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Why Some Men Think All Women Want To Sleep With Them, Union College Study 2/12/2016
Asthma Linked To An Increased Time To Pregnancy, Study Published In European Respiratory Journal 2/12/2016
Eating Vitamin D-Rich Foods During Pregnancy May Reduce Allergy Risk In Kids, Mount Sinai Hospital Study 2/12/2016
Neanderthal DNA Influence Everything From Your Skin To Your Cigarette Habit, Vanderbilt University Study 2/12/2016
Ability To Hold A Grip Predicts Who Has The Willpower To Finish Their Schoolwork, McMaster University Study 2/12/2016
Girls Have Innate Skills That May Ease Autism Severity, Yale University Study 2/11/2016
Couch Potatoes' Brains May Wither Away More Quickly, Boston University School of Medicine Study 2/11/2016
Incidence Of Dementia May Be Declining But Scientists Aren't Sure Why, Boston University Medical Center Study Reveals 2/11/2016
Vinegar Could Potentially Help Treat Ulcerative Colitis, Published In Journal Of Agricultural And Food Chemistry 2/11/2016
Starting Age Of Marijuana Use May Have Long-Term Effects On Brain Development, University of Texas Study 2/11/2016
Your Brain May Be What Interests That Guy Checking You Out, Northwestern University Study 2/11/2016
More Evidence Shows Prenatal Acetaminophen Exposure May Be Linked To Asthma, Published In International Journal of Epidemiology 2/11/2016
Surge In Obesity And Diabetes Could Be Linked To Food Additives, Georgia State University Study 2/10/2016
Mensa Mutts? Dog IQ Tests Reveal Canine "General Intelligence," University of London Study 2/10/2016
Running Gives Your Brain A Boost, University of Jyväskylä Study 2/10/2016
New Discovery: Part Of The Brain Where Sighs Are Made, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) And Stanford University Researchers Reveal 2/10/2016
Aging May Worsen The Effects Of A High-Salt Diet, Georgetown University Study 2/10/2016
The Science Of Why Your Muscles Get Less Sore As You Stick With Your Gym Routine, Brigham Young University Study 2/9/2016
Nanoparticle Therapy That Uses LDL And Fish Oil Kills Liver Cancer Cells, UT Southwestern Medical Center Study 2/9/2016
Inside The Cloning Factory That Creates 500 New Animals A Day, Sooam Biotech Reveals 2/9/2016
Poor REM Sleep, Higher Risk For Depression? Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience Study 2/9/2016
Traffic-Related Air Pollution Linked To Facial Dark Spots, Research Institute For Environmental Medicine Study 2/9/2016
Do The Seasons Affect How We Think? University of Liege Study 2/9/2016
People Today Are Still Dying Early From High 1970s Air Pollution 2/9/2016
Molecular Link Between Psychiatric Disorders And Type 2 Diabetes Discovered, University of Massachusetts Medical School Scientists Reveal 2/8/2016
Popular Anxiety Meds May Not Lead To Dementia After All, University of Washington Study 2/8/2016
Childhood ADHD Doubles Obesity Risk In Women, Mayo Clinic Study Shows 2/5/2016
Chocolate During Pregnancy May Help Mom, Baby, Universite Laval Study 2/5/2016
Vacations Can Lead To Weight Gain, University of Georgia Study 2/5/2016
University of Georgia Researchers Make Link Between Genetics, Aging 2/5/2016
Compulsive Facebook Checking Linked To Lack Of Sleep, University of California, Irvine Researchers Reveal 2/5/2016
Stop Using BMI To Determine Whether People Are Healthy, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)-Led Study Says 2/4/2016
Misery Of Work Second Only To Illness, University Of Sussex Study 2/4/2016
New Perk Discovered In Bilingual Speakers, Concordia University Study 2/4/2016
Destroying Worn-Out Cells May Extend Your Life, Mayo Clinic Study 2/4/2016
Antibiotics May Up Risk Of STDs, Study Published In PNAS 2/4/2016
Women More Prone To Contagious Yawning Than Men, Università di Pisa Study 2/4/2016
The Science Of Why Losing Weight Is Harder For Women, Boston Children’s Hospital Study 2/3/2016
Mercury From Seafood Not Linked To Alzheimer's, Rush University Medical Center Study 2/3/2016
What Goes Wrong In The Brain When Someone Can't Spell, Johns Hopkins University Study 2/3/2016
Every Hour Spent On The Couch Ups Your Diabetes Risk By 22%, Maastricht University Research Shows 2/3/2016
Your Beard Doesn't Contain Poop, But It Could Help Develop New Antibiotics, University College London Study 2/3/2016
Irregular Sleep Schedules Linked To Adverse Metabolic Health In Women, University of Pittsburgh Study 2/2/2016
Boost C-Section Babies By Giving Them Vaginal Bacteria, New York University Study 2/2/2016
Stem Cells Capable Of Repairing Skull, Face Bones Discovered, University of Rochester Study 2/2/2016
Drinking Coffee May Reduce Liver Cirrhosis Risk, Study Published In Alimentary Pharmacology And Therapeutics Reveals 2/2/2016
Higher Dietary Fiber Intake May Reduce Breast Cancer Risk, Harvard School of Public Health Study 2/1/2016
Walnuts Can Help Lower Cholesterol, Weight Loss, University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Study 2/1/2016
Could Blood Pressure Drugs Help Treat Alzheimer's? Georgetown University Study 2/1/2016
Subtle Brain Differences Discovered In Autistic Men, King's College London Study Reveals 2/1/2016
Once A Risk Taker, Always A Risk Taker, University of Basel And Max Planck Institute Study Suggests 2/1/2016
Why You Won't Lose Weight With Exercise Alone, City University Of New York Study 1/29/2016
Food Additive That May Help Prevent Skin Cancer Identified, University of Arizona Faculty Members Reveals 1/29/2016
Workers Leave Both Good And Bad Bosses, University of Illinois Study 1/29/2016
Women With Sleeping Problems At Greater Diabetes Risk, Harvard School of Public Health Study 1/29/2016
Diabetes, Obesity In Mom Boost Autism Risk In Kids, Johns Hopkins University Study 1/29/2016
Tufts University Study Shows Zinc Supplement Boosted Serum Zinc Levels And Immunity In Older Adults 1/29/2016
Compound Found In Fruit And Vegetables May Help Prevent Weight Gain, University of East Anglia Study 1/28/2016
Painkiller Use In Pregnancy Could Harm Your Daughter's Fertility, University of Edinburgh Reveals 1/28/2016
Kids Born Into Smaller Families Live Three Years Longer, Johns Hopkins University Study 1/28/2016
How Obesity Makes Memory Go Bad, University of Alabama at Birmingham Study 1/28/2016
Eating Soy May Protect Women From Health Risks Of BPA, Harvard School of Public Health Study 1/28/2016
More Evidence Alzheimer's May Get Transmitted Through "Medical Accidents," University of Zurich Study 1/27/2016
Our Eyes Jitter And Scientists Aren't Sure Why, Boston University Study 1/27/2016
Prenatal Vitamin D Does Not Reduce Asthma Risk, University of Copenhagen Study 1/27/2016
Early Puberty Linked To Gestational Diabetes, Clemson University Study 1/27/2016
Regular Caffeine Does Not Cause Extra Heartbeats, UCSF Study Shows 1/27/2016
Social Media Could Be Messing With Your Sleep, University of Pittsburgh Study 1/27/2016
Controlling Parenting May Create Mean College Students, University of Vermont Study 1/27/2016
Mood-Regulating Chemicals Help You Taste Sour Foods, University of Colorado Study 1/26/2016
Too Much Iron In The Brain Linked To Parkinson's Disease, Buck Institute for Age Research Study 1/26/2016
Fatty Liver And Heart Failure Linked In Obese People, Leiden University Medical Center Study 1/26/2016
Genes Reveal Intelligent People Are Predisposed To Be Healthier, University of Edinburgh Study Shows 1/26/2016
Mars Needs Colonists Who Eat Meat And Sleep Late 1/26/2016
Citrus-Scented Candles, Cleaning Products May Up Your Cancer Risk, National Centre For Atmospheric Science Reveals 1/26/2016
Alzheimer's, Other Diseases Linked To Environmental Toxin, Institute For EthnoMedicine Study 1/25/2016
Mixed Emotions A Sign Of Emotional Depth, Not Indecision, Say University of Waterloo Researchers 1/25/2016
60 Genetic Disorders Affect Skin And Nervous System, Loyola University Medical Center Study 1/25/2016
Oestrogen Supplements May Protect Against Dementia, Norwegian University Of Science And Technology Study 1/25/2016
Typing Fast Kills Your Writing Skills, University Of Waterloo Study 1/25/2016
Glowing Tumors That Could Improve Cancer Surgery Are Getting Closer To Reality, Stanford University School of Medicine Study 1/22/2016
Why People Don't Learn From Their Mistakes, New York University Study 1/22/2016
Five Personality Traits That May Influence College Major, Aarhus University Study 1/22/2016
Chronic Stress And Anxiety Can Damage The Brain, Baycrest Health Sciences Study 1/22/2016
Video Game Research Shows Promise For Autism, University of Wisconsin-Madison Study 1/22/2016
Aged Garlic Extract Can Reduce Dangerous Plaque Buildup In Arteries, LA BioMed Study Shows 1/22/2016
Immunity Genes Could Protect Some From E. Coli While Others Fall Ill, Duke University Study 1/22/2016
Revealed: Why Habits Are So Hard To Break, Duke University Study 1/22/2016
How Face-To-Face Still Beats Facebook, University of Oxford Study 1/21/2016
Link Between Gut Bacteria And Arthritis Investigated, International Consortium Led By Kennedy Institute 1/21/2016
New Findings May Reveal Why Type 2 Diabetics Experience Smelling Problems, Karolinska Institute Study 1/21/2016
Learning A Second Language May Depend On The Strength Of Brain's Connections, McGill University Study 1/21/2016
Revealed: There's No Such Thing As Seasonal Affective Disorder, Auburn University Study 1/21/2016
Veggies Fried In Olive Oil Have More Healthy Benefits Than Boiled Ones, University of Granada Study 1/21/2016
Ultrasound Exposure Could Be Making People Sick, University of Southampton Study 1/20/2016
Your Face Is Mapped On The Surface Of Other People's Brains, Aalto University Study 1/20/2016
Myth Busted: Slow Heart Rate Does Not Increase Heart Disease Risk, Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center Study 1/20/2016
High BMI, Teen Fitness Linked to Hypertension As An Adult, Stanford University Study 1/20/2016
Could Fish During Pregnancy Boost A Child's Intelligence? Centre For Research In Environmental Epidemiology Study 1/20/2016
Long-Term Opioid Use Ups Depression Risk, Saint Louis University Research Reveals 1/20/2016
Link Between Teen Pot Smoking And IQ Decline Questioned, Loyola Marymount University Study 1/19/2016
New Evidence Shows Cocaine Can Make Brain Cells Eat Themselves, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Study 1/19/2016
Weekend Catch-Up Sleep May Cut Diabetes Risk Tied To Sleep Loss, University of Chicago Study 1/19/2016
Plastic Might Really Be Tied To Weight Gain, University of Leipzig Researchers Reveal 1/19/2016
Omega-3 Levels Affect Whether B Vitamins Can Slow Brain's Decline, University of Cape Town Study 1/19/2016
Why Attitude Is More Important Than IQ, Stanford University Study 1/19/2016
Preservatives Found In Cheese May Kill Cancer Cells, Superbugs, University of Michigan Study 1/19/2016
Lack Of Self-Control Could Be A Sign Of Power, University of Queensland Study 1/18/2016
Medical Marijuana Decreases Migraines, University of Colorado Anschutz School Of Pharmacy Study Shows 1/18/2016
The Yin And Yang Of Sleep And Attention, University of Queensland Study 1/18/2016
Using A Standing Desk Could Give Your Brain A Boost, Texas A&M University Study 1/18/2016
Speed Reading Promises Are Too Good To Be True, University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Scientists Find 1/18/2016
Drug Curbs Marijuana Use, But With Tough Side Effects, Brown University Study 1/18/2016
Just One Hookah Tobacco Smoking Session Has 25 Times The Tar Of A Single Cigarette, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine Study 1/18/2016
Tufts University Release: High Folic Acid Intake In Aged Mice Causes A Lowered Immune Response 1/18/2016
Skipping Breakfast Boosts Stroke Risk By 20 Percent, Osaka University Study 1/18/2016
What You Eat Can Influence How You Sleep, Columbia University Medical Center Study Suggests 1/15/2016
Green, Leafy Vegetable May Lower Glaucoma Risk, Brigham and Women's Hospital Study 1/15/2016
Link Revealed Between Obesity And Colorectal Cancer, Thomas Jefferson University Study 1/15/2016
Occupational Textile Dust Exposure Linked To Rheumatoid Arthritis, Study Published In BMJ 1/15/2016
Obesity’s Link To Mortality Understated In Prior Research, Boston University Study 1/15/2016
Age Of First-Time Moms In U.S. Still Rising, CDC Reveals 1/15/2016
Happiness: Is It In Your DNA? Varna University Of Management Study 1/15/2016
Why You Should Stop Cleaning Your Ear With Cotton Swabs, National University Of Malaysia Study 1/14/2016
Blueberries And Red Wine Can Help With Erectile Dysfunction, University of East Anglia Study 1/14/2016
More People In Europe Are Dying Than Are Being Born, Texas A&M University Study 1/14/2016
Common Dementia Drug Improves Parkinson's Symptoms, University of Bristol Study 1/14/2016
Coffee May Help You Keep Up With Your New Year Fitness Resolutions, University of Kent Study 1/14/2016
High Levels Of Urate In Blood Linked To Lower Risk Of Parkinson's Disease, Pennsylvania State University Study 1/14/2016
Taste Buds Revealed As The First Line Of Defense Against Obesity, Deakin University Study 1/14/2016
Popular Cholesterol Med Tested As Potential Treatment For Parkinson’s Disease, Plymouth University Peninsula Schools Of Medicine And Dentistry Study 1/13/2016
The Science Of Why Some People Have More Difficulty Recovering From Romantic Breakups, Stanford University Research Explains 1/13/2016
Risky Gambling Linked To Single Brain Connection, Stanford University Research Shows 1/13/2016
Potato-Rich Diet May Up Pregnancy Diabetes Risk, BMJ Publishes 1/13/2016
Painkiller Tapped To Become Future Cancer-Killer, Published In Ecancermedicalscience 1/13/2016
How Much Alcohol Is Safe? Perhaps Less Than We Thought 1/12/2016
Why Some People Are Jerks Yet Others Are Even Nice To Strangers, Yale University Study 1/12/2016
Three New Glaucoma-Related Genes Discovered, National Eye Institute Researchers Reveal 1/12/2016
Sugary Drinks Intake Linked To Belly Fat, NIH Study 1/12/2016
Most Cell Phone Users Suffer From "Phantom Vibration Syndrome," Georgia Institute of Technology Researcher Says 1/12/2016
Blue Light From Tech Gadgets And Digital Eye Strain: More Than 73 Percent Of Young Adults Suffer From Symptoms 1/11/2016
Biofilter Made From Peanut Shell Degrades Air Pollutants, National University Of Mexico Study 1/11/2016
Even High IQs Kids Behave Better When Their Sleep Apnea Is Fixed, University of Michigan Study 1/11/2016
Calorie Cutting May Help Older Obese People With Thinking Problems, University of Sao Paulo Study 1/8/2016
Poor Sleep May Actually Set The Stage For Alzheimer's, Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) Study 1/8/2016
Having More Kids Slows Down Aging Process, Simon Fraser University Study 1/8/2016
Valuing Time Over Money Tied To Greater Happiness, University of British Columbia Study 1/8/2016
Six New Wearables That Promise To Make You Healthier 1/8/2016
Simple Things The Secret To Success In Love, Flinders University Study 1/8/2016
Obesity "Linked To Cancer Rise," Cancer Reserach UK Study 1/7/2016
Diners May Eat More When Served By Heavy Waiters, Cornell University Study 1/7/2016
Prenatal Exposure To Asthma Drugs Linked To Autism, Drexel University Study 1/7/2016
Common Antibiotics Can Promote C. Diff Infections By Killing Gut Bacteria, North Carolina State University Study 1/7/2016
Friendship And Social Networks As Important As Exercise And Diet To Our Health, University of North Carolina Study 1/7/2016
Can Early Menopause Trigger Depression Later In Life? National And Kapodistrian University Of Athens Study 1/7/2016
Cancer In One Twin Raises Risk In Other, Harvard School of Public Health Reveals 1/6/2016
Exercise May Stop Prostate Cancer From Spreading, Cancer Research UK Study 1/6/2016
Dance May Play A Role in Treating Neurogenerative Disorders, Harvard Medical School Study 1/6/2016
Remembering Past Events Might Take Place Quicker Than We Thought, University of Birmingham Research Shows 1/6/2016
Aspirin May Decrease Death From Lethal Prostate Cancer, Harvard Medical School Study 1/6/2016
Put The Cellphone Away Mom! Fragmented Baby Care Can Affect Brain Development, University of California, Irvine Study 1/6/2016
Myth Busted: Infertility Treatments Not Linked to Developmental Delays In Kids, NIH Study 1/6/2016
The Fastest, Most Significant Way To Lose Weight With Minimal Effort, University of Texas Exercise Scientist Reveals 1/5/2016
How You Manage Your Emails May Be Bad For Your Health, British Psychological Society Reveals 1/5/2016
Racial Bias May Be Conveyed By Doctors' Body Language, University of Pittsburgh Study 1/5/2016
How Food Labeled "Healthy" May Lead To Overeating, University of Texas Study 1/5/2016
How Emotions Affect The Brain's Creativity Network, UCSF Study 1/5/2016
Four New Elements To Be Added To Periodic Table 1/5/2016
Methane-Guzzling Bacteria Could Feed Fish, Pets, Even People, Calysta Reveals 1/5/2016
This Lung Cancer Drug May Not Be What It Seems, Chemists Say 1/4/2016
High Sugar Western Diets May Up Breast Cancer Risk, MD Anderson Cancer Center Study 1/4/2016
Ten Million "Good" Bacteria Found In One Glass Of Filtered Water, Lund University Study 1/4/2016
Magnesium May Lower Pancreatic Cancer Risk, Indiana University Researchers Find 1/4/2016
Eating When We Are Not Hungry Is Bad For Our Health, Cornell University Study 12/31/2015
Early-Life Exercise Alters Gut Microbes, Promotes Healthy Brain And Metabolism, University of Colorado Study 12/31/2015
Oregon Study Finds Higher Death Rate For Babies Born Outside The Hospital, Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) Reveals 12/31/2015
Is The "No-Shampoo" Trend A Healthy One? Yale University School Of Medicine Study 12/31/2015
Eating Potatoes On A Regular Basis May Up Risk Of T2DM, Osaka Center For Cancer And Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Study 12/31/2015
One Orgasm A Day May Reduce Risk For Prostate Cancer, Harvard Medical School Study 12/30/2015
Carbs Fuel Long Runs, Australian Catholic University Study 12/30/2015
University of Iowa Study Identifies Liver-Generated Hormone That Regulates "Sweet Tooth" 12/30/2015
Seaweed Capsules May Lead To An Injection-Free Life For Diabetic Patients, Okinawa Institute Of Technology And Science Graduate University Study 12/29/2015
International Team Of Scientists Detect Inherited Traits Tied To Sleep, Wake, And Activity Cycles Associated With Severe Bipolar Disorder, UT Southwestern Medical Center Reveals 12/29/2015
Childhood Asthma May Increase Risks Of Shingles, Mayo Clinic Study 12/29/2015
Eating When We Should Be Sleeping May Play Havoc With Our Brains, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Study 12/29/2015
Very Premature Babies At Greater Risk For Autism, Karolinska University Hospital Study 12/29/2015
Computer Time May Be Causing Kids' Nearsightedness, University of Southern California Study 12/29/2015
Large Proportion Of IBS Patients Are Vitamin D Deficient, University of Sheffield Study 12/28/2015
Sleep Isn’t Needed To Create Long-Term Memories -- Just Time Out, Heriot-Watt University Study 12/28/2015
No Need To Avoid "Happy Baby Pose" In Prenatal Yoga? 12/28/2015
African-Americans More Likely To Develop Alzheimer's Disease Than Caucasians, Emory University Study 12/28/2015
Weight Loss Programs Tailored To A Person's Genome May Be Coming Soon, University of Texas Study 12/28/2015
Partners May Not Spot Penis Repair For Common Birth Defect, University Children's Hospital Zurich Study 12/28/2015
Universite Laval Researchers Identify Molecule With Anti-Inflammatory Properties In Maple Syrup 12/23/2015
Blocking Fat Transport Linked To Longevity, Brown University Study 12/23/2015
Living Happily In A Material World: Material Purchases Can Bring Happiness, University of British Columbia Study 12/23/2015
Lie-Detecting Software Uses Real Court Case Data, University of Michigan Study 12/23/2015
Skin-to-Skin Contact May Lower Preemie Death Risk, Harvard School of Public Health Study 12/23/2015
Are You Facebook-Dependent? University Of Akron Study 12/23/2015
Is A Common Form Of Gum Disease Linked To Breast Cancer? University at Buffalo Study 12/22/2015