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Artificial Intelligence Helps Improve MRI Imaging Of Strokes, MIT Study Reveals 6/22/2017
Chemists Create 3-D Printed Graphene Foam, Rice University Study 6/22/2017
Forgetting Can Make You Smarter, Neuron Reveals 6/22/2017
Neuron Transistor Behaves Like A Brain Neuron, Nanyang Technological University Study Reveals 6/21/2017
Implant Infections Could Be Banished Thanks To Scaffold Breakthrough, National University Of Ireland Study 6/21/2017
Older Fathers Have 'Geekier Sons,' King's College London Reveals 6/21/2017
Sugar-Coated Nanomaterial Excels At Promoting Bone Growth, Northwestern University Study Reveals 6/20/2017
Of Wrinkles And Wires: Capillarity-Induced Skin Folding Spontaneously Forms Aligned DNA Nanowire, Princeton University Study 6/20/2017
OptiBiotix Release: New Research Shows That Synthetic Prebiotic Boosts Growth Of Cholesterol-Reducing Bacteria In The Human Microbiome 6/20/2017
Modeling The Brain With 'Lego Bricks' University of Luxembourg Reveals 6/16/2017
Reproducing A Retinal Disease On A Chip, Tohoku University Study Reveals 6/16/2017
A Mechanical Trigger For Toxic Tumor Therapy, Harvard Medical School Study 6/16/2017
Groups Of Nanoparticles Powered By A Magnet Team Up To Kill Cancer Cells, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid Study 6/15/2017
Obesity Linked To Chemical Substitutes Found In Food Containers? University of Iowa Study Reveals 6/14/2017
New Ultrasound 'Drill' Targets Deep Vein Blood Clots, North Carolina State University Study 6/14/2017
Brain Imaging Reveals Neural Roots Of Caring, University of Colorado Study Reveals 6/12/2017
Nanotechnology Reveals Hidden Depths Of Bacterial 'Machines' University of Liverpool Study 6/9/2017
Salk Institute for Biological Studies Release: How The Brain Recognizes What The Eye Sees 6/9/2017
Making Vessels Leaky On Demand Could Aid Drug Delivery, Emory University Study 6/8/2017
New Technique Enables 3D Printing With Paste Of Silicone Particles In Water, North Carolina State University Reveals 6/8/2017
Juntendo University Research: Potential Therapeutic Target For Parkinson’s Disease 6/7/2017
Combining MRI And Optical Microscopy Promising For Brain Research, Purdue University Reveals 6/5/2017
Researchers Develop New DBS Method With No Surgery, MIT Study 6/2/2017
New Tech Promises Easier Cervical Cancer Screening, Duke University Study 6/1/2017
Researchers Closer To Cracking Neural Code Of Love, Emory University Study Reveals 6/1/2017
Silicon Therapeutics Announces Recipient Of The First Open Science Fellowship 5/30/2017
Nanopore Technology Makes Leap From DNA Sequencing To Identifying Proteins, University of San Diego Study 5/26/2017
DNA Ladders: Inexpensive Molecular Rulers For DNA Research, Pennsylvania State University Reveals 5/26/2017
Birmingham City University Release: New Stretcher To Prevent Baby Deaths In Ambulances 5/26/2017
A Fresh Look Inside The Protein Nano-Machines, University of Geneva Study 5/25/2017
Shedding Light On How Humans Walk, With Robots, Harvard Study Reveals 5/25/2017
Researchers Show Laser-Induced Graphene Kills Bacteria, Resists Biofouling, Rice University Study 5/24/2017
New Therapy For Atherosclerosis Developed By Ben-Gurion University of the Negev And Sheba Medical Center Researchers 5/23/2017
Scientists Are A Step Closer To Produce Limitless Supply Of Blood, Weill Cornell Medicine Reveals 5/22/2017
Wearable Devices Communicate Vital Brain Activity Info, MIT Study 5/22/2017
A*STAR Release: New Cell Type Discovery Reveals Potential Role In Immune Protection 5/19/2017
Scientists Get Closer To Making Personalized Blood Cells By Using Patients' Own Stem Cells, Harvard Medical School Study Reveals 5/18/2017
Researchers Study DNA From Explosives, Sam Houston State University Reveals 5/17/2017
ShanghaiTech University Release: Shanghai Scientists Decipher The Multi-Domain Full Length Structure Of The Human Smoothened Receptor 5/17/2017
Nano Fiber Feels Forces, Hears Sounds Made By Cells, University of San Diego Study Reveals 5/16/2017
'Sister Cell' Profiling Aims To Shut Down Cancer Metastasis, University of Michigan Study 5/12/2017
University of Cambridge Release: Quantum Dots To Shine Bright With ROMIL Solvents 5/12/2017
Gladstone Institute Release: Study Reveals A New Method To Address A Major Barrier To Eradicating HIV 5/12/2017
New 3D Printing Method Promises Vastly Superior Medical Implants For Millions, University of Florida Reveals 5/11/2017
Experimental Tech Monitors And Maintains Drug Levels In The Body, Stanford Study Reveals 5/11/2017
Scientists Print Nanoscale Imaging Probe Onto Tip Of Optical Fiber, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Study 5/10/2017
Device Emulates Human Kidney Function, Binghamton University Study Reveals 5/10/2017
First-Ever Autonomously Controlled 'Capsule Robot' Explores Colon, Vanderbilt University Medical Center Study Reveals 5/10/2017
Daily Dose Of Cannabis Reverses Aging Processes In The Brain, University of Bonn Study 5/9/2017
New Cell Separator With Humble Beginnings Could Revolutionize Medical Advances In Cancer And Alzheimer’s Research, University of Surrey Reveals 5/9/2017
Brain-Imaging System Uses 'Multi-Pupil' Prism Arrays, Purdue University Study Reveals 5/9/2017
Rice University Unveils Dual-Channel Biological Function Generator 5/8/2017
Student Creates First Synthetic Retina For The Visually Impaired, University of Oxford Study 5/5/2017
3-D Printers Open New Design Space For Wireless Devices, Duke University Study Reveals 5/5/2017
Scientists Develop Novel Chemical 'Dye' To Improve Liver Cancer Imaging, National University of Singapore (NUS) Study 5/3/2017
New Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Technique Offers 'Molecular Window' Into Living Organisms, University of Toronto Study 5/3/2017
A Glow Stick That Detects Cancer? American Friends of Tel Aviv University Reveals 5/2/2017
Indiana University Researchers Create Human Inner Ear Organs That Could Lead To New Therapies For Hearing, Balance Impairments 5/2/2017
The Robotic Brain Surgeon Will See You Now: Drill Can Perform Complex Procedures 50 Times Faster, University of Utah Study Reveals 5/1/2017
Can Zapping Your Neck Help You Quickly Learn A Foreign Language? Johns Hopkins University Reveals 5/1/2017
Artificial Intelligence Shows Potential To Fight Blindness, Byers Eye Institute Study Reveals 4/28/2017
Indiana University Scientists Identify Therapy With Potential To Eliminate Dialysis Need 4/27/2017
Unique Womb-Like Device Could Reduce Mortality And Disability For Extremely Premature Babies, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Study 4/26/2017
Why Too Much Sugar Is Bad For Your Brain, Boston University School of Medicine Study Reveals 4/25/2017
Robot Radiology: Low Cost A.I. Could Screen For Cervical Cancer Better Than Humans, Lehigh University Study 4/25/2017
Chip-based Nanoscopy: Microscopy In HD Quality, Bielefeld University Reveals 4/25/2017
Surgical Theatre Of The Future: Connected, Networked And AI-Powered, Tokyo Women’s Medical University Reveals 4/24/2017
Diet Sodas May Be Tied To Stroke, Dementia Risk, Boston University School of Medicine Study Reveals 4/21/2017
Verily Launches Landmark Study With Duke And Stanford As First Initiative Of Project Baseline 4/20/2017
Can Scientists Rejuvenate An Aging Brain With Young Blood? Stanford University Study 4/20/2017
3D-Printed Patch Can Help Mend A 'Broken' Heart, University of Minnesota Study Reveals 4/17/2017
Researchers Working On Smart Bandages That Will Use 5G Data To Relay Health Details, Swansea University Reveals 4/17/2017
CRISPR Is Now A Virus Detector: New Tool Can Accurately Detect Minute Amounts Of Viruses 4/17/2017
Turns Out People Can Hear Prostheses Attached To Their Skeletons, University of Gothenburg Study 4/13/2017
'Neuron-Reading' Nanowires Could Accelerate Development Of Drugs For Neurological Diseases, University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Study Reveals 4/12/2017
Relocation Of Proteins With A New Nanobody Tool, University of Basel Study 4/12/2017
Graphene, Electricity Used To Change Stem Cells For Nerve Regrowth, Iowa State University Study Reveals 4/11/2017
Texas A&M University Research Points To Potential Way To Prevent Seizure-Caused Brain Damage 4/11/2017
Mississippi State University Release: New Report Outlines Advances In Plant Breeding Technologies 4/11/2017
Arizona State University Professor Helps Create Device That Helps Blind To See 4/10/2017
UC Davis Release: HDL Composition May Help Predict Health Risks And Design Therapeutics By Pat Bailey On April 6, 2017, In Human & Animal Health 4/7/2017
How Lubricant Made With Seaweed Extracts Could Protect Against HPV Infection, Albert Einstein College of Medicine Reveals 4/6/2017
Can Maple Syrup Extract Make Antibiotics Kill Bacteria Easily? McGill University Study Reveals 4/5/2017
Brains From The Petri Dish, University of Bonn Study 4/5/2017
Lego Robotics For Laboratory Tests, Stanford University Study Reveals 4/3/2017
Hopes Up On Lasers Kindling Lost Memories In Alzheimer’s Patients, MIT Reveals 3/31/2017
Tracking Hazardous Chemicals From Fast-Food Wrappers In The Body, University of Alabama at Birmingham Study 3/30/2017
Toward Glow-In-The-Dark Tumors: New Fluorescent Probe Could Light Up Cancer, Michigan Tech Study Reveals 3/30/2017
An Old Drug With New Tricks: May Potentially Treat Spinal Cord Injuries, Purdue University Reveals 3/29/2017
FDA Approves First-In-Human Trial For Neural-Enabled Prosthetic Hand System Developed At Florida International University 3/28/2017
The Scripps Research Institute Researchers Develop New Method To "Fingerprint" HIV 3/28/2017
Cameras And Eyetrackers Study How Kids With Cochlear Implants Learn, Ohio State University Reveals 3/27/2017
Breakthrough Could Lead To Drug That Fights Off Aging, Harvard Reveals 3/27/2017
Researchers Make Flexible Glass For Tiny Medical Devices, Brigham Young University Study 3/24/2017
This Super-Cheap Camera Will Take The Sting Out Of Those Eye Exams, University of Illinois Study Reveals 3/24/2017
Old Blood Can Be Made Young Again, University of Ulm Scientists Reveal 3/24/2017
Synthego Announces Modified Synthetic sgRNA -- Critical For Editing Primary And Stem Cells, And Other Challenging Cell Types 3/22/2017
Is There A Link Between Climate Change And Diabetes? Leiden University Medical Center Study Reveals 3/21/2017
Touch And Sound Replace Sight To Let Blind “See” Computer Screens, Purdue University Study Reveals 3/20/2017
Anorexia Nervosa Modeled In A Dish, Risk Gene Uncovered, University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Study Reveals 3/16/2017
Genetic Sequencing Offers Same-Day TB Testing, University of Oxford Study Reveals 3/10/2017
Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) Release: Researchers Hone In On When, Where Zika Virus Attacks 3/10/2017
Blueberry “Pill” Helps Older Brain Find Its Thrill, University of Exeter Study Reveals 3/9/2017
Here's How Scientists Grow Lifelike Human Ears On Slices Of Apple, University of Ottawa Reveals 3/7/2017
New Method For Integrating Flexible Electronics Into Skin Patches, Waseda University Reveals 2/28/2017
City of Hope Researchers Discover New Potential Cause Of Type 1 Diabetes 2/28/2017
MIT’s Super-Thin Wires Are Leading To A New Age In Brain Implants 2/28/2017
AI Predicts Autism By Comparing Babies' Brains, University of North Carolina Study 2/27/2017
Brain Stimulation Could Treat Anorexia, University of Toronto Study Reveals 2/27/2017
CRISPR Pigs Make Disease-Resistant Bacon, University of Edinburgh Study 2/27/2017
Nano Thread Enables Scientists To Extend Length Of Brain Implant Efficacy, University of Texas Study 2/24/2017
Could Prolonged Sleep Be An Early Warning Sign Of Dementia? Boston University School of Medicine Reveals 2/24/2017
Cheap Ultrasensitive HIV Sensor To Help Screen Virus In Poorer Places, Instituto de Microelectrónica de Madrid Reveals 2/23/2017
Tiny Fibers Open New Windows Into The Brain, MIT Study Reveals 2/23/2017
Organ-On-A-Chip Mimics Heart’s Biomechanical Properties, Vanderbilt University Reveals 2/23/2017
This, And Not The Brain, Is What Decides Whether You'll Be Left Or Right Handed, Ruhr-University Reveals 2/22/2017
And The Country To Have Highest Life Expectancy By 2030 Is... Imperial College London Study Reveals 2/22/2017
Brain-Computer Interface Advance Allows Fast, Accurate Typing By People With Paralysis, Stanford University Reveals 2/22/2017
DNA Computer Can Sense Multiple Antibody Inputs, With Potential For Smart Drug Delivery, University of Eindhoven Study Reveals 2/22/2017
New App Seeks to Detect Early Dementia, Boston University Reveals 2/21/2017
Breakthrough In Understanding Heat Transport With A Chain Of Gold Atoms, University of Konstanz Study 2/21/2017
Rice University Study Probes Microbe, Virus Co-Evolution 2/21/2017
University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine Team Tracks Rare T Cells In Blood To Better Understand Annual Flu Vaccine 2/21/2017
Magnet-Powered Implant Releases Drugs In Controlled Fashion, University of British Columbia Study Reveals 2/17/2017
Could A Little Bit Of Fasting Bring A Lot Of Health Benefits? University of Southern California Study 2/17/2017
A Bit More Vitamin D May Stop Colds And Flu, Queen Mary University of London Study 2/16/2017
Why Scientists Say Eating Less May Slow The Aging Process, Brigham Young University Reveals 2/15/2017
Scalp Cooling Device May Help Reduce Hair Loss For Women With Breast Cancer On Chemotherapy, JAMA Reveals 2/15/2017
Cleveland Clinic Release: American Academy of Dermatology: Don't Let Hand Rashes Ruin Your Winter 2/15/2017
The Alliance for Regenerative Medicine (ARM) Releases Statement In Response To National Academies Report On Human Genome Editing 2/15/2017
City of Hope Researchers Discover Sugar-Addiction Of Cancer Cells In Childhood Leukemia 2/14/2017
Could A Worm Gene Be The Key To Conquering Obesity? Monash University Study 2/14/2017
Ohio State University Study: Baby's Sex Plays A Role In Pregnant Women's Immunity 2/10/2017
Tokyo Institute Of Technology And National Agriculture And Food Research Organization: Plasmas Promote Protein Introduction In Plants 2/10/2017
Method To ID Bacteria In Blood Samples Takes Hours Instead Of Days, University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Study 2/8/2017
Shift Work, Heavy Lifting May Reduce A Woman’s Fertility, Harvard Reveals 2/8/2017
This Is Your Brain On A Runner's High, University of Ottawa Study 2/8/2017
University of Pennsylvania Genetics Researcher Receives Grant From Pharmaceutical Consortium To Study Diabetic Kidney Disease 2/8/2017
University Of Eastern Finland: Brisk Exercise Linked To Better Arterial Health Already In Childhood 2/6/2017
Cancer Detection 2017: Breath Test May Prove Useful In Sniffing Out Upper Gastrointestinal Cancer, Imperial College London Study Reveals 2/1/2017
Here's A Simple Memory Trick That Will Bring Back The Details, Baylor University Study 2/1/2017
Why Being "Hangry" Can Change Your Mood, University Of Hagen Study 1/31/2017
New Drug Might Help Regrow Teeth And End Tooth Fillings Forever, University of Utah Study 1/27/2017
Appreciating Dark Humor Seems To Be A Strong Sign Of Intelligence, University of Vienna Reveals 1/26/2017
Ultrasound And ‘Cages’ Get Drugs To Targets In Brain, Johns Hopkins University Study Reveals 1/26/2017
Researchers Turn To ‘Superhemophobic’ Titanium To Address Blood Clotting, Infection In Medical Implants, Colorado State University Study 1/24/2017
Nicotine Can Normalize Genetically-Induced Brain Impairments, University of Colorado Reveals 1/24/2017
New Autism Treatment Could Come From Altering Gut Microbiota, Arizona State University Study Reveals 1/23/2017
Antiretroviral Therapy May Lead To Syphilis In HIV-Positive Men, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Study 1/20/2017
5 Major Cancer Studies That Are Proving Difficult To Reproduce, Center For Open Science Reveals 1/20/2017
People With More "Education Genes" Are Becoming Rarer, Suggests Study Of 129,000 Icelanders 1/20/2017
Multiple Sclerosis Drug Triggers Severe Adverse Events, Lancet Neurology Reveals 1/20/2017
Too Much Sitting Ages You Faster, University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Study 1/20/2017
Washington University School of Medicine Release: Persistent Infection Keeps Immune Memory Sharp, Leading To Long-Term Protection 1/17/2017
University of California, Irvine Release: High Blood Pressure Could Lower Alzheimer's Risk 1/17/2017
Alcohol Flips Brain Into Hungry Mode, Francis Crick Institute Study 1/13/2017
Will IVG Make Egg And Sperm Optional For Reproduction? Brown University Study 1/13/2017
Salk Institute for Biological Studies Scientists Turn Back The Clock On Aging 1/13/2017
Why Smart People Don't Multitask, Stanford University Study 1/13/2017
Woman Who Acquired Zika Locally In U.S. Had Unusual Rash, University of Miami Study 1/12/2017
Is Running Really Bad for Your Knees? Brigham Young University Study 1/11/2017
The 7 Ways You Are Totally Unique, University of Notre Dame Study 1/11/2017
Massive Drop In London HIV Rates May Be Due To Internet Drugs, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Study 1/11/2017
How To Make Wounds Heal Without Scars, University of Pennsylvania Scientists Reveal 1/11/2017
University of Surrey Release: "Gene-Silencing" Technique Is A Game-Changer For Crop Protection 1/11/2017
A*STAR Release: How Does A Nose Form? Scientists In Singapore Discover The Nose Gene 1/10/2017
From Click Chemistry To Antibiotic Spider Silk, University of Nottingham Study 1/9/2017
You May Have More Control Over Aging Than You Think 1/9/2017
Size Of This Body Part Predicts Whether You'll Survive Heart Disease, Kitasato University Hospital Study 1/6/2017
Cancer Killing Mechanism Of Pepper Plant Uncovered, UT Southwestern Medical Center Study 1/5/2017
Can Strong Magnetics Revive Your Sex Drive? UCLA Study 1/5/2017
Higher Dementia Risk Linked To Living Near Heavy Traffic, Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences Scientists Reveal 1/5/2017
Therapix Announces Enrollment Of The First Patient For Clinical Trial At Yale For Treating Tourette's Syndrome Using Cannabinoid-Based Drug 1/4/2017
Fake Medical Journals Are Spreading, And They Are Filled With Bad Science 1/3/2017
Danish Study Links Fish Oil During Pregnancy With Lower Asthma Risk In Kids, University of Copenhagen Reveals 12/29/2016
City of Hope Researchers Achieve Remission Using CAR-T Cell Therapy For Aggressive Brain Tumors 12/29/2016
More Men Are Developing Eating Disorders. Why Are We Treating It As Only A Women’s Disease? 12/28/2016
Sunlight Offers Surprise Benefit: It Energizes Infection Fighting T Cells, Georgetown University Medical Center Study 12/28/2016
Breast Cancer Cells Do Not Like It Spicy, Ruhr-University Study 12/22/2016
Salk Institute for Biological Studies Scientists Say The Clock Of Aging May Be Reversible 12/21/2016
Medical Waste From Chinese Hospitals May Have Been Recycled Into Plastic Toys 12/21/2016
Got Gonorrhoea? Try Gargling With Listerine — No, Really 12/21/2016
Why Are Young Women Without Wrinkles Using Botox? 12/20/2016
Austrian Academy of Sciences Release: Arterial Tunnel Vision: Computer Tomography Provides A Clearer View Of Blood Vessel Interiors 12/19/2016
Ancient Chinese Malaria Remedy Fights TB, Michigan State University Study 12/19/2016
Hospitalized Patients Treated By Female Physicians Show Lower Mortality, Harvard School of Public Health Study 12/19/2016
Fountain-Of-Youth Molecules Make Mice Young Again, Elysium Health Reveals 12/16/2016
Attention: Certain High Blood Pressure Drugs Block Cancer Invasion, University of Turku Study 12/16/2016
Alert: Researchers Uncover Why Morning People Should Not Work At Night, National Research University Higher School Of Economics Study 12/16/2016
Runners' Brains May Have More Connectivity, University of Arizona Research Shows 12/15/2016
Food Deprivation Is Good For Your Brain, But How Can You Survive Hunger Pangs? 12/12/2016
Platypus Venom Could Be The Future Of Diabetes Treatments, University of Adelaide Study 12/9/2016
Why Human Skin Doesn’t Leak, Imperial College London Scientists Reveal 12/9/2016
Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) Discovery May Provide Clues To Treating Alcohol-Related Heart Valve Defects 12/9/2016
A New Reason Why Red Wine May Be Better For You Than White, Brown University Study 12/5/2016
Parkinson's Linked To Gut Bacteria, California Institute of Technology Study 12/2/2016
Why Can't We Bring Down The Number Of New HIV Cases? 12/1/2016
Are Food Allergies On The Rise? Experts Say They Don't Know 12/1/2016
6 Potential Brain Benefits Of Bilingual Education 11/30/2016
Does Intermittent Fasting Boost Your Metabolism? 11/30/2016