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Biotech/Pharma - Biological Warfare
Bill Gates Says A Genetically Engineered Virus Could Kills Tens Of Millions Of People In A Year 2/20/2017
Clarification Regarding Pfizer Inc. (PFE) Statement 5/21/2014
Critical Diagnostics Release: Milestone Tenth Patent Issued for Cardiac Biomarker ST2 9/23/2013
AIU Ph.D Asks: Could Invasive Species Become the Next Biological Weapon? 11/9/2011
AusBiotech Ltd. and Medicines Australia: the Time to Speak Out on Gene Patents is Now 12/6/2010
Snowdon Awarded Three-year $8.2 M Department of Defense Contract for the Discovery and Preclinical Development of Novel Medical Treatments to Combat Biowarfare Pathogens 11/9/2010
Pfenex Inc. Awarded Contract With the U.S. Federal Government Potentially Totaling Up to $18.8 Million for Anthrax Vaccine 8/3/2010
Baltimore Facility Key to Emergent BioSolutions (EBS)' Plan to Expand Beyond Biodefense, 120 Jobs will be Created Over the Next 5 Years 7/19/2010
Universal Detection Technology Receives First GSA Schedule Contract from U.S. Air Force 6/23/2010
Universal Detection Technology Bioweapons Detection Kits Combat Black-Market Botox, Bioterrorists 6/22/2010
Study in the Journal Cell IDs First Molecules That Protect Cells Against Deadly Ricin Poison; Scientist See Potential Shield Against Bioterror Weapon 4/19/2010
PharmAthene, Inc. Submits White Paper to BARDA for Advanced Development Funding for SparVax(TM) - Novel Recombinant Protective Antigen Anthrax Vaccine 2/2/2010
Arms Expert Warns New Mind Drugs Eyed By Military 8/20/2009
Anthrax Drug Could Thwart Terrorists, Human Genome Sciences, Inc. (HGSI)'s Researchers Say 7/9/2009
PharmAthene, Inc. Submits SparVax(TM) Regulatory Strategy to FDA 5/22/2009
Human Genome Sciences, Inc. (HGSI) Asks FDA to Approve Anthrax Drug ABthrax 5/21/2009
Bioo Scientific Corporation Receives National Institutes of Health (NIH) Grant for the Development of Novel Anti-Viral Therapeutics 5/4/2009
Human Genome Sciences, Inc. (HGSI) Starts Shipping New Anthrax Drug 2/2/2009
Universal Detection Technology Files White Paper With Department of Homeland Security for Research Funding for Anthrax Detection 1/7/2009
Universal Detection Technology Receives Purchase Order for Its Anthrax Detection Equipment From the City of Calgary, Canada Police Service 12/16/2008
“The Broad-Spectrum Treatment of Biological Weapons and Emerging Pandemic Threats Report” released by Aethlon Medical (AEMD) 12/3/2008
Syntiron LLC Receives Notification of a $3.8M Pending Contract from the United States Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) to Develop Bioterrorism Vaccines 10/23/2008
Fewer Doses Of Anthrax Vaccine Protect Just As Well, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Study 10/1/2008
Emergent BioSolutions (EBS) Wins $404M Anthrax Vaccine Award 10/1/2008
FDA Faulted For Produce Oversight; Congressional Report Cites Insufficient Funding And Resources 9/29/2008
Compound Could Help Detect Chemical, Biological Weapons At Long Distances, Argonne National Laboratory and Northwestern University Study 9/29/2008
PharmAthene, Inc. Awarded National Institutes of Health (NIH) Contract For Up To $83.9 Million For Third Generation rPA Anthrax Vaccine Program 9/26/2008
Emergent BioSolutions (EBS) Signs Contract with BARDA/NIAID, Valued at Up to $29.7 Million, to Fund Development of AV7909 - A Next Generation Anthrax Vaccine 9/26/2008
PharmAthene, Inc. Presents Data for Protexia(R) and Valortim(R) at 2008 BARDA Industry Conference 9/24/2008
SRI International Gets $8.3M Contract for Bioterror Defense 9/22/2008
DNA Firms Step Up Security Over Bioterrorism Threat 9/15/2008
Emergent BioSolutions (EBS) Receives $24 Million Development Contract from the Department of Health and Human Services to Fund Continued Development of Anthrax Monoclonal Antibody 9/4/2008
SIGA Technologies, Inc. (SIGA) Awarded $55 Million by Federal Government to Develop Broader Applications for Its Lead Drug Candidate ST-246 9/3/2008
A New-Generation of Simpler Sensors for Detecting Disease-Causing Microbes and Toxins, Data Presented in Analytical Chemistry Journal 7/22/2008
Radiation Shield Technologies Release: New Demron-W Technology Awarded NFPA Class 2 Certification, Launched as World's Only Protective Ensemble for All Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Incidents 7/22/2008
MorphoSys AG and Integrated BioTherapeutics Provide Update Regarding USAMRIID Biodefense Project 7/16/2008
SwRI Receives $1.3 Million Grant for Chemical Weapon Antidote Development 6/24/2008
Universal Detection Technology to Submit an Operational Requirements Document on Recommendation of the Department of Homeland Security 6/24/2008
University of Maryland Lands $2.5 Million Federal Contract 6/20/2008
New Meaning For The Term 'Computer Bug': Genetically Altered Bacteria For Data Storage, Davidson College And Missouri Western State University Study 5/21/2008
Engineers at Harvard University Demonstrate First Room-Temperature Semiconductor Source Of Coherent Terahertz Radiation 5/19/2008
New Material May Be Step Towards 3D Invisibility Cloak, University of California, Berkeley (CAL) Study 5/14/2008
Antidote To Lethal Germ 'Closer', Brookhaven National Laboratory and USAMRIID Study 5/13/2008
Nose Spray Anthrax Vaccine Effective In Early Tests 4/14/2008
"Designer Enzymes" Created By Chemists Have Defense And Medical Uses 3/20/2008
PharmAthene, Inc. Completes Pharmacokinetic Studies of Protexia(R); Program on Target for IND Filing in 2008 3/6/2008
University at Buffalo's BioBlower Closer To Protecting Soldiers From Biological Attack 3/4/2008
Purdue University: Cell Phone Sensors Detect Radiation To Thwart Nuclear Terrorism 1/25/2008
University of California, Irvine Research: Smallpox Vaccine Alternative Identified 1/9/2008
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center Research: Breast Cancer Risk Varies Significantly Among BRCA1 And BRCA2 Carriers 1/9/2008
Nanotherapeutics Awarded $20 Million National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)/BARDA Contract to Develop Inhaled Gentamicin for Treatment of Aerosol Exposure to Bioterrorism Agents 10/11/2007
SRI International Awarded DTRA Contract to Identify Drugs Effective Against Biological Weapons 10/4/2007
Morphotek Inc. Receives $2.7M in Funding from the National Institute of Allergy And Infectious Diseases (NIAID) to Develop Therapeutic Antibodies Against Biowarfare Agents 10/3/2007
PharmAthene, Inc. Awarded Up to $13.9 Million National Institutes of Health (NIH) Contract to Develop Anthrax Anti-Toxin, Valortim(TM) with Medarex, Inc. (MEDX) 9/27/2007
Emergent BioSolutions (EBS) Signs $448 Million Contract 9/26/2007
Elusys Therapeutics, Inc. Awarded $12 Million Contract to Further Develop Anthim, the Company's Anthrax Therapeutic 9/25/2007
PharmAthene, Inc. Named as Contractor in $13.9 Million Award Notice Published by the Department of Health and Human Services 9/24/2007
Small Nano-Based Biosensor Can Identify The Truly Sick And The 'Simply Scared' 8/24/2007
Cangene Corporation (CC:CNJ) Meets All Regulatory and Manufacturing Requirements for "Usable Product" on Two U.S. Government Contracts 8/13/2007
Alnylam Pharmaceuticals (ALNY) Awarded $38.6 Million U.S. Government Contract to Develop RNAi Therapeutics for Biological Threats 8/9/2007
Arcxis Biotechnologies Accelerates the BioPhalanx(TM) Analyzer With an Award From the U.S. Department of Homeland Security 7/17/2007
Nanogen, Inc. (NGEN) Announces Collaboration with Canadian Agencies to Develop Veterinary and Bioterror Diagnostics 6/12/2007
Applied Biosystems / U.S. Department of Defense Contract for Prototype Instrument System to Identify Infectious Diseases Terminated 6/4/2007
Universal Detection Technology Receives Purchase Order for One Hundred Anthrax Test Kits From Dubai Based, Gulf Security Solutions 5/17/2007
Universal Detection Technology Addresses Recent GAO Report on Anthrax Detection 5/10/2007
GeneThera, Inc. Announces 10th Case of Mad Cow in Canada 5/8/2007
Advanced Life Sciences Holdings, Inc. Release: Cethromycin Shown to be Effective Against Anthrax in Study 5/2/2007
Harvard Medical School and Brigham & Women's Explore Biodefense, Stem Cell Research Applications with OpenArray(TM) System 4/17/2007
PharmAthene, Inc.'s Recombinant Butyrylcholinesterase (rBChE) Program the Subject of Promising New Alzheimer's Research 4/3/2007
SRI International Awarded Department of Defense Contract to Develop Drug to Protect Soldiers from Chemical Warfare Agents 3/20/2007
Advanced Life Sciences Holdings, Inc. Announces Cethromycin Granted FDA Orphan Drug Designation for Anthrax 3/14/2007
Aethlon Medical Discloses Bioterror News Report 3/8/2007
Arcxis Biotechnologies Release: Tentacle Probe(TM) Offers Assurance for Anthrax Detection 2/28/2007
Emergent BioSolutions Shares Fall As National Institute of Allergy, Infectious Disease Ends Bid Process 2/22/2007
Hemispherx Biopharma Avian Flu Prevention/Treatment Program Announces New Primate Results And Expands In Both Europe And Southern Hemisphere 2/14/2007
Volunteers Selected For Human Clinical Trial Of Generex Biotechnology Corporation's Synthetic Avian Influenza Vaccine 2/5/2007
Affymetrix (Santa Clara, California) And Tessarae Collaborate To Help Researchers Better Respond To Biodefense and Pandemic Infectious Disease Threats 1/23/2007
PharmAthene, Inc. To Buy Healthcare Acquisition Corp. In Reverse Merger For About $92.6 Million 1/22/2007
National Institutes of Health (NIH) Grant To Develop Rapid Outpatient Device To Detect Bird Flu And Bioterror Agents 1/19/2007
CSC's DVC And Baxter Begin Phase 1 Clinical Trial For Chemical Defense Product 1/18/2007
Nanopeutics Signs Exclusive Technology Agreement With HemCon Medical Technologies, Inc. For Military Market 1/18/2007
RxBio, Inc. Release: Novel Compound Affords Protection Against Lethal, Whole-Body Radiation Even When Administered Hours After Exposure 1/15/2007
Affinium Pharmaceuticals Awarded US$4.8 Million Biodefense Research Contract By United States Department Of Defense/DTRA 1/4/2007
Technique Quickly Identifies Bacteria For Food Safety, Health Care And Homeland Security 12/29/2006
Herley Awarded $1.8M Contract 12/27/2006
Battelle Wins $250M Contract To Operate National Biodefense Analysis & Countermeasures Center; 120 New Jobs 12/21/2006
Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Cancels VaxGen's Anthrax Vaccine Contract 12/20/2006
Cleveland BioLabs Highlights Department Of Defense Presolicitation Notice Of Request For Proposal For Medical Radiation Countermeasures To Treat Gastrointestinal Effects Of Acute Radiation Syndrome 12/20/2006
The Homeland Defense Journal Reports On Aethlon Medical In Bioterrorism Feature Article 12/20/2006
Scientists Create Terror Attack Sensor Net 12/19/2006
Elusys Therapeutics, Inc. And U.S. Army Extend Biodefense Collaboration 12/13/2006
Llama Antibodies Warn Of Terrorists Attacks? 12/8/2006
AVI BioPharma, Inc. Awarded $28 Million Biodefense Research Contract By Department of Defense/DTRA 12/4/2006
Cleveland Biolabs Inc. To Respond To Department Of Defense "Sources Sought Notice" For Therapeutic Products To Treat Gastrointestinal Effects Of Acute Radiation Syndrome 11/17/2006
Sophy, Inc. Beta-Glucan Shown To Enhance Efficacy Of Vaccines Against Avian Flu, Other Viruses 11/17/2006
Cleveland BioLabs, Inc. Enters Contract Negotiations With Defense Threat Reduction Agency Of Department of Defense For Developmental Grant 11/10/2006
SIGA Passes Another Milestone With Smallpox Drug SIGA-246 11/9/2006
The Netherlands Invest EUR 18.4 Million To Develop Better Vaccines To Fight Raging TB Pandemic 11/3/2006
Next Clinical Trial Of VaxGen's Anthrax Vaccine Delayed 11/3/2006
GeneThera, Inc. Orders Multiple State Of The Art Robotic PCR Analysis Machines For Use In Their Mad Cow Testing Laboratories 10/26/2006
Achaogen Awarded $24.7 Million Biodefense Contract By DTRA 10/25/2006
ProMetic Announces Positive Development For Mad Cow Disease Detection 10/25/2006
Annals Publishes GenoMed, Inc. Approach To Avian Influenza 10/24/2006
Mass Vaccination Unnecessary In The Event Of A Large Bioterrorist US Smallpox Attack 10/17/2006
Lifeblood Medical, Inc. To Receive Department Of Defense Funding 10/17/2006
Lifeline BioTechnologies, Inc. (LBTN.PK) Distributes Solos Endoscopy, Inc. (SLSE.PK) Stock Dividend To Qualified Shareholders Of Record 10/17/2006
PharmAthene, Inc. And Medarex, Inc. Announce $1 Million Congressional Appropriation For Continued Development Of Anthrax Therapeutic Valortim(TM) 10/11/2006
SIGA Technologies, Inc. Receives $16.5 Million From The NIH to Advance Development Of Its Smallpox Drug Candidate, SIGA-246 10/5/2006
PTC Therapeutics, Inc. Announces $17.2 Million Award From The United States Defense Threat Reduction Agency 10/2/2006
DOR BioPharma, Inc. Awarded Two Grants Totaling $5.3 Million To Advance Ricin Toxin And Botulinum Toxin Vaccine Programs 9/29/2006
Alnylam Awarded $23 Million U.S. Government Contract To Develop RNAi Therapeutics For Biological Threats 9/28/2006
U.S. Army Awards ConjuGon $730K SBIR Phase II Grant 9/27/2006
US Attacks Used "Ccmmon Anthrax" 9/25/2006
U.S. Commerce Department Features Universal Detection Technology's Anthrax Detection Unit In Hong Kong 9/25/2006
MorphoSys AG And U.S. Army Enter Into Biodefense Cooperation - MorphoSys AG's AbD Serotec Awarded Sole Supplier Contract To USAMRIID 9/25/2006
Safe Life Corp. And Triosyn Corp. Merge To Accelerate Products For Pandemic Flu And Bioterrorism 9/25/2006
US Commerce Department Features Universal Detection Technology's Anthrax Detection Unit In Belgium, Capital Of The European Union 9/22/2006
U.S. Government Selects Biothera Compounds For National Radiation Countermeasure Evaluation 9/18/2006
Invitrogen Corporation Awarded Contract Extension For Biothreat Detection By U.S. Department Of Defense 9/13/2006
Universal Detection Technology's BSM-2000, Bio-Terror Detection Unit, Featured By US Department Of Commerce 9/8/2006
IBM Canada Wins $24-Million Services Agreement To Build Pan-Canadian Communicable Disease Surveillance System 9/7/2006
Scientists Find 'Anthrax Blocker' 8/29/2006
U.S. Department Of Homeland Security Certifies BioThrax(R) As An Approved Product For Homeland Security 8/29/2006
GenVec Inc. Receives NIAID Biodefense Program Grant For Development Of Broadly Applicable Vaccine Technology 8/29/2006
Portable, Small Spectrometer Is Developed 8/24/2006
Anthrax Detector Developed 8/17/2006
ImmuneRegen Announces Further Results From Anthrax Treatment Study 8/17/2006
Sandia National Laboratories' Rapidly Deployable Chemical Detection System Tested At Mcafee Stadium 8/16/2006
Encoded Metallic Nanowires Reveal Bioweapons 8/11/2006
Nanowire "Barcode" System Speeds Biodetection In The Field 8/9/2006
Planned Biolab Worries Massachusetts Neighborhood 8/3/2006
ImmuneRegen BioSciences, Inc. Product To Be Tested As Defense To Potential Biological Weapon 8/2/2006
XOMA Ltd. Awarded New $16 Million BioDefense Contract 7/31/2006
U.S. Department Of Health And Human Services And Centers For Disease Control And Prevention Announce Intention to Increase Proportion Of Relenza In Avian Flu Pandemic Stockpile 7/24/2006
PowderMed Ltd Release: Brits To Trial Bird Flu Vaccine On Humans 7/10/2006
LigoCyte Awarded An Additional $2.3M Department Of Defense Contract To Continue The Preclinical Development Of Their 3rd Generation, Mucosal Anthrax Vaccine 7/6/2006
BioTech Medics, Inc. Answers Questions Over Testing Of Patented SHBAN(TM) Solution As Avian Bird Flu Virus Anti-Viral Disinfectant 6/27/2006
Elusys Therapeutics, Inc.' Anthrax Therapeutic, Anthim(TM), Granted FDA Orphan Drug Designation 6/21/2006
ImmuneRegen Announces Additional Rounds Of Testing In Anthrax Treatment Study 6/20/2006
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Release: H5N1 Vaccine Could Be Basis For Life-Saving Stockpile 6/19/2006
International Substance Identification Firm IDenta Developing New Explosive Detector Product Intended To Aid Homeland Security Programs Around The World 6/14/2006
USAID Announces $5 Million Award To Enhance International Efforts To Track Avian Influenza 6/12/2006
PharmAthene, Inc. And SIGA Technologies, Inc. Sign Definitive Merger Agreement To Establish Premier Biodefense Company 6/9/2006
Vical Avian Flu Vaccine Data Meets NIH Grant Funding Requirement 6/7/2006
VaxGen Presents New Smallpox Vaccine Data At International Poxvirus Meeting 6/6/2006
Replikins' FluForecast Software Pinpoints Change In Deadly Bird Flu Amino Acid Sequence In Humans 6/5/2006
GenoMed, West Nile Virus, And Counting Crows 6/5/2006
New Study Confirms Skinvisible, Inc.'s Patent-Pending Chlorhexidine Hand Sanitizer Kills The Avian 'Bird Flu' Virus H5N1 On Contact For Up To Four Hours 6/5/2006
BioWarn Announces Instantaneous Detection Of Avian Flu With SmartSense(TM) System: Receives Approval Of Patent Issuance 6/5/2006
Recombinomics, Inc. Urges The Release Of All H5N1 Sequences From The World Health Organization's (WHO) Private Database 6/2/2006
BioWarn Announces Instantaneous Detection Of Avian Flu With SmartSense™ System: Receives Approval Of Patent Issuance 6/2/2006
Spectral And Somagen Announce Canadian Distribution Agreement For Rapid West Nile Virus Test 6/1/2006
Vical Incorporated Release: West Nile Virus DNA Vaccine Produces Neutralizing Antibodies In All Fully Vaccinated Volunteers In Phase 1 Trial 6/1/2006
HHS Awards BioShield Contract For Botulism Antitoxin 6/1/2006
Crucell Announces Large Human Clinical Trial With Avian Influenza Vaccine 5/31/2006
Cangene Corporation Is Awarded US$362 Million Supply Contract By U.S. Government For Anti-Botulism Drug 5/31/2006
USDA Selects DuPont Protective Apparel In Preparation For Avian Flu Virus 5/31/2006
Microbe Labs Proposed For California 5/30/2006
Researchers Find Plan For Invisible Cloak 5/26/2006
Peregrine Pharmaceuticals' Bavituximab Shows Potential Activity Against Avian Flu In Initial Testing 5/24/2006
How To Protect Yourself From Bird Flu, From The Harvard Health Letter 5/23/2006
New Sensor Technology Detects Chemical, Biological, Nuclear And Explosive Materials 5/23/2006
United Nations Requests DuPont's Assistance To Help Control Spread Of Avian Flu In 69 Nations 5/22/2006
Core Technology Behind Universal Detection Technology's ('UDTT') Anthrax Spore Monitor To Be Presented At The 106th Annual American Society for Microbiology Conference 5/22/2006
Opponents Of Bioterrorism Lab Sue NIH 5/19/2006
Food And Agriculture Organization Of The United Nations Release: Avian Flu An Expensive Long-Term Emergency 5/19/2006
Recombinomics, Inc. Urges Release Of H5N1 Human Sequences From The World Health Organization's (WHO) Private Database 5/19/2006
Core Technology Behind Universal Detection Technology's ('UDTT') Anthrax Spore Monitor To Be Presented At The 106th Annual American Society for Microbiology Conference 5/18/2006
Universal Detection Technology Completes The First Sale Of BSM-2000 Anthrax Detector 5/17/2006
USAID Advances U.S. International Engagement On Avian Flu 5/16/2006
Researchers Identify Mechanism Of SARS Attack 5/16/2006
SANYO's Proprietary Electrolyzed Water Technology Proven Effective In Suppressing Avian Influenza Viruses 5/15/2006
BioTech Medics, Inc. Seeking Testing Of Patented SHBAN Solution As Anti-Viral Disinfectant For Use Against Bird Flu Virus 5/12/2006
Adjuvanted Formulation Of Sanofi Pasteur H5N1 Pandemic Influenza Vaccine Candidate Demonstrates Significant Immune Response 5/11/2006
VaxGen Sees Long Delay In Delivering Anthrax Vaccine 5/11/2006
Quigley Pharma Inc. To Commence Medical Feed Poultry Study For Its QR-441(a) 5/10/2006
Novadaq Technologies, Inc. Receives FDA Clearance For SPY Labeling Changes 5/10/2006
Viragen Announces Research Collaboration With Prominent Biodefense Consultant To U.S. 5/9/2006
CEL-SCI Releases Bird (Avian) Flu Letter To Shareholders 5/8/2006
AvidBiotics Awarded National Institutes Of Health (NIH) Biodefense Grant For Plague Bioterror Threat 5/8/2006
St.Jude Children's Research Hospital Release: H5N1 Threat Puts Human Flu Back In Spotlight 5/5/2006
New Strategy Developed To Combat West Nile Virus 5/5/2006
HHS Buys Additional AVA Anthrax Vaccine 5/5/2006
Computer Grid Helps Fight Avian Flu 5/4/2006
St. Jude Test Of Bird Flu Vaccine Proves Successful 5/2/2006
Aradigm Corporation And Canadian Department Of National Defence Extend AERx Liposomal Ciprofloxacin Development Program 4/26/2006
"Lego" Approach Thwarts Anthrax Toxin 4/24/2006
CombiMatrix Awarded Additional $1.9 Million Military Contract From the Army Research Office 4/24/2006
Tm Bioscience Corporation Signs First Regional Distributor For Its Respiratory Viral Panel Which Detects 20 Viruses Including Avian Flu 4/19/2006
U.S. Prepares Bird-Flu Plan For Approval 4/17/2006
Alnylam To Collaborate With United States Army On RNAi Therapeutics For Biodefense Threats 4/12/2006
Cyntegra Releases VIOGENIX DUO, The World's First Combined Diagnostic Test For Cats And Dogs That Detects Both The Avian H5N1 And Canine H3N8 Strains Of Influenza A 4/11/2006
Yellow Fever 4/11/2006
American Type Culture Collection Release: Biodefense Expert Summit Sets Stage For Standards Development 4/7/2006
Vaxgen Responds To Media Report Regarding Proposed Congressional Investigation Of Anthrax Vaccine Contract 4/6/2006
REPLICor's Antiviral Drug Is Active Against H5N1 Avian Flu 4/5/2006
US FDA Warns VaxGen Over Anthrax Vaccine Promotion 4/4/2006
ViRexx Announces Collaboration With Defence Research And Development Canada-Suffield To Expand Chimigen"TM" Platform Technology For Use In Biodefense 3/31/2006
Fort Dodge Animal Health Announces Licensure Of A Reverse Genetics Avian Influenza Vaccine 3/30/2006
BAS Biological Alarm Systems Ltd Announces Its New Biodetector For Real-Time Bioterrorism Detection 3/27/2006