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Parkinson's Linked To Gut Bacteria, California Institute of Technology Study 12/2/2016
Why Can't We Bring Down The Number Of New HIV Cases? 12/1/2016
Are Food Allergies On The Rise? Experts Say They Don't Know 12/1/2016
Does Intermittent Fasting Boost Your Metabolism? 11/30/2016
How Playing Football Can Lead To Subtle Brain Changes In Both Kids And Adults, Study Published In JAMA 11/30/2016
Al-Azhar University Study Confirms That Mercury Is Linked To Autism 11/30/2016
6 Potential Brain Benefits Of Bilingual Education 11/30/2016
Flu Vaccine During Pregnancy Not Linked To Autism, Published In JAMA 11/29/2016
Charcoal Lemonade? Safety Of Trendy Remedy Questioned 11/29/2016
Chronic Gum Disease Tied To Risk Of Erectile Dysfunction, Guangzhou Medical University Study 11/28/2016
What Drinking When You're Stressed Could Be Doing To Your Brain, University of Pennsylvania Study 11/28/2016
Rice University Release: Pine Product Offers Fresh Take On Fine Chemical Synthesis 11/28/2016
Infectious Diseases Keep Delivering Surprises To The U.S. 11/23/2016
Smoking May Hinder Some Of The Benefits Of Kidney Disease Drugs 11/23/2016
University of Arkansas Researchers Find Potential Therapy For Brain Swelling During Concussion 11/23/2016
How Genetics Could Help Future Learners Unlock Hidden Potential 11/22/2016
What Your Mindless Daily Habits Reveal About You, According To Science 11/22/2016
Dementia Risk Declines, And Education May Be One Reason Why, Published In JAMA 11/22/2016
Wanted: Women’s Brains — To Jump-Start Lagging Research On Female Concussions 11/21/2016
Meet The Woman Who Is Allergic To Everything - Including Her Husband 11/21/2016
A*STAR Scientists Successfully Create Blood From Skin Cells 11/21/2016
Glowing Tumors Help University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine Surgeons Cut Out Brain Cancer With Precision 11/21/2016
The U.S. Surgeon General Just Issued A Landmark Report Calling Addiction What It Is —A Brain Disease 11/18/2016
Genome Institute of Singapore Release: Novel Genomic Sequencing Reveals Potential Causes Of Autism 11/18/2016
Researchers Are Calling Trump "The First Anti-Science President" 11/17/2016
Alzheimer’s Didn’t Cause Memory Loss For These Superaging 90-Year Olds, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine Study 11/17/2016
Diazon Pharmaceuticals' Anti-Cancer Agent DZ-2384 Mechanism For High Activity And Low Neurotoxicity Published By McGill University Researchers In Science Translational Medicine 11/17/2016
Could Binge Drinking During Teen Years Affect The Brains Of Future Generations? Loyola University Study 11/15/2016
Prisons Are Using A $1,000 Injection To Fight Opioid Addiction 11/15/2016
New Compound May Treat Pain Without Opioid- Or Marijuana-Use Side Effects, Indiana University Study 11/15/2016
Biological Vs Chronological Age: How Old Are You Really? 11/15/2016
Designer Bacteria: Genetically Modified Pills Are A Radical New Way To Treat Rare Stomach Ailments 11/14/2016
Simple Mineral Could Be Cure For Complex Disease 11/11/2016
Stanford University Researchers Use CRISPR to Repair Gene That Cause Sickle Cell, Human Trials Planned 11/8/2016
Novel System To Get Dying Patients An Experimental Cancer Drug Raises Hopes — And Thorny Questions 11/8/2016
An Inside Look At The Labs Where Doctors Intentionally Infect People With Malaria, University of Washington Study 11/7/2016
Scientists ID The Genes That Give You Nightmares And May Know How To Turn Them Off, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Study 11/7/2016
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Release: Rubella Virus Persists After Vaccination In Some Patients With Immunodeficiency Disorders 11/7/2016
Can Your Hair Really Turn White From Fear? Mount Sinai School of Medicine Study 11/3/2016
Extra Body Weight Could Slow Down Your Brain, University of Arizona Study 11/2/2016
The Idea That "Good" Cholesterol Helps Your Heart Might Be All Wrong, Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences Study 11/2/2016
Zika Damages Testes And Causes Infertility In Mice, Washington University School of Medicine Reveals 11/1/2016
Energy Drinks Plus Alcohol May Affect Brain Like Cocaine, Purdue University Study 11/1/2016
From Gene Editing To Death Traps, Seattle Scientists Innovate In Race To End Malaria 11/1/2016
Facebook Use Linked To Longer Life! University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Study 11/1/2016
Smoking Pot May Give You Better Night Vision 11/1/2016
University of Leeds Release: Targeting The Host To Get Rid Of Unwanted Guests 10/31/2016
More Evidence Cranberries Don't Prevent Urinary Tract Infections, Yale University School Of Medicine Study 10/28/2016
Medical Marijuana May Improve Cognitive Function, Mclean Hospital Study Says 10/27/2016
2 Diet Sodas A Day Could Double Diabetes Risk, Study Published In The European Society Of Endocrinology 10/26/2016
Why Lying Becomes Easier Over Time: It's A "Slippery Slope", University College London Study Finds 10/25/2016
Can Exercise Make You Smarter? New York University Scientists Think It's Possible 10/21/2016
"Fake Pills" May Help Ease Back Pain, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Study 10/21/2016
Scientific Breakthrough Could Allow Two Men To Create A Baby, University of Edinburgh Study 10/21/2016
Cosmic Radiation May Leave Astronauts With Long-Term "Space Brain," University of California, Irvine Study 10/19/2016
Could Japan Hold The Secret To Living To Be 115 Years Old? 10/18/2016
Two Highly Effective Drug Free Treatment Options For Anxiety 10/18/2016
Australian Stem Cell Breakthrough Provides Fresh Hope For Treating Blood Cancers, Murdoch Childrens Research Institute Study 10/18/2016
University of Pennsylvania Study Links Prostate Cancer Treatment To Dementia 10/14/2016
Fasting Could Prevent Aging And Transform Your Body, But It Goes Against Everything We Think Of As Healthy, Royal Infirmary Of Dundee Study 10/14/2016
Calcium From Diet Vs. Supplements: Mineral Is Good For The Heart, But Not Necessarily From Pills 10/13/2016
Traveling To Mars Might Cause Long-Term Brain Damage 10/12/2016
Exercising While Angry Or Upset Triples Heart Attack Risks, Crozer-Keystone Health System Study 10/11/2016
U.S. Life Expectancy Lags Behind Other Wealthy Nations, University of Washington Study 10/11/2016
Why Does My Pain Come And Go? 10/6/2016
The Science Of How Long Humans Can Really Live, Albert Einstein College of Medicine Study 10/6/2016
LSD Makes People More Optimistic. Imperial College London Researchers Want To Understand Why 10/6/2016
Why The Most Popular Diet Advice Is (Mostly) Wrong 10/6/2016
New Evidence Provides Insight To What Really Causes Cancer, University Medical Center Utrecht Study 10/6/2016
The Bigger The Yawn, The Bigger The Brain, State University Of New York At Oneonta Study 10/5/2016
Acne's Silver Lining: Slower Aging Of The Skin? King's College London Study 10/5/2016
Red Wine May Help Some Breathe Easier, Georgia State University Study 10/3/2016
Will Programmable Immune "Cellbots" Be the Next Weapon Against Cancer? UCSF Study 9/30/2016
World’s First Baby Born With Novel Three-Parent Embryo Technique 9/28/2016
Hangover-Free Alcohol Could Be On The Way, Imperial College London Study 9/28/2016
Weddings on "Gimmick" Dates More Likely To End In Divorce, University of Melbourne Study 9/28/2016
Scientists Are Freaking Out Over This 25-Year-Old's Solution To Superbugs, University Of Montreal Study 9/28/2016
King's College London Scientists Find New Fat Clues In Feces 9/27/2016
Kidney Stones? Science Suggests Heading To Disney World, University of Michigan Study 9/27/2016
Upside To Morning Sickness: Fewer Miscarriages, Stillbirths, National Institute Of Child Health And Human Development Study 9/27/2016
Here’s How People Judge You Based On Your Face, Princeton University Study 9/27/2016
Humans Shown To Have A Real Sixth Sense, NIH Study 9/23/2016
Smoke Gets In Your Genes, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Study 9/23/2016
Science’s 1%: How Income Inequality Is Getting Worse In Research 9/22/2016
Sleep Well At 11 And Kick The Substances Out In Your Teens, University of Pittsburgh Study 9/22/2016
Surprise! Beer Makes You Happier, Friendlier, University Hospital in Basel Study 9/21/2016
This Coffee Has An Ingredient Similar To Viagra 9/21/2016
Can Marijuana Really Reduce Pot Bellies And Obesity? Yale Study 9/20/2016
Historic Medical Breakthrough Is A Game Changer For Biotech 9/20/2016
University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Release: Do These Genes Make Me Lonely? Study Finds Loneliness Is A Heritable Trait 9/20/2016
An Animal Biologist Has A Special Diet Plan For Mice 9/19/2016
Don't Kiss That Kitty: Cat-Scratch Fever Is Making People Sicker, Emory University Study 9/19/2016
Hand, Foot And Mouth Disease Strikes Florida State And Other Schools 9/16/2016
The Problem With Promoting "Low-Carb" Diets 9/16/2016
How The Sugar Industry Lied About Heart Disease, UCSF Reveals 9/14/2016
What Happens When You Get Blackout Drunk: How Heavy Drinking Affects Your Personality 9/14/2016
Why Are Researchers Looking At Links Between Banned Chemicals And Autism? Published In Environmental Health Perspectives 9/14/2016
Making Babies Without Eggs May Be Possible, Say University of Bath Scientists 9/14/2016
Why Women Are More Likely To Experience Sleep Problems Than Men, McGill University Study 9/14/2016
HIV Vaccine A Step Closer, The Scripps Research Institute Study 9/13/2016
Outcomes For Girls Without HPV Vaccination In Japan, Osaka University Study 9/13/2016
Johns Hopkins University Study: New Dengue Vaccine Could Cause Serious Illness 9/13/2016
Can Modern Biotechnology Help You Live Forever? 9/12/2016
Biomarker Lifts A Secret Of Old Age, La Sapienza University Study 9/12/2016
Protein, From Hair, May Join DNA In Human Identification, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Study 9/12/2016
The EpiPen Debacle Coupled With Theranos And Turing: Is This Industry Broken? 9/9/2016
Having Twins? 37 Is The Magic Number, Queen Mary University In London Study 9/9/2016
Evidence Of Zika Virus Found In Tears, Washington University in St. Louis Study 9/9/2016
Placing A Finger Over Your Smartphone Flash Could Soon Reveal A Low Red Blood Cell Count, University of Washington Study 9/9/2016
Do You Overeat? Blame Childhood Stress, Texas Christian University Study 9/2/2016
Smoking Pot Blunts Your Motivation To Work For Money, University College London Study 9/2/2016
A Way Your Memory Can Be Strengthened Even As You Age, Harvard Medical School Study 9/2/2016
Vitamin A Compound Retinoic Acid May Help Fight Colorectal Cancer Risk, Stanford University Study 9/2/2016
Confirmed: Mediterranean Diet Cuts Heart Disease Risk, I.R.C.C.S. Neuromed Institute Study 9/2/2016
Breeding A New Generation Of Germ-Free Lab Mice, Taconic Biosciences Reveals 9/2/2016
USC And VSP Global's Innovation Lab Launch Study To Take Wearable Digital Health Technology To Eye Level 9/1/2016
You Can Blame Your Genes For Your Coffee Addiction, University of Edinburgh Study 8/26/2016
Without Success in India, We'll Never Control Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis Anywhere 8/26/2016
Low Levels Of Exercise Worsens Psychosis, King's College London Study 8/26/2016
Proof That Old People Are Happier Than People In Their 20s, University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Study 8/26/2016
Stress May Be Harder On Women's Hearts Than On Men's, Emory University Study Finds 8/26/2016
New Brain Tweak Can Help You Combat Your Fear Of Spiders, Uppsala Universitet Study 8/26/2016
UCLA-Led Study Sheds New Light On The Complex Genetics Of Autism 8/26/2016
Just One Sleepness Night Can Harm Your Memory, University of Pennsylvania Biologists Reveal 8/25/2016
Longer Commute May Add 800 Calories To Your Week 8/25/2016
How Fish Oil Pills Can Reverse The Effects Of A Fatty Diet, University of Sao Paulo Study 8/25/2016
Too Much Activity In Certain Areas Of The Brain Is Bad For Memory And Attention, University of Nottingham Study 8/25/2016
What Happens When Men Outnumber Women? University of Turku Study 8/25/2016
How Long Do You Want To Live? Your Expectations For Old Age Matter, Robert N. Butler Columbia Aging Center Study 8/25/2016
3 Ways To Boost Male Life Expectancy 8/25/2016
The Science Of Why Bugs Are Attracted To Certain People 8/25/2016
Can Parasitology Ride The Rising Star Of Disease Ecology? 8/25/2016
Pot-Smoking Rats Are Lazy, University of British Columbia Study Shows 8/24/2016
Should You Be Drinking A2 Milk? 8/24/2016
Drinking Green Tea Could Prevent Deadly Artery Explosion, Kyoto University Study 8/24/2016
Lousy Jobs Hurt Your Health By The Time You’re In Your 40s, Ohio State University Study 8/24/2016
Science Shows That Men Who Eat Salads Smell More Attractive To Women, Macquarie University Study 8/23/2016
DNA Brain Injection Could Help Control Parkinson's Symptoms, Voyager Therapeutics (VYGR) Reveals 8/23/2016
Could Mouthwash Fight Gonorrhea? Monash University Study 8/23/2016
"Bagpipe Lung" Warning For Wind Musicians, Wythenshawe Hospital Study 8/23/2016
How Women Can Deal With Periods In Space, King's College London Reveals 8/23/2016
Medical Marijuana A Better Pain Relief For Men Than Women, Columbia University Medical Center Study 8/23/2016
Could Divorce Be A Seasonal Affair? University of Washington Research Shows 8/22/2016
You Can Tell If You’re Depressed By Checking Instagram... Yes, Seriously, Harvard Study 8/22/2016
Should A Woman's Testosterone Level Matter In Sports? 8/22/2016
Citrus Fruits Could Help Prevent Obesity, Universidade Estadual Paulista Study 8/22/2016
Being The Primary Breadwinner Can Harm A Man's Health, University of Connecticut Study 8/22/2016
Zika May Damage Adult Brains, Rockefeller University Study 8/19/2016
Twins May Live Longer Than The Rest Of Us, University of Washington Study 8/19/2016
Fluoride Consumption Linked To Diabetes, Case Western Reserve University Study 8/19/2016
Fatty Fish May Curb Eye Risks For Diabetics, Centro de Investigacion Biomedica en Red Study 8/19/2016
Unhealthy Diet During Pregnancy Could Be Linked To ADHD, University College London Study 8/19/2016
Who Drinks More - Married Couples Or Singles? University of Virginia Reveals 8/19/2016
Interscatter Communication Enables First-Ever Implanted Devices, Smart Contact Lenses, Credit Cards That "Talk" Wi-Fi, University of Washington Study 8/19/2016
7 Science-Backed Signs Of High Intelligence 8/19/2016
This Drug Compound Could End America's Painkiller Epidemic, Stanford University Researchers Say 8/19/2016
Calcium Supplements Tied To Higher Dementia Risk, University of Gothenburg Study 8/18/2016
New Evidence That Sitting Too Much Can Be Deadly And How Exercise Can't Save Us, Kaiser Permanente Southern California Study 8/18/2016
Prenatal BPA Exposure Linked To Anxiety And Depression In Boys, Columbia University Study 8/17/2016
Can Season And Place Of Birth Influence Celiac Disease Risk? Umea University Study 8/17/2016
Revealed: The Brain's Generosity Center, Oxford University Study 8/17/2016
Pro Golfers More Likely To Have Different Shaped Hip Joints To Most Of The Population, University of Warwick Study Suggests 8/17/2016
How Much A Decade Of Obesity Raises Your Cancer Risk, WHO Reveals 8/17/2016
Diet And Exercise Could Stop Alzheimer's From Forming, UCLA Study 8/17/2016
Does Eating More Salt Prevent Migraines And Severe Headaches? Huntington Medical Research Institutes Study 8/16/2016
Acetaminophen During Pregnancy Could Cause ADHD, University of Bristol Study Finds 8/16/2016
The Anti-Aging Pill, Elysium Health Reveals 8/16/2016
Video Monitors Show Most Parents Put Babies To Sleep The Wrong Way, Penn State College Of Medicine Study 8/16/2016
Heading For A Fall: Neuroscientists Reveal How Overconfidence Can Lead To Poor Decision Making, Monash University Study 8/16/2016
Long-Lived Parents Could Mean A Healthier Heart Into Your Seventies, University of Exeter Study 8/16/2016
Today’s Men Are Not Nearly As Strong As Their Dads Were, Winston-Salem State University Researchers Say 8/16/2016
No Blue Light, Please, I'm Tired — Light Color Determines Sleepiness Versus Arousal In Mice, Oxford University Study 8/16/2016
NYU Steinhardt Study Looks At How Racial Inequality Is Produced Online 8/16/2016
Did Our Big Brains Evolve For Judging People? Cardiff University Study 8/15/2016
Babies Can Learn Your Social Identity By Watching You Eat, University of California, Santa Barbara Study 8/15/2016
Treatment Option For Alzheimer’s Disease Possible, University of Manchester Study 8/15/2016
Zika Found To Remain In Sperm For Record Six Months, Spallanzani Institute Study 8/15/2016
Correcting Metabolic Deficiencies May Improve Depression Symptoms, University of Pittsburgh Study 8/15/2016
Can Clinical Trials On Dogs And Cats Help People? University of Pennsylvania Study 8/12/2016
Unsafe Levels Of Toxic Chemicals Found In Drinking Water For Six Million Americans, Harvard Study 8/12/2016
Controversy Swirls Around Using Virtual Reality To Diagnose Pedophilia, Institut Philippe-Pinel de Montréal Study 8/12/2016
Genes Linked To People's Bowel Habits, Karolinska Institute Study 8/12/2016
There’s New Hope For Treating Hair Loss— For Women, Too, Columbia University Study 8/12/2016
U.S. Babies Born Addicted To Opioids Has Tripled In 15 Years, CDC Says 8/12/2016
Dog Fear And Aggression Genes Related To Human Anxiety, Nationwide Children's Hospital 8/12/2016
Egg Unboiling Machine Used To Speed Up Molecule Development, Flinders University Study 8/12/2016
Can A Dirty Mouth Worsen Colorectal Cancer? Harvard School of Public Health Study 8/12/2016
The 5 Diseases That Exercise May Ward Off, University of Washington Study 8/11/2016
Botulinum Toxin May Travel Further Than Expected In Nerve Cells, University of Wisconsin-Madison Study 8/11/2016
Adding Ages: The Fight To Cheat Death Is Hotting Up 8/11/2016
This Liquid Could Let Torn Clothes Repair Themselves, Pennsylvania State University Study 8/11/2016
Rapid Decline In Male Dog Fertility Potentially Linked To Environmental Contaminants, University of Nottingham Study Demonstrates 8/11/2016
8 Strange Hacks To Live Longer 8/10/2016
"Manimals": The Next Frontier In Scientific Research? 8/10/2016
A Few Hours Of Exercise A Week Makes Your Heart Grow Bigger, Imperial College London Study 8/10/2016
Want A Better Memory? Try Eating A Mediterranean Diet, Swinburne University of Technology Study 8/10/2016
Almost All Lice Are Now Resistant To OTC Meds, University of Massachusetts - Amherst Study 8/10/2016
Women More Comfortable With Their Body Type Compared To Men, College Of Wooster Study 8/10/2016
Possible Link Between Zika And Severe Joint Condition, Recife's Association For Assistance Of Disabled Children Study Details 8/10/2016
Could Being Lazy Be A Sign Of High Intelligence? Florida Gulf Coast University Study 8/10/2016