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For Women With Bipolar Disorder, Sleep Quality Affects Mood, Penn State University Study 7/1/2015
Inactivity Reduces People’s Muscle Strength, University of Copenhagen Study 7/1/2015
Sugary Drinks Tied To 18,000 Deaths A Year, Tufts University Study 6/30/2015
How Your Brain Knows It’s Summer, RIKEN Study 6/30/2015
Grape Seed Oil May Provide Weight Loss Clue, University of Florida Study 6/30/2015
Drinking Too Much Water Can Be Fatal For Athletes, Loyola University Medical Center Study 6/30/2015
Could OJ, Grapefruit Raise Your Skin Cancer Risk? Brown University Study 6/30/2015
University of Southern California Scientists Look Into Why Most Alzheimer's Patients Are Women 6/29/2015
Middle Age Memory Failures Can Predict Alzheimer's 18 Years Before Diagnosis, Rush University Medical Center Study 6/29/2015
High Blood Pressure Linked To Lower Alzheimer's Risk, Brigham Young University Study 6/29/2015
Scientists Disappointed At Results From GM Wheat Field Trial, Rothamsted Research Reveals 6/29/2015
Compound In Magnolia May Combat Head And Neck Cancers, University of Alabama at Birmingham Study 6/29/2015
Lamb Modified With Jellyfish Gene Goes On The Market, Prompts Investigation 6/26/2015
Food Order Has Significant Impact On Glucose And Insulin Levels, Weill Cornell Medical College Study 6/26/2015
Man Up, Bro: Men Tend To Overcompensate When Their Masculinity Is Threatened, University of Washington Study 6/26/2015
Fructose Produces Less Rewarding Sensations In The Brain, University of Basel Study 6/26/2015
Genetic Discovery Uncovers Key Tool For Morphine Production In Poppies, University of York Study 6/26/2015
TV, Computer Screen Time Linked To Weaker Bones In Teen Boys, University Hospital Of North Norway Study 6/26/2015
Think Like A Man: Men Aren't Necessarily Better At Math And Science, They Just Think They Are, Washington State University Study 6/26/2015
University of Virginia Fertilization Discovery May Lead To Male Contraceptive 6/26/2015
Fat Is Back: Time To Stop Limiting Dietary Fats, Experts Say 6/25/2015
Got Acne? Lay Off The B12, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Study 6/25/2015
For Vitiligo Patient, Arthritis Drug Restores Skin Color, Yale University Study 6/25/2015
Nearly Half Of Hispanics With High Cholesterol Don’t Realize It, Wake Forest University School of Medicine Study 6/25/2015
What Is Artificial Blood And Why Is The UK Going To Trial It? 6/25/2015
Road Traffic Noise Associated With Deaths And Increased Strokes, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Study 6/25/2015
No Difference In Kids With Same-Sex, Opposite-Sex Parents, University of Oregon Study 6/25/2015
New Knowledge: Parkinson's Disease May Begin In The Gut, Aarhus University Study 6/24/2015
Mushroom Used In Chinese Medicine "Slows Weight Gain," Chang Gung University Study 6/24/2015
What Causes Bloating? Low Levels Of Sex Hormones Can Lead To Greater Water Retention, Mayo Clinic Study 6/24/2015
Weight-Loss Surgery May Help Curb Urinary Incontinence 6/24/2015
The Shame Of Psychology, University of California, Santa Barbara Study 6/24/2015
Medication May Stop Drug And Alcohol Addiction, University of Texas Study 6/24/2015
Drinking A Lot Of Beer Increases Exposure To Mycotoxins, University Of Valencia Study 6/23/2015
More Women Are Reaching 100 But Centenarian Men Are Healthier, King's College London Study 6/23/2015
Fat, Sugar Cause Bacterial Changes That May Relate To Loss Of Cognitive Function, Oregon State University Study 6/23/2015
Fructose Powers A Vicious Circle, ETH Zurich Study 6/23/2015
Obesity, Excess Weight In U.S. Continue Upswing, Washington University in St. Louis Study 6/23/2015
University at Albany Release: Study: Mixtures Of Common Chemicals May Increase Cancer Risk 6/23/2015
Love, Factually: Cornell University Gerontologist Finds The Formula To A Happy Marriage 6/22/2015
Head-Banging Tunes Can Have Same Effect As A Warm Hug, University of Queensland Study 6/22/2015
Five Day Fasting Diet Could Slow Down Aging, University of South Carolina Study 6/22/2015
Age Of Puberty Predicts Health In Later Life, Cambridge University Study 6/22/2015
Parkinson's Disease Appears Associated With Many Cancers In Taiwan, National Taiwan University College Of Medicine Study 6/22/2015
Changing Faces: We Can Look More Trustworthy, But Not More Competent, New York University Study 6/22/2015
Any Added Sugar Is Bad Sugar, Some Experts Contend, University of Washington Study 6/22/2015
Brain Can't Be Tricked By Fake Sugars, University of Michigan Study 6/22/2015
Chocolate, Chocolate, It's Good For The Human Heart, Tufts University Reveals 6/19/2015
White Fat Turned Into Obesity-Fighting Beige Fat, Washington State University Reveals 6/19/2015
Sitting Down Boosts Your Risk Of Anxiety, Deakin University Study 6/19/2015
Too Much "Feel Good" Brain Chemical May Trigger Social Phobia, Uppsala Universitet Study 6/19/2015
Science Meets Speed Dating, Really? 6/19/2015
Vitamin D May Help Fight HIV, Penn State University Study 6/19/2015
High School Football Players May Be At Doubled Risk Of Migraine, Norton Healthcare Study 6/19/2015
Emotional Brains "Physically Different" To Rational Ones, Monash University Study 6/18/2015
ChromaDex, Inc. Announces A Collaborative Human Clinical Study On NIAGEN With The University of Colorado Boulder 6/18/2015
Trans Fats Linked To Memory Loss, University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Study 6/18/2015
Extreme Exercise Linked To Blood Poisoning, Monash University Study 6/18/2015
8 Things That Happen When You Finally Stop Drinking Diet Soda 6/18/2015
Happy Memories May Help You Fight Depression, RIKEN Study 6/18/2015
Eating Chocolate Cuts Heart Attack And Stroke Risk But Scientists Don't Know How, British Medical Journal Reveals 6/18/2015
Low Heart Rate Linked To Sexual Dysfunction, University of Texas Study 6/17/2015
Transplant Drug May Help Seniors Lose Weight, University of Florida Study 6/17/2015
Early Behavior Problems May Be Linked To "Aging" Biomarkers In Preschoolers, University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) Study Finds 6/17/2015
Looking At Angry Faces Ups Your Depression Risk, Binghamton University Study 6/17/2015
Avocados May Help Fight Blood Cancer, University Of Waterloo Study 6/17/2015
Birth Control May Keep You From Sleeping Well 6/17/2015
Being Part Of A Group Boosts Self-Esteem More Than Friends Alone, Canadian Institute For Advanced Research Study 6/17/2015
Inkjet Inks Made Of Bioactive Silk Could Yield Smart Bandages, Bacteria-Sensing Surgical Gloves & More, Tufts University Study 6/17/2015
Poor Sleep Ups Your Heart Attack And Stroke Risk, European Society of Cardiology Reveals 6/16/2015
How The Food Industry Has Changed The Way Our Taste Buds Work 6/16/2015
Scientists Hope To Someday Make A Baby From A Frozen Testicle 6/16/2015
7 New Genes Identified As Potential Indicators For Anxiety Disorders, Stellenbosch University Study 6/16/2015
Want To Be A Human Lie Detector? You'll Do Best With A Group, University of Chicago Study 6/16/2015
People Who Suffer Depression And Anxiety After A Traumatic Brain Injury May Have Damaged White Matter, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Study 6/16/2015
Three Questions Can Predict If You’re Irrational About Money 6/15/2015
Helmholtz Center In Munich Scientists Growing Mini Breasts To Study Cancer 6/15/2015
Myth Busted: Eating French Fries May Prevent Weight Gain, University of Iowa Study 6/15/2015
Superior Visual Ability Seen In Kids With Autism, University of London Study 6/15/2015
Eating Nuts, Peanuts May Lower Your Risk Of Dying, Oxford University Study 6/15/2015
Fermented Foods Tied To Decreased Social Anxiety, University of Maryland Study 6/15/2015
Could An Ebola Treatment Already Exist? Boston University Study 6/15/2015
Three Reasons So Many People Are Getting Cancer, CentraState Medical Center Reveals 6/12/2015
First Penile Transplant Recipient "To Become Father," Stellenbosch University Reveals 6/12/2015
What One Day Less Sleep Will Do To Your Health, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Study 6/12/2015
How A Cup Of Coffee May Help People Manage Stress, Avoid Depression And Memory Loss, University of Coimbra Study 6/12/2015
Popular Heartburn Meds Boost Heart Attack Risk, Stanford University Study 6/12/2015
Partners Who Still Have Sex When Libido Is Low Have Better Relationships, University of Toronto Study 6/11/2015
Waters Welcomes Chang Gung University As Taiwan’s First Centers Of Innovation Program Partner 6/11/2015
Age, Gender And Ability To Listen: Who Listens Best? 6/11/2015
NSAIDS Inhibit Ovulation After Just 10 Days, University Of Baghdad Study 6/11/2015
Your Birth Month May Predict Your Health, Columbia University Medical Center Reveals 6/11/2015
Baby Born From Ovary Frozen In Mother's Childhood 6/11/2015
BMI And Body Fat Influenced By Timing Of Light Exposure, Northwestern University Study 6/11/2015
How One Man's Blood Saved Two Million Babies 6/10/2015
Doctors Remove 420 Kidney Stones From Man With A Penchant For Tofu, Dongyang People's Hospital Reveals 6/10/2015
How Your Cat Could Make You Mentally Ill, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Study 6/10/2015
Keep Calm And Carry On -- For The Sake Of Your Long-Term Health, Penn State University Study 6/10/2015
Birth Weight Reduced By Warmer Temperatures, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Study 6/10/2015
Why Are The Oldest People Alive Usually Women? Stanford University Reveals 6/9/2015
Does Creativity Share Genetic Roots With Schizophrenia? Maybe, King's College London Study 6/9/2015
Moral Reasoning Tied To Gray Matter In Brain, Penn Medicine Study 6/9/2015
Eating Less During Late Night Hours Make Insomniacs More Functional, University of Pennsylvania Study Shows 6/9/2015
Two Sugary Drinks A Day Can Raise Liver Disease Risk, Tufts University Study 6/9/2015
Wondering How Long You Have? Simple Score Gives 5-Year Death Risk, Karolinska Institute Reveals 6/9/2015
Monkeys May Be The First Primates To Get Successful Head Transplants, Harbin Medical University Study 6/8/2015
Startup Says It’s The First To Make Synthetic Spider Silk 6/8/2015
Single Drop Of Blood Shows Your Viral History, Harvard Medical School Study 6/8/2015
Can BPA Turn Mice Into Bad Parents?, University of Missouri Study 6/8/2015
Eating The Placenta Does Not Benefit Health, Northwestern University Study 6/8/2015
Multi-Tasking Could Benefit Exercise, University of Florida Study 6/8/2015
University at Albany Researcher Explores Link Between Vitamin D, Breast Cancer Treatment 6/8/2015
Scientists Develop Lab Grown Milk 6/5/2015
Blood Type May Boost Alzheimer's Risk, University of Sheffield Study 6/5/2015
U.S. Man Has First Skull And Scalp Transplant, Houston Methodist Hospital Reveals 6/5/2015
DNA Breakage Underlies Both Learning, Age-Related Damage, MIT Study 6/5/2015
Can These Panties Disrupt The $15 Billion Feminine Hygiene Market? 6/5/2015
Google (GOOG) App Calculates Calories In A Meal By Examining A Photo 6/4/2015
Common Pesticide Linked To ADHD In Boys, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center Study 6/4/2015
Scientist Develop Lab-Grown Limb, Massachusetts General Hospital Reveals 6/4/2015
Scorpion Venom Has Toxic Effects Against Cancer Cells, University Of Colima Study 6/4/2015
Facebook Addiction Linked To Depression, John Paul II Catholic University Study 6/4/2015
"Distracted Eating" In Front Of Your TV Or Your Phone Makes You Fat, University of Birmingham Study 6/4/2015
Why Washing Chicken Before Cooking Is Unsafe, Drexel University Reveals 6/3/2015
Suppressing Guilty Memories Reduces Their Impact On Unconscious Behavior, University of Texas Study 6/3/2015
Poor Sleep Linked To Alzheimer’s, University of California, Berkeley (CAL) Study 6/3/2015
Quick To Laugh Or Smile? It May Be In Your Genes, Northwestern University Study 6/3/2015
Why You Should Stand At Least 2 Hours Daily During Working Hours, British Journal Of Sports Medicine Reveals 6/3/2015
How Fructose Can Make You Fat, University of Illinois Study 6/3/2015
Bacteria May Cause Type 2 Diabetes, University of Iowa Study 6/3/2015
Does Aging Affect Decision Making? University of Basel Study 6/2/2015
The Less You Sleep, The More You Eat, University of Nebraska Study 6/2/2015
An Egg A Day May Help Keep The Doctor Away, University of Connecticut Study 6/2/2015
Science Explains Why Your Brain Wants to Go Onto Facebook Even When We’re Resting, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Psychologists Report 6/2/2015
Killer Drugs, Common Prescription Painkillers Linked To Homicide Risk, Karolinska Institute Study 6/2/2015
Who's More Likely To Cheat In A Relationship? University of Connecticut Study 6/2/2015
TVs And Second Screens A Bad Combination For Advertisers, Ohio State University Study 6/1/2015
Breath Analyzer Can Tell If You're About To Gain Weight, Isomark Reveals 6/1/2015
Contact Lenses Can Alter Bacteria In The Eye, NYU Langone Medical Center Study 6/1/2015
Common Heart Med Could Help Asthmatics Too, University of California, Davis (UCD) Study 6/1/2015
Middle Age Fitness Linked To Healthier Brain In Later Years, National Institute on Aging Study 6/1/2015
Not Making Enough Money? Check Your Attitude, University of Cologne Study 6/1/2015
Germany Passes Japan To Have World's Lowest Birth Rate, Hamburg Institute Of International Economics Study 6/1/2015
A Century On, Experts Crack Mystery Of Holes In Swiss Cheese 5/29/2015
A Good Night's Sleep Helps Fix Deeply Rooted Attitudes, Northwestern University Study 5/29/2015
Genetics May Play Role For Women Who Cheat, University of Queensland Study 5/29/2015
ASCO15: Green Tea May Help Prevent Prostate Cancer 5/29/2015
RIKEN-MIT Researchers Retrieve "Lost" Memories 5/29/2015
Handsome Men Do Catch More Breaks Than Homely Men From Women, Eastern Kentucky University Study 5/28/2015
Hallucinations And Delusions More Common Than Thought, University of Queensland Study 5/28/2015
Take A Walk To Be Better At Math, University of Bologna Study 5/28/2015
How Racial Stereotypes Changes How We Hear People Talk, University of British Columbia Study 5/28/2015
Millennials May Be The Least Religious Generation Yet, San Diego State University Study 5/28/2015
Two Drinks A Day May Harms Older People's Hearts, Brigham and Women's Hospital Study 5/28/2015
Facebook Status Updates Reveal Low Self-Esteem And Narcissism 5/28/2015
Delayed Cord Cutting Linked To Better Skills In Childhood, Uppsala Universitet Study 5/28/2015
Probiotics May Help Ease Allergies, Vanderbilt University Study Shows 5/27/2015
Fetal Cells Injected Into A Man's Brain To Cure His Parkinson's, University of Cambridge Study 5/27/2015
Here’s Why Living On A Noisy Street Could Make You Fatter, Karolinska Institute Study 5/27/2015
Do People Transmit Happiness By Smell? Koc University Study 5/27/2015
California Scientists Test Ecstasy As Anxiety-Reducer For Gravely Ill 5/27/2015
Rejection From Attractive Men Makes Single Women More Vindictive Toward Ugly Suitors, University of Toronto Study 5/27/2015
University of Maryland School of Medicine Release: New Research Leads To FDA Approval Of First Drug To Treat Radiation Sickness 5/26/2015
Memory Loss Not Always First Sign Of Alzheimer’s, National Hospital For Neurology And Neurosurgery Study 5/26/2015
Teenage Obesity May Double Bowel Cancer Risk, Harvard School of Public Health Study 5/26/2015
Faster Heart Rate Linked To Diabetes Risk, Penn State University Study 5/26/2015
Does Botox Actually Rejuvenate Your Skin? University of Ottawa Study 5/26/2015
Albert Einstein College of Medicine Release: Study Identifies Ebola Virus's Achilles' Heel 5/26/2015
Drinking Coffee May Lower Erectile Dysfunction Risk, University of Texas Health Science Center Study 5/22/2015
Infections Can Affect Your IQ, Aarhus University Study 5/22/2015
Emoticons ; ) May Signal Better Customer Service, Penn State University Study 5/22/2015
How Watching A Film Can Make You Smarter, Goldsmiths University Scientists Reveal 5/22/2015
Earlier Puberty And Stunted Growth In Boys Linked To Pot Use, Pir Mehr Ali Shah Agriculture University Rawalpindi Study 5/22/2015
Paracetamol Risk To Unborn Boys, University of Edinburgh Study 5/22/2015
Skipping Meals May Actually Increase Belly Fat, Ohio State University Reveals 5/21/2015
Botox Seems To Ease Depression, University Of Texas Medical Center Reveals 5/21/2015
Elite Athletes' Brains 82 Percent Faster, University College London Study 5/21/2015
DNA Bank To Unlock Genetic Clues About Stuttering Created, University of Alberta Reveals 5/21/2015
Your Genes May Influence Leadership Ability In The Workplace, Kansas State University Research Finds 5/21/2015
Snacking On Protein Can Improve Appetite Control And Diet Quality In Teens, University of Missouri Study 5/21/2015
Science Finally Explains Why Men Really Exist, University of East Anglia Study 5/20/2015
Old Bones Can Regain Youthful Healing Power, Hospital For Sick Children Study Finds 5/20/2015
How To Restore Youthful Vigor To Adult Brains, University of California, Irvine Study 5/20/2015
Your Brain's Unique Response To Words Can Reveal Your Identity, Basque Center On Cognition, Brain, And Language Study 5/20/2015
Should Women Copy Men By Faking The 80-Hour Work Week? Boston University Study 5/20/2015
University of California, San Francisco (UCSF)-Led Study Shows Oncotype DX And MRI May Provide Independent Information In Favorable Risk Prostate Cancer 5/20/2015
"Extreme" Exposure To Secondhand Cannabis Smoke Causes Mild Intoxication, Johns Hopkins University Study 5/19/2015
Discovery Paves Way For Homebrewed Drugs, University of California, Berkeley (CAL) Study 5/19/2015
Obese People Not Just Clumsy, Dublin City University Study 5/19/2015
Many Popular Probiotics Could Actually Be Harmful, Columbia University Study 5/19/2015
Men With Asthma Less Likely To Develop Lethal Prostate Cancer, Johns Hopkins University Study 5/19/2015
Diarrhea Medicine Could Cure A Hangover, University of Pennsylvania Study 5/19/2015
Death In Your State: What's Really Killing Americans, CDC Reveals 5/18/2015
How Birth Month Really Does Influence Personality Traits, University of Connecticut Study 5/18/2015
First-Born Kids Are Just Plain Better At Picking Up Second Languages, University College London Study 5/18/2015
High Salt Intake May Delay Puberty, University Of Wyoming Study 5/18/2015
On Planes, Savory Tomato Becomes Favored Flavor, Cornell University Study 5/18/2015
Three Perspectives On "The Dress," Giessen University Study 5/18/2015
Ebola Isn't Going To Spread Through The Air, New University of Florida Study Reveals 5/18/2015
New Test Detects Drug Use From A Single Fingerprint, University of Surrey Study 5/15/2015