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Biotech/Pharma - Human Genome
Isogenica Limited Introduces Next-Generation, Fully Synthetic Human Fab Antibody Fragment Library 5/3/2017
Oxford Gene Technology Ltd.'s Expanded NGS Cancer Panels Enable Sequencing Of Difficult Genes 4/25/2017
Personalis Orders Ten Illumina Novaseq 6000 Systems For Immuno-Oncology Genomics And Large-Scale Whole Genome Sequencing 4/20/2017
Nature Biotechnology Features ReadCoor As A 2016 Leading Spinout 4/12/2017
As Scientists Cross New Frontiers, A Geneticist Seeks Allies Among The Faithful 10/13/2016
By The Year 2040, Embryo Selection Could Replace Sex As The Way Most Of Us Make Babies 5/9/2016
Fujitsu Laboratories Develops Technology To Accelerate Analysis Of Genomic Information 3/15/2016
Should You Get Paid For Your DNA? 3/14/2016
The Genetic Technology Revolution 3/1/2016
New Links Between Lung Disease And Smoking Behavior Discovered, University of Nottingham Reveals 9/29/2015
UK Scientists Apply Begin Quest To Edit Genes In Human Embryos 9/21/2015
Centrillion Biosciences Receives Centrillion Biosciences Funding For Genomic Technology Development 4/20/2015
CALBIO15: Gene Therapy in "Second Honeymoon" Phase as Companies, Investors Swarm 3/4/2015
TRICON: Molecular Medicine "Huge" for Parents Struggling to Cure Rare Diseases, Says Grace Wilsey Foundation 2/17/2015
UK To Become World Number One In DNA Testing With Plan To Revolutionize Fight Against Cancer And Rare Diseases 8/1/2014
New Maps Reveal "Real" Ethnic Make-Up Of The U.S. 4/9/2014
Knome Launches New Informatics Service to Address Whole Genome Interpretation Bottlenecks 11/15/2011
It's Not Just the Sun: deCODE genetics, Inc. (DCGN) Discovers Sequence Variants Affecting Susceptibility to Skin Cancer 7/6/2009
Febit, Inc. First to Offer Newly Published Mouse Genome on a Chip for DNA/RNA Detection and Enrichment 6/30/2009
Pacific Biosciences: Rapid DNA Test Could Reveal Patient Genome in Minutes Some Day 11/21/2008
Experts In Beijing Genomics Institute Shenzhen And Illumina Cambridge Ltd Sequence Gene Maps Of Chinese, African Men 11/6/2008
Bay Area DNA Decoding Company, 23andMe, Inc. Gets More Personal 9/26/2008
OpGen, Inc. Leaves Midwest for Montgomery; Company to Hire 70 in New Quarters 8/4/2008
Types of Genes Necessary for Brain Development Discovered in Harvard Medical School and Brandeis University Study 7/9/2008
Good News In Our DNA: Defects You Can Fix With Vitamins And Minerals, University of California, Berkeley (CAL) Study 6/3/2008
Study led by Netherlands Cancer Institute (NCI) and Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute Implicates 350 Gene Regions In Cancer Development In The Mouse 5/20/2008
Mice Can Do Without Humans' Most Treasured Genes, University of Michigan Study 5/16/2008
Applied Biosystems (ABI) Charges $60K to Sequence Your Genome 3/25/2008
Fungi Can Tell Us About The Origin Of Sex Chromosomes, Uppsala Universitet Study 3/18/2008
PARP-1 Rules! Cornell University Scientists Find How A Protein Binds To Genes And Regulates Human Genome 2/8/2008
Illumina, Inc. (ILMN) Sequences the First African Human Genome 2/7/2008
Embryos Created With DNA From 3 People, University of Newcastle Study 2/5/2008
Evolution Of Human Genome's "Guardian" Gives People Unique Protections From DNA Damage 1/18/2008
Il-22 Gene Delivers the Goods and Decreases Intestinal Inflammation 1/3/2008
Gene Variation May Elevate Risk of Liver Tumor in Patients with Cirrhosis 1/2/2008
Firefly Genes Allow Testing Of New Therapy Against Lymphoma, Ohio State University Study 1/2/2008
Ashkenazi Ovarian Cancer Patients with BRCA Mutations Live Longer Than Those with Normal Gene 1/2/2008
'Painkiller' Gene Turned Off in Mice 12/19/2007
More "Functional" DNA in Genome than Previously Thought 12/18/2007
Identification of New Genes Shows a Complex Path to Cell Death 12/17/2007
Genes 'Triple' Bowel Cancer Risk 12/17/2007
Study Uncovers Clues to Cystic Fibrosis Gene Dysfunction and Gastrointestinal Disease 12/14/2007
Genetic Switch for Circadian Rhythms Discovered, University of California, Irvine Study 12/13/2007
Silenced Genes Can No Longer Stay Hidden 12/13/2007
Genes Identified that Protect Against Heart Damage from Chemotherapy 12/12/2007
Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen) Study Finds Gene Linked to Aggressive Prostate Cancer 12/12/2007
Researchers Test New Lab Method to Detect DNA Damage Throughout the Genome 12/11/2007
Columbia University's New Study Reveals for First Time how BRCA1 Mutations Cause Breast Cancer 12/10/2007
Scientists Identify Gene That Influences Alcohol Consumption 12/6/2007
Waistline Growth on High-Carb Diets Linked to Liver Gene, University of Wisconsin-Madison Study 12/5/2007
Are There Holes In My Genes? 12/5/2007
Lupus Gene Finding Prompts Call for More DNA Samples. Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute Study 12/3/2007
Newly-Identified Exercise Gene Could Help With Depression, Yale University Study 12/3/2007
Hotspots Found for Chromosome Gene-Wwapping 11/30/2007
'Intelligence Genes' Reveal Their Complexity 11/30/2007
Duke University Medical Center Scientists Map Imprinted Genes in Human Genome 11/30/2007
BRCA Genes Raise Breast Cancer Risk for Men too 11/28/2007
University of Michigan: Cancer Drug Works by Overactivating Cancer Gene; Melanoma Tumors Carry Enemy Within, Suggesting New Treatment Strategy 11/26/2007
University of Toronto Finds Humans and Chimps Differ at Level of Gene Splicing 11/15/2007
The Most Important Candidate Genes for Pancreatic Stone Formation 11/14/2007
Life-Threatening Gene Defect Located by University of Texas Health Science Center Researchers 11/12/2007
A Molecular Switch is Linked to a Common Breast Cancer, New York University Study 11/9/2007
University of Virginia Health System Team Uncovers Gene's Role in Type 1 Diabetes 11/8/2007
On Your Head Right Now! Dandruff's Genes Sequenced 11/7/2007
Researchers Chart the Genetic Mechanisms behind the Genesis of Fat Cells 11/7/2007
Gene Expression Profiling of Dengue Virus Infection in Cell Lines and Patients 11/7/2007
Children With Gene Show Reduced Cognitive Function, Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) Study 11/7/2007
Gene Explains Why Breast-Feeding Makes Kids Smarter 11/6/2007
Study Identifies Novel Gene Alterations in Lung Cancer 11/5/2007
University of Manchester Researchers Identify Gene Behind Rheumatoid Arthritis 11/5/2007
Epilepsy Genes May Cancel Each Other 11/5/2007
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine Cardiologists Identify New Gene Responsible for Sudden Cardiac Arrest 11/1/2007
Yale University Scientists Discover Tiny RNAs Play a Big Role in Controlling Genes 10/26/2007
Largest Ever Alzheimer's Gene Study Underway 10/26/2007
Stanford University School of Medicine / Packard Researchers Find Disease Genes Hidden in Discarded Data 10/26/2007
Genes May Predict Disease Progression in AIDS 10/23/2007
Major Genetic Breakthrough for Ankylosing Spondylitis Brings Treatment Hope 10/22/2007
University of Texas Rheumatologists Discover Two Genes Related to Disabling Form of Arthritis 10/22/2007
Genes Found That Slow Both Aging and Cancer, University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) Study 10/15/2007
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Links Gene to Cholesterol; Research Could Lead to Drugs for Atherosclerosis, Alzheimer's 10/12/2007
Analysis of Breast and Colon Cancer Genes Finds Many Areas of Differences Between Tumors 10/12/2007
Researchers Expand Efforts to Explore Functional Landscape of the Human Genome: $80 Million Grants from National Institutes of Health (NIH) 10/11/2007
Weizmann Institute of Science Scientists Identify: Genes That Affect Responses of Multiple Sclerosis Patients to Copaxone(R) 10/10/2007
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Researchers Discover Three New Genes That Cause Lung Cancer 10/9/2007
"Designer Mice" Pioneers Win Nobel Prize for Medicine 10/8/2007
University of Michigan Researchers Find New Gene Linked to Breast Cancer 10/8/2007
Researchers Identify Genes That Increase Rheumatoid Arthritis Risk 10/5/2007
Smoking is a Turn-On for Some Genes 10/1/2007
Individual Differences Caused by Shuffled Chunks of DNA in the Human Genome, Yale University Study 9/28/2007
Mutation of the COX2 Gene Can Double or Treble a Woman's Risk of Ovarian Cancer 9/26/2007
Breast Cancer Genes to Aid Women 9/25/2007
Breast Cancer Susceptibility Gene Predicts Outcome and Response to Treatment in Lung Cancer 9/25/2007
UT Southwestern Medical Center Researchers Identify Hundreds of Genes Controlling Female Fertility 9/24/2007
University of Wisconsin-Madison Study Reveals Possible Genetic Risk for Fetal Alcohol Disorders 9/24/2007
Is There Really a 'Mommy' Gene in Women? 9/24/2007
National Institutes of Health (NIH)-Funded Scientists Solve Genetic Code of Parasitic Worm that Causes Elephantiasis 9/21/2007
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine Researchers Reveal Genetic Secrets of Devastating Human Parasite 9/21/2007
Experts Explore Ethical, Legal Implications of Personal Genomics 9/21/2007
Drug Resistance Gene Has Spread from East Coast to Midwest 9/20/2007
Scientists Identify Cause of Job's Syndrome 9/20/2007
Mechanism for the In-Vivo Transport of siRNA 9/18/2007
How Mutant Gene Causes Fragile X 9/18/2007
Binocular Vision Gene is Discovered 9/18/2007
Celera Genomics Group-an Applera Corp. Business (CRA) and Collaborators Identify Gene Variants Predicting Susceptibility to, and Severity of, Rheumatoid Arthritis 9/18/2007
Stinky? It's Not His Sweat, It's Your Nose, Duke University Medical Center/Rockefeller University Study 9/17/2007
Linchpin Gene May Be Useful Target for New Breast Cancer Therapies, University of Iowa Study Shows 9/17/2007
If You Think Cancer Genes are Simple, You Don't Know JAK, University of Rochester Study 9/17/2007
Sick? Lonely? Genes Tell the Tale 9/14/2007
University of Iowa Team Identifies Genes That Improve Survival in Mice with ALS 9/14/2007
Unique Role for Blood Formation Gene Identified 9/13/2007
Mutations in the Insulin Gene Can Cause Neonatal Diabetes 9/11/2007
Normal Role for Schizophrenia Risk Gene Identified, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Study 9/10/2007
Low-Cost Personal DNA Readings Are on the Way 9/7/2007
New 'Knock-Out' Gene Model Provides Molecular Clues to Breast Cancer 9/6/2007
Study Identifies Genetic Risk Factor for Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus 9/6/2007
"Skinny Gene" Does Exist, UT Southwestern Medical Center Researchers Find 9/5/2007
Genizon BioSciences Inc. Publishes Novel Genes for Crohn's Disease 9/5/2007
Selection on Genes Underlying Schizophrenia During Human Evolution 9/5/2007
Study: Humans' DNA Not Quite So Similar 9/4/2007
Scientists Discover Height Gene 9/4/2007
Gene Regulation In Humans Is Closer Than Expected To Simple Organisms 8/31/2007
Faulty Gene Link to Breast Cancer 8/30/2007
Little-Known Bits of RNA Help Master Tumor-Suppressor Gene Do its Job, University of Michigan Health System Cancer Researchers Find 8/27/2007
Isolation of a New Gene Family Essential for Early Development, University of Copenhagen Study 8/24/2007
Reactivating a Critical Gene Lost in Kidney Cancer Reduces Tumor Growth, Mayo Clinic Study 8/16/2007
University of Cincinnati Medical Center Preclinical Study Links Gene to Brain Aneurysm Formation 8/7/2007
Gene Predicts Better Outcome as Cortex Normalizes in Teens with ADHD 8/7/2007
Defects in Critical Gene Lead to Accelerated Lung Tumor Growth, University of North Carolina Study 8/6/2007
A Low Expression of MX2 Gene Exists in the White Blood Cells of Narcoleptics 8/2/2007
Identifying the Mechanism Behind a Genetic Susceptibility to Type 2 Diabetes 8/2/2007
Gene Helps Predict Whether Antidepressant Will Work 8/1/2007
Gene for Left-Handedness is Found, Linked to Schizophrenia; Oxford University Study 7/31/2007
Evidence of a Common Genetic Background for Ankylosing Spondylitis and Inflammatory Bowel Disease 7/30/2007
Genetic Finding Sheds Light on Diseases Causing Blood Vessel Breakdown, Washington University in St. Louis Study 7/30/2007
Research Links Genetic Mutations to Lupus, Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center Study 7/30/2007
New MS Genes after 30 Year Hunt 7/30/2007
University of Michigan Researchers Identify Gene Involved in Breast Cancer 7/27/2007
University of Michigan Team Identifies Gene that Regulates Blood-Forming Fetal Stem Cells 7/27/2007
Scratch No More: Gene for Itch Sensation Discovered, Washington University in St. Louis Study 7/26/2007
Cancer-Fighting Gene Also Delays Ageing: Study 7/19/2007
Emory University Studies Find Gene Linked to Night Leg Movement 7/19/2007
Study Finds Gene Changes That Affect Heart Disease 7/19/2007
Mathematical Model Identifies Genes Which Battle Hepatitis C 7/19/2007
The Wellcome Trust Case Control and Cardiogenics Consortiums Identify Key Genes in Coronary Artery Disease with Affymetrix (Santa Clara, California) (AFFX) Technology 7/19/2007
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Team Finds New Mechanism of Gene Control 7/16/2007
Gene Discovered for Type 1 Diabetes in Children, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Study 7/16/2007
One Man's Junk May Be a Genomic Treasure, University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Study 7/13/2007
Breast Tumor Genes No Hinder to Cancer Survival 7/12/2007
University of Bonn Research Team Discovers Gallstone Gene 7/11/2007
New Gene Mutation Identified in Common Type of Dementia 7/10/2007
A Gene That Protects from Kidney Disease, European Molecular Biology Laboratory and University of Michigan Study 7/9/2007
University of Michigan, Israeli Scientists Report Major Advance in Search for Genes Associated with Colon Cancer 7/9/2007
University of Southern California Study Identifies a Common Genetic Risk Factor for Colorectal and Prostate Cancer 7/9/2007
Bowel Cancer Risk Gene Pinpointed 7/9/2007
New 'Asthma Gene' Could Lead to New Therapies, University of Michigan Study 7/5/2007
Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen) Researchers Identify Genetic Mutation That May Alter Tumor Cell Proliferation 7/5/2007
p53 Gene Mutations and Inflammation Trigger Skin Cancer 7/3/2007
Genetic Mutations Raise Heart Rhythm Problem Risk 7/2/2007
University of Illinois Researchers Find Gene that Spurs Development of the Epididymis 6/28/2007
Genes Won't Work Round the Clock 6/27/2007
Gene Deficiency is a Protective Barrier to Obesity, Mayo Clinic (Jobs) Study 6/26/2007
Gene Variant Increases Risk for Alcoholism Following Childhood Abuse 6/26/2007
Gene Discovery Aids Understanding of Common Inherited Neurological Disorder 6/22/2007
National Institutes of Health (NIH): Researchers Discover Gene For Rare Skin Disorder 6/20/2007
Gene Defect Find in University of Dundee's Asthma Study 6/19/2007
Mutating the Entire Genome, University of Utah Study 6/18/2007
Gene Logic Inc. (GLGC) Collaboration with Mayo Clinic Reveals Genomic Predictors of Parkinson's Disease 6/18/2007
Gene Responsible for Common Hearing Loss Identified for First Time 6/18/2007
Mayo Clinic Researchers Use 'Genomic Pathway' to Predict Parkinson's 6/15/2007
Gene Linked to 30 Percent of Breast Cancers: Study 6/15/2007
University of Virginia-Led Team Uncovers Important Secret in Gene Replication 6/14/2007
New Findings Challenge Established Views on Human Genome 6/14/2007
University of Washington Researchers Play Leading Role in Major Study of Human Genome Function 6/14/2007
Korea NIH to Use Affymetrix (Bedford, Massachusetts) (AFFX) Technology for Groundbreaking Genome-Wide Association Study 6/12/2007
Scientists Find New Dementia Gene 6/11/2007
National Cancer Institute Researchers Discover Genes That Are Turned On at High Levels in Tumor-Associated Blood Vessels of Mice and Humans 6/11/2007
University of Michigan Researchers Discover Gene Switched Off in Cancer Can be Turned on 6/11/2007
Dietary Preferences and Patterns May be Linked to Genes, Tufts University Study Shows 6/8/2007
Scientists Find Gene Link to Alzheimer's 6/8/2007
University of Manchester Researchers Reveal Clues to New Genes Behind Rheumatoid Arthritis 6/7/2007
Serious Diseases Genes Revealed 6/7/2007
Largest Synthetic Gene Ever Built Offers Insights into Anti-Malarial Drug Resistance, Georgetown University Medical Center Researchers Says 6/7/2007
Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen) Research Team Identifies New Alzheimer's Gene 6/6/2007
Origins of Nervous System Found in Genes of Sea Sponge, Report Scientists at University of California, Santa Barbara 6/6/2007
Description of a Gene Implicated in the Development of Fanconi anemia and Predisposition to Cancer 6/5/2007
McGill University-Led International Team Identifies Gene Responsible for Blindness in Infants and Children 6/4/2007
Genetic Mutations Identified for Type of Gastric Cancer 6/4/2007
Common Cancer Gene Sends Death Order to Tiny Killer, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Study Finds 6/1/2007
Scientist Gets Own Personal Genome Map 6/1/2007
Ohio State University Researchers Discover Inherited Mutation for Leukemia 6/1/2007
Quit Smoking Long Before Father's Day: Cigarette Smoke Alters DNA in Sperm, Genetic Damage Could Pass to Offspring 6/1/2007
Researchers Find Big Batch of Breast Cancer Genes 5/29/2007
Turning Off Gene Makes Mice Smarter 5/29/2007
Possible New Breast Cancer Gene Discovered by University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine Researchers 5/25/2007
Genetic Marker Linked to Aggressive Prostate Cancer, Northwestern University Study Finds 5/21/2007
Growing Nerve Cells in 3-D Dramatically Affects Gene Expression, Brown University Study Finds 5/18/2007
Genetic Markers in Surrounding Tissues Linked to Breast Cancer Tumor Grade, Presence of Metastases, Cleveland Clinic Genomic Medicine Institute Study Finds 5/16/2007
Gene Switch Helps Mice Fix Their Own Broken Hearts, Columbia University Study 5/11/2007
Gene Mutation Linked To Cognition Is Found Only In Humans 5/10/2007
The Scripps Research Institute(Jobs) Research Team Sheds Light on Long-Sought Cold Sensation Gene 5/4/2007