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George Washington University Researcher Tests New Method For Rapid Detection Of Infection In Wounds 2/8/2016
Umbilical Blood Cells Kill Cancer Quicker Than Adult Cells, Great Ormond Street Hospital For Children Study 2/8/2016
The Internet Of Medical Things: Digitization Revolutionizes Respiratory Care Management 2/5/2016
Nintendo Still Dreaming About A Mysterious Device That Helps You Sleep Better At Night 2/5/2016
New Non-Invasive Form Of Vagus Nerve Stimulation Works To Treat Depression, Published In Biological Psychiatry 2/5/2016
Way To Check Blood Glucose Using Far Infrared Light Discovered, Tohoku University Study 2/5/2016
A Virtual "Guide Dog" For Navigation, MIT Study 2/5/2016
Medtronic (MDT)'s iPro2 Professional CGM Shows Benefits For People With Type 2 Diabetes 2/5/2016
The Test That Reveals Cancer Sooner, MorNuCo Reveals 2/5/2016
GenomeDx Biosciences Publishes First Study Supporting Use Of Decipher Test In Prostate Biopsy 2/4/2016
Smart Band-Aid On The Horizon, MIT Study 2/4/2016
Transparent, Bendable Pressure Sensor Developed By University of Tokyo Scientists 2/4/2016
American Academy Of Ophthalmology Release: Smart Contact Lens Helps Predict Disease Progression In Glaucoma Patients 2/4/2016
CeraPedics Announces Publication Of Results From Pivotal IDE Clinical Trial Of i-FACTOR Bone Graft In The Cervical Spine 2/4/2016
New Device Paces Heart With Sound, EBR Systems Reveals 2/4/2016
Contact Lens Set To Transform Into Next-Gen Electronics, University of South Australia Reveals 2/4/2016
In New Clinical Study Masimo (MASI)’s Oxygen Reserve Index Helps Clinicians Detect Impending Desaturation In Pediatric Patients 2/4/2016
Your DNA May Be To Blame Why You Are A Morning Person Or A Night Owl, 23andMe Study Reveals 2/3/2016
Parkinson's Disease Diagnosis May Be Preceded By Increased Risk Of Injury-Causing Falls, Umea University Study 2/3/2016
Saliva Gland Test Can Spot Early Parkinson's Disease, Mayo Clinic Study 2/3/2016
In India, Zika Detection Test To Hit Market By March, Cost Pegged At Rs 5,000 2/3/2016
New Hair Implantation Techniques Are Replacing Painful Transplant Surgeries With Amazing Results 2/3/2016
HeartStitch Release: Top Swedish Heart Center Confirms PFO-Closure Benefits of NobleStitch EL Among Widening Patient Population 2/3/2016
Andrew Technologies, Inc. Release: Dr. David Kung Recruits Patients For Clinical Study Of HydraSolve Vs. Traditional Liposuction In Flanks Treatment 2/3/2016
Neumann Diagnostics' Automated Cervical Cancer Test Achieves Exceptional Accuracy 2/3/2016
Bay Area's Hansen Medical (HNSN) Shows Off Robotic-Nav Afib Ablation Study Data 2/2/2016
The Device With The Fine Nose, ETH Zurich Study 2/2/2016
Cryotherapy Device Being Developed To Reduce Tissue Damage, University of Texas Researchers Reveal 2/2/2016
University of Texas Researchers Working To Create Diagnostic Tool To Assess Viruses Such As Zika 2/2/2016
New Wearable Device Reads Your Pet's Mind 2/2/2016
Fast, Accurate Cystic Fibrosis Test Developed At Stanford University 2/2/2016
AltheaDx Release: New Studies Published Demonstrate The Value Of IDgenetix Pharmacogenetic Testing 2/2/2016
23andMe Release: Is Being A Morning Person In Your DNA? 2/2/2016
SpectraScience, Inc. (SCIE.PK) Announces Publication Of Clinical Data 2/2/2016
Active Implants Corporation Initiates Second Clinical Trial Evaluating NUsurface Meniscus Replacement 2/2/2016
Potrero Medical Commences NIH-backed PRESCIENT Study Of Accuryn For Early Detection of Critical Illness 2/2/2016
Robotic Fingers With A Gentle Touch Invented By EPFL Scientists 2/1/2016
Bioness Inc. Announces The Publication Of StimRouter Neuromodulation System Clinical Trial 2/1/2016
Device Claims To Suppress Brain-Cancer Cell Growth 2/1/2016
National Institute Of Biomedical Imaging And Bioengineering Researchers Help Design And Test Blood-Flow Sensor For Vascular Disease Monitoring 2/1/2016
Alpha Source Publishes Ultrasound Service Data Analysis On Contracts Vs Hourly Billed Service 2/1/2016
Good Start Genetics, Inc.’ Cost Effectiveness Study Demonstrates Clinical Outcomes And Healthcare Cost Advantages 2/1/2016
Stanford University Researchers Publish Seminal Paper On Use Of 10X Genomics’ Gemcode Technology For Genomic Analysis 2/1/2016
Essential Medical Announces Successful Completion Of EU Clinical Studies For MANTA Large Bore Vascular Closure Device 2/1/2016
TytoCare Tests Medical Device That Can Diagnose Illnesses Remotely 1/29/2016
The Tech Giving People Power To Rise Above Disability 1/29/2016
From The Army: Wearable Sensor Technology 1/29/2016
PancraGen Clinical Utility Study Published In Diagnostic Pathology 1/28/2016
TVA Medical Release: Novel Hemodialysis Access System Demonstrates High Suitability For Dialysis In Clinical Trial 1/28/2016
To Help Diabetics, Intelligent Socks Are Paired With Smartphones, Hebrew University of Jerusalem Study 1/28/2016
Electric Patch Holds Promise For Treating PTSD, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Study 1/28/2016
Let Them See You Sweat: What New Wearable Sensors Can Reveal From Perspiration, University of California, Berkeley (CAL) Study 1/28/2016
U.S. To Halt Blood Donation By Travelers To Areas With Zika 1/28/2016
InnFocus MicroShunt 3-Year Results Of A Long Term Clinical Trial Show Long Lasting IOP Reduction 1/27/2016
Peer-Reviewed Case Study Demonstrates Various Health Improvements Following ReWalk (RWLK) Exoskeleton Use 1/27/2016
Smart Clothes Adapt So You Are Always The Right Temperature, University of California, Irvine Study 1/27/2016
Get Better Sleep With The Lamp Astronauts Use, Lighting Science Group Reveals 1/27/2016
Using Light For Targeted Drug Delivery Could Help Fight Tumors, Local Infections, McGill University Study 1/27/2016
Futuristic Diagnostic Tools To Help Healthcare Professionals, Ulsan National Institute Of Science And Technology Reveals 1/27/2016
Are We Ready For A Blood Test For Cancer? UCSF Study 1/27/2016
Living Cell Technologies Ltd. Release: NTCELL Continues To Reverse The Progression Of Parkinson's Disease -- One Year After Implant 1/27/2016
FDA Approves Aortica To Supply Aortafit System For Starnes' Physician-Sponsored IDE Study 1/27/2016
UVLrx Therapeutics Release: Minnesota-Based Doctor Studies Impact Of UV Light On Flu Virus 1/27/2016
Contego Medical Announces Positive Clinical Data For Paladin System, The First Post-Dilation Balloon With Integrated Embolic Protection Technology 1/26/2016
UCSF To Install MILabs VECTor4CT In Support Of Expanding Molecular And Functional Imaging Research 1/26/2016
Advanced Cardiac Therapeutics Completes Successful First In Man 1/26/2016
No More Insulin Injections? MIT Study 1/26/2016
With Genetic Testing Results, More May Be Better 1/26/2016
At-Home Screening Test For Colon Cancer A Good Alternative, Kaiser Permanente Northern And Southern California Study 1/26/2016
Smaller Devices Drive Big Changes In Medical Molding, Donatelle Reveals 1/26/2016
New Pen-Sized Microscope Could ID Cancer Cells In Doctor's Offices And Operating Rooms, University of Washington Study 1/26/2016
Intact Vascular Release: Positive Six-Month Tack Optimized Balloon Angioplasty Below-The-Knee (TOBA-BTK) Results Presented At LINC 2016 1/26/2016
Transgenomic, Inc. (TBIO) Highlights Unique Advantages Of Multiplexed ICE COLD-PCR At Personalized Medicine World Conference 1/26/2016
Exosome Diagnostics ExoDx Prostate(IntelliScore): A More Precise, Genetically Informed Prostate Cancer Test From A Simple Urine Sample 1/26/2016
RenalGuard Solutions, Inc., Announces New European Clinical Trial To Evaluate The Long-Term Impact Of RenalGuard Therapy In Patients At High Risk For CI-AKI 1/26/2016
LED Medical Diagnostics Announces Successful Results For Latest Clinical Research Using VELscope Tissue Fluorescence Technology 1/26/2016
Essential Medical Provides Update On X-Seal Clinical Studies 1/25/2016
Type With Your Brain: Future Tech Ditches Keyboard, University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Study 1/25/2016
University of Alabama at Birmingham Among First To Offer Women Innovative Solution To Loss Of Bowel Control 1/25/2016
Diagnostic Accuracy: 60% Of The Time, It Works Every Time 1/25/2016
This Scan Can Watch Concussion Recovery Inside Your Brain, lMindA Reveals 1/25/2016
New Video Game Aims To Help Kids With ADHD, Akili Interactive Labs Reveals 1/25/2016
Robotic Arm For Duchenne Patients Developed, University of Twente Reveals 1/25/2016
Glowing Tumors That Could Improve Cancer Surgery Are Getting Closer To Reality, Stanford University School of Medicine Study 1/22/2016
Mercator MedSystems, Inc. Announces First Patient Enrolled in Below the Knee (BTK) Clinical Trial 1/22/2016
Veracyte (VCYT) Announces Publication Of Long-Term Clinical Utility Study For The Afirma Gene Expression Classifier 1/22/2016
Alzheimer's Diagnosis Complicated By History Of Reading Problems, Stony Brook University Study 1/22/2016
This Bluetooth-Enabled Wristband Helps Prevent Food Allergies, AllerGuarder Reveals 1/22/2016
Shocking! "Electric Eel" Fibers Could Power Wearable Tech, Fudan University Study 1/22/2016
How Wearable Tech Is Creeping Into The Beauty Industry 1/22/2016
Biodegradable Bodies For More Eco-Friendly Robots, Italian Institute Of Technology Study 1/22/2016
Review By Fox Chase Cancer Center -- Temple Health And Temple University School Of Medicine Physicians Highlights Advances In Diagnosis And Treatment Of Bile Ducts Cancers 1/22/2016
Under The Weather? A Blood Test Can Tell If Antibiotics Are Needed, Duke University Study 1/21/2016
Brain Scans May ID Those Vulnerable To Depression Before It Starts, MIT Study 1/21/2016
Carbonshade Launches Kickstarter Campaign For Blue Light-Blocking Glasses, To Give You A Better Night's Sleep 1/21/2016
New Test Could Predict Dementia Risk During Routine GP Visits, University College London Study 1/21/2016
Senseonics Announces Start Of PRECISE II U.S. Trial Of Long-Term CGM 1/21/2016
MedStar: First-of-Its-Kind Study Launched Evaluating Use Of Less Invasive Procedure In Low Risk Patients With Diseased Heart Valves 1/21/2016
AlerSense Shows Off Smart Sensor For Allergy And Asthma Alerts 1/21/2016
Man Uses Fitbit (FIT) To Show How A Break-Up Affected His Heart Rate 1/20/2016
Using Electrical Signals To Train The Heart's Muscle Cells, Columbia University Study 1/20/2016
This Smartphone Technology 3-D Maps Your Meal And Counts Its Calories 1/20/2016
U.S. Military Aims To Create Cyborgs By Connecting Humans To Computers 1/20/2016
Sirtex Medical (SRX.AX) Release: Treatment Results of SIR-Spheres Y-90 Resin Microspheres Are Similar Regardless Of Patient Age, New Publication Shows 1/20/2016
oncgnostics GmbH Release: Safe Diagnostics For Women Tested HPV-Positive 1/20/2016
neoSurgical Limited Begins Postmarket Surveillance Study Of FDA-Cleared NeoClose Versus Standard Of Care For Closing Port Site Incisions In Lap And Robotic Surgeries 1/20/2016
Withings' New Thermometer Might Be Worth Its $100 Price Tag 1/20/2016
No More Needles At The Dentist—Just A Tiny Electric Current Instead, University of Sao Paulo Study 1/19/2016
Tiny Electronic Implants Monitor Brain Injury, Then Melt Away, University of Illinois Study 1/19/2016
Easier Diagnosis For Fungal Infection Of The Lungs, University of Exeter Study 1/19/2016
New Biomarkers For Improved Treatment Of Severe Heart - And Lung Disease, Umea University Study 1/19/2016
New Tool Puts Accurate DNA Analysis In Fast Lane, Rice University Study 1/19/2016
electroCore: University of Bonn Study Shows That Non-Invasive Vagus Nerve Stimulation (Nvns) Device Reduces Number Of Migraine Attacks And Their Intensity 1/19/2016
Serene Medical Announces Completed Enrollment Of Their First Clinical Trial 1/19/2016
Rapid Medical Announces First Stroke Patient Treated With TIGERTRIEVER 1/19/2016
Uscom Limited Release: Non-Invasive BP+ Equal To Catheters For Central Blood Pressure In Children 1/19/2016
New Wireless Implant From A*STAR And Biospark To Help Manage Chronic Pain 1/18/2016
Flexible Nanocomposite Film Could Yield Handheld Cancer Detector, University of Michigan Study 1/18/2016
Newcastle University Study Could Lead To Approval Of Test For Bladder Cancer 1/18/2016
Non-Invasive Diagnostics For Ischemic Stroke Found, Menoufiya School Of Medicine Reveals 1/18/2016
Rivals Spent $1.5 Billion on 80 Patients and Half are Dead, Says Boston Scientific (BSX) CMO 1/15/2016
Edwards Lifesciences (EW) Receives FDA Approval For Expanded Indication Study Of Sapien 3 Valve 1/15/2016
New Blood Test May Expand Scope Of Liquid Biopsies, University of Washington Study 1/15/2016
Wearable Device Aims To Help Smokers Quit, Says Chrono Therapeutics, Inc. 1/15/2016
Cancer-Detecting Sensor Developed, National Institute for Materials Science Researchers Reveal 1/15/2016
Metamaterials Boost Sensitivity Of MRI Machines, Australian National University Study 1/15/2016
McMaster University Researchers Develop Simple, Cheap And Self-Contained Paper Test To Diagnose Illnesses, Even Before Patients Feel Symptoms 1/15/2016
Urine Test For Early Alzheimer's Steps Closer, Monell Chemical Senses Center Study 1/14/2016
Tasting Device Monitors Sodium Intake In Hypertension Patients, Virginia Commonwealth University Study 1/14/2016
Barton Health First To Offer New Digital Medicine Developed By Proteus Digital Health 1/14/2016
Hacking Your Brain: Neurotech Startups Aim To Treat Depression, Alzheimer’s And Parkinson’s Through Headsets, Cerestim Reveals 1/14/2016
Protecting The Spinal Cord - An Innovative, Medical Device Announced 1/14/2016
Anti-Inflammatory Biomaterial Coating Prevents Rejection Of Medical Implants, University of Toronto Study 1/14/2016
Hansen Medical (HNSN) Provides Corporate Update Of Key Near-Term Clinical, Regulatory And Commercial Events 1/14/2016
HeartWare (HTWR) Stock Plunges 35% Amid LVAD Uncertainties 1/13/2016
You Can't Fool This Activity Tracker, Northwestern University Study 1/13/2016
New Study Shows ICU Medical (ICUI)'s SwabCap Reduced Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infections And Blood Culture Contamination, Corresponding To $3.2 Million Annual Savings 1/13/2016
Nigerian Medic Designs Novel Ventilator 1/13/2016
New Technology Puts Health Care In Palm Of Your Hand 1/13/2016
Clinical Study Discusses Cost Effectiveness Of Surgical Resection And IsoRay (ISR)'s Cesium-131 Intraoperative Brachytherapy 1/13/2016
One-Hour Diagnosis Of Heart Attack Possible With Troponin T Test From Roche (RHHBY) 1/13/2016
Several Indigenous Medical Devices To Hit Markets Soon 1/13/2016
Brain Monitoring Takes A Leap Out Of The Lab, University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Study 1/13/2016
Robotic Glove Invented By National University of Singapore (NUS) Researchers Helps Patients Restore Hand Movements 1/12/2016
National Institute For Materials Science Researchers In Japan Develop Cancer-Detecting Sensor 1/12/2016
Fecal Transplant: Freeze-Dried Poop Capsules May Help Fight Obesity By Changing Your Gut Microbiota, Massachusetts General Hospital Study 1/12/2016
Advances In Liquid Biopsy Methods: Circulating Tumour Cells (CTCs), Circulating Cell-Free Nucleic Acids And Exosomes, Laboratory Markets Ltd Reveals 1/12/2016
Nihon University Release: Independent Japanese Study Shows Beneficial Effect Of Curodont Repair 1/12/2016
Aethlon Medical (AEMD)'s Exosome Sciences, Inc. To Participate In Clinical Research Study To Diagnose Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) 1/12/2016
Quicker UTI Tests, Thanks To BITS Research 1/11/2016
ReliefBand Is A Wearable Device Aimed At Fighting Nausea Caused By Motion, Morning Sickness 1/11/2016
Blue Light From Tech Gadgets And Digital Eye Strain: More Than 73 Percent Of Young Adults Suffer From Symptoms 1/11/2016
Delcath Systems (DCTH) Release: Review Of Delcath Melphalan/HDS System Published In "Cardiovascular & Interventional Radiology" 1/11/2016
BlueWind Medical Announces Successful Completion Of Patients' Enrolment For Its Overactive Bladder (OAB) Clinical Study Toward A CE Mark 1/11/2016
MDxHealth, Inc. (MXDHF) Announces Positive Data Supporting Expanded Diagnostic Application For ConfirmMDx For Prostate Cancer 1/11/2016
Yet Another Theranos Competitor Is Taking The Single Fingertip Blood Test To The Next Level 1/11/2016
Researchers Attempt To Grow Human Organs Inside Sheep And Pigs For Transplants, UC Davis Reveals 1/11/2016
New Male Birth Control, "Sperm Switch," Temporaily Sterilizes Men With The Flip Of A Switch 1/11/2016
Arquer Diagnostics Receives Ethical Approval For Largest Privately Funded Bladder Cancer Study In UK 1/11/2016
ExThera Medical Achieves Promising Preliminary Safety And Efficacy Results In A Large-Animal Model 1/11/2016
Bovie Medical Corporation (BVX) Announces Completion Of New J-Plasma White Papers 1/11/2016
New Touchless Device Makes Earlier Detection Of Heart Problems Possible, University Of Waterloo Study 1/8/2016
Smartwatch App Detects Epileptic Seizures And Texts A Warning 1/8/2016
Women Can "Grow" Their Own IVF Embryos With In-Body Incubator 1/8/2016
Six New Wearables That Promise To Make You Healthier 1/8/2016
Saliva Test To Detect GHB And Alcohol Poisonings, Loughborough University Study 1/8/2016
Global Genomics Group And GNS Healthcare Report Preliminary Results Of Largest-Ever Study Linking Biomarkers With Coronary Artery Disease 1/8/2016
SRS Medical Systems Receives FDA IDE Approval For Expanded Indications Study Of Spanner Prostate Stent 1/7/2016
BioLight Reports Positive Second Clinical Study Results For Its TeaRx Multi-Assay Test For Dry Eye Syndrome 1/7/2016
OCT Detects, Assesses Bacterial Buildup On Medical Devices, University of California, Irvine Study 1/7/2016
QT Vascular Announces Clinical Outcomes Of Its Chocolate Heart Drug Coated Coronary Balloon 1/7/2016
Genticel To Evaluate Roche Molecular Systems (RHHBF.PK)’ cobas HPV Test In Preparation For PhIII Program Of GTL001 1/7/2016
Scientists Get Closer To Detecting When And Why Blood Clots Form, Harvard Study 1/7/2016
Blood Test Helps Rule Out Pregnancy Complication, Brigham and Women's Hospital Study 1/7/2016
GenomeDx Biosciences's Decipher Test Validated To Predict Metastasis From Prostate Cancer Biopsies 1/7/2016
EKF diagnostic GmbH Publishes "Anemia And Hemoglobin Testing" Guide 1/7/2016
Glaukos Will Begin Phase II Clinical Trial For iDose Travoprost Intraocular Implant In Glaucoma Patients 1/7/2016
Banking On Gene Power For "Precision Medicine" 1/6/2016
Laser Tool That Allows Surgeons To Selectively Burn Away Lesions And Tumors In The Brain Developed, Monteris Medical, Inc. Reveals 1/6/2016
Tiny Mesh Tube Devices To Treat Brain Aneurysms, University of Oxford Study 1/6/2016
University of Minnesota Volunteer Group Looks To Kick-Start Development Of Medical Devices For Kids 1/6/2016
Four Wearables Trend Questions To Raise At CES 1/6/2016
MC10 Reshapes Research With The Introduction Of The Biostamp Research Connect System 1/6/2016
SpineGuard Release: World’s First Spinal Fusion Surgery Performed With Single-Step Insertion Of DSG Technology Enabled Screws 1/6/2016
Harvard Student Develops Technique To Diagnose Cancer From A Single Drop Of Blood 1/5/2016
BioElectronics Corporation Announces Publication Of Breakthrough Clinical Study For Drug-Free Treatment Of Chronic Osteoarthritis 1/5/2016
Wearable Device Works To Predict Lactate Threshold, Central Queensland University Study 1/5/2016
Epic Sciences Release: Circulating Tumor Cells Linked With Treatment Resistance And Response In Prostate Cancer Patients 1/5/2016
FDA Labels Pelvic Mesh As "High-Risk" Medical Device 1/5/2016
EnteroMedics (ETRM) Announces Publication In SOARD Of ASMBS Position Statement On Vagal Blocking Therapy For Obesity 1/5/2016
BoneSupport Announces Positive Data Highlighting The Use Of CERAMENT|G In The Management Of Osteomyelitis In The Infected Diabetic Foot 1/5/2016
Omron Healthcare, Inc.'s Blood Pressure Monitor Looks More Like A Smartwatch Than A Medical Device 1/5/2016
Way To Improve Image Sharpness For Blind People With Retinal Implants Discovered, University of Southern California Researchers Reveal 1/5/2016
NanoLogix, Inc. (NNLX) Announces Publication Of A Study In Journal Of Microbiology And Experimentation 1/5/2016
Chronic Pain? There's An App For That 1/4/2016
InVivo Therapeutics (NVIV) Announces Approval For INSPIRE Pivotal Probable Benefit Clinical Study Of The Neuro-Spinal Scaffold 1/4/2016
W. L. Gore & Associates Release: GORE BIO-A Tissue Reinforcement Proven As Effective As A Biologic Mesh For Complex Ventral Hernia Repair 1/4/2016
Brain Implant Could Help Paralyzed Limbs Move Again, University of Washington Reveals 1/4/2016
Tampa Firm's $125,000 "Meditation Chamber" Has A Controversial Past 1/4/2016
AntiCancer Announces Extensive Hair Growth After Transplantation Of Cryopreserved Hair Follicles 1/4/2016