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Blood Test Might Someday Predict Your Stroke Risk, McMaster University Study 8/26/2016
Human Implant Tech Is Still Waiting For Its Pokémon Go 8/26/2016
Life Spine Announces Initial Cases And Multiple Surgeries For SENTRY Lateral Plate System 8/26/2016
Stretchy Supercapacitors Power Wearable Electronics, Nanyang Technological University Study 8/26/2016
Bio-Active Smart Implants, MatOrtho Reveals 8/26/2016
Special Glasses Combat Color Blindness, EnChroma Reveals 8/26/2016
Implanted Telescope Helps Patients Overcome Macular Degeneration, VisionCare Reveals 8/26/2016
Autonomous University Of The State Of Morelos Scientists Creating A Special 3-D Printed Valve To Treat Microcephaly In Unborn Babies 8/25/2016
Gene Tests Identify Breast Cancer Patients Who Can Skip Chemotherapy, UCSF Study Says 8/25/2016
Low-Cost Diabetes Detection Devices Stuck In Pipeline; As Medical Body And Companies Play Blame Game 8/25/2016
UCLA Scientists Use Ultrasound To Jump-Start A Man’s Brain After Coma 8/25/2016
When DNA And Medical Tests Disagree About Breast Cancer Risk, Which To Believe? 8/25/2016
University of Otago Research Goes To Rugby Team's Heads 8/25/2016
Brain Scans Of Brazilian Babies Show Array Of Zika Effects, Harvard Medical School Study 8/24/2016
SI-BONE Announces Two-Year Results From A Randomized Controlled Trial Of The Ifuse Implant System Vs. Non-Surgical Management For Some Causes Of Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction 8/24/2016
University of Rochester Medical Center Pathologist Raises Questions About Polymer Coatings On Medical Devices 8/24/2016
Australians Embracing Super-Human Microchip Technology 8/24/2016
Light Beam Used To Implant An Artificial Image Into A Mouse's Mind, Columbia University Scientists Reveal 8/24/2016
Promising Results From Molecular Dynamics' CZT Based Digital Spect/CT Trial 8/24/2016
SpectraScience, Inc. (SCIE.PK) Announces Accuracy Of WavSTAT4 In The Diagnosis Of Small Colorectal Cancer Polyps Confirmed 8/24/2016
SRS Medical Systems Announces First Patients Enrolled In FDA IDE Study To Expand Indications For Spanner Prostate Stent 8/24/2016
This Helmet Shows What's Going On Inside A Person's Brain, Department of Energy Study 8/23/2016
A New Eye On The Middle Ear, MIT Study 8/23/2016
Magnetic Bacteria Carry Anti-Cancer Drugs To Tumor, Polytechnique Montréal Nanorobotics Laboratory Study 8/23/2016
Spire Review: Keep Calm And Carry On With This Beautiful Breath-Tracking Device 8/23/2016
"Edible" Robots And Batteries You Can Swallow Could Finally Help Cure Cancer, Carnegie Mellon University Study 8/23/2016
This Little Silver Cube Could Be The Future Of Personal DNA Testing, Spartan Bioscience Reveals 8/23/2016
DNA Brain Injection Could Help Control Parkinson's Symptoms, Voyager Therapeutics (VYGR) Reveals 8/23/2016
Hansa Medical: Top Line Results From The Swedish Ongoing Phase II Study With IdeS In Sensitized Patients Presented 8/23/2016
ZipLine Medical’s Zip Surgical Skin Closure Device Shows Improved Scarring, Closure Time And Less Pain In First Prospective, Randomized, Controlled Study In Pediatrics 8/23/2016
Hocoma AG Release: Long-Term, Intensive Robot-Assisted Therapy Helps Paraplegic Patients Walk Again 8/23/2016
Bedfont Scientific Release: Should FeNO Monitoring Be Included In Basic Care After Asthma Death Toll Rises In Scotland? 8/23/2016
Restoring Fertility With 3D Printers, Northwestern University Study 8/22/2016
New Hydrogel Film Repairs Corneal Cells, University of Melbourne Study 8/22/2016
After The Heart Attack: Injectable Gels Could Prevent Future Heart Failure, University of Pennsylvania Study 8/22/2016
You Can Tell If You’re Depressed By Checking Instagram... Yes, Seriously, Harvard Study 8/22/2016
Innovative Device Simulates Cataract Replacement Experience, Instituto de Optica, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Clientificas Study 8/22/2016
Interscatter Communication Enables First-Ever Implanted Devices, Smart Contact Lenses, Credit Cards That "Talk" Wi-Fi, University of Washington Study 8/19/2016
Genetic Test Accuracy Stymied By Lack Of Diversity In Genomic Research 8/19/2016
AI Beats Doctors At Visual Diagnosis, Observes Many Times More Lung Cancer Signals, Stanford University Study 8/19/2016
University of Cincinnati Medical Center Heart Patients Use NASA Treadmill 8/19/2016
Eye Test May Detect Parkinson’s Before Symptoms Appear, University College London Study 8/19/2016
The Hearing Aid's Pursuit Of Invisibility 8/18/2016
Personalized Wearable Tech Can Help Adults Diagnosed With Autism Manage Anxiety, Lancaster University Study 8/18/2016
Wearables Used To Improve "Artificial Pancreas" For Diabetics, Illinois Institute of Technology Researchers Reveal 8/18/2016
Top Scientists Predict The Future: Here's What They See 8/18/2016
InVivo Therapeutics (NVIV) Announces Northwestern Medicine As New Site For INSPIRE Study 8/18/2016
New Startup Aims To Commercialize A Brain Prosthetic To Improve Memory, Kernel Reveals 8/18/2016
Growing A New Inner Ear, In A Dish, Indiana University Study 8/17/2016
Revealed: The Brain's Generosity Center, Oxford University Study 8/17/2016
Wearable Sleep Device Could Decrease New PTSD Cases In Military, Brain State Technologies Reveals 8/17/2016
Nanomaterial Safety Screening Could Become Faster, Cheaper With New Laboratory Test, UCLA Study 8/17/2016
InVivo Therapeutics (NVIV) Surges on Good News From Study of Spine Injury Treatment 8/17/2016
Optomec Breakthrough In 3D Printing Enables Micron-scale Smart Structures 8/17/2016
After Successful Football Study, New Device To Ease Concussion Concerns To Be Tried On Girls Soccer, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center Study 8/16/2016
Putting A Computer In Your Brain Is No Longer Science Fiction 8/16/2016
OncoSec Medical Announces Peer-Reviewed Publication Of T-Cell Exhaustion Marker To Predict Response To Anti-PD-1 Therapy In Melanoma 8/16/2016
Women With Common Ovary Problem May Not Get Recommended Tests, Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center Study 8/16/2016
Needles Not Needed — University of California, Irvine Professor Pursues Approach To Diabetes That Makes Daily Injections Obsolete 8/16/2016
No Blue Light, Please, I'm Tired — Light Color Determines Sleepiness Versus Arousal In Mice, Oxford University Study 8/16/2016
NYU Steinhardt Study Looks At How Racial Inequality Is Produced Online 8/16/2016
NYU Langone Medical Center Release: New MRI Technique Sheds Technology's Longtime Limits 8/16/2016
Next Generation Medical Device, Umbra Applied Technologies Reveals 8/16/2016
EnteroMedics (ETRM) Announces Publication Of 24 Month ReCharge Clinical Study Data In Obesity Surgery 8/15/2016
Clinical Studies Demonstrate ConforMIS iTotal CR Customized Knee Implants Provide Superior Outcomes And Potential For Economic Savings 8/15/2016
New Sensor To Detect Heart Attacks In Just A Minute, Ulsan National Institute Of Science And Technology Study 8/15/2016
Penn Medicine Combats Opioid Epidemic With Device That Pumps Away The Pain 8/15/2016
Music Electroacupuncture Outperforms Antidepressant Drug For Depression, Healthcare Medicine Institute Study 8/15/2016
Arch Therapeutics Reports AC5 Topical Hemostatic Device Meets Primary And Secondary Endpoints In First Clinical Study 8/15/2016
This Wearable May Help You Get Pregnant, Ava Reveals 8/15/2016
Flex, The Tampon Alternative You Can Wear During Sex 8/15/2016
New Wearable Devices Aim To Detect Allergens In Food And In The Air, Allergy Amulet Reveals 8/15/2016
Meet the Poop Scientist Of Japan and His New Startup Metagen 8/12/2016
BioSig Technologies Achieves Important Milestone 8/12/2016
Short Pulsed Electric Fields For Prevention Of Burn Scars, Tel Aviv University Study 8/12/2016
Your Brain On Google (GOOG) Glass, Drexel University Study 8/12/2016
Cannabis Science Seeks Patients to Receive the Free CBIS MDI Rescue Inhaler 8/12/2016
Five Ways Bioengineers Want To Use 3-D Printing, Published In Trends in Biotechnology 8/12/2016
Artificial Skin Tests For Stopping Sun Damage, Fraunhofer Institute For Interfacial Engineering And Biotechnology Study 8/12/2016
Paraplegics Take A Step To Regain Movement, Duke University Study 8/12/2016
Hospitals Are Throwing Out Organs And Denying Transplants To Meet Federal Standards 8/12/2016
Novel Femur Window Chamber Model For Long-Term Optical Access To Bone Marrow Compartment, University of Toronto Study 8/12/2016
Vortex Rings May Aid Cell Delivery, Cell-Free Protein Production, Cornell University Study 8/12/2016
Rumor: Apple (AAPL) Prepping Two Health-Tracking Devices for 2017 8/11/2016
Provista Diagnostics Release: New Study Integrating Multiple Types Of Protein Biomarkers Increases Accuracy Of Early Breast Cancer Detection 8/11/2016
Device That Tricks Premature Babies' Brains Into Thinking They Are Running Developed, UCLA Scientists Reveal 8/11/2016
Computers To Diagnose Supervisors' Emotions, Fatigue 8/11/2016
BioSig Technologies Achieves Important Milestone 8/11/2016
Simple Blood Test Developed To Screen For Life-Threatening Liver Disease, Baylor College of Medicine Study 8/11/2016
MIT-Invented Tool Helps Detect And Diagnose Concussions, In Real-Time 8/11/2016
Baxter International (BAX)’s Sigma Spectrum Infusion System Rates Highest In Drug Library Compliance And Ease-Of-Use According To KLAS Report 8/11/2016
Cardiovascular Systems Releases 30-Day Results From Liberty 360° Study In Late-Breaking Presentation At 2016 Amputation Prevention Symposium 8/11/2016
Outcomes Of Presbia Microlens Surgeries In Korean Study Demonstrate Excellent Results 8/11/2016
This Smart Surgical Thread Collects Data As Wounds Are Healing, Tufts University Study 8/10/2016
Deep Brain Stimulation Changes Lives Of Patients With Tremors, Baystate Medical Center Study 8/10/2016
Share Trial Data? Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) Says Yes, Others Hesitate 8/10/2016
Transient Battery Could Be Adapted To Power Medical Implants, Iowa State University Study 8/10/2016
A Few Hours Of Exercise A Week Makes Your Heart Grow Bigger, Imperial College London Study 8/10/2016
Senseonics Reports Topline Accuracy Results From U.S. Pivotal Study Of Eversense CGM System. 8/10/2016
Synaptic Medical Launches Revolutionary Brain Surgery Technology At Emory University Hospital 8/10/2016
Bone Index Release: The First US Study With FDA Cleared Point-Of-Care Device To Help Physicians In Diagnosing Osteoporosis Was Published In A Respected International Journal 8/10/2016
Study Results With Castle Biosciences’ Uveal Melanoma Gene Expression Test Published In Journal Of Oncology 8/10/2016
TrovaGene (TROV) Release: Trovera Urine Liquid Biopsy Test Provides EGFR Status To Inconclusive Tissue Biopsy: Case Report In Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer 8/9/2016
New Blood Test Identifies Women At Risk Of Preterm Delivery As Early As 17 Weeks Of Pregnancy, University of Alberta Study 8/9/2016
Fitness Bands, With Doctors Attached 8/9/2016
Should Athletes Be Allowed To Hack Their Bodies To Get An Edge? 8/9/2016
12 Israeli Companies That Are Using Sensor Technology To Change Your Life 8/9/2016
BoneSupport Receives FDA Approval To Initiate IDE Clinical Study 8/9/2016
Intralink Spine, Excited About Early Patient Feedback Regarding Its Treatment For Low Back Pain 8/9/2016
Can This Ring Diagnose Your Depression? Helsinki Reveals 8/8/2016
Eagle Eyes Device Provides Eye-Controlled Freedom, Boston College Reveals 8/8/2016
Meet The CEO Of Fast-Growing Frisco Startup 4WEB That Prints Prosthetics 8/8/2016
Kill A Smartphone Password With A Scan Of Your Eye, Samsung Corporation Reveals 8/8/2016
Hand-Held Device To Take High-Resolution Images Of Children’s Retinas Developed, Duke University Researchers Reveal 8/8/2016
Medibio Breakthrough Validation Of Algorithm For Diagnosing Depression Using Independent Clinical Data 8/8/2016
Birth Control Of The Future: New Condom Mimics Human Skin, Making Safe Sex Feel Better Than Ever, Arizona State University Study 8/5/2016
Why The World Needs An Essential Diagnostics List 8/5/2016
Niantic Wants Pokémon Go Contact Lenses And More 8/5/2016
Acupuncture May Slow Down Pre-Dementia Memory Loss, Renmin Hospital Of Wuhan University Study 8/5/2016
Biotech Support Group Release: HemogloBind For Removing Colorimetric Assay Interferences 8/5/2016
Osiris (OSIR) Release: Grafix Manuscript Reporting Positive Outcomes Of Multicenter Chronic Complex Wounds With Exposed Tendon And Bone Clinical Trial Is Available Electronically In Peer-Reviewed Journal 8/5/2016
DECTRIS EIGER Detectors In The Fight Against Zika Virus 8/5/2016
Accuray Inc. (ARAY) Release: New Data Demonstrating TomoTherapy System Adaptive Capabilities And Workhorse Reliability Presented At Leading Scientific Meeting For Medical Physicists 8/4/2016
Accuray Inc. (ARAY) Release: New Data Show InCise Multileaf Collimator For The CyberKnife M6 System May Expand Patient Population Eligible For Precise Radiation Treatments 8/4/2016
First Next-Generation Sequencing Test For HIV Drug Resistance Could Help Combat AIDS Worldwide, Vela Diagnostics Reveals 8/4/2016
New Biochip-Based Blood Test Detects Elevated Risk for Alzheimer's Disease, Randox Reveals 8/4/2016
Sprinkling Of Neural Dust Opens Door To Electroceuticals, University of California, Berkeley (CAL) Study 8/4/2016
Pain Can Be Made Lighter With Infrared Device, BioCare Systems Reveals 8/4/2016
Ambry Genetics And Nationwide Collaborators Begin Prospective Multi-Site Study To Identify Hereditary Pancreatic Cancer 8/4/2016
CricSpike To Speed Up Cricothyrotomies On Battlefield And Hospital, Johns Hopkins University Study 8/3/2016
Rapid Bacterial Infection Test Reduces Antibiotic Use, University of Oxford Study 8/3/2016
InPen: A Smart Insulin Pen That Calculates Dosage, Tracks Injections, Companion Medical Study 8/3/2016
Myocardial Solutions Announces Initial Enrollment For New, Fast Cardiac MRI Stress Test 8/3/2016
Hey Human, How Are You Doing? Fraunhofer Institute For Communication Study 8/3/2016
This Temporary Tattoo Could Save Your Life, University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Study 8/3/2016
Ethicon (JNJ) Provides Advanced Research On Minimally Invasive Treatment Options For Lung Cancer Patients 8/3/2016
First COPD Patient Treated In Holaira's Sham Controlled Trial Of Targeted Lung Denervation 8/3/2016
Waterpik Agrees With AP Report That There Is Little Proof That String Flossing Is Effective 8/3/2016
Synoptics Health Release: Piedmont Atlanta Hospital, USA, Successfully Uses Proreveal Protein Detection Test To Optimize Its Decontamination Process And Maintain Excellent Patient Safety 8/3/2016
IBM (IBM) Lab-On-A-Chip Breakthrough Aims To Help Physicians Detect Cancer 8/2/2016
Cuffs And Compressions Help In Fight Against Diabetes, University of Queensland Study 8/2/2016
Lucideon Publishes New White Paper On Hip And Knee Wear Testing 8/2/2016
ReWalk (RWLK) Announces Launch Of 522 Post-Market Study With Stanford University School of Medicine As Lead Investigator Site 8/2/2016
Oticon Is First To Use Pupil Size To Measure Stress Of Hearing In Noisy Environments 8/2/2016
Handheld Device Takes High-Resolution Images Of Children's Retinas, Duke University Study 8/2/2016
New Vibrations In Old Tools Allow Surgeons To Feel What They Can’t Touch, Hiroshima University Study 8/2/2016
Embattled Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes' Next Bet: Project Edison 8/2/2016
Could Slight Brain Zap During Sleep Boost Memory? University of North Carolina Study 8/1/2016
Portable Device Produces Biopharmaceuticals On Demand, MIT Study 8/1/2016
Amber-Tinted Glasses Can Reduce Manic Symptoms In Just Three Days, University Of Bergen Study 8/1/2016
"Silent Partner" Gadget Quietens The Sounds Of Snoring, Quietlife Reveals 8/1/2016
Nanoparticles May Help Prevent Tooth Decay, University of Pennsylvania Study 8/1/2016
New Blood Test Could Help Prevent Organ Transplant Rejection, Chronix Biomedical Reveals 8/1/2016
DermTech Announces Analytical Publication 8/1/2016
Astute Medical Release: Two Studies Further Validate Reliability And Utility Of Nephrocheck Test In Predicting Acute Kidney Injury 8/1/2016
Essential Medical Announces FDA Approval To Begin A U.S. Clinical Trial For The X-Seal 6F Vascular Closure Device 8/1/2016
IBM (IBM) Lab-On-A-Chip Breakthrough Aims To Help Physicians Detect Cancer And Diseases At The Nanoscale 8/1/2016
Gamma Medica Release: Breakthrough Clinical Study Confirms Lumagem®’S Molecular Breast Imaging (MBI)’s High Cancer Detection Rate In Dense Breast Tissue Following Cancer-Negative Mammograms 8/1/2016
New Platform Hopes To Speed Diagnosis Of Parkinson's Disease And Breast Cancer, Oxford Impedance Diagnostics Reveals 8/1/2016
Portable Holographic Microscope For Diagnosing Gout, UCLA Study 7/29/2016
Deep Brain Stimulation for Early Alzheimer's? Toronto Western Hospital Study 7/29/2016
App Trains Healthcare Professionals To Detect Early Stage Skin Cancer, University of Edinburgh Study 7/29/2016
A*STAR Scientists Grow Mini Human Brains 7/29/2016
How A Robotic Device Gives At-Risk Babies A Chance To Crawl And Explore, University of Oklahoma Study 7/29/2016
Pharyx Corporation Release: Portable System For On Demand Production Of Drugs 7/29/2016
This App Is Conquering Insomnia And Depression At The Same Time, Big Health Reveals 7/28/2016
UT Medical Center Announces Published Research Showing Evidence Of Vast Hepatitis C Virus Transmission Via Snorting Straws 7/28/2016
How Scientists Are Really Using Fitbits To Study Health 7/28/2016
Rise Of The Surgical Robot And What Doctors Want 7/28/2016
Castle Biosciences Announces Clinical Results Of Melanoma Gene Expression Test In Stage I And II Cohort Study At 2016 American Academy of Dermatology Summer Meeting 7/28/2016
Mercator MedSystems, Inc. Announces First Patients Enrolled In U.S. Below The Knee (BTK) Clinical Trial In North Carolina And Texas 7/27/2016
Sight Sciences Receives Full Investigational Device Exemption (IDE) Approval From The US FDA To Initiate The VISCO360 Versus SLT Glaucoma Trial 7/27/2016
Vision Apps Raise Concerns Within The Medical Community 7/27/2016
Olympians Look For An Edge With Brain Stimulation, Halo Neuroscience Reveals 7/27/2016
Is Your Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity Real? New Blood Test Can Help, Columbia University Medical Center Study 7/27/2016
Human Enhancement Freaks People Out, Study Finds; Designer Babies Might "Meddle With Nature" 7/27/2016
How Your Sight And Smell Could Be The Key For Early Detection Of Alzheimer's, Studies Reported at AAIC 2016 Reveal 7/27/2016
Double Hand Transplant Recipient Regrets Having Surgery 7/27/2016
Baxter International (BAX) Presents New Evidence Demonstrating REVACLEAR Dialyzer Associated With Lower Drug Use During Hemodialysis 7/27/2016
Orthofix International NV (OFIX) Announces Publication Of Data Demonstrating Benefits Of Trinity Evolution Cellular Bone Allograft In Patients Undergoing Anterior Cervical Discectomy 7/27/2016
Randomized Penumbra 3D Trial of Next Generation Stent Retriever Meets Primary Endpoints 7/27/2016
High-Tech Bracelet Predicts Fertility, Ava Reveals 7/27/2016
Angle Initiation Of 200 Patient United States Ovarian Cancer Study 7/27/2016
Remote Controlled Microbots For Medical Uses Inside Body, EPFL Study 7/26/2016
Hearing Test May Identify Autism Risk, University of Rochester Medical Center Study 7/26/2016
A Different Way To Test For HIV Or Allergens, University of Florida Study 7/26/2016
3-D Face Scans May Pinpoint Autism Earlier Than Normal, Telethon Kids Institute Study 7/26/2016
Patch Delivers Drug, Gene, And Light-Based Therapy To Tumor Sites, MIT Study 7/26/2016
Your Smartphone Knows If You're Sick, Outcomes Based Healthcare Reveals 7/26/2016
Prospective Multicenter Study Shows Remarkable Healing Rates With Sonendo’s GentleWave System 7/26/2016
TrovaGene (TROV) Release: Diagnostic Performance Of Urinary EGFR Testing In Lung Cancer Patients Published In Journal Of Thoracic Oncology 7/26/2016
Oventus Announces Recruitment Of First Patient In New Clinical Trial 7/26/2016
One In Two American Adults Misuse Their Prescription Drugs, Finds Analysis Of More Than Three Million Lab Tests From Quest Diagnostics (DGX) 7/26/2016
TissueTech Highlights Clinical Experience Showing In-Utero Spina Bifida Repair with NEOX Wound Allograft 7/26/2016
BioLight Life Sciences Reports Successful Feasibility Clinical Study Results For The Detection Of Prostate Cancer With CellDetect Non-Invasive Test 7/26/2016
Donald Trump Appeals To The Brains Of Voters—Will It Win Him The Election? 7/25/2016
Using Urban Pigeons To Monitor Lead Pollution, UC Davis Study 7/25/2016
"Smart" Nanoparticle Called Pearls A Promising Gem To Target, Treat Tumors, University of Toronto Study 7/25/2016
Forus Health's 3nethra Neo To Screen Prematurely Born Babies For A Condition That Affects Eyes 7/25/2016
Vascular Insights Release: NICE Issues Approval Via Interventional Procedure Guidance IPG557 For Endovenous Mechanochemical Ablation For Varicose Veins In The United Kingdom 7/25/2016