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Humans Are The Highest Energy Apes, Making Us Smarter--But Also Fatter, University of Zurich Study 5/6/2016
Diabetes Drug Metformin Acts Differently From Previous Theories, Mayo Clinic Research Suggests 5/6/2016
4 Reasons Why Women With Heart Disease Are Less Likely To Be Prescribed Statins Than Men, Brigham and Women's Hospital Study 5/6/2016
How A Female Sex Hormone May Protect Against STIs, McMaster University Study 5/6/2016
There's A 30% Chance You Don't Need That Antibiotic 5/6/2016
These Ecuadorian Dwarfs Have A Genetic Mutation That Protects From Disease, And There's A Diet Mimics It 5/6/2016
Yeast Infection Linked To Mental Illness, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Study 5/5/2016
The Science Of How Alcohol Won't Bring You Long-Term Happiness, University of Kent Study 5/5/2016
Medical Errors Now Third Leading Cause Of Death In The U.S., Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Study 5/5/2016
Expert Explains Why Autism More Common In Boys, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Study 5/5/2016
Breakthrough: University of Cambridge Scientists Grow Two-Week-Old Human Embryos in the Lab For the First Time 5/5/2016
How Your Brain Uses Statistics to Boost Your Confidence, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Study 5/5/2016
Bipolar Disorder Has Genetic Links To Autism, University of Iowa Study Suggests 5/5/2016
The Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult Release: New Report Shows That Capacity And Capability In Cell And Gene Therapy Manufacturing Continues To Increase In The UK 5/5/2016
Science Confirms Herbal Tea Can Perk Up Your Mood, Memory, Northumbria University Study 5/4/2016
Extended Rest Between Weight Lifting Sets Could Help Muscle Growth, University of Birmingham Study 5/4/2016
Is It Possible To Cry A River? University of Leicester Study 5/4/2016
Autism And Cancer Have More Than 40 Risk Genes In Common, UC Davis Study 5/4/2016
Neuroscientists Show How We Start Stereotyping The Moment We See A Face, New York University Study 5/4/2016
The Teenager Who Can’t Help Speaking In A French Accent, City University London Study 5/3/2016
Chances Are You Don’t Remember What You Just Retweeted, Cornell University Study 5/3/2016
Even Nonobese Adults Could Benefit From Cutting Calories, Pennington Biomedical Research Center Study 5/3/2016
Infants Much Less Likely To Get The Flu If Moms Are Vaccinated While Pregnant, University of Utah Study 5/3/2016
Humans Are Only Capable Of Having Five People In Their Closest Circle, University of Oxford Study Suggests 5/3/2016
Half Of Teens Think They're Addicted To Their Smartphones, Common Sense Media Reveals 5/3/2016
Some Hairstyles May Increase Hair Loss Risk And Make You Go Bald, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Study 5/2/2016
Could Marijuana Help Treat Painkiller And Heroin Addiction? Published In Journal Of Pain 5/2/2016
Being Fat Ups Your Risk Of Getting This Skin Disease, University of Copenhagen Study 5/2/2016
Italian Entrepreneurs Grow Once-Believed Extinct Garlic That Won’t Make Your Breath Smell 5/2/2016
Liviing In Homes With Ocean Views Linked To Better Mental Health, Michigan State University Study 5/2/2016
Building Muscle Could Boost The Body's Most Important Muscle, UCLA Study 4/29/2016
Too Much Red Meat May Make You Age Faster, University of Glasgow Study 4/29/2016
Eating Chocolate Everyday Could Lower Heart Disease And Diabetes Risk, University of Warwick Study 4/29/2016
How Old You Look Is In Your Genes, Erasmus University Medical Center Study 4/29/2016
Link Between Lifestyle And Gut Flora Revealed in University Of Leuven Study 4/29/2016
Two Genes May Raise Odds For Fraternal Twin Pregnancies, Vrije Universiteit In Amsterdam Study 4/29/2016
Being Selfish Lowers Your Level Of Happiness, University of California, Riverside Study 4/29/2016
Get Fit In 60 Seconds? 1-Minute Workout May Be Good Enough, McMaster University Study 4/28/2016
Working Longer May Lead To A Longer Life, New Oregon State University Research Shows 4/28/2016
Having More Friends Might Give You A Higher Pain Tolerance, Oxford University Study 4/28/2016
Deep Male Voices Evolved To Intimidate Men, Not Attract Women, Pennsylvania State University Study 4/28/2016
Working Out How To Stay Fit In Old Age, University Of Stirling Study 4/28/2016
Spanking Harms Kids, Doesn't Work And Leads To Long-Term Issues, University of Michigan Study 4/28/2016
New Moms Grew Bigger Brains Within Months Of Giving Birth, National Institute of Mental Health Study 4/28/2016
Omega Fish Oils And Vitamin D Might Boost Antidepressants' Effects, University of Melbourne Study 4/27/2016
Bad Sense Of Direction May Be An Early Sign Of Alzheimer’s, Washington University in St. Louis Study Suggests 4/27/2016
Allergy-Free Peanuts? Not So Fast, University of Georgia Reveals 4/27/2016
Certain Genes, In Healthy Environments, Can Lengthen Lifespan, University at Buffalo Research Shows 4/27/2016
Does Frequent Sex Lead To Better Relationships? Depends On How You Ask, Florida State University Study 4/26/2016
Debunking Digital Eyestrain And Blue Light Myths, University of Alabama at Birmingham Study 4/26/2016
Genetic Overlap Between Happiness And Depression Discovered, VU Amsterdam Scientists Reveal 4/26/2016
The Female Pelvis Adjusts for Childbearing Years, University of Zurich Study 4/26/2016
Music May Help Your Baby Learn Better, University of Washington Study 4/26/2016
Why It's Better To Get Your Flu Vaccine In The Morning 4/26/2016
Johns Hopkins University Researchers Push For Personalized Tumor Vaccines 4/26/2016
The Two Dangerous And Deadly Effects Of Being Lonely, York University Study 4/26/2016
The Top Health Benefits Of Pilates 4/26/2016
Fructose Alters Hundreds Of Brain Genes, Which Can Lead To A Wide Range Of Diseases, UCLA Study 4/25/2016
These Foods Linked To Aggressive Prostate Cancer? University of North Carolina Study 4/25/2016
Beer Compound Lowers Cholesterol, Blood Sugar And Weight Gain, Oregon State University Study 4/25/2016
Does A Person's Education Level Reduce The Risk Of Alzheimer's? Boston University Study 4/25/2016
Heavy Cannabis Use Increases Risk Of Premature Death, Karolinska Institute Study 4/25/2016
How Just One Week of Bad Sleep Affects Heart Health, University of Helsinki Study 4/25/2016
More Blood Vessels In Adipose Tissue May Alleviate Type 2 Diabetes, University of Helsinki Study 4/25/2016
Anatomy May Be Key To Female Orgasm, Indiana University Study 4/22/2016
Need To Remember Something? Better Draw It, University Of Waterloo Study Finds 4/22/2016
The Science Of Why We Don’t Sleep Well In A Strange Bed, Brown University Study 4/22/2016
If Parents See Their Kids As Overweight, They're More Likely To Be So, Florida State University Study 4/22/2016
Short Moms More Likely To Have Premature Babies, University of Auckland Study 4/22/2016
Major Scientific Report Links Alcohol, Processed Meat And Obesity To Stomach Cancers, American Institute for Cancer Research Study 4/22/2016
Infant BMI Is Good Predictor Of Obesity At Age Two, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Study 4/22/2016
Study Involving CU-Boulder Shows Fertilizer Can Be Made From Sunlight 4/22/2016
Botox Can Be Used For Chronic Migraine, Icahn School Of Medicine At Mount Sinai Study 4/21/2016
Is Public Speaking A Healthy Thing To Do? Personality And Individual Differences Reveals 4/21/2016
One Antidepressant Shown To Control Weight During 2-Year Study, Group Health Research Institute Reveals 4/21/2016
Does Aspirin Help Treat Cancer? Cardiff University Study 4/21/2016
Chemical Exposure Could Lead To Obesity, University of Georgia Study Finds 4/21/2016
Too Much Sugar During Pregnancy Raises The Child’s Heart Disease Risk, University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston Study 4/21/2016
Fatty Diet May Be The Reason Why You're Always Sleepy, University of Adelaide Study 4/21/2016
Dyson Hand Dryers Spread Germs 1,300 More Times Than Paper Towels, University of Westminster Study 4/20/2016
Eating Dark Chocolate Every Day Could Improve Your Workouts, Kingston University Research Reveals 4/20/2016
Magic Mushroom Drug Psilocybin May Ease Pain Of Social Rejection, University of Zurich Study 4/20/2016
The More You Run, The Denser Your Bones Will Be, Camilo José Cela University Study 4/20/2016
Pollutants in Fish May Keep Humans From Expelling Harmful Toxins, University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Study 4/20/2016
Watercress Extract Could Prevent Lung Cancer In Smokers, University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute (UPCI) Study 4/20/2016
FDA Allows Manufacturers To Add Folic Acid To Corn Flour, Tortillas To Reduce Birth Defects 4/20/2016
Cut Your Sitting Time In The Office By 71 Minutes A Day To Lose Weight And Live Longer, University Of Southern Denmark Study 4/20/2016
Antiviral Protein Linked To Depressed Mood In Mice, University of Freiburg Study 4/20/2016
Common Allergies and Colds Meds Linked To Alzheimer's Disease, Indiana University School of Medicine Scientists Reveal 4/19/2016
One Reason Why Women Outlive Men, Uppsala Universitet Study 4/19/2016
Night Shifts Affect Women More Than Men, University of Surrey Study Finds 4/19/2016
Engineering T Cells To Treat Pancreatic Cancer, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Study 4/19/2016
Great Willow Herb Could Help Reduce Antibiotic Doses, Open Chemistry Reveals 4/19/2016
Puberty Timing Influenced By Both Parents, University of Copenhagen Study 4/18/2016
Kids With Sweet Tooth More Likely To Experience Weight Gain, University of Michigan Study 4/18/2016
Most U.S. Adults Say Today's Kids Are More Stressed, Have Worse Health Than In Past Generations, University of Michigan Study 4/18/2016
Heavy Pot Use DOES Affect Learning And Memory, Columbia University Study 4/18/2016
Living In A Green Neighborhood Linked To A Longer Life, NIH Study 4/18/2016
How Waist Size Can Predict Liver Disease Risk, University Of Milan Study 4/18/2016
Targeting Chronic Pain, Medical University of Vienna Study 4/18/2016
Technical University Of Munich Release: Mechanics Of The Cell 4/18/2016
Parasites May Actually Help Stomach And Bowel Diseases, New York University's Langone Medical Center Study 4/15/2016
How Depression May Boost Your Type 2 Diabetes Risk, McGill University Study 4/15/2016
Spotlight: Key Aspects Of How We Fall Asleep And Wake Up, University Of Maryland School Of Medicine Reveals 4/15/2016
Gene-Edited CRISPR Mushroom Escapes U.S. Regulation, Pennsylvania State University Reveals 4/15/2016
7 Habits That May Actually Change The Brain 4/15/2016
Why Girls Who Mature Early Go For Masculine Men, University Of St Andrews Study 4/15/2016
Why You Should Clean Up Your Desk, But Not Too Much, Princeton University Study 4/14/2016
Love Handles Could Be The Key To Curing Diabetes, ETH Zurich Study 4/14/2016
How A Second Of Laughter Can Reveal Whether You Are Friend Or Foe, UCLA Study 4/14/2016
Allergy Med Might Also Fight MS-Linked Eye Damage, UCSF Study 4/14/2016
Link Between Cancer And Autism Discovered, University of Iowa Study 4/14/2016
Revealed: What Really Causes Deja Vu, Texas A&M University Study 4/14/2016
Maple Syrup Protects Neurons And Nurtures Young Minds, University Of Montreal Hospital Research Centre Study 4/14/2016
University of North Carolina Release: New Research Explains Why HIV Is Not Cleared By The Immune System 4/14/2016
Severe Depression Linked To Dementia In Seniors, UCSF Study 4/13/2016
Personality May Dictate How Distracted You Are While Driving, University of Alabama at Birmingham Study 4/13/2016
Sexually Transmitted Infections May Have Turned Humans Into Monogamists, University Of Waterloo Study 4/13/2016
Your Own Negative Traits May Be Why You Are Unlucky In Love, University of Florida Study Shows 4/13/2016
This May Be Causing Depression, And Men Don't Even Know It, Brigham and Women's Hospital Study 4/12/2016
Breakthrough Toothpaste Ingredient Hardens Your Teeth While You Sleep, Queen Mary, University Of London Study 4/12/2016
How Age And Sex Affect The Social Activity, Aalto University Study Shows 4/12/2016
Why That Emoji Grin You Sent Might Show Up As A Grimace, University of Minnesota Study 4/12/2016
Aspirin A Day May Push Death Away, Memorial Hermann Heart And Vascular Institute-Texas Medical Center Study 4/12/2016
If There Really Are Genetic "Superheroes," They’re Going To Be Very Difficult To Find, Nature Reveals 4/12/2016
Being Rich Ensures You Live A Long Life, Harvard Study 4/12/2016
Antibiotics Don't Promote Swapping Of Resistance Genes, Duke University Study 4/12/2016
A*STAR Release: Discovered Genes Reveal Novel Insights Into Biology Of Glaucoma 4/12/2016
Exercise Counteracts Sitting Time, University of Leicester Study 4/11/2016
Brain Cancer Breakthrough: Abnormal Metabolism Of Essential Amino Acids May Spur Tumor Growth, Ohio State University Study 4/11/2016
Marriage May Be A Cancer Fighter, Cancer Prevention Institute Of California Study 4/11/2016
Nature And Nurture Of The Terrible Twos: New Insights Into Later Behavior Problems, University of Michigan Study 4/11/2016
Why People With Alzheimer's Stop Recognizing Their Loved Ones, Université de Montréal Study 4/11/2016
Researchers Have Genetically Modified Human Embryos Again, Guangzhou Medical University Reveals 4/11/2016
Does Inflammatory Bowel Disease Discourage Pregnancy? University of Leeds Study 4/8/2016
Mom's Obesity And Diabetes May Spur Baby To Grow Too Fast In The Womb, University of Cambridge Study 4/8/2016
Extreme Morning Sickness? You're Less Likely To Have A Boy, Columbia University Study 4/8/2016
Are Humans An "Invasive Species?" Stanford University Researchers Find 4/8/2016
People With Low Body Temperature Have Worst Alzheimer's Symptoms, Universite Laval Study 4/8/2016
How The Canadian Government Is Using Old Tires To Fight The Zika Virus 4/8/2016
Treating Sugar Addiction Like Drug Abuse: Queensland University of Technology Leads World-First Study 4/8/2016
Nine Out Of 10 People Don't Link Alcohol And Cancer, University of Sheffield Study 4/7/2016
Women Smokers And Drinkers With Unhealthy BMIs At Two-Fold Higher Risk Of Asthma, St. Michael's Hospital Study Reveals 4/7/2016
Fresh Fruit Tied To Lower Heart Attack And Stroke Risk, University of Oxford Study 4/7/2016
Moms Who Eat Oily Fish During Pregnancy May Reduce Asthma Risk In Kids, University of Southampton Study 4/7/2016
Karolinska Institute Scientists Call On Potential Sex Offenders For Clinical Trial 4/7/2016
Saturated Fatty Foods May Be Less Dangerous To Eat During Breakfast, Texas A&M University Study 4/7/2016
Men On Tinder Think They Have A "Licence To Use Unattractive Women As They See Fit," Manchester Metropolitan University Study 4/7/2016
Full-Fat Dairy Foods May Cut Obesity And Diabetes Risk, Tufts University Study 4/7/2016
University of Southern California Roski Eye Institute Researchers Publish Largest Eye Study Among Chinese Americans Identifying More Effective Ways To Prevent And Treat Blinding Eye Diseases For This Racial Group 4/6/2016
For Young People With Schizophrenia, Physical And Mental Exercises Offer Hope, UCLA Study 4/6/2016
Exercise Can Help Enhance Diabetic Medication, University of Georgia Study Finds 4/6/2016
The Down Side Of Your Sweet And Salty Addiction: Rapid Onset High Blood Pressure? Study Published In American Physiological Society 4/6/2016
Humans Are Attracted To Others Who Have Easy-To-Read Emotions, University of Lubeck Researchers Find 4/6/2016
Parkinson's Meds Up Risk Of Compulsive Gambling, Shopping, Binge Eating, Loyola University Health System Study 4/6/2016
Genetically Engineered Pig Hearts Survive A Record-Breaking Two Years Inside Baboons, National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute Study 4/6/2016
Vitamin D3 Improves Heart Function, University of Leeds Study Finds 4/5/2016
"Love Hormone" Nasal Spray Might Help Dieters' Self-Control, Harvard Medical School Study 4/5/2016
Taking Testosterone While Dieting May Help Lose Fat, Not Muscle, University of Melbourne Study 4/5/2016
Insomnia Linked To Loose Connections In The Brain, Guangdong No. 2 Provincial People's Hospital Study 4/5/2016
Coffee Consumption Linked To Decreased Colorectal Cancer Risk, University of Southern California Study 4/4/2016
Chemical In Antibacterial Soap May Disrupt Mix Of Organisms In Digestive Tract, University of Tennessee Study 4/4/2016
Could Fungicides On Food Play A Role In Autism, Neurodegenerative Diseases? University of North Carolina Study 4/4/2016
The Benefits Of Walnuts On Age-Related Health Issues Investigated, Loma Linda University Reveals 4/4/2016
People Who Never Forget Their Past Could Have Unique Kind Of OCD, University of California, Irvine Study 4/1/2016
Type 1 Diabetes Linked To Epilepsy Risk, China Medical University Children's Hospital Study 4/1/2016
Mom's Smoking Alters Fetal DNA, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Study 4/1/2016
Inherited Gene Changes Can Shorten Your Life By Three Years, University of Edinburgh Study Finds 4/1/2016
World's Obese Population Hits 640 Million, According To Largest Ever Study, Imperial College London Reveals 4/1/2016
Genes Linked To Marijuana Dependence And Major Depression, Yale University Study 3/31/2016
Eating Beans, Peas, Chickpeas Or Lentils May Help Lose Weight And Keep It Off, St. Michael's Hospital Study 3/31/2016
Asthma Free? It Might Be Because Of Mom's Sunny Second Trimester, University of Kansas Study 3/31/2016
Birth Control Pills May Increase Risk Of Seizures, Texas A&M University Study 3/31/2016
Sex Of A Baby? Ancient Virus Makes The Call, Yale University Study 3/31/2016
Sex Suffers When Partner Demands Perfection, University of Kent Study 3/30/2016
Black Women With Fibroids Face Elevated Risk Of Endometrial Cancer, Boston University Study 3/30/2016
Medical Marijuana Reduces Use Of Opioid Pain Meds, University of Michigan Study 3/30/2016
Not All Mind Wandering Is Created Equal, Harvard Study 3/30/2016
Why Bringing Your iPad To Restaurants Can Hurt Your Child's Development, Boston Medical Center Study 3/30/2016
Why You May Be A Grammar Nazi, University of Michigan Study 3/30/2016
Postures Can Increase Your Success In Online Dating, University of California, Berkeley (CAL) Study Says 3/29/2016
Uncertainty Can Cause More Stress Than Inevitable Pain, University College London Study 3/29/2016
Training With Unpredictability Improves Memory Recall, University Of Texas At Dallas Study Finds 3/29/2016
GI Tract Bacteria Helps Decrease Stroke, Weill Cornell Medical College Study 3/29/2016
Breastfeeding, Vaccinations Help Reduce Ear Infection Rates In Babies, University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston Study 3/29/2016
CEO Personality Traits Play Role In Incentive Pay, Compensation, University Of Texas At Dallas Study 3/29/2016
Long Naps, Daytime Sleepiness Tied To Heart Risks, University of Tokyo Reveals 3/28/2016
The "Not Face" Is A Universal Part Of Language, Ohio State University Study Suggests 3/28/2016
Couples’ Coffee Habit Linked To Miscarriages, NIH Study 3/28/2016
Exercise May Slow Brain Aging By 10 Years For Older People, University of Miami Study 3/28/2016
Signs Of Stress In The Brain May Signal Future Heart Trouble, Massachusetts General Hospital Study 3/28/2016
After 20 Year Quest, Biologists Create Synthetic Bacteria With No Extra Genes, J. Craig Venter Institute Study 3/25/2016
Maternal Obesity Tied To Increase In Child Behavior Problems, University of Pittsburgh Study 3/25/2016
Voice-Controlled Calorie Counter, MIT Study 3/25/2016
Increase In Older Patients Using Potentially Dangerous Drug Combinations, University of Illinois Study 3/25/2016
Curcumin May Help Overcome Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis, University of Colorado Study 3/25/2016
Modified Maggots Could Help Human Wound Healing, North Carolina State University Study 3/25/2016
Scientists Eliminate HIV-1 From DNA Of Human T-Cells, Temple University Reveals 3/24/2016
Do Fish Oil Supplements Really Work? University Of Stirling Scientists Study 3/24/2016
Explosive Road Rage-Like Anger Linked To Parasite Spread By Cats, University of Chicago Study 3/24/2016