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Biotech/Pharma - Cloning
Pressure BioSciences, Inc. (BBII) Reports Third Quarter 2016 Financial Results And Provides Business Update 11/17/2016
Life Cycle Analyses Have Been Performed For Around 70 Percent Of Evonik Industries's Sales 7/15/2016
Fido Forever? Inside A South Korean Pet Cloning Clinic 7/7/2016
Terra Tech To Present At The 2015 Aegis Capital Growth Conference 10/1/2015
Fighting Bull Cloned For First Time In Spain 5/19/2010
Seoul National University Experts Claim to Have Cloned Glowing Dogs 4/29/2009
South Korean Bio-Firm, RNL Bio Says Dog Cloning to be Cheaper 1/29/2009
Frozen Mice Cloned - Are Woolly Mammoths Next?, RIKEN Research Institute Study 11/4/2008
Australia Mulls Patent On South Korea Stem Cell Data; Fake Cloning Scientist Hwang Woo-Suk May Get Embryonic Stem Cell Patent 9/24/2008
Clones' Offspring May Be In Food Supply 9/3/2008
RNL Bio Scientists Clone Five Puppies From Dead Pet 8/6/2008
Canine Hero of 9/11 to be Cloned by BioArts International 6/30/2008
Real Clone Wars: International Dog-Fight over Cloning Rights Between BioArts International & RNL Bio 6/19/2008
South Korean Team from Sooam Biotech Research Foundation Clones Endangered Dog 6/19/2008
South Korea Firm RNL Bio Says It Clones Cancer-Sniffing Dogs 6/17/2008
Bay Area Biotech Company BioArts to Auction Chances to Clone a Dog; Bidding to Start at $100,000 5/21/2008
Cloned Cells Treat Parkinson's In Mice, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center Study 3/24/2008
South Korean Biotech Company RNL Bio Receives First Order for Pet Clone 2/18/2008
Scientists Produce Embryo Clones 1/17/2008
South Koreans Clone Cats That Glow in the Dark 12/12/2007
stART Licensing, Inc. Further Strengthens Position in Cloning Industry With New Patents 12/11/2007
Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) Scientists Claim to Clone Monkey Embryos 11/14/2007
Researchers Replace Organ In Adult Mice Using 'Single-parent' Stem Cells 2/19/2007
Males More Prone To Cloning 2/13/2007
FDA OK May Spark 'Clone-Free' Labels 1/2/2007
FDA Set To OK Sale Of Milk, Meat From Cloned Animals 12/27/2006
Australian Parliament Lifts Cloning Ban 12/6/2006
stART Licensing, Inc.'s Animal Cloning Patent Position Solidified Through Dismissal Of Patent Dispute 9/7/2006
Disgraced Cloning Expert Sets Up New Lab 8/18/2006
Iranian Doctors Say They Cloned A Sheep 8/9/2006
'Handmade Cloning' Success Uses A Chopped Egg 7/17/2006
Seoul University Scientists Clone Two Female Puppies 7/13/2006
Disgraced South Korean Cloning Expert Plans To Resume Research 6/28/2006
Mixing Animal, Human Cells Gets Exotic 6/19/2006
Scientists Hope To Cure Alzheimer's With Piglet Clones 6/12/2006
Harvard University Researchers To Clone Human Embryos 6/7/2006
Clones' Debut Is A Test Of Genetics, And Bettors' Wits 6/5/2006
China Clones Mad Cow-Resistant Calf 4/26/2006
Cloned Dog Celebrates First Birthday In South Korea 4/24/2006
ViaGen, Inc. Gallops Into Horse Cloning 3/30/2006
Cloned Pigs That Produce Omega-3 Fatty Acids 3/27/2006
Cloning Scientist Hwang Fired From University 3/20/2006
Cloning Research Egg Donor Plan 2/14/2006
Clone Scientist May Have Misspent Funds 2/6/2006
South Korean Cloning Expert's Stem Cells Do Not Exist: Prosecutors 1/25/2006
Disgraced Cloning Pioneer Could Keep His Patents 1/18/2006
Cloned Stem Cells Prove Identical To Fertilized Stem Cells 1/17/2006
New Blow To South Korea Clone Work 12/30/2005
Hwang Cloned Human Embryos But Not Patient-Tailored Stem Cells 12/27/2005
Cloned Meat One Step Closer To Dinner Plate10/7/2005
Second Human Cloning Failure For Controversial Fertility Expert9/26/2005
ViaGen, Inc. And Encore Genetics Forge Partnership, Contract With Clients To Provide First Ever Commercial Sale Of Cloned Horses In The U.S.; Leader In Animal Cloning Joins Forces With Performance Horse Experts; First Foals Will Be Born In Spring Of 20069/1/2005
Scientists Clone Pigs For Cancer Treatment8/24/2005
Snuppy, The World's First Cloned Dog, Takes A Bow-Wow8/4/2005
Spain To Allow Therapeutic Cloning, Minister Says7/11/2005
Scientists Clone Marine DNA In "Drugs From The Sea" Breakthrough7/1/2005
World First: Scientists Succeed In Cloning Human Embryos From Eggs Matured In The Lab6/20/2005
Stem Cells Could Develop Into Eggs6/20/2005
New Method Of Obtaining Embryonic Stem Cells Could Reduce Embryo Wastage6/20/2005
French Cloning To Aid Preservation Of Vietnam's Biodiversity6/7/2005
Company To Test Drugs With Stem Cell Research5/26/2005
US Congress Defies Bush With Vote For Stem-Cell Research Funding5/25/2005
House Voting On Stem Cell Research Bills5/24/2005
Dolly Creator To Ask Women To Donate Eggs5/23/2005
Scientists Speed Creation Of Stem Cells; South Korean Team Claims Cloning Breakthrough5/20/2005
Human Embryo Cloned For First Time In Britain5/20/2005
Massachusetts Lawmakers Reject Stem Cell Ban5/20/2005
Champion Endurance Horse Cloned4/15/2005
No Problems With Meat, Milk From Cloned Animals4/12/2005
Cloning Scientist Hwang Receives Honorary Doctorate2/22/2005
Ressourcenzentrum Fur Genomforschung To Distribute GeneCopoeia's OmicsLink(TM) Human Full Length ORF Clones In Europe2/9/2005
Dolly Scientist Gets Human Cloning License2/8/2005
Optimata Ltd.'s Virtual Clones To Predict Therapy Outcome For Breast Cancer2/4/2005
2004: The Year In Biology And Medicine12/27/2004
"Dolly" Scientists May Clone Human Embryos12/23/2004
50,000 Worth Of Cute? Cloned Cats Go On Sale12/23/2004
Cloned Gene From Sea Animal May Prove Key In Cancer Drug Development12/21/2004
Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) Release: Army-Funded Effort Examines Androgen's Role In Bone Loss11/16/2004
Hair Cloning Nears Reality As Baldness Cure11/5/2004
Biotech Cats Wouldn't Affect Allergies; Company Strives To Create Genetically Engineered Cats Free Of Allergy-Causing Proteins10/27/2004
Harvard Seeks Permission To Clone Human Embryos10/14/2004
Scientific American Magazine Stem Cell Panel Highlights Divisions Over Cloning Underlying Debate On Embryonic Stem Cell Research10/1/2004
Dolly Scientists' Human Clone Bid9/28/2004
Scepticism Over Cloning From Dead8/31/2004
Gates Contributes To Stem Cell Campaign8/26/2004
Britain To Allow Cloning Of Human Embryos8/11/2004
Company Says It Clones Copy Cats8/5/2004
Malignant Cancer Cells Generate Mice Through Cloning8/4/2004
Cloning Experiment Shows Cancer Reversible8/2/2004
Stem Cells And The Soul; Religion, Science And The Politics Of Polarization8/2/2004
Japan Panel OKs Human Cloning For Research7/26/2004
France Bans Human Cloning7/9/2004
Japan Government Panel OKs Some Human Embryo Cloning6/24/2004
Japan Govt Panel OKs Some Human Embryo Cloning: Media6/23/2004
TranXenoGen, Inc. (LS:TXN) Announces Issuance Of A U.S. Patent Covering Methods For Producing Cloned Animals6/22/2004
Therapeutic Cloning May Be Permitted At Newcastle University 6/18/2004
UK Hears First European Human Cloning Application6/17/2004
UK Hears 1st European Human Cloning Application6/16/2004
First Cloned Baby For SA?6/15/2004
UK "To Approve Human Cell Clones"6/14/2004
Mice Created For 1st Time Without Fathers4/22/2004
Dolly Scientists To Clone Embryos4/21/2004
Scientists Develop New Cloning Technique That Dramatically Shortens The Search For Genes3/31/2004
Canada Passes Bill To Ban Human Cloning3/12/2004
Firm That Cloned Sheep Dolly Nearly Broke3/10/2004
Cloning And Stem Cell Science: Learning From Nature3/8/2004
Harvard Harvests Controversial Embryo Cells; Scientists Create 17 New Embryonic Stem Cell Lines3/4/2004
Harvard Plans Stem Cell Research Center3/1/2004
India's Twins Pose DNA Puzzle; Mystery Of The Indian Village Where 1 In 10 Are Twins2/24/2004
OriGene Technologies, Inc. Adds Nuclear Hormone Receptor CloneSet(TM) To TrueClone(TM) Collection2/24/2004
Mule Clones Open Disease Window2/16/2004
Embryo Clones Bear Stem Cells, Controversy2/13/2004
International Society For Stem Cell Research Responds To Successful Transfer Of A Human Adult Somatic Nucleus Into A Human Egg By South Korean Research Team2/13/2004
Scientists Get Sought-After Cells From Human Clone2/12/2004
Stem Cell Technique - Murder Or Medicine's Big Hope?2/12/2004
Stem Cell Cloning Revives Ethics Debate2/12/2004
Cloned Cells Repair Mouse Hearts, U.S. Company Says2/10/2004
Advanced Cell Technology Release: Cloned Stem Cells Regenerate Heart Muscle Following A Heart Attack2/10/2004
UK Scientists Call For Ban On "Cowboy Cloners"1/21/2004
Texas A&M Says It Has Cloned First Deer12/23/2003
Grow Your Own Transplant Organ; "Humanized" Organs Can Be Grown In Animals12/18/2003
Boston Researchers Create Human Clone Embryo For Therapuetic Use, WIRED Magazine Reports12/17/2003
Human Clone Experiment Repeated Successfully12/16/2003
Boston Researchers Create Human Clone Embryo For Therapuetic Use, WIRED Magazine Reports12/16/2003
OriGene Technologies, Inc. Adds GPCR CloneSet(TM) To TrueClone(TM) Collection12/10/2003
GeneCopoeia Announces The Immediate Release Of Two New Sets Of More Than 15,000 Unique Full Length ORF Expression Clones Of Human Genes12/9/2003
Researchers Reveal Early Steps In Clone Development11/26/2003
UN Postpones Global Human Cloning Ban11/7/2003
Plan To Make Human Cloning Safe Set Out11/3/2003