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Scientists Develop Counterfeit Booze-Detecting Device, University of Manchester Reveals 9/21/2017
Scientists Create World's First 'Molecular Robot' Capable Of Building Molecules, University of Manchester Study 9/21/2017
No More 'Bad Fat'? A Potential Weight-Loss Treatment Could Make Fat Burn Itself, Washington University in St. Louis Study Reveals 9/20/2017
Fluorescence Microscopy On A Chip: No Lenses Required, American Institute of Physics Reveals 9/20/2017
Nanocapsules Enable Cell-Inspired Metabolic Reactions, University of Basel Study 9/20/2017
New Assay Leads To Step Toward Gene Therapy For Deaf Patients, Oregon State University Study 9/20/2017
Morehouse School of Medicine Release: Blood Tests Prove Accurate In Identifying Patients With Post-Concussion Syndrome 9/20/2017
Will You Lose Weight? Take A Look At Your Poop, University of Copenhagen Study Reveals 9/19/2017
New Synthetic Muscle Puts Us One Step Closer to Lifelike Robots, Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Science Study Reveals 9/19/2017
New Self-Powered Paper Patch Could Help Diabetics Measure Glucose During Exercise, Binghamton University Reveals 9/19/2017
Blood Testing Via Sound Waves May Replace Some Tissue Biopsies, MIT Reveals 9/19/2017
Tiny Electrically Pumped Micro-Lasers Epitaxially Grown On Industry Standard Silicon Substrates, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Study 9/19/2017
How Your Heart Rate Monitor Could Help Criminals, University of Edinburgh Study Reveals 9/19/2017
SENS Research Foundation Announces New Research Program On Developing Monoclonal Antibodies Against Glucosepane With David Spiegel Lab 9/19/2017
Salk Institute for Biological Studies Release: MicroRNA Helps Cancer Evade Immune System 9/19/2017
New Flexible, Organic Battery Could Revolutionize Medical Implants, Queen’s University Study Reveals 9/18/2017
Florida State University Researcher Sheds New Light On How Brain Operates Like GPS 9/18/2017
Love Handles Get Dissolved By New Skin Patch, University of North Carolina Study Reveals 9/18/2017
Artificial 'Skin' Gives Robotic Hand A Sense Of Touch, University of Houston Study 9/15/2017
University of Adelaide Release: The Brain’s Immune System Holds Key To Thirst For Alcohol 9/15/2017
How Seaweed Could Prove To Be The Secret To Healing Brain Tissue Damaged By Stroke Or Trauma, RMIT University Study 9/15/2017
University of Glasgow Release: “Nanokicking” Technology Enables Breakthrough In The Culture Of 3D Mineralised Bone Tissue 9/15/2017
New Study On Graphene-Wrapped Nanocrystals Makes Inroads Toward Next-Gen Fuel Cells, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Reveals 9/14/2017
Test Strips For Cancer Detection Get Upgraded With Nanoparticle Bling, Michigan Tech Reveals 9/14/2017
There's A $100 Million Plan To End Paralysis With A Synthetic Spinal Cord, MIT Reveals 9/14/2017
Longer Bouts Of Sitting Linked To Greater Risk Of Death, Columbia University Medical Center Study Finds 9/14/2017
Medicine Of The Future: New Microchip Technology Could Be Used To Track 'Smart Pills' California Institute of Technology Reveals 9/13/2017
First On-Chip Nanoscale Optical Quantum Memory Developed, California Institute of Technology Reveals 9/12/2017
Nanoparticles From Tattoos Circulate Inside The Body, Scientific Reports Reveals 9/12/2017
Patients To Benefit From New 3D Visualizations Of The Heart, Aarhus University Study 9/12/2017
The Scripps Research Institute Release: Outside-In Reprogramming: Antibody Study Suggests A Better Way To Make Stem Cells 9/12/2017
A*STAR Release: Researchers Grow Micro-Tumour Models For More Targeted Cancer Therapy 9/12/2017
How To Draw Electricity From The Bloodstream, Fudan University Reveals 9/11/2017
Good Vibrations Reduce Muscle Aches, Massey University Study Reveals 9/11/2017
Revolutionary Pen Could Detect Cancer In 10 Seconds, University of Texas Study 9/11/2017
AI Can Identify Sexual Orientation Better Than Humans Do, Stanford Study Reveals 9/11/2017
Single And Divorced Men Are Nearly FOUR TIMES More Likely To Be Frail In Old Age, Columbia University Study Reveals 9/8/2017
New Method Uses Squid Ink To Fish For Gum Disease, University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Study 9/8/2017
Researchers Develop 3D-Printed Biomaterials That Degrade On Demand, Brown University Reveals 9/8/2017
Tiny Device Offers Insights To How Cancer Spreads, University of Michigan Study 9/8/2017
Researchers Develop Cheaper, Faster Test For E. Coli In Drinking Water, University of Waterloo Study 9/7/2017
Angle Announces New Research With Parsortix Demonstrates Ability To Identify Key Proteins Involved In Breast Cancer Cell Growth And Survival 9/7/2017
Dementia Breakthrough: Noninvasive Test Can Diagnose Alzheimer's, University of Manchester Reveals 9/6/2017
A*STAR Release: Cells Decoded: Scientists Discover How Cells Build Their Inner Skeletons 9/5/2017
St. Baldrick’s Foundation Release: FDA Approves Groundbreaking CAR T Cell Therapy For Kids With Leukemia 9/5/2017
Motorized Molecules Drill Through Cells, Rice University Study 9/1/2017
Gold Nanoparticles Fry Cancer On Glowing Mice, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus Reveals 9/1/2017
PolyU Discovers A Newly Emerged Superbug - Hyper-Resistant And Hypervirulent Klebsiella Pneumoniae 8/31/2017
University of Warwick Release: Children's Sleep Quality Linked To Mothers' Insomnia 8/31/2017
Kaiser Permanente Release: Androgen Deprivation Therapy Associated With Higher Risk Of Heart Failure In Men With Early-Stage Prostate Cancer 8/25/2017
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Release: Altered Mitochondria Associated With Increased Autism Risk 8/24/2017
ASJ Study Puts The Risk Of Death From Breast Implant-Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma Into Plain Perspective For Patients 8/24/2017
Juno (JUNO) And The New England Journal of Medicine Release: Anti-CD19 CAR T Cells In CNS Diffuse Large-B-Cell Lymphoma 8/24/2017
Mummified Remains Show Patterns Of Parasitic Infections, Published In Journal Of Parasitology 8/23/2017
A Plant Based Delivery System For Anti-Cancer Drugs, Published In Experimental Biology And Medicine 8/18/2017
Drug-Delivering Micromotors Treat Their First Bacterial Infection In The Stomach, University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Reveals 8/16/2017
A New Method of 3D Printing Living Tissues, University of Oxford Study Reveals 8/16/2017
Two Pore Guys Announces Positive Results From Pilot Point-Of-Care Liquid Biopsy Study With UCSF 8/16/2017
Men Who Eat Fruits And Veggies May Be More Attractive To Women, Macquarie University Reveals 8/16/2017
Defeating Cyberattacks On 3D Printers, Rutgers University Reveals 8/16/2017
Artificial Blood Vessels Mimic Rare Accelerated Aging Disease, Duke University Study 8/15/2017
Injectable Tissue Patch Could Help Repair Damaged Organs, University of Toronto Reveals 8/15/2017
Handheld Device Coupled With Tissue Clearing To Analyze Biopsy Samples, UCLA Reveals 8/15/2017
Bio-Compatible, Flexible, Aqueous, Salt-Powered Batteries For Implantable Devices, Fudan University Reveals 8/14/2017
New Ultrathin Semiconductor Materials Exceed Some Of Silicon's 'Secret' Powers, Stanford Study Reveals 8/14/2017
Smartphone-Powered Diagnostic Spectrum Analyzer Shrinks A Hospital Lab Into Portable Device, University of Illinois Study 8/14/2017
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Release: PCF-Funded ICECaP Study Identifies Earlier Clinical Trial Endpoint That Can Be Used To Indicate Effectiveness Of New Treatments 8/14/2017
Medical University in Graz Release: Many Proteins Must Set To Work So As To Activate Fat 8/14/2017
Salk Institute for Biological Studies Release: New Kinds Of Brain Cells Revealed 8/11/2017
Korea Institute Of Science And Technology (KIST) Develops A New Drug For Alzheimer's Disease 8/9/2017
Breakthrough Device Heals Organs With A Single Touch, Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center Study Reveals 8/9/2017
Penn Medicine New Biomarker Found For Group Of Rare Metabolic Diseases 8/9/2017
University Of Eastern Finland Release: Antidepressant Use Increases Risk Of Head Injuries Among Persons With Alzheimer’s Disease 8/9/2017
New OCT Technique Provides Better 3-D Imaging Of The Cellular Structure Of The Eye, Medical University of Vienna Study 8/8/2017
University Of Eastern Finland Release: Biological Bypass Shows Promise In Coronary Artery Disease 8/8/2017
University of Eastern Finland Release: Antiulcer Drugs Do Not Increase Risk Of Alzheimer’s Disease 8/7/2017
New, More Sensitive Sensor For Evaluating Drug Safety, Penn State University Reveals 8/7/2017
Software Lets Designers Exploit The Extremely High Resolution Of 3-D Printers, MIT Study 8/7/2017
Getting Therapeutic Sound Waves Through Thick Skulls, University of California, Riverside Study Reveals 8/4/2017
Metal-Free Nanoparticle Could Expand MRI Use, Tumor Detection, MIT Study 8/4/2017
The Ages You're The Smartest At Everything Throughout Your Life, MIT Reveals 8/3/2017
Report: Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) Researchers Use CRISPR To Edit Genes In Human Embryos 8/3/2017
Engineers Harness The Power Of 3-D Printing To Help Train Surgeons, Shorten Surgery Times, University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Reveals 8/3/2017
Florida Atlantic University Release: It's Not Just What You Eat, It's What's Eating You 8/3/2017
Smart Underwear Proven To Prevent Back Stress With Just A Tap, Vanderbilt University Study Reveals 8/3/2017
Bacterial Biofilms, Begone, Colorado State University Reveals 8/1/2017
Beware Doping Athletes! This Sensor May Be Your Downfall, University at Buffalo Study Reveals 8/1/2017
Biofeedback Technology Helping Improve Balance In Parkinson's Patients, University of Houston Study 8/1/2017
These New Devices Promise to Fight Pain Without Opioids, MIT Reveals 7/31/2017
New Way To Grow Liver Tissue To Repair Damaged Organ, MIT Study Reveals 7/28/2017
Glowing Tumor Technology Helps Surgeons Remove Hidden Cancer Cells, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine Reveals 7/28/2017
Nanoscale Magnetic Device Mimics Behavior Of Neurons And Can Recognize Human Audio Signals, Nature Reveals 7/28/2017
Okayama University Research: Potential Drug For Treating Chronic Pain With Few Side Effects 7/28/2017
Effective HIV Treatment Halts HIV Transmission Among Homosexual Couples, Kirby Institute Study Finds 7/28/2017
Salk Institute for Biological Studies Scientists Solve Longstanding Biological Mystery Of DNA Organization 7/28/2017
Researchers Engineer 3-D Hydrogels For Tissue-Specific Cartilage Repair, Stanford Reveals 7/27/2017
Robot-Driven Device Improves Crouch Gait In Children With Cerebral Palsy, Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Science Study Reveals 7/27/2017
Color-Shifting Electronic Skin Could Have Wearable Tech And Prosthetic Uses, Tsinghua University Study 7/27/2017
Brain Cells Found To Control Aging, Albert Einstein College of Medicine Study Reveals 7/27/2017
Salk Institute for Biological Studies Release: How Plant Architectures Mimic Subway Networks 7/27/2017
Neurotic People May Live Longer, University of Edinburgh Study Finds 7/26/2017
Researchers Develop DNA Sunscreen That Gets Better The Longer You Wear It, Binghamton University Reveals 7/26/2017
Color-Shifting Electronic Skin Could Have Wearable Tech And Prosthetic Uses, Tsinghua University Study 7/26/2017
Science Says This Is The One Way Money Can Buy Happiness, University of British Columbia Study 7/26/2017
New, More Effective Flu Vaccine Delivered Using Dissolvable Microneedle Patch, Georgia State University Study 7/24/2017
Ultrathin Device Harvests Electricity From Human Motion, Vanderbilt University Study Reveals 7/24/2017
Powering 3D Printed Micromotors With E.Coli Bacteria, Sapienza University Study 7/21/2017
University of Pennsylvania Researchers Engineer Macrophages To Engulf Cancer Cells In Solid Tumors 7/20/2017
Nanoparticles Could Spur Better Leds, Invisibility Cloaks, University of Michigan Study Reveals 7/20/2017
Blood Test Identifies Key Alzheimer's Marker, Washington University School of Medicine Study Reveals 7/19/2017
Silk 'Micrococoons' Could Be Used In Biotechnology And Medicine, University of Cambridge Reveals 7/19/2017
Breathable, Wearable Electronics On Skin For Long-Term Health Monitoring, University of Tokyo Study 7/18/2017
Humabs Biomed And UC Berkeley Announce Publication Of Data For Novel Antibody-Based Assay To Detect Zika Virus Infection 7/18/2017
'Activity Inequality' Could Be One Of The Biggest Factors In Obesity, Stanford Study Reveals 7/17/2017
University of Reading Release: Human Taste Study Suggests Sweet Prebiotic Fibres Could Replace High-Calorie Sugars In Food And Drink Products 7/17/2017
Flinders University Release: A SUPER Cell In The Eye Has Been Discovered That Can Stop The Deadly Ebola Virus. 7/17/2017
Low Cost Glove Translates Sign Language, May Be Used To Practice Surgery In Virtual Reality, University of San Diego Study Reveals 7/14/2017
Scientists Have Managed To Put A GIF Inside A Living Organism's DNA, MIT Reveals 7/14/2017
Researchers Illuminate The Field Of Microscopy With Nanoparticle 'Buckyswitch' Clemson University Study 7/13/2017
Metal-Free MRI Contrast Agent Could Be Safer For Some Patients, MIT Study Reveals 7/13/2017
Researchers Work To Grow Capillaries Inside 3D Printed Molds, Rice University Study 7/12/2017
How Do You Build A Metal Nanoparticle? University of Pittsburgh Reveals 7/12/2017
Powerful New Photodetector Can Enable Optoelectronics Advances, University of Wisconsin-Madison Study Reveals 7/12/2017
Dissolvable Device Could Make Closing Surgical Incisions A Cinch, Weill Cornell Medicine Reveals 7/11/2017
Harvard Pilgrim Institute Study Finds School-Aged Children Had Higher Amounts Of Body Fat If Mothers Consumed More Sugary Beverages While Pregnant 7/11/2017
Scientists Recreate An Extinct Virus, Triggering New Warnings About Controversial Research 7/10/2017
Researchers Develop Tumor-Targeting MRI Contrast Based On Human Protein, University of Massachusetts Medical School Reveals 7/10/2017
New Cell Splicing Device Improves Studies Of Cell Repair, Stanford Study Reveals 7/10/2017
Harvard Pilgrim Institute Study Finds School-Aged Children Had Higher Amounts Of Body Fat If Mothers Consumed More Sugary Beverages While Pregnant 7/10/2017
Smelling Your Food First Can Make You Fat, UC Berkeley Study Reveals 7/7/2017
Detection For The Masses, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Reveals 7/7/2017
A*STAR Release: The Gene Mutation That Can Prevent Glaucoma 7/7/2017
The Scripps Research Institute Release: Exercise Performance In Mice Depends On Circadian Rhythms 7/7/2017
Salk Institute for Biological Studies Release: How Plants Grow Like Human Brains 7/7/2017
Oxford University Release: Technology Should Be Used To Boost Empathy-Based Medicine 7/7/2017
Closed Loop System Reads Brain Activity to Activate Neurostimulator Only When Needed, University of Washington Study Reveals 7/6/2017
Brain Stimulation May Help Children With Learning Difficulties, Oxford University Reveals 7/6/2017
Nano-Sized Drug Carriers Could Be The Future For Patients With Lung Disease, Imperial College London Study Reveals 7/5/2017
Optical Nanomotors: Tiny 'Motors' Are Driven By Light, MIT Study 7/5/2017
Higher IQ In Childhood Is Linked To A Longer Life, University of Edinburgh Study Reveals 6/29/2017
Thwarting Metastasis By Breaking Cancer's Legs With Gold Rods, Georgia Institute of Technology Study 6/28/2017
Microscope Can Scan Tumors During Surgery And Examine Cancer Biopsies In 3-D, University of Washington Study Reveals 6/28/2017
Novel Platform Uses Nanoparticles To Detect Peanut Allergies, University of Notre Dame Study 6/27/2017
Coffee Helmet For Better Nose And Throat Surgery, Vanderbilt University Reveals 6/27/2017
University Of Luxembourg Release: Using Mathematical Methods To Study Complex Biological Networks 6/27/2017
This Cornell University Scientist Saved An $11-Million Industry—And Ignited The GMO Wars 6/26/2017
Artificial Intelligence Helps Improve MRI Imaging Of Strokes, MIT Study Reveals 6/22/2017
Chemists Create 3-D Printed Graphene Foam, Rice University Study 6/22/2017
Forgetting Can Make You Smarter, Neuron Reveals 6/22/2017
Neuron Transistor Behaves Like A Brain Neuron, Nanyang Technological University Study Reveals 6/21/2017
Implant Infections Could Be Banished Thanks To Scaffold Breakthrough, National University Of Ireland Study 6/21/2017
Older Fathers Have 'Geekier Sons,' King's College London Reveals 6/21/2017
Sugar-Coated Nanomaterial Excels At Promoting Bone Growth, Northwestern University Study Reveals 6/20/2017
Of Wrinkles And Wires: Capillarity-Induced Skin Folding Spontaneously Forms Aligned DNA Nanowire, Princeton University Study 6/20/2017
OptiBiotix Release: New Research Shows That Synthetic Prebiotic Boosts Growth Of Cholesterol-Reducing Bacteria In The Human Microbiome 6/20/2017
Modeling The Brain With 'Lego Bricks' University of Luxembourg Reveals 6/16/2017
Reproducing A Retinal Disease On A Chip, Tohoku University Study Reveals 6/16/2017
A Mechanical Trigger For Toxic Tumor Therapy, Harvard Medical School Study 6/16/2017
Groups Of Nanoparticles Powered By A Magnet Team Up To Kill Cancer Cells, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid Study 6/15/2017
Obesity Linked To Chemical Substitutes Found In Food Containers? University of Iowa Study Reveals 6/14/2017
New Ultrasound 'Drill' Targets Deep Vein Blood Clots, North Carolina State University Study 6/14/2017
Brain Imaging Reveals Neural Roots Of Caring, University of Colorado Study Reveals 6/12/2017
Nanotechnology Reveals Hidden Depths Of Bacterial 'Machines' University of Liverpool Study 6/9/2017
Salk Institute for Biological Studies Release: How The Brain Recognizes What The Eye Sees 6/9/2017
Making Vessels Leaky On Demand Could Aid Drug Delivery, Emory University Study 6/8/2017
New Technique Enables 3D Printing With Paste Of Silicone Particles In Water, North Carolina State University Reveals 6/8/2017
Juntendo University Research: Potential Therapeutic Target For Parkinson’s Disease 6/7/2017
Combining MRI And Optical Microscopy Promising For Brain Research, Purdue University Reveals 6/5/2017
Researchers Develop New DBS Method With No Surgery, MIT Study 6/2/2017
New Tech Promises Easier Cervical Cancer Screening, Duke University Study 6/1/2017
Researchers Closer To Cracking Neural Code Of Love, Emory University Study Reveals 6/1/2017
Silicon Therapeutics Announces Recipient Of The First Open Science Fellowship 5/30/2017
Nanopore Technology Makes Leap From DNA Sequencing To Identifying Proteins, University of San Diego Study 5/26/2017
DNA Ladders: Inexpensive Molecular Rulers For DNA Research, Pennsylvania State University Reveals 5/26/2017
Birmingham City University Release: New Stretcher To Prevent Baby Deaths In Ambulances 5/26/2017
A Fresh Look Inside The Protein Nano-Machines, University of Geneva Study 5/25/2017
Shedding Light On How Humans Walk, With Robots, Harvard Study Reveals 5/25/2017
Researchers Show Laser-Induced Graphene Kills Bacteria, Resists Biofouling, Rice University Study 5/24/2017
New Therapy For Atherosclerosis Developed By Ben-Gurion University of the Negev And Sheba Medical Center Researchers 5/23/2017
Scientists Are A Step Closer To Produce Limitless Supply Of Blood, Weill Cornell Medicine Reveals 5/22/2017
Wearable Devices Communicate Vital Brain Activity Info, MIT Study 5/22/2017
A*STAR Release: New Cell Type Discovery Reveals Potential Role In Immune Protection 5/19/2017
Scientists Get Closer To Making Personalized Blood Cells By Using Patients' Own Stem Cells, Harvard Medical School Study Reveals 5/18/2017
Researchers Study DNA From Explosives, Sam Houston State University Reveals 5/17/2017
ShanghaiTech University Release: Shanghai Scientists Decipher The Multi-Domain Full Length Structure Of The Human Smoothened Receptor 5/17/2017
Nano Fiber Feels Forces, Hears Sounds Made By Cells, University of San Diego Study Reveals 5/16/2017
'Sister Cell' Profiling Aims To Shut Down Cancer Metastasis, University of Michigan Study 5/12/2017
University of Cambridge Release: Quantum Dots To Shine Bright With ROMIL Solvents 5/12/2017
Gladstone Institute Release: Study Reveals A New Method To Address A Major Barrier To Eradicating HIV 5/12/2017
New 3D Printing Method Promises Vastly Superior Medical Implants For Millions, University of Florida Reveals 5/11/2017
Experimental Tech Monitors And Maintains Drug Levels In The Body, Stanford Study Reveals 5/11/2017
Scientists Print Nanoscale Imaging Probe Onto Tip Of Optical Fiber, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Study 5/10/2017
Device Emulates Human Kidney Function, Binghamton University Study Reveals 5/10/2017
First-Ever Autonomously Controlled 'Capsule Robot' Explores Colon, Vanderbilt University Medical Center Study Reveals 5/10/2017
Daily Dose Of Cannabis Reverses Aging Processes In The Brain, University of Bonn Study 5/9/2017
New Cell Separator With Humble Beginnings Could Revolutionize Medical Advances In Cancer And Alzheimer’s Research, University of Surrey Reveals 5/9/2017
Brain-Imaging System Uses 'Multi-Pupil' Prism Arrays, Purdue University Study Reveals 5/9/2017
Rice University Unveils Dual-Channel Biological Function Generator 5/8/2017
Student Creates First Synthetic Retina For The Visually Impaired, University of Oxford Study 5/5/2017
3-D Printers Open New Design Space For Wireless Devices, Duke University Study Reveals 5/5/2017