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Alzheimer’s May Be Caused By Brain’s Sticky Defence Against Bugs, Harvard Study 5/26/2016
Could Standing Up Make You More Productive At Work? Texas A&M Health Science Center Study 5/26/2016
Workaholics More Likely To Have ADHD, Anxiety, University Of Bergen Study 5/26/2016
Antidepressants: Rise In Off-Label Prescriptions, McGill University Study 5/26/2016
Will A Common Heart Medication Help Treat Alzheimer’s Disease? Orebro University Study 5/26/2016
National University of Singapore (NUS) Engineering Team Develops Novel Technology To "Print" Customised Tablets For Personalised Medicine 5/26/2016
Sitting For Too Long? You Might Have Dormant Butt Syndrome, Ohio State Wexner Medical Center Study 5/25/2016
Alternating Diet Between High Fat, Balanced May Help Control Obesity, University of Georgia Study Finds 5/25/2016
Blood Pressure Fluctuations May Cause Brain Decline, Rutgers Cancer Institute Study 5/25/2016
Even Light Drinkers Should Watch For Fatty Liver Disease, Kumamoto University Study 5/25/2016
Low Hormone Levels Linked To Obesity In Teens, Mayo Clinic Study 5/25/2016
Science Says Money Really Does Matter In Relationships, University of Hong Kong Study 5/25/2016
Depression May Lower Pregnancy Chances, Boston University Study Finds 5/25/2016
Flu Vaccine May Lower Dementia Risk In Heart Failure Patients, Taipei Medical University Study 5/24/2016
Social Media Poses Threat To People With Intellectual Disabilities, Michigan State University Study 5/24/2016
Genes Linked To Mood And Stress Can Impact Longevity, Indiana University Researchers Reveal 5/24/2016
Loss Of Y Chromosome In Men Linked To Alzheimer's Disease, Uppsala Universitet Study 5/24/2016
Breast Cancer Drug Found To Reduce Seizures, Northwestern University Study 5/24/2016
Immediate Aspirin After Mini-Stroke Cuts Risk Of Major Stroke, University of Oxford Study 5/24/2016
30 Years Of Official Advice On Low-Fat Diet And Cholesterol Is Wrong, National Obesity Forum and Public Health Collaboration Report Reveals 5/23/2016
The Secret To Successful Aging: Subliminal Messaging? 5/23/2016
Can Food Get You High? We Try A Meal Of Psychoactive Substances, University of Warwick Study 5/23/2016
Myth Busted? Low-Salt Diet May Hurt Your Heart, McMaster University Study 5/23/2016
Eating Fatty Foods When Young May Up Your Breast Cancer Risk, University of Maryland Study 5/23/2016
5 Personality Traits Linked To Living A Longer Life 5/20/2016
Key Gene Linked To Diabetes And Down Syndrome Identified, Flinders University Study 5/20/2016
Blindness In The U.S. Will Double By 2050, University of Southern California Study Finds 5/20/2016
Watching Porn Frequently Could Make You A More Religious Person, Study Published In Journal Of Sex Research 5/20/2016
"Sunscreen Gene" May Help Protect Against Skin Cancer, University of Southern California Study 5/20/2016
Adults, Especially Women, May Develop ADHD Later In Life -- Or Else Were Missed As Kids, Published In JAMA Psychiatry 5/20/2016
Twins’ Close Bond Makes Them More Likely To Live To Retirement, University of Washington Study 5/19/2016
Chemicals Used In Furniture Linked To Low Sperm Counts, Boston University Study 5/19/2016
Climate Change May Be Causing Chronic Kidney Disease, George Institute For Global Health Study 5/19/2016
Popular Pain Med Lyrica Linked To Major Birth Defects, Lausanne University Hospital Study 5/19/2016
High Blood Pressure In Middle Age Linked To Dementia, George Institute For Global Health Study 5/19/2016
How To Win Friends And Influence People? Just Be Kind, University of California, Berkeley (CAL) Study 5/18/2016
30% Of Female Doctors Experience Sexual Harassment 5/18/2016
Hard Water Linked To Risk Of Eczema In Infants, King's College London Study 5/18/2016
Being Overbooked May Actually Be Good For Your Brain, University Of Texas At Dallas Study 5/18/2016
Eating Potatoes May Give You High Blood Pressure, Harvard Study 5/18/2016
The Science Of What Love Really Is, Biological Psychology Reveals 5/18/2016
Exercise May Cut Risk Of 13 Types Of Cancer, Study Published In JAMA 5/18/2016
Can Tai Chi Truly Help Those With Knee Arthritis? Published In Annals Of Internal Medicine 5/17/2016
Healthy Diet During Your Teens May Reduce Cancer Risk Years Later, Harvard School of Public Health Study 5/17/2016
No Link Between Eating Dinner After 8pm And Obesity, King's College London Study 5/17/2016
Obese Or Anorexic Individuals React Differently To Taste, University of Colorado Anschutz Study Says 5/17/2016
Does A Lack Of REM Sleep "Erase’ Memories?" McGill University Study 5/17/2016
Working Out More Important Than Diet To Prevent Weight Gain, University of Missouri Study Says 5/17/2016
Why Women Have Evolved To Becoming Bisexual, Study Published In Biological Reviews 5/17/2016
Genetic Link Discovered Between Binge-Drinking And Impulsivity, University Of Sussex Study 5/16/2016
Your Ability To "Smell" The Taste Of Foods Can Lessen With Age, Oregon State University Study 5/16/2016
Fathers’ Age, Lifestyle Linked To Birth Defects, Georgetown University Medical Center Study 5/16/2016
What Your Poop (Color, Smell, And Shape) Is Telling You About Your Health 5/13/2016
It’s Not Just Bacon: Death Rates Higher When Red and Processed Meats Are Eaten Daily, Mayo Clinic Study 5/13/2016
The More Money You Make, The Less Likely You'll Be Lonely In Midlife, University of Cologne Study 5/13/2016
Alcohol Can Weaken Pancreas' Ability To Absorb Vitamins, Yale University Study 5/13/2016
Bacteria Living On Your Head Might Be Why You Have Dandruff, Shanghai Jiao Tong University Study 5/13/2016
Botox CAN Affect The Perception Of Emotions, SISSA Study 5/13/2016
What Happened to Astronaut Scott Kelly’s DNA During His Year in Space 5/12/2016
Too Much Folic Acid May Raise Autism Risk, Johns Hopkins University Study Suggests 5/12/2016
Stop Hyping Stem Cell Science, Say Stem Cell Scientists 5/12/2016
Attention, Ladies! Avoid Cosmetics During Pregnancy, SUNY Downstate Medical Center Study 5/12/2016
Level Of Self-Control Linked To Environment, Providence College Study 5/12/2016
Age Of First Solid Foods Not Linked To Child Obesity, CDC Study Reveals 5/12/2016
Gut Microbiomes May Run In Families, Cornell University Reveals 5/12/2016
University of Luxembourg Release: New Microbiome Research Tool Offers Potential To Revolutionise Drug Development 5/12/2016
How To Be Happier: 7 Science-Based Ways To Fix Your Perspective And Challenge Yourself 5/11/2016
To Reduce Risk For Alzheimer's, Skip Lumosity And Get Onto The Yoga Mat, UCLA Study 5/11/2016
BRCA Mutations May Play Role In Prostate Cancer, SUNY Upstate Medical University Study 5/11/2016
Clues To How Popular Heartburn Drug Might Harm Arteries, Houston Methodist Research Institute Study 5/11/2016
Body Image Linked To Overall Life Satisfaction, Feelings About Romantic Relationships, Chapman University Research Shows 5/11/2016
Running Barefoot Improves Working Memory, University Of North Florida Researchers Show 5/11/2016
Obesity May Not Cut Your Life Short After All, Copenhagen University Hospital Study 5/11/2016
Expected Growth In PBM Exclusion Lists Poses A Challenge To Drug Developers, According To The Tufts Center For The Study Of Drug Development 5/11/2016
Black Americans See Gains In Life Expectancy 5/10/2016
Could Nasal Spray Curtail Nighttime Bathroom Trips? NYU Langone Medical Center Study 5/10/2016
How Fasting Helps Fight Fatty Liver Disease, Helmholtz Zentrum Munchen Study 5/10/2016
Diet Drinks During Pregnancy Linked To Baby's Weight Gain, University of Manitoba Study 5/10/2016
Eating Junk Food Just As Harmful To Kidneys As Diabetes, Anglia Ruskin University Study 5/10/2016
When You Take Acetaminophen, You Don't Feel Others' Pain As Much, Ohio State University Study 5/10/2016
Ohio University Release: Scientists Develop Synchronized Molecular Motors 5/10/2016
Your Sense Of Smell Can Help Predict How Big Your Social Network Is, University Of Chinese Academy Of Sciences Study 5/9/2016
Using Tablets And Laptops For Reading May Be Changing How You Think, Dartmouth College Study 5/9/2016
Deep Male Voices Not So Much Sexy As Intimidating, Penn State University Study 5/9/2016
Tufts University Scientists Have Found A Way To Keep Fruit Fresh Without A Refrigerator 5/9/2016
University of California, Santa Barbara Release: First Safe Way To Deliver Drugs To The Placenta 5/9/2016
Small Devices Make A Big Impact, A*STAR Study 5/9/2016
Okayama University Research: Sticky Molecules To Tackle Obesity And Diabetes 5/9/2016
Keeping Microbes, Zebra Mussels Away, Interphase Materials Study 5/9/2016
Diabetes Drug Metformin Acts Differently From Previous Theories, Mayo Clinic Research Suggests 5/6/2016
Humans Are The Highest Energy Apes, Making Us Smarter--But Also Fatter, University of Zurich Study 5/6/2016
4 Reasons Why Women With Heart Disease Are Less Likely To Be Prescribed Statins Than Men, Brigham and Women's Hospital Study 5/6/2016
How A Female Sex Hormone May Protect Against STIs, McMaster University Study 5/6/2016
There's A 30% Chance You Don't Need That Antibiotic 5/6/2016
These Ecuadorian Dwarfs Have A Genetic Mutation That Protects From Disease, And There's A Diet Mimics It 5/6/2016
Yeast Infection Linked To Mental Illness, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Study 5/5/2016
The Science Of How Alcohol Won't Bring You Long-Term Happiness, University of Kent Study 5/5/2016
Medical Errors Now Third Leading Cause Of Death In The U.S., Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Study 5/5/2016
Expert Explains Why Autism More Common In Boys, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Study 5/5/2016
Breakthrough: University of Cambridge Scientists Grow Two-Week-Old Human Embryos in the Lab For the First Time 5/5/2016
How Your Brain Uses Statistics to Boost Your Confidence, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Study 5/5/2016
Bipolar Disorder Has Genetic Links To Autism, University of Iowa Study Suggests 5/5/2016
The Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult Release: New Report Shows That Capacity And Capability In Cell And Gene Therapy Manufacturing Continues To Increase In The UK 5/5/2016
Science Confirms Herbal Tea Can Perk Up Your Mood, Memory, Northumbria University Study 5/4/2016
Is It Possible To Cry A River? University of Leicester Study 5/4/2016
Autism And Cancer Have More Than 40 Risk Genes In Common, UC Davis Study 5/4/2016
Neuroscientists Show How We Start Stereotyping The Moment We See A Face, New York University Study 5/4/2016
Extended Rest Between Weight Lifting Sets Could Help Muscle Growth, University of Birmingham Study 5/4/2016
The Teenager Who Can’t Help Speaking In A French Accent, City University London Study 5/3/2016
Chances Are You Don’t Remember What You Just Retweeted, Cornell University Study 5/3/2016
Even Nonobese Adults Could Benefit From Cutting Calories, Pennington Biomedical Research Center Study 5/3/2016
Infants Much Less Likely To Get The Flu If Moms Are Vaccinated While Pregnant, University of Utah Study 5/3/2016
Humans Are Only Capable Of Having Five People In Their Closest Circle, University of Oxford Study Suggests 5/3/2016
Half Of Teens Think They're Addicted To Their Smartphones, Common Sense Media Reveals 5/3/2016
Some Hairstyles May Increase Hair Loss Risk And Make You Go Bald, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Study 5/2/2016
Could Marijuana Help Treat Painkiller And Heroin Addiction? Published In Journal Of Pain 5/2/2016
Being Fat Ups Your Risk Of Getting This Skin Disease, University of Copenhagen Study 5/2/2016
Italian Entrepreneurs Grow Once-Believed Extinct Garlic That Won’t Make Your Breath Smell 5/2/2016
Liviing In Homes With Ocean Views Linked To Better Mental Health, Michigan State University Study 5/2/2016
Building Muscle Could Boost The Body's Most Important Muscle, UCLA Study 4/29/2016
Too Much Red Meat May Make You Age Faster, University of Glasgow Study 4/29/2016
Eating Chocolate Everyday Could Lower Heart Disease And Diabetes Risk, University of Warwick Study 4/29/2016
How Old You Look Is In Your Genes, Erasmus University Medical Center Study 4/29/2016
Link Between Lifestyle And Gut Flora Revealed in University Of Leuven Study 4/29/2016
Two Genes May Raise Odds For Fraternal Twin Pregnancies, Vrije Universiteit In Amsterdam Study 4/29/2016
Being Selfish Lowers Your Level Of Happiness, University of California, Riverside Study 4/29/2016
Get Fit In 60 Seconds? 1-Minute Workout May Be Good Enough, McMaster University Study 4/28/2016
Having More Friends Might Give You A Higher Pain Tolerance, Oxford University Study 4/28/2016
Deep Male Voices Evolved To Intimidate Men, Not Attract Women, Pennsylvania State University Study 4/28/2016
Working Out How To Stay Fit In Old Age, University Of Stirling Study 4/28/2016
Spanking Harms Kids, Doesn't Work And Leads To Long-Term Issues, University of Michigan Study 4/28/2016
New Moms Grew Bigger Brains Within Months Of Giving Birth, National Institute of Mental Health Study 4/28/2016
Working Longer May Lead To A Longer Life, New Oregon State University Research Shows 4/28/2016
Omega Fish Oils And Vitamin D Might Boost Antidepressants' Effects, University of Melbourne Study 4/27/2016
Bad Sense Of Direction May Be An Early Sign Of Alzheimer’s, Washington University in St. Louis Study Suggests 4/27/2016
Allergy-Free Peanuts? Not So Fast, University of Georgia Reveals 4/27/2016
Certain Genes, In Healthy Environments, Can Lengthen Lifespan, University at Buffalo Research Shows 4/27/2016
Does Frequent Sex Lead To Better Relationships? Depends On How You Ask, Florida State University Study 4/26/2016
Debunking Digital Eyestrain And Blue Light Myths, University of Alabama at Birmingham Study 4/26/2016
Genetic Overlap Between Happiness And Depression Discovered, VU Amsterdam Scientists Reveal 4/26/2016
The Female Pelvis Adjusts for Childbearing Years, University of Zurich Study 4/26/2016
Music May Help Your Baby Learn Better, University of Washington Study 4/26/2016
Why It's Better To Get Your Flu Vaccine In The Morning 4/26/2016
Johns Hopkins University Researchers Push For Personalized Tumor Vaccines 4/26/2016
The Two Dangerous And Deadly Effects Of Being Lonely, York University Study 4/26/2016
The Top Health Benefits Of Pilates 4/26/2016
Fructose Alters Hundreds Of Brain Genes, Which Can Lead To A Wide Range Of Diseases, UCLA Study 4/25/2016
These Foods Linked To Aggressive Prostate Cancer? University of North Carolina Study 4/25/2016
Beer Compound Lowers Cholesterol, Blood Sugar And Weight Gain, Oregon State University Study 4/25/2016
Does A Person's Education Level Reduce The Risk Of Alzheimer's? Boston University Study 4/25/2016
Heavy Cannabis Use Increases Risk Of Premature Death, Karolinska Institute Study 4/25/2016
How Just One Week of Bad Sleep Affects Heart Health, University of Helsinki Study 4/25/2016
More Blood Vessels In Adipose Tissue May Alleviate Type 2 Diabetes, University of Helsinki Study 4/25/2016
Anatomy May Be Key To Female Orgasm, Indiana University Study 4/22/2016
Need To Remember Something? Better Draw It, University Of Waterloo Study Finds 4/22/2016
The Science Of Why We Don’t Sleep Well In A Strange Bed, Brown University Study 4/22/2016
If Parents See Their Kids As Overweight, They're More Likely To Be So, Florida State University Study 4/22/2016
Short Moms More Likely To Have Premature Babies, University of Auckland Study 4/22/2016
Major Scientific Report Links Alcohol, Processed Meat And Obesity To Stomach Cancers, American Institute for Cancer Research Study 4/22/2016
Infant BMI Is Good Predictor Of Obesity At Age Two, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Study 4/22/2016
Study Involving CU-Boulder Shows Fertilizer Can Be Made From Sunlight 4/22/2016
Botox Can Be Used For Chronic Migraine, Icahn School Of Medicine At Mount Sinai Study 4/21/2016
Is Public Speaking A Healthy Thing To Do? Personality And Individual Differences Reveals 4/21/2016
One Antidepressant Shown To Control Weight During 2-Year Study, Group Health Research Institute Reveals 4/21/2016
Does Aspirin Help Treat Cancer? Cardiff University Study 4/21/2016
Chemical Exposure Could Lead To Obesity, University of Georgia Study Finds 4/21/2016
Too Much Sugar During Pregnancy Raises The Child’s Heart Disease Risk, University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston Study 4/21/2016
Fatty Diet May Be The Reason Why You're Always Sleepy, University of Adelaide Study 4/21/2016
Dyson Hand Dryers Spread Germs 1,300 More Times Than Paper Towels, University of Westminster Study 4/20/2016
Eating Dark Chocolate Every Day Could Improve Your Workouts, Kingston University Research Reveals 4/20/2016
Magic Mushroom Drug Psilocybin May Ease Pain Of Social Rejection, University of Zurich Study 4/20/2016
The More You Run, The Denser Your Bones Will Be, Camilo José Cela University Study 4/20/2016
Pollutants in Fish May Keep Humans From Expelling Harmful Toxins, University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Study 4/20/2016
Watercress Extract Could Prevent Lung Cancer In Smokers, University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute (UPCI) Study 4/20/2016
FDA Allows Manufacturers To Add Folic Acid To Corn Flour, Tortillas To Reduce Birth Defects 4/20/2016
Cut Your Sitting Time In The Office By 71 Minutes A Day To Lose Weight And Live Longer, University Of Southern Denmark Study 4/20/2016
Antiviral Protein Linked To Depressed Mood In Mice, University of Freiburg Study 4/20/2016
Common Allergies and Colds Meds Linked To Alzheimer's Disease, Indiana University School of Medicine Scientists Reveal 4/19/2016
One Reason Why Women Outlive Men, Uppsala Universitet Study 4/19/2016
Night Shifts Affect Women More Than Men, University of Surrey Study Finds 4/19/2016
Engineering T Cells To Treat Pancreatic Cancer, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Study 4/19/2016
Great Willow Herb Could Help Reduce Antibiotic Doses, Open Chemistry Reveals 4/19/2016
Puberty Timing Influenced By Both Parents, University of Copenhagen Study 4/18/2016
Kids With Sweet Tooth More Likely To Experience Weight Gain, University of Michigan Study 4/18/2016
Most U.S. Adults Say Today's Kids Are More Stressed, Have Worse Health Than In Past Generations, University of Michigan Study 4/18/2016
Heavy Pot Use DOES Affect Learning And Memory, Columbia University Study 4/18/2016
Living In A Green Neighborhood Linked To A Longer Life, NIH Study 4/18/2016
How Waist Size Can Predict Liver Disease Risk, University Of Milan Study 4/18/2016
Targeting Chronic Pain, Medical University of Vienna Study 4/18/2016
Technical University Of Munich Release: Mechanics Of The Cell 4/18/2016
Parasites May Actually Help Stomach And Bowel Diseases, New York University's Langone Medical Center Study 4/15/2016
How Depression May Boost Your Type 2 Diabetes Risk, McGill University Study 4/15/2016
Spotlight: Key Aspects Of How We Fall Asleep And Wake Up, University Of Maryland School Of Medicine Reveals 4/15/2016
Gene-Edited CRISPR Mushroom Escapes U.S. Regulation, Pennsylvania State University Reveals 4/15/2016
7 Habits That May Actually Change The Brain 4/15/2016
Why Girls Who Mature Early Go For Masculine Men, University Of St Andrews Study 4/15/2016
Why You Should Clean Up Your Desk, But Not Too Much, Princeton University Study 4/14/2016
Love Handles Could Be The Key To Curing Diabetes, ETH Zurich Study 4/14/2016
How A Second Of Laughter Can Reveal Whether You Are Friend Or Foe, UCLA Study 4/14/2016
Allergy Med Might Also Fight MS-Linked Eye Damage, UCSF Study 4/14/2016