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Low Vitamin D Linked To MS, McGill University Study 8/27/2015
Can Taking Aspirin Up Your Chances Of Having A Boy, Journal Of Clinical Investigation Reveals 8/27/2015
Weight Loss Weapon: A Bottle Of Water Before Each Meal, University of Birmingham Researchers Say 8/27/2015
For Marijuana And The Brain, Questions Remain, JAMA Psychiatry Reveals 8/27/2015
Citizen Science Reveals Thousands Of Microbes Found In Our Homes, North Carolina State University And University of Colorado Study 8/27/2015
Firstborn Women More Likely To Be Obese, Journal Of Epidemiology & Community Health Reveals 8/27/2015
Is Incense Bad For Your Health? South China University Of Technology Study 8/26/2015
Scientists Find A Way To Reprogram Cancer Cells, Mayo Clinic Reveals 8/26/2015
Study Reveals the Secret to A Better Relationship and Sex Life 8/26/2015
Off Switch For Biofilm Formation Identified, University of Maryland-Led Study Reveals 8/26/2015
Microbiomes Associated With Schizophrenia ID'd, George Washington University Study 8/26/2015
Long-Lasting Flu Vaccine Comes Closer To Reality, The Scripps Research Institute, Janssen Pharmaceutical Reveals 8/26/2015
How Woman's "Hysteria" Turned Out To Be Deadly Heart Condition 8/25/2015
Nature Improves Sleep For Men And Older People, University of Illinois Study 8/25/2015
Certain Heart Meds May Help Cancer Patients, University of Texas Study 8/25/2015
Mom's Diet Linked To Baby's Heart Risk, Archives Of Diseases In Childhood Fetal & Neonatal Reveals 8/25/2015
High Iron Intake May Increse Appetite, Disease Risk, Wake Forest University Study 8/25/2015
Low Blood Sugar At Birth Linked To Poorer School Performance, Baylor College of Medicine Study 8/25/2015
Does This Phylum Make Me Look Fat? University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) Study 8/24/2015
Dumb Study of the Year Nominee? Some Single People Are Also Happy, University of Auckland Reveals 8/24/2015
Cephalon (CEPH)’s Narcolepsy Drug Modafinil May Be World’s First Safe ‘Smart Drug,’ Study Says 8/24/2015
Breastfeeding May Expose Infants To Toxic Chemicals, Harvard University Study 8/24/2015
Autistic Traits Linked To Creative Problem-Solving, University Of Stirling 8/24/2015
Will Doctors Soon Be Prescribing Video Games For Mental Health? Akili Reveals 8/24/2015
Part Of Brain That Taps Into Our Memory Banks Pinpointed, Johns Hopkins University Study 8/21/2015
Extra Virgin Olive Oil Linked To Lower Blood Sugar And Cholesterol, Sapienza University Study 8/21/2015
Working Longer Hours Boosts Your Stroke Risk, University College London Study 8/20/2015
Two-Year-Olds' Vocab Can Predict Kindergarten Success, Penn State University Study 8/20/2015
Scientists Build Almost-Formed Human Brain In Lab, Ohio State University Reveals 8/20/2015
Scientists Discover How The Obesity Gene Works, MIT Study 8/20/2015
A Daily Glass of Wine Increases Risks of Breast Cancer in Women, BMJ Study 8/20/2015
Vomiting Device Offers Direct Evidence That Vomit Aerosolizes Norovirus-Like Particles, North Carolina State University Study 8/20/2015
Severe Headaches During Pregnancy Could Be A Sign Of Much Bigger Problems, Albert Einstein College of Medicine Study 8/20/2015
You Can Catch Happiness But Not Depression, University of Warwick Study 8/20/2015
Hot Chilli May Unlock A New Treatment For Obesity, University of Adelaide Study 8/19/2015
Anxious? Depressed? Blame Your Middle-Management Position, Columbia University Study 8/19/2015
Politics, Wedding Costs are Keys to a Happy Marriage, Studies Say 8/19/2015
Shorter Women Have Shorter Pregnancies, March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation Study 8/19/2015
Ohio State University Study Finds Where Our Brain Stores The Time And Place Of Memories 8/18/2015
Are Vaginal Germs Linked To Preemie Birth? Stanford University Study 8/18/2015
Drinking Coffee Daily May Boost Colon Cancer Survival, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Study 8/18/2015
The Book Of Life: Pages Of "Drinkable Book" Act As Filter To Turn Raw Sewage Into Drinking Water 8/18/2015
What Clinicians Need To Know About Bilingual Development In Children, Florida Atlantic University Study 8/17/2015
Women Who Work Or Lift A Lot May Struggle To Get Pregnant, Harvard University Study 8/17/2015
Higher IQ Linked To Better Physical Fitness, University of Copenhagen Study 8/17/2015
Gestational Diabetes: A Diabetes Predictor In Father, McGill University Health Centre Study 8/17/2015
Exercise Hormone Irisin Really Does Exist In Humans, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Study 8/17/2015
Vitamin D In Teens: Don’t Overdo It, Bad Things Might Happen, Mayo Clinic Study 8/17/2015
Having Kids Make People Miserable, Western University Study 8/14/2015
Another Difference Between The Sexes Uncovered, Northwestern University Reveals 8/14/2015
Genetically Modified Yeast Turns Sugar Into Painkillers, Stanford University Study 8/14/2015
What Controls Waking Up And Going To Sleep Discovered, Northwestern University Study 8/14/2015
Low-Fat Vs. Low-Carb Diet: Which Is Better For Weight Loss? National Institute Of Diabetes And Digestive And Kidney Diseases Study 8/14/2015
Protein-Packed Breakfast Prevents Body Fat Gain, University of Missouri Study 8/13/2015
Mystery Of How Contractions In Labor Grow Stronger Revealed, University of Liverpool Study 8/13/2015
Can Fish Oil Slow Down Schizophrenia? University of Melbourne Study 8/13/2015
Leaner Kids Report Eating More Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids, University of Colorado Study 8/13/2015
Adult IQ Of Premies Can Be Predicted By Age Two, University of Warwick Study 8/13/2015
Surgeons Smash Records With Pig-To-Primate Organ Transplants 8/13/2015
Trans Fats, Not Saturated Fats, Linked To Death Risk, McMaster University Study 8/12/2015
Why A Well-Fed Woman Is More Likely To Focus On Romance, University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Study 8/12/2015
Teens With Depression, Bipolar Disorder Should Be Screened For Heart Disease, Experts Say 8/12/2015
Parents' Math Anxiety Can Undermine Children’s Math Achievement, University of Chicago Study 8/12/2015
Iodine During Pregnancy Good For Babies' IQ And The Economy, University of Birmingham Study 8/12/2015
How Much Is Your Time Really Worth? University of Leicester Study 8/12/2015
Darting Eyes In REM Sleep Are Seeing Objects In Your Dreams, Tel Aviv University Study 8/12/2015
The Next Great GMO Debate 8/11/2015
Why Coffee Makes Us Poop, But Energy Drinks And Soda Don't 8/11/2015
Southern Diet Could Raise Your Risk Of Heart Attack, University of Alabama at Birmingham Study 8/11/2015
Genetics May Be Underlying Cause Of Infertility, Cornell University Study 8/11/2015
If You Want To Reach 100, Keep Your Inflammation Levels Low, Newcastle University Study 8/10/2015
Women Are Hurt More By Breakups But Men Never Fully Recover, Binghamton University Study 8/10/2015
Crime-Scene Compound May Be Newest Tool In Fight Against Malaria, Washington University School of Medicine Study 8/10/2015
This Is Your Brain On Loneliness, University of Chicago 8/10/2015
Nicotine-Eating Bacteria May Lead To New Anti-Smoking Drug, The Scripps Research Institute Study 8/10/2015
How Mozart, Coltrane May Help Treat Epilepsy, Ohio State University Study 8/10/2015
Believing You Are Fat May Cause Further Weight Gain, University of Liverpool Study 8/7/2015
Excessive Workout Supplement Use: An Emerging Eating Disorder In Men? Alliant International University Study 8/7/2015
Grip Strength May Reveal Whether You Have Diabetes, High BP, University of Florida Study 8/7/2015
Could Sleeping One One Side Lower Your Alzheimer's Risk? Stony Brook University Study 8/6/2015
Eating Certain Carbs May Lead To Depression, Columbia University Medical Center Study 8/6/2015
Xiangya Hospital Central South University Release: China (Hunan) Medical Team Successfully Completed Fifth Batch Of Medical Aid For Sierra Leone's Battle Against Ebola 8/6/2015
Indiana University Researchers Find Romantic Kissing Is Not The Norm In Most Cultures 8/6/2015
A Man's Meat Intake Might Influence His Fertility, American Society for Reproductive Medicine Reveals 8/6/2015
Spicy Foods Linked To Longer Life, Harvard University Study Finds 8/6/2015
First Genetic Analysis Of People With Extremely High Intelligence, King's College London Study 8/5/2015
Special Veggie Rich Diet Keeps Your Brain 7.5 Years Younger, Rush University Medical Center Study 8/5/2015
Can An "Adventure" Gene Make Us Liberal Or Conservative? National University of Singapore (NUS) Study 8/5/2015
Exercise During Teen Years Lowers Cancer Risks, Vanderbilt University Medical Center Study 8/5/2015
Inadequate Hydration Can Lead To Impaired Cognitive, Emotional Function, Harvard University Study 8/5/2015
Men Possess Better Sperm Quality With New Women, College Of Wooster Study 8/4/2015
Mutation Alert Halts Stem-Cell Trial To Cure Blindness, Riken Center For Developmental Biology 8/4/2015
How Perfectionism Leads To Burnout, York St John University Study 8/4/2015
Overactive Genes Found In Depressed Females, University of Illinois Study 8/4/2015
Pupil Mimicry May Boost Trust, Leiden University Study 8/4/2015
Can Memories Be Lost And Found? Cardiff University Study 8/4/2015
Is Your Office Too Cold? Blame Men, Maastricht University Study 8/4/2015
Active Sex Lives for Seniors Linked To Higher Quality Of Life, Glasgow Caledonian University Study 8/4/2015
This Latest Study Adds One More Piece To The Alzheimer's Puzzle 8/3/2015
Standing For Two Hours Of Your Day Found To Have Great Health Benefits, University of Queensland Study 8/3/2015
Another Study Questions The Benefit Of Fish Oil Supplements, University of Pennsylvania Reveals 7/31/2015
First Artificial Ribosome Designed, University of Illinois Researchers Reveal 7/31/2015
MIT Release: A Cheaper, High-Performance Prosthetic Knee 7/30/2015
Hormones May Take The Blame For Cheating, Unethical Behavior, University of Texas Study 7/30/2015
Prostate Cancer Could Actually Be Five Different Diseases, Cancer Research UK Cambridge Research Institute Study 7/30/2015
Blocking A Gene Reduces Fat, University Of Montreal Study 7/30/2015
Small Doses Of Red Grape Chemical May Help Prevent Bowel Cancer, Cancer Research UK Cambridge Research Institute Study 7/30/2015
Climbing A Tree Can Improve Cognitive Skills, University Of North Florida Researchers Reveal 7/30/2015
How House Dust Chemicals Might Make Kids Gain Weight, Duke University Study 7/30/2015
How Your Work Crush Can Improve Your Marriage, Columbia University Study 7/29/2015
Link Discovered Between Intestinal Bacteria And Depression, McMaster University Reveals 7/29/2015
Sleep Deprivation May Reduce Aggression, Mating Behavior, University of Pennsylvania Study Finds 7/29/2015
Upping Your Coffee Intake May Be Bad For The Brain, University of Bari Study 7/29/2015
Strong Link Between Delirium And Inflammation In Older Patients Found, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Reveals 7/28/2015
High Blood Sugar May Up Alzheimer’s Disease Risk, New Iowa State University Study Finds 7/28/2015
Are You A Social Butterfly? Then You May Need To Watch Your Savings, University of Toronto Study 7/28/2015
Diabetes, TB Link Discovered, James Cook University Study 7/28/2015
Genes That Make You Smarter Can Also Help You Live Longer, London School Of Economics And Political Science Study 7/28/2015
"Pill On A String" Could Help Spot Early Signs Of Cancer Of The Gullet, University of Cambridge Study 7/27/2015
Preemies May Become Withdrawn Adults, University of Warwick Reveals 7/27/2015
Sugary Drinks Strongly Tied To Type 2 Diabetes, University of Cambridge Study 7/27/2015
Your Choice In Music Says A Lot About How You Think, University of Cambridge Study 7/27/2015
Resistant Bacteria Don’t Just Evade Drugs - They Are Fitter Too, Harvard Medical School Study 7/27/2015
Americans Are Finally Eating Less 7/27/2015
Quitting Smoking May Ease Hot Flashes, University of Illinois Study 7/27/2015
MIT Announces Breakthrough in Pathogen Testing 7/24/2015
Body Fat Talks To The Brain When We’re Stressed, University of Florida Reveals 7/24/2015
Overeating Caused By Hormone Deficiency In Brain? Rutgers University Study 7/24/2015
Menopause Raises Heart Disease Risk In Women, University of Pittsburgh Study 7/24/2015
Kids With Good Memories Are Better Liars, University of Sheffield Research Shows 7/24/2015
Teeth May Reveal Risk Of Brain Diseases, Mount Sinai School of Medicine Study 7/23/2015
Unhealthiest Vegetable Oil Revealed, University of California, Riverside Study 7/23/2015
Case Western Reserve University Release: Novel Algorithm Identifies DNA Copy-Number Landscapes In African American Colon Cancers 7/23/2015
Workplace Rudeness Is Contagious, University of Florida Study 7/23/2015
Researchers Can Now Edit Human Genes, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Reveals 7/23/2015
New Eyedrops Could Shrink Cataracts Without Surgery, University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Study 7/23/2015
How Much Food Does That Exercise Earn You? You Might Be Surprised, University of Exeter Study Reveals 7/22/2015
Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush Release: Study Shows Teen Athletes Are The Fastest Growing Population Undergoing Elbow Reconstructive Surgery 7/22/2015
University of California, Davis (UCD) Researchers Identify The Source Of The Debilitating Memory Loss In People With Psychosis 7/22/2015
Common Diabetes Med May Protect Against Parkinson's Disease, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Reveals 7/22/2015
How Words Jump Start Our Vision, University of Wisconsin-Madison Study Shows 7/22/2015
Fatherhood Makes Men Fat, Northern California Cancer Center Reveals 7/21/2015
Expectations Shape Babies' Brains, Princeton University Study 7/21/2015
Battle Erupts Over Poached Researcher 7/20/2015
Volpara Solutions Release: University of Virginia Researchers Demonstrate High Precision Of Automated Volumetric Breast Density 7/20/2015
Guilt Free Superfood That Tastes Like Bacon, Oregon State University Reveals 7/20/2015
Why Women Don't Gift Other Women Perfume, Brigham Young University Study 7/20/2015
Midlife High Blood Pressure Linked To Increased Dementia Risk, Boston University School of Medicine Study 7/20/2015
Couch Potato Toddlers Are More Likely To Be Bullied, University Of Montreal Study 7/20/2015
Self-Proclaimed Experts More Vulnerable To The Illusion Of Knowledge, Cornell University Reveals 7/20/2015
Can Pot Heal Your Broken Bones? 7/20/2015
Chance Of Recovering Normal Body Weight? Slim, King's College London Study 7/17/2015
Genetic Markers Linking Risk For Type 2 Diabetes And Alzheimer's ID'd, Mount Sinai School of Medicine Study 7/17/2015
The Science Behind Why Human Screams Scare Us, University of Geneva Study 7/17/2015
Bilinguals Of Two Spoken Languages Have More Gray Matter Than Monolinguals, Georgetown University Medical Center Study 7/17/2015
Does Salt Cause Thirst? It’s Really Not All That Certain, University of Haifa Study 7/17/2015
Too Much Sitting May Boost Women's Cancer Risk, Mount Sinai School of Medicine Study 7/17/2015
Red Wine Oxidant Could Provide New Options For Cancer Therapy, Oregon State University Study 7/17/2015
Birth Order Has No Meaningful Effect On Personality Or IQ, University of Illinois Study 7/17/2015
Reusable Shopping Bags May Make You Buy More Junk Food. Duke University 7/16/2015
Top List Of Alternative Protein Choices 7/16/2015
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Scientists Develop Antibody To Treat Traumatic Brain Injury And Prevent Long-Term Neurodegeneration 7/16/2015
Why Being Generous Sometimes Feels So Difficult, California Institute of Technology Study 7/16/2015
Does Heart Disease Begin In Childhood? St. Michael's Hospital Study 7/16/2015
Memory-Loss Man Case "Like Nothing We Have Ever Seen Before," University of Leicester Study 7/15/2015
This Is Your Brain On Fried Eggs, University Of Montreal Study 7/15/2015
New Cell Structure Discovery Could Help Scientists Understand Cancer Better, University of Warwick Study 7/15/2015
Exercise Could Reverse Bone Loss In Middle-Aged Men, University of Missouri Study 7/15/2015
Mixing Antidepressants And Painkillers May Be Tied To Elevated Risk Of Bleeding, Seoul National University Study 7/15/2015
You Need This Hole In The Head - To Be Smart, University of Adelaide Study 7/15/2015
10 Ways To Rev Up Your Brain And Reduce The Risk Of Cognitive Decline 7/15/2015
Fish Oil Pills: So Far, A $1.2 Billion Bust 7/14/2015
Why Attractive People Don’t Choose Equally Good-Looking Mates, Northwestern University Study 7/14/2015
Funeral Directors Face Increased ALS Risk, Harvard University Study 7/14/2015
Sleep Loss Makes Memories Less Accessible In Stressful Situations, Uppsala Universitet Study 7/14/2015
Brain's Wrinkled Layer May Reveal Genetic Heritage, University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Study 7/14/2015
Drug Abuse Reduces Grey Matter In Women But Not Men, University of Colorado Study 7/14/2015
In Search Of A Hair Loss Cure: How Close Are We, Really? 7/14/2015
Eating Vitamin C Can Help You Live Longer, Herlev And Gentofte Hospital Study 7/13/2015
"Safer" Plastics Linked To Health Problems In Kids, NYU Langone Medical Center Studies Suggest 7/13/2015
Using Garlic To Fight UTIs, Universiti Putra Malaysia Study 7/13/2015
The Gruesome, Untold Story Of Eva Person's Lobotomy 7/10/2015
Why Looking At Light Makes Us Sneeze 7/10/2015
Moderate To Heavy Drinking May Raise Women’s Blood Pressure, University of Texas Study 7/10/2015
Unwanted Side Effects Of Cannabis Isolated, University of East Anglia Reveals 7/10/2015
Gene Therapy Restores Hearing In Deaf Mice, Harvard Medical School Study 7/10/2015
Smoking Cigarettes Increases Your Schizophrenia Risk, King's College London Study 7/10/2015
Looking Old On The Outside Means You're Probably Old On The Inside, Hebrew University of Jerusalem Study 7/9/2015
Playing Tetris May Block Traumatic PTSD Flashbacks, Medical Research Council Cognition And Brain Sciences Study 7/9/2015
Some Antidepressants Linked To Birth Defect Risk, British Medical Journal Reveals 7/9/2015
Long-Term Effects Of Type 2 Diabetes On The Brain, Harvard Medical School Study 7/9/2015
Menstruation And The Female Brain: How Fluctuating Hormone Levels Impact Cognitive Function 7/9/2015
Fat People "Are Better At Sniffing Out Food," Yale University Study 7/9/2015
Can Beautiful Flowers Change The Face Of GMOs? Revolution Bioengineering Reveals 7/8/2015
UK Scientists Hail Success Of GM Fish Oil Plants Trial, Rothamsted Research Study 7/8/2015
Snail Venom May Help Treat Sleep Disorders, Ocean Science And Technology Study 7/8/2015
"Real" Vampires Keep Doctors In Dark For Fear Of Judgement, Idaho State University Study Finds 7/8/2015
"Hypertension" Doesn't Mean "Too Much Tension," Boston University Reveals 7/8/2015
Regenerative Medicine's Big Bet: Putting An End To Injury Pain 7/8/2015
Do 3D Films Make You Dizzy - Or Is It Just Your Imagination? Newcastle University Study 7/8/2015