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People Who Eat More Yogurt Have Smaller Waists, Utrecht University Study 11/25/2015
Bigger Smartphone Screens Can Change A Customer's Buying Intentions, Penn State University Study 11/25/2015
How Walnuts Can Psych You Into Eating A Healthier Diet, Yale University Study 11/25/2015
Evidence That The Midlife Crisis Is Real, University of Warwick Study 11/25/2015
The Science Behind Why We Love Celebrity Gossip And Tabloid Magazines 11/25/2015
Your Intuition Can Keep You From Cheating, University of Missouri Study 11/25/2015
Cranberry Pills Can Lower Common Infection Risk By 50%, University of Michigan Study 11/24/2015
Why Loneliness May Be Making Us Sick, University of Chicago Study 11/24/2015
Arsenic Exposure In Womb Linked To Respiratory Risks In Babies, Dartmouth College Study 11/24/2015
Breastfeeding May Lower Type 2 Diabetes Risks For Some Women, Kaiser Permanente Northern California Study 11/24/2015
Less Powerful People Tend To Be More Trusting, Stanford University Research Reveals 11/24/2015
Equality: Women Are Drinking More Like Men, National Institute On Alcohol Abuse And Alcoholism Study 11/24/2015
Want To Remember New Names? Sleep On It, Brigham and Women's Hospital Study 11/24/2015
Why Sleeping In On Weekends Can Be Bad For Your Health, University of Pittsburgh Study 11/23/2015
Drinking Coffee During Pregnancy Does Not Harm Baby's IQ, Ohio State University College Of Medicine Study 11/23/2015
Inflammation May Bring On Depression Symptoms, Emory University School of Medicine Study 11/23/2015
Walking Faster Or Longer Good For Seniors, Tufts University Study 11/23/2015
Why Health Food To One Person May Be Junk Food To Another, Weizmann Institute of Science Study 11/23/2015
How A Raisin Can Predict A Toddler’s Future Academic Ability, University of Warwick Study 11/20/2015
Parasitic Worm Boosts Fertility In Women, University of California, Santa Barbara Study 11/20/2015
The Search For Happiness: Using MRI To Find Where Happiness Happens, Kyoto University Study 11/20/2015
Having Too Many Facebook Friends Is Bad For Teen Stress Levels, University Of Montreal Study 11/20/2015
Happiness Spreads But Depression Doesn't, University of Warwick Study 11/20/2015
The More Stuff We Have, The Less Creative We Are, University of Illinois Study 11/20/2015
Groups That Eat Together Perform Better Together, Cornell University Study 11/20/2015
Chocolate In A Pill: All Of The Benefits, None Of The Fun 11/19/2015
Viagra Could Help Prevent Diabetes, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine Study 11/19/2015
Coconut Oil May Combat Deadly Bloodstream Infection, Tufts University Study 11/19/2015
Infant Vision: Babies' Eye Color Change Determined By Melanin Levels, Genetics 11/19/2015
Experiencing Major Stress Makes Handling Daily Stress Easy, North Carolina State University Study 11/19/2015
Stretch Mark Science: What Happens To Your Skin When Pregnancy Gives You A Stretch Mark? University of Michigan Health System Study 11/19/2015
College Classes May Cut Dementia Risk In Seniors, University of Tasmania Research Finds 11/19/2015
Happiest Couples Have Sex Once A Week, University of Toronto Study 11/18/2015
How To Catch Scientists Lying About Their Data, Stanford University Researchers Reveal 11/18/2015
Going Barefoot Could Prevent Plantar Fasciitis, Shin Splints, And Other Common Injuries, Ithaca College Study 11/18/2015
Men Eat More Food When Dining With Women, Cornell University Study 11/18/2015
"Ringo The Dog" Helps Find Potential New Therapy For Muscular Dystrophy 11/18/2015
Mom's Age At Birth May Impact Depression In Daughters, University of Western Australia Study 11/18/2015
10 Diseases That Can Kill You In 24 Hours 11/17/2015
Why Your Second And Third Cup Of Coffee May Prevent Premature Death, Harvard School of Public Health Study 11/17/2015
Daily Pills Protect People Against HIV, Whitman-Walker Clinic Study Finds 11/17/2015
Failing Sense Of Smell Might Be Alzheimer's Warning, Mayo Clinic Study 11/17/2015
Why U.S. Autism Prevalence Is Now 1 In 45 11/17/2015
Activity Of Cancer-Fighting Tomato Component Traced, University of Illinois Study 11/17/2015
Medicated Eye Drops May Fight Worsening Eyesight In Kids, Singapore Eye Research Institute Study 11/17/2015
The Sleep Habits Of Highly Successful People 11/16/2015
New Life For Pig-To-Human Transplants, University of Maryland Reveals 11/16/2015
High Potassium Diet May Protect Kidney, Hearts Of Diabetics, Shiga University Of Medical Science Study 11/16/2015
Lead Exposure Impacts Children's Sleep, University Of Pennsylvania School Of Nursing Study 11/16/2015
Men Who Eat Garlic Make Women Take Notice—In A Good Way 11/16/2015
The Brains Of People Who Speak Six Or More Languages Function Differently Than Ours 11/16/2015
How Anxiety Can Aggravate Asthma, University of Cincinnati Study Explores 11/16/2015
The Science Of Why Women Like Bad Boys, Hospital Clinic of Barcelona Study 11/13/2015
New Research Raises Questions About Using Certain Antibiotics To Treat "Superbug" MRSA, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Study 11/13/2015
What Science Has To Say About Being Organized vs. Being Messy 11/13/2015
Emotionally Supportive Relationships Linked To Lower Testosterone, University of Notre Dame Study 11/12/2015
Soy Might Benefit Women With Pregnancy Diabetes, Kashan University Of Medical Sciences Study 11/12/2015
Prenatal Chemical Exposure Linked To Kid's Extra Weight, Brown University Study 11/12/2015
Stuff In Yogurt May Decrease Type 1 Diabetes Risk, University of South Florida 11/12/2015
Maternal Mortality Falls By Almost 50%, Lancet Publishes 11/12/2015
The Science Of Why We Look At Pretty Faces, University of Oslo Study 11/11/2015
Frequent Weight Checks Tied To Less Self-Esteem For Young Women, University of Minnesota Study 11/11/2015
New Vaccine Could Prevent High Cholesterol, University of New Mexico Study 11/11/2015
Short Bursts Of Exercise May Benefit Type 2 Diabetics, University of Western Ontario Study 11/11/2015
Obese Kids Young As Age 8 Show Signs Of Heart Disease, Geisinger Health System Study 11/11/2015
Why People Show Up To Work When Sick, Concordia University Study 11/11/2015
Thickness Of Grey Matter Predicts Ability To Recognize Faces And Objects, Vanderbilt University Study 11/11/2015
Sexism Rules In The Ballot Booth Unless Voters Have More Information, Vanderbilt University Study 11/11/2015
Changes In Humor An Early Sign Of Dementia, University College London Study 11/10/2015
Women Are Gay Or Bisexual But Never "Totally Straight," University of Essex Study 11/10/2015
Dead Bacteria Used To Kill Colorectal Cancer, Nanyang Technological University Scientists Reveal 11/10/2015
Personalized "Pills" From A 3D Printer? Wake Forest University Study 11/10/2015
Being Normal Weight With Belly Fat More Deadly Than Obesity, Mayo Clinic Study 11/10/2015
Fitter Legs Linked To A Fitter Brain, King's College London Study 11/10/2015
Vanilla Yogurt Makes Us Happier, University Of Natural Resources And Life Sciences Study 11/10/2015
Negative Body Image Increases Adolescent Obesity Risk, University of Texas Health Science Center Study 11/10/2015
Smoggy Days Linked To Most Severe Type Of Heart Attack, Intermountain Medical Center Heart Institute Study 11/9/2015
Lack Of Sleep May Impact Kidney Health, Brigham and Women's Hospital Study 11/9/2015
Adults Over 30 Aren't As Happy As They Use To Be, San Diego State University Study 11/9/2015
Carbon Monoxide Levels In Breath Might Point To Stroke Risk, Brigham and Women's Hospital Study 11/9/2015
Tapeworms And Four Other Disgusting Parasites You Should Know 11/9/2015
Losing Weight Can Keep Irregular Heartbeat In Check, Intermountain Medical Center Heart Institute Research Finds 11/9/2015
Your Diet May Determine Rheumatoid Arthritis Risk, Brigham and Women's Hospital Study 11/9/2015
Being Mom's Favorite May Not Be Good For Your Psychological Health, Purdue University Study 11/9/2015
Designer Cells Cure One-Year Old Cancer Patient, Nature Reveals 11/6/2015
Lack Of Sleep May Boost Your Diabetes Risk, University of Colorado Study 11/6/2015
Are You Hardwired To Enjoy High-Calorie Foods? Imperial College London Study 11/6/2015
Strength Of Brain Connectivity Varies With Fitness Level In Older Adults, University of Illinois Study 11/6/2015
Religious Kids Less Likely To Be Generous, University of Chicago Study 11/6/2015
Eye Drops Could Clear Up Cataracts Using Newly Identified Chemical, University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) Study 11/6/2015
Can The Brain’s Immune System Fight Alzheimer’s, University of Rochester Study 11/6/2015
Man "Caught" Cancer From Tapeworms, The New England Journal of Medicine Reveals 11/5/2015
Kids Of Stressed Parents More Prone To Obesity, Albert Einstein College of Medicine Study 11/5/2015
Teens Spend An Average Of 9 Hours A Day With Media, Common Sense Media Reveals 11/5/2015
Stressed, Tired, Rushed: An Honest Portrait Of The Modern Family, Pew Research Center Survey Reveals 11/5/2015
Children’s Self-Esteem Already Established By Age Five, University of Washington Study Finds 11/5/2015
Teenage Exposure To Pesticides Linked To Abnormal Sperm, George Washington University Study Says 11/5/2015
How Women's Bodies Stop Bad Eggs From Being Fertilized, University of Southampton Study Reveals 11/4/2015
Belly Fat In Early Pregnancy May Be A Sign Of Gestational Diabetes, St. Michael's Hospital Study 11/4/2015
Music Evokes Emotion By Mimicking The Rhythm Of Speech, McMaster University Study 11/4/2015
Being Moody May Help Us Adapt To Change, University College London Study 11/4/2015
"Magic" Plant Discovery Could Lead To Growing Food In Space, Queensland University of Technology Study 11/4/2015
Quiet "Epidemic" Has Killed Half A Million Middle-Aged White Americans, Princeton University Study 11/3/2015
One Junk Food Snack Triggers Signals Of Metabolic Disease, Microbiology And Systems Biology, Netherlands Organisation For Applied Scientific Research (TNO) Study 11/3/2015
Early Contact With Dogs Linked To Lower Risk Of Asthma, Uppsala Universitet Study 11/3/2015
Low Testosterone Can Determine Men's Parenting Skills, University of Michigan Study 11/3/2015
Never Mind If They Work, Are Supplements Safe? 11/3/2015
Just Two Glasses Of Sweetened Drinks Can Boost Heart Failure Risk By 23%, Heart Reveals 11/3/2015
How A Long Distance Love Affair Can Fizzle Close Up, University at Buffalo Study 11/3/2015
Coriell Institute for Medical Research's Precision Medicine Study Identifies Important Associations Between Genetics And Sleep Behavior 11/3/2015
Eat Everything In Moderation? Not So Fast, Says University of Texas Health Science Center Study 11/2/2015
Sleep Interruptions Worse Than Not Getting Enough Sleep, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Study Finds 11/2/2015
Can You Escape Breast Cancer? 11/2/2015
Lack Of ZZZZs May Zap Cell Growth, Brain Activity, University of Tennessee Study 11/2/2015
Could Vitamin D Help Lower Your Blood Pressure? University of Edinburgh Study 11/2/2015
Patients With Severe Acne Often Prescribed Ineffective Antibiotics, NYU Langone Medical Center Study 11/2/2015
Is Chocolate Really A Health Food? Harvard Medical School Reveals 10/30/2015
Sleep Apnea Tied To Gout Flares, Boston University Clinical Epidemiology Research And Training Unit Study 10/30/2015
Anaesthetic Blunts Painful Memories Recalled Before You Go Under, Technical University Of Madrid Study 10/30/2015
Landmark Trial Shows Gene-Targeted Drug Can Treat Prostate Cancer, The Institute of Cancer Research Study 10/30/2015
Follow Your Heart As You Pursue Your Career, Tel Aviv University Study 10/30/2015
Jet Lag-Like Sleep Disruptions Spur Alzheimer’s Memory, Learning Loss, University of California, Irvine Study Finds 10/30/2015
Factors In Breast Milk May Play A Role In Transmission Of Obesity, University of Southern California Study 10/29/2015
Mental Maps: Route-Learning Changes Brain Tissue, Carnegie Mellon University Study 10/29/2015
Statins Hinder The Effectiveness Of Flu Vaccines, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center Study 10/29/2015
Learning In Your Sleep—The Right Way, Swiss National Science Foundation Study 10/29/2015
You Probably Have Herpes, WHO Study 10/29/2015
Older People Better at Correcting Their Mistakes, Columbia University Study 10/29/2015
Your Job Could Widen Your Waistline, University of Adelaide Study 10/29/2015
Asthma Drug May Reverse Aging Brains, Paracelsus Medical University Study 10/29/2015
Having Sex 3-4 Times Per Week Can Help With Spontaneous Passage Of Kidney Stones, Clinic Of Ankara Training And Research Hospital Study 10/15/2015
Move Over Fingerprints: You Could Also Be Identified By Your Brain Waves, Yale University Study 10/15/2015
Ebola Can Linger in Semen For At Least Nine Months, CDC Reveals 10/15/2015
Larger Brains Do Not Lead to High IQs, University of Vienna Study 10/15/2015
Sitting For Long Periods Not Bad For Health, University of Exeter Study 10/14/2015
Training Found To Cause The Brain To Be Better At Multitasking, University of Queensland Study 10/14/2015
Breast Cancer Drug Beats Superbug, University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Study 10/14/2015
Racial Bias In Crosswalks? University of Arizona Study Says Yes 10/14/2015
For A Better Calorie Burn, Adjust Your Speed While Walking, Ohio State University Study 10/14/2015
Why Being Single Is Much More Than Handling Just Loneliness, Journal Of Marketing Management Reveals 10/13/2015
It's Official: A Glass Of Red Wine With Dinner Can Improve Heart Health In Diabetics, According To Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Researchers 10/13/2015
"Beeting" High Altitude Symptoms With Beet Juice, Norwegian University of Science and Technology Study 10/13/2015
Up To 1 Billion People At Risk Of Blindness By 2050, Brien Holden Vision Institute Reveals 10/13/2015
More Than Half Of Workers Sick With The Flu Go To Work 10/13/2015
Birth Month Affects Risk Of Developing Dementia Later In Life, University Of Rostock Study 10/12/2015
Solo Dinner Reservations Are On The Rise, And It May Be Best For Diners' Health 10/12/2015
VolitionRX Announces Publication Of Results From Pancreatic Cancer Study With Lund University In Clinical Epigenetics 10/12/2015
Tai Chi Can Help Build Strength, Relieve Pain, University of British Columbia Study 10/12/2015
Summer-Born Kids More Likely To Be Healthy Adults, University of Cambridge Study 10/12/2015
Drinking Cranberry Juice May Protect The Heart, University Duesseldorf Research Discovers 10/12/2015
Traditional And Modern Views Of Aging Compared, Cornell University Study 10/12/2015
Infections May Cause Falls, Massachusetts General Hospital Study 10/12/2015
Being Healthy Or Not Might Depend On Your Dad, McGill University Study 10/9/2015
Diet Supplement Keeps Circadian Clock From Slowing Down In Aging Mice, Weizmann Institute of Science Study 10/9/2015
Protein-Packed Breakfast Prevents Body Fat Gain In Overweight Teens, University of Missouri Study 10/9/2015
Eye Study Creates Intrigue: Do Other Body Areas Sense Light? University of Washington Reveals 10/9/2015
"Black"-Sounding Name Makes People Imagine A Larger, More Dangerous Person, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Study Shows 10/9/2015
Science Won't Stop Until It Beats AIDS, Says HIV Pioneer 10/9/2015
Firstborn Kids More Likely Nearsighted And It May Be Their Parents' Fault, Cardiff University Study 10/9/2015
Women And Men React Differently To Cheating, Norwegian University of Science and Technology Study 10/8/2015
Vaginal Microbes Species Traps HIV, May Be A Biological Condom Someday, University of North Carolina Study 10/8/2015
Sun Exposure During Teen Years May Delay Onset Of MS, Copenhagen University Hospital Study 10/8/2015
Sex Dramatically Increase Chances Of Pregnancy, Indiana University Study 10/7/2015
The Media Love Men… Bad News For Women, McGill University Study 10/7/2015
Weight Loss, Exercise May Boost Fertility Odds For Women With PCOS, Pennsylvania State College Of Medicine 10/7/2015
Gut Microbes Linked To Anorexia, University of North Carolina Study 10/7/2015
Cancer Drug Appears To Sharpen Memory Too, Rutgers, The State University Of New Jersey Study 10/6/2015
The Psychology Behind Religious Belief, Ohio State University Study 10/6/2015
Adolescence Stress May Prep For Future Challenges, Penn State University Study 10/6/2015
Self-Propelled Powder To Stop Bleeding Created, University of British Columbia Researchers 10/6/2015
Women With Alzheimer’s-Related Gene Lose Weight More Sharply After Age 70, SUNY Downstate Medical Center Study 10/6/2015
Science Says Washing Dishes Decreases Stress, Florida State University Study Suggests 10/5/2015
Asthma Steroids "Could Stunt Growth," University Of Eastern Finland Study 10/5/2015
Late Bedtimes Linked To Weight Gain, University of California, Berkeley (CAL) Study 10/5/2015
Can Exercise Be Replaced With A Pill? University of British Columbia Study 10/5/2015
High-Fructose Diet Hampers Brain Injury Recovery, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Study 10/5/2015
Researchers Discover Link Between Height And Cancer, Karolinska Institute Study 10/2/2015
Scientists Discover Why Binge Drinking Can Lead To Alcoholism, Stanford University Medical Center Study Finds 10/2/2015
Sibling Rivalry Affects Your Mental Health, Risky Behaviors, University of Missouri Study 10/2/2015
Negative Spiritual Beliefs Linked To More Pain And Worse Physical, Mental Health, University of Missouri Study 10/2/2015
Why Beauty Really Is In The "Eye Of The Beholder," Massachusetts General Hospital Study 10/2/2015
How Height And BMI Affect The Number Of Sexual Partners Men And Women Have, Chapman University Study 10/1/2015
Short, Intense Exercise Bursts Can Reduce Heart Risk To Teens, University of Exeter Study 10/1/2015
Musicians' Brains Fire Symmetrically When They Listen To Music, University Of Jyväskylä 10/1/2015
"Good Bacteria" Key To Stopping Asthma, University of British Columbia Study 10/1/2015
How Human Memory Works: Why The Brain Remembers And Forgets 10/1/2015
Lift Weights To Lose Weight: Strength Training Boosts Metabolic Rate, Mobility In Women 10/1/2015
Here's Everything You Need To Know About Coffee At Work 9/30/2015
Drugs Go Under Cover As Platelets To Destroy Cancer, North Carolina State University Study 9/30/2015
Addicted To Shopping? University Of Bergen Study 9/30/2015
Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism, University Of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Study Shows 9/30/2015
Chemical Exposure Linked To Rising Diabetes, Obesity Risk, Endocrine Society Reveals 9/29/2015
New Links Between Lung Disease And Smoking Behavior Discovered, University of Nottingham Reveals 9/29/2015
Eat Spicy, Live Longer? Study Says Yes, Tulane University Reveals 9/29/2015
Study Says, For Heart Health, Skip The Sugar 9/29/2015
Genes Help Set Menopause Timing, University of Exeter Study 9/29/2015
Plum Good Health Benefits, Texas A&M University Study 9/28/2015
Post Diagnosis Aspirin Improves Survival In All Gastrointestinal Cancers, Leiden University Medical Center Study 9/28/2015
Sex Does Not Increase Heart Attack Risk, Ulm University Study 9/28/2015
Exercise, Dieting Found To Improve Fertility In Women With Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Penn State College Of Medicine Study 9/28/2015