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Pesticide DDT Linked To Slow Metabolism, Obesity And Diabetes, University of California, Davis (UCD) Study 7/31/2014
Dissolvable Fabric Loaded With Medicine Might Offer Faster Protection Against HIV, University of Washington Study 7/31/2014
Soy May Help Women's Hearts If They Start Early, Wake Forest University School of Medicine Study 7/31/2014
No Extra Benefit Found In Eating More Than Five Portions Of Fruit And Veggies A Day, British Medical Journal Reveals 7/30/2014
Wide-Faced Men Negotiate Nearly $2,200 Larger Signing Bonus, University of California, Riverside Study 7/30/2014
Facial Features Are The Key To First Impressions, University of York Study 7/30/2014
Drinking In Midlife Doubles Chance Of Memory Problems In Later Life, University of Exeter Study 7/30/2014
Slow Walking Speed And Memory Issues Linked To Early Signs Of Dementia, Albert Einstein College of Medicine Study 7/29/2014
Want To Live Longer? Go For A Five Minute Run, Says Iowa State University Researcher 7/29/2014
Why Men Like Nice Women And Why Women Like Bad Boys, University of Rochester Study 7/29/2014
An FDA-Approved Multiple Sclerosis Drug Can Alter Memory? University of California, Irvine Study 7/29/2014
University of Sheffield Study Finds That Stem Cells Are Far More Behaviourally Diverse Than Previously Thought 7/29/2014
Pessimism Is From Your Brain, University College London Study 7/29/2014
Mutations From Venus, Mutations From Mars, Weizmann Institute of Science Study 7/29/2014
Fist Bumps Are Less Germy Than Handshakes, Aberystwyth University Study 7/29/2014
Estrogen Levels In Birth Control Pills Affect How Women Perceive Each Other, University of Trieste Study 7/29/2014
Mom's Fears Are Passed Down To Their Kids Through Smell, University of Michigan Medical School Research Finds 7/29/2014
Choice Bias: A Quirky Byproduct Of Learning From Reward, Brown University Study 7/28/2014
Shift Work Linked To Heightened Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes, Occupational & Environmental Medicine Reveals 7/28/2014
Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) Knight Cancer Challenge Attracts $100 Million Gift 7/28/2014
Paracetamol Does Not Work For Lower Back Pain, University of Sydney Study 7/28/2014
Total Darkness During The Night Is A Key To Success Of Breast Cancer Therapy, Tulane University Study 7/28/2014
Newly Discovered Gut Virus Lives In Half The World's Population, San Diego State University Study 7/28/2014
Losing Your Job Could Kill You, But Recessions Could Be Good For Your Health, Drexel University And University of Michigan Study 7/28/2014
Pain And Itch May Be Signs Of Skin Cancer, Temple University School Of Medicine's Chair Of Dermatology Reveals 7/25/2014
Where Are The Unhappiest Cities In America? University of British Columbia Study 7/25/2014
Rosemary And Oregano Contain Diabetes-Fighting Compounds, Agricultural And Food Chemistry Reveals 7/25/2014
Indian Boy Has 232 Teeth Removed 7/24/2014
Robot Bladder Surgery Fails To Deliver Fewer Complications, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center Study 7/24/2014
Alcohol Improves Your Sense Of Smell, Weizmann Institute of Science Study 7/24/2014
Moderate Alcohol Use Associated With Increased Risk For Atrial Fibrillation, Karolinska Institute Study 7/24/2014
TCGA Researchers Identify Four Subtypes Of Stomach Cancer 7/24/2014
University of Pittsburgh-Led Study Suggests Cystic Fibrosis Is Two Diseases, One Doesn’t Affect Lungs 7/23/2014
Migraine Treatment Innovations Still Have Ways To Go 7/23/2014
Young Women With A Heart Attack Continue To Fare Worse Than Men, Yale University School Of Medicine Study 7/23/2014
Probiotics May Help People With High Blood Pressure, Griffith University Study 7/23/2014
In Asthma, It's Not Just What You Smell, But What You Think You Smell, Monell Chemical Senses Center Study 7/23/2014
New Research Links Bad Diet To Loss Of Smell, Florida State University Study 7/23/2014
Antipsychotic Drugs Linked To Slight Decrease In Brain Volume, University of Cambridge Study 7/23/2014
Potential Genetic Link Between Epilepsy, Neurodegenerative Disorders, University of Iowa Study 7/23/2014
University of California, Riverside Study Links Autistic Behaviors To Enzyme 7/23/2014
Avid Cyclists Could Have Higher Prostate Cancer Risk, University College London Study 7/22/2014
Healing The Heart With Fat? 7/22/2014
Consuming Probiotics For A Month Helps Diminish Fat Accumulation In The Liver, University of Granada Study 7/22/2014
Brain Waves Show Learning To Read Doesn't End In Fourth Grade, Dartmouth College Study 7/22/2014
Cardiff University Sheds New Light On Biology Underlying Schizophrenia 7/22/2014
Divorce Is More Common Among Families With Girls, Duke University Study 7/21/2014
Women's Professional Self-Identity Impacts On Childcare Balance, But Not Men's, Cambridge University Study 7/21/2014
Fish Oil May Benefit Alcohol Abusers, Loyola University Health System Study 7/21/2014
Women Who Used Hormonal Birth Control Had Higher Odds For Gestational Diabetes, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Reveals 7/21/2014
Eye Movements Reveal Difference Between Love And Lust, University of Chicago Study 7/21/2014
Eating Lean Beef Daily Can Help Lower Blood Pressure, Penn State University Study 7/21/2014
Fasting Diet Could Make You More Susceptible To Infection, University of Bath Study 7/21/2014
Two Cancer Patients "Cured" Of AIDS After Bone Marrow Transplants, St. Vincent Hospital Study 7/21/2014
National Cancer Centre Singapore, Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore, And Singapore General Hospital Scientists Discover Genetic Cause Of Common Breast Tumours In Women 7/21/2014
India's Snakebite Victims Could Be Offered Lifesaving Low-Cost Nasal Spray, Trinity College Dublin Study 7/21/2014
Vision Loss Associated With Employment Status, JAMA 7/18/2014
One Third Of Cancer Patients Are Killed By A Fat-Burning Process Termed Cachexia, Spanish National Cancer Research Center Study 7/18/2014
Newfound Gene Could Play Role In Aging, The Scripps Research Institute Scientists Reveal 7/18/2014
One Injection Stops Diabetes In Its Tracks, Salk Institute for Biological Studies Study 7/18/2014
Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs May Reduce Cardiovascular Death In Type 2 Diabetes, Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center Study 7/18/2014
Cat Poop Parasite May Play A Role In Curing Cancer, Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center Study 7/18/2014
aTyr Pharma Inc., The Hong Kong University Of Science And Technology, The Scripps Research Institute And Stanford University Join In The Discovery Of A New Class Of Human Proteins 7/18/2014
7 Best Anti-Aging Anti-Cancer Superfoods 7/17/2014
Food Influences Body Clock And May Ease Jet Lag, Yamaguchi University Study 7/17/2014
When It Comes To Food, Obese Women's Learning Is Impaired, Yale University Study 7/17/2014
Common Asthma Drugs May Stunt Your Child's Growth, Federal University Of Rio Grande Study 7/17/2014
Fish Oil Supplements May Improve Memory, Slow Cognitive Decline, Rhode Island Hospital Study 7/17/2014
Do Women Talk More Than Men? It Depends, Northwestern University Study 7/17/2014
Study Details Brain Pathways Linking Visual Function, Running, University of Oregon Reveals 7/17/2014
Taking B Vitamins Won’t Prevent Alzheimer's Disease, University of Oxford Study 7/17/2014
AIDS Epidemic May Be Over By 2030 – United Nations Reveals 7/17/2014
Genetics May Be The Real Reason Our Friends Feel Like Family, University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Study 7/16/2014
Balancing Daily Protein Intake Across Meals Builds Muscle Mass, University Of Texas Medical Branch Study 7/16/2014
Mutation Stops Worms From Getting Drunk, University of Texas Study 7/16/2014
Proof: Parkinson's Enhances Creativity, Tel Aviv University Study 7/16/2014
Baylor College of Medicine Joins Organizers Of 2014 World Stem Cell Summit #WSCS14 7/16/2014
Sunscreens Do Not Fully Protect Against Skin Cancer, University Miguel Hernández Study 7/16/2014
Women See Other Women Wearing Red As A Sexual Threat, University of Rochester Study 7/15/2014
Can You Be Allergic To Your iPad? University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Study 7/15/2014
Stress, Fatty Meals Slow Metabolism In Women, Ohio State University Study 7/15/2014
Brain Activity In Sex Addiction Mirrors That Of Drug Addiction, University of Cambridge Study 7/15/2014
Monkeys Also Believe In Winning Streaks, University of Rochester Study 7/15/2014
Months Before Their First Words, Babies' Brains Rehearse Speech Mechanics, University of Washington Study 7/15/2014
Seniors Nearly Twice As Likely To Have Memories Affected By Environmental Distraction, Rice University Study 7/15/2014
Facial Expressions May Reveal Health Status: Inability To Register Surprise Linked To Serious Heart Conditions, Carolinas Medical Center Study 7/15/2014
Student Went Blind After Wearing Contact Lenses For 6 Months Straight 7/14/2014
"Asian Glow" When Drinking May Keep Your Heart Healthy, British Medical Journal Reveals 7/14/2014
A Little Red Wine Does Not Benefit The Heart After All, University of Pennsylvania Study 7/14/2014
Hypnotic Relaxation Therapy May Ease The Discomfort That Guys Don't Like To Talk About, Baylor University Study Finds 7/14/2014
How Antioxidants Can Accelerate Cancers And Why They Don't Protect Against Them, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Scientists Reveal 7/14/2014
When Good Gut Bacteria Get Sick, Brigham and Women's Hospital Study 7/14/2014
Transplant Genomics Inc. Announces Exclusive License To Patent Rights Co-Owned By The Scripps Research Institute And Northwestern University 7/14/2014
Obesity Alone Does Not Cause Arthritis In Animals, Duke Medicine Study 7/14/2014
Researchers From Ruhr-University Detect Olfactory Receptors In The Skin 7/14/2014
Vasectomy Linked To Lethal Prostate Cancer, Harvard University Study 7/11/2014
How Coffee Protects Against Parkinson's, Linkoping University Study 7/11/2014
What You Eat May Affect Your Body's Internal Biological Clock, Yamaguchi University Study 7/11/2014
Rotten Egg Gas Holds Key To Healthcare Therapies, University of Exeter Study 7/11/2014
Back Pain? Don't Blame The Weather, University of Sydney Study 7/11/2014
How Tall You Stand Changes How You Make Decisions, University of Toronto Study 7/11/2014
On The Link Between Periodontitis And Atherosclerosis, Boston University And University of Washington Study 7/11/2014
Bacterial Respiratory Tract Colonization Prior To Catching The Flu May Protect Against Severe Illness, Wistar Institute Study 7/11/2014
New Compound Treats Both Blindness And Diabetes, University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) Study 7/11/2014
10 Proteins In The Blood That Can Predict The Early Alzheimer's Identified, King's College London Reveals 7/10/2014
New Clues To Autism Discovered, Seattle Children's Research Institute And University of Washington Study 7/10/2014
Will You Be Obese? Look at Your Sisters, Brothers, Duke University Study 7/10/2014
Cornell University Study Cracks How The Brain Processes Emotions 7/10/2014
Extreme Obesity May Shorten Life Expectancy Up To 14 Years, National Institutes of Health (NIH) Study 7/10/2014
Do You Think Like A Man Or A Woman? National Academy of Sciences Reveals 7/10/2014
Handwriting Analysis Diagnoses Major Nervous System Disorders, But Reveals Little Else 7/10/2014
Parkinson's Medication Could Be Helpful In Treatment Of Phobias, PTSD, Johannes Gutenberg University Study 7/10/2014
Exercising Moms-To-Be Have Less Chubby Babies, University Of Colorado School Of Public Health Study 7/10/2014
Can You Tell Which Child Has ADHD? Boston Medical Center Reveals 7/9/2014
Lack Of Exercise, Not Diet, Linked To Weight Gain, Stanford University School of Medicine Research Shows 7/9/2014
Contradictory Findings About Effect Of Full Moon On Sleep, University of Gothenburg Study 7/9/2014
Sunshine Vitamin D Boosts Survival Chances In Bowel Cancer, University of Edinburgh Study 7/9/2014
Time Of Day Crucial To Accurately Test For Diseases, University of Surrey Study 7/9/2014
Brain's Consciousness "Sleep Switch" Found By Accident? George Washington University Study 7/9/2014
Northwestern Medicine Enrolls First Participant In Study Of Device To Treat Brain Aneurysms 7/9/2014
Shocking: Many Choose Electric Jolt Over Being Alone With Their Thoughts, University of Virginia Study 7/8/2014
Stock Market High Earners May Have Brain Patterns That Can Predict Market Bubbles, Virginia Tech Study 7/8/2014
What's Next In Healthcare Mobile Apps? Spit Into Your Phone To Know If You're Stressed, Intermountain Healthcare Study 7/8/2014
How Feeling Grateful Betters Your Decision Making, University of California, Riverside Study 7/8/2014
More Left-Handed Men Are Born During The Winter, University of Vienna Study 7/8/2014
Infant Toenails Reveal In Utero Exposure To Low-Level Arsenic, Dartmouth College Finds 7/8/2014
Babies Born To Healthy Mums Are Strikingly Similar In Size Worldwide, Oxford University Study 7/7/2014
Association Found Between High Cholesterol And Breast Cancer, Aston University School Of Medical Sciences Study 7/7/2014
Headbanging Caused Brain Bleed In Heavy Metal Fan, Hannover Medical School Study 7/7/2014
Why Dark Chocolate, Not Milk Chocolate May Make Walking Easier, Sapienza University Study 7/7/2014
Smarter People More Likely To Change Location: City Life Appeals To High IQ Country Folk, While Rural Areas Appeal To Intellectual City Dwellers, University of Helsinki Reveals 7/7/2014
BSD Medical (BSDM) Debuts University of Utah’s Huntsman Cancer Institute As U.S. Teaching Center For Microthermx® Microwave Ablation System 7/7/2014
Joslin Diabetes Center Scientists Identify Process That Affects Fat Distribution And Metabolic Syndrome 7/3/2014
Early Humans May Have Evolved Bigger Brains Eating Insects, Washington University in St. Louis Study 7/3/2014
Gene Linked To Higher Stroke And Heart Attack Risk, King's College London Study 7/3/2014
Goethe University Scientists Find How Magic Mushrooms Alter The Mind, 7/3/2014
People Are More Likely To Lie Or Cheat When They're Tired, Johns Hopkins University Study 7/3/2014
Chinese Herbal Extract May Help Kill Off Pancreatic Cancer Cells, American Physiological Society Reveals 7/3/2014
Inadequate Sleep Speeds Up Aging Of Brain, Duke-NUS Study 7/3/2014
Tescan USA Inc. And The University of New Hampshire Announce The Addition Of The LYRA GMU FIB-SEM Workstation To The University Instrumentation Center, A Facility Dedicated To The Advancement Of UNH’s Research, Academic, And Engagement Missions 7/3/2014
Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute Researchers Discover A "Switch" In Alzheimer's And Stroke Patient Brains That Prevents The Generation And Survival Of Neurons 7/3/2014
Stem Cell Transplant Stops Sickle Cell In Potential Cure, National Institutes of Health (NIH) Reveals 7/2/2014
Deep Frozen Testicle Tissue Produced Healthy Babies In Mice, Yokohama City University Study 7/2/2014
Egyptian Military Backtracks On Aids Cure Claims 7/2/2014
Eating Almonds May Reduce Heart Disease Risk, Aston University 7/2/2014
Lead Exposure Leads To Lower IQ's, Emotional Problems In Kids, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Study 7/2/2014
Mayo Clinic Researchers Reveal Treasure Trove Of Genes Key To Kidney Cancer 7/2/2014
Missing Protein Explains Link Between Obesity And Diabetes, A*STAR Study 7/2/2014
Alzheimer's Disease To Brain Hyperactivity, Tel Aviv University Study 7/2/2014
Malnutrition Can Boost High Blood Pressure Risks, University Of The West Indies Study 7/2/2014
No Link Found Between Fertility Drugs And Cancers, University of Illinois Study 7/1/2014
Sex Hormone Levels At Midlife Linked To Heart Disease Risk In Women, University of Pittsburgh Study 7/1/2014
Engineered Red Blood Cells Could Carry Precious Therapeutic Cargo, Whitehead Institute Study 7/1/2014
How To Make A High-Fat Western Diet Worse: Just Add Sugar, University of Naples Study 7/1/2014
Night Owls Shouldn't Drive Early In The Morning, University of Granada Reveals 7/1/2014
Dad's Ethnicity Influences Birthweight, St. Michael's Hospital Study 7/1/2014
If Facebook's Secret Study Bothered You, Maybe It's Time To Quit 6/30/2014
Drug Could Stop Alzheimer's By Targeting Clotting Protein, Rockefeller University Study 6/30/2014
It May Take Guts To Cure Diabetes, Columbia University Study 6/30/2014
What Not To Eat: 5 Everyday Foods That Can Kill Your Sex Drive 6/30/2014
Low-Dose Aspirin Slashes Pancreatic Cancer Risk In Half, Yale University Study 6/30/2014
Increased Nearsightedness Linked To Higher Education, American Academy of Ophthalmology Reveals 6/30/2014
Moms Are More Altruistic Than Dads But Only If They Are Acting Alone, Radboud University Nijmegen Study 6/27/2014
Rosin Up That Bow, Maestro. And Thank Your Genes, Michigan State University Study 6/27/2014
Do People With Autism Struggle With Driving? Drexel University Study 6/27/2014
Are Hormones Causing My Child's Weight Gain? Loyola University Health System Study 6/27/2014
Water As Only Mealtime Drink "Will Combat Child Obesity" 6/27/2014
Older Moms Tend To Live Longer, Boston University School of Medicine Study 6/27/2014
Schizophrenia And Cannabis Use May Share Common Genes, King's College London Study 6/27/2014
Too Much TV Linked To Early Death, University of Navarra Study 6/26/2014
Harmless Virus Kills Cancer And Tumor Cells, Pennsylvania State University Study 6/26/2014
Why Debbie Downer And Negative Nancy May Not Want To Be Cheered Up, University Of Waterloo Study 6/26/2014
How A High-Fat Diet, Exercise, And Diabetes Meds Can Change Your Bones' Insides, University of North Carolina Study 6/26/2014
Cocoa Extract May Help Treat And Prevent Alzheimer's, Mount Sinai Hospital Study 6/26/2014
The Truth Behind The "5-Second Rule," Loyola University Health System Study 6/26/2014
Harvard Medical School Psychobiologist Dr. Bertha Madras Tells Mdgboston Audience That National Institutes of Health (NIH)’s Proposed $4.5 Billion ‘BRAIN Initiative’ Must Include “Significant Funding For Study Of The Adolescent Brain” 6/26/2014
Fault Found With Children's BMI Measurements, Mayo Clinic Research Says 6/25/2014
Vitamin D Can Lower Weight, Blood Sugar Via The Brain, Baylor College of Medicine Study 6/25/2014
Gut Microbe Levels Linked To Type 2 Diabetes And Obesity, Gulhane Military Medical Academy School of Medicine Study 6/25/2014
Gender Differences Could Mean More Risk For Cardiovascular Death, Queen's University Study 6/25/2014
Feeding The Brain's Curiosity Holds Off Alzheimer's, Mayo Clinic Study 6/25/2014
Chronic Brain Damage Not As Prevalent In NFL Players, Long Island Jewish Medical Center Reveals 6/25/2014
Mayo Clinic Researchers Say Gene In Brain Linked To Kidney Cancer 6/25/2014
New Research Proves Gender Bias Definitely Still Exists In Stem Careers, Colubmia Business School Study 6/24/2014
Yes, Staring At A Screen All Day Does Damage Your Eyes, And Here's How, JAMA Ophthalmology Reveals 6/24/2014
Sensitive? Emotional? Empathetic? It Could Be In Your Genes, Stony Brook University Study 6/24/2014
Eating Broccoli May Give Harmful Chemicals The Boot, Cancer Prevention Research Reveals 6/24/2014
Diabetes Susceptibility Gene Regulates Health Of Cell's Powerhouse, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine Study 6/24/2014
Arthritis Drug Spurs Lots Of Hair Growth In Hairless Man, Yale University Study 6/24/2014
Covidien plc (COV)'s Minnesota Unit May Face Cuts After Medtronic, Inc. (MDT) Deal Is Done 6/23/2014
Ovarian Cancer Treatment Discovered By St. Joseph's Hospital Researchers 6/23/2014
Maternal Exposure To Pesticides Linked To Autism In Kids, UC Davis Mind Institute Study 6/23/2014
Groundbreaking Model Explains How The Brain Learns To Ignore Familiar Stimuli, Trinity College Dublin Study 6/23/2014
Antidepressants During Pregnancy Linked To Child's Obesity, Diabetes, McMaster University Study 6/23/2014
New AIDS Monkey Model Offers Promise For Medical Research, Rockefeller University Study 6/23/2014
The Reason Music Boosts Memory: The Hippocampal, Academy of Finland Study 6/23/2014
Standing Meetings May Improve Work Performance, Washington University Study 6/23/2014
How Brain "Reboots" Itself To Consciousness After Anesthesia, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Study 6/20/2014
Vitamin D: A Key To A Longer Life? German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) Study 6/20/2014
No Proof That Soy Food Protects Against Cancer, National Cancer Center Study 6/20/2014