchial Valve Demonstrates Statistically And Clinically Significant Results In A Prospective, Randomized Controlled Trial 9/10/2014
Platelet-Like Particles Augment Natural Blood Clotting For Treating Trauma, Georgia Tech, Emory University, And Arizona State University Study 9/10/2014
Cantel Medical (CMN) Subsidiary - MEDIVATORS ENDOCUFF™ Overtube Improves Adenoma And Polyp Detection 9/10/2014
Medtronic, Inc. (MDT) Announces First U.S. Implants In Clinical Study Of Recapturable CoreValve Evolut R 9/10/2014
Tryton Medical, Inc. Enrolls First U.S. Patient In The EXTENDED ACCESS Registry 9/10/2014
DigiSole Electronic Insoles For Monitoring Activity Straight Through Your Feet 9/9/2014
Pulmonx, Inc.’s Zephyr Endobronchial Valve Demonstrates Statistically And Clinically Significant Results In A Prospective, Randomized Controlled Trial 9/9/2014
Contrast-Enhanced CT Scan Safe For Most Patients, Mayo Clinic Reveals 9/9/2014
American Medical Systems, Inc. (AMMD) Release: Top-Line Data Show The Investigational TOPAS™ System Improves Fecal Incontinence In Women 9/9/2014
New Sound-Based Micro Device Gently Sorts Cells Without Tagging, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Study 9/9/2014
Quest Diagnostics Inc. (DGX) Release: More People Testing Positive For Chikungunya Virus In The U.S., Finds Study At ICAAC 2014 9/9/2014
Myriad Genetics, Inc. (MYGN) Mypath™ Melanoma Test Reduced Indeterminate Cases By 76 Percent And Changed Treatment In 35 Percent Of Cases 9/9/2014
Myriad Genetics, Inc. (MYGN) myPath™ Melanoma Test Reduced Indeterminate Cases By 76 Percent And Changed Treatment In 35 Percent Of Cases 9/9/2014
Micro Interventional Devices, Inc. Initiates "First-In-Man" Clinical Study Of Permaseal™ 9/9/2014
NOVIAN Health Inc. Release: Walter Reed Bethesda Joins Novilase Clinical Trial 9/9/2014
ALR Technologies Inc. Begins Enrolling Patients In Kansas City 9/9/2014
Harvard Apparatus Regenerative Technology Nabs Market Exclusivity, Pending FDA Approval For Artificial Trachea 9/9/2014
Medigus (MDGS.TA)' Multi-Center Prospective Study Published In Surgical Endoscopy 9/9/2014
Novel Microneedle Patch For Faster And Effective Delivery Of Painkiller And Collagen Invented, National University of Singapore (NUS) Reveals 9/8/2014
New Clinical Study Shows ICU Medical, Inc. (ICUI) Are Associated with a Reduction in Both Hazardous Drug Exposure and Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infections 9/8/2014
Banked Blood Gets Stiffer With Age, University of Illinois Study 9/8/2014
New Blood Test May Help Customize Ovarian Cancer Treatment, University of Manchester Study 9/8/2014
Breakthrough Breath Temperature Test Could Identify Lung Cancer, University Of Foggia Study 9/8/2014
New Autofluorescence Imaging Platform Detects and Tracks Bacteria In Chronic Wounds, Princess Margaret Cancer Center Study 9/8/2014
Sequent Medical Inc. Release: Prospective Clinical Data On Web Aneurysm Embolization System Demonstrate Excellent Safety And High Rate Of Stable Occlusion In Difficult To Treat Aneurysms 9/8/2014
Implanet Presents The Clinical Results Of Its JAZZ Implant In Adolescent Scoliosis Surgery 9/8/2014
Bioness Inc. L300 Foot Drop System Progressively Improves Walking Speed In Stroke Survivors 9/8/2014
Titan Spine Announces Guarantee For Its Spinal Interbody Fusion Devices 9/8/2014
Disposable Fuel Cell Patch Brings Galvanic Skin Treatments Into The Home, VTT Technical Research Centre Of Finland Study 9/5/2014
Improving Cancer Treatment Decisions With Genomic Data, GenomeDx Biosciences Reveals 9/5/2014
A New Way To Diagnose Malaria, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) And National Research Foundation Of Singapore Study 9/5/2014
Handheld Scanner Could Help In Complete Brain Tumor Removal, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center Study 9/5/2014
New Genetic Barcode Created To Identify The Bacteria That Causes Tuberculosis, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Reveals 9/5/2014
Teleflex Incorporated (TFX) Highlights Study Involving ARROW® PICC With Chlorag+Ard® Technology, Showing Significant Reduction In PICC-Related Bloodstream Infections 9/5/2014
The Company That Wants To Preserve Your Body With Antifreeze When You Die 9/4/2014
Sex Hormones Linked To Sudden Cardiac Arrest, Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute Study 9/4/2014
Fabric Circuit Boards That Can Take Bending, Washing, Stretching And Bullets Fired At Them, Hong Kong Polytechnic University Study 9/4/2014
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Researchers Demonstrate Direct Brain-To-Brain Communication In Human Subjects 9/4/2014
Wrecked Knees? Nose Cartilage Can Fix Them, University of Basel Study 9/4/2014
Myriad Genetics, Inc. (MYGN) Publishes myRisk Hereditary Cancer Study In Cancer 9/4/2014
Biosensors Release: Initial Patient Enrolled In BioFreedom USA: First Major American Trial For Biosensors 9/4/2014
TearLab Corporation (TEAR) Reports Interim Results From Multi-Center DED Prevalence Study In The UK 9/4/2014
Claret Medical Release: Patient Enrollment Completed In Landmark CLEAN-TAVI Clinical Trial Studying The Role Of Cerebral Protection In Reducing Cerebrovascular Events 9/4/2014
Fractyl Labs Announces Positive Clinical Data For First Procedural Therapy To Treat Type 2 Diabetes 9/4/2014
Cervel Neurotech Announces Successful Depression Clinical Study Results 9/4/2014
Journal of the American Medical Association Publishes EnteroMedics (ETRM)' ReCharge Pivotal Trial Results 9/4/2014
SoundCure, Inc. Announces Results Of Randomized Clinical Study: S-Tones Found To Be More Effective Than Broadband Noise In Reducing Tinnitus 9/4/2014
St. Jude Medical (STJ)'s Tech Helps Coronary Artery Patients In Key Study 9/3/2014
Theradiag Actively Pursuing The Development Of A microRNA Theranostics Kit For Rectal Cancer 9/3/2014
Expanding Orthopedics Inc. Release: First Surgery Worldwide Performed With Expanding Orthopedics' FLXfit™ 3D Expandable Interbody Cage 9/3/2014