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Stellar Biotech Release: Company Advances Strategic Plan To Secure Key Production Region 1/11/2017
Rainin Release: A Service You Can Rely On 1/11/2017
Peli BioThermal Release: Pharma Launches New CoolPall Vertos Advance 1/10/2017
Dolomite Bio Release: Company Launches Injection Valve And Sample Loop For scRNA-Seq 1/10/2017
Twist Bioscience Release: Company Supplying 3.2kB Genes To Ginkgo Bioworks 1/10/2017
The Legal Battle Over CRISPR, American Chemical Society Reveals 1/9/2017
Zymo Research Offers DNA/RNA Shield Reagent In Novel Storage Devices 12/28/2016
The Newest Development On Proteomics Services In Creative Proteomics 12/27/2016
Horizon Discovery Ltd. Announces A Progress Update On Its Cell Line Catalogue Business 12/20/2016
Proto Script Pharmaceutical Corp. Outlines Mission Statement For PSP Homecare In Multi-Billion Dollar Durable Medical Equipment Industry 12/20/2016
Evonik Industries Release: 120 In One Sweep: Comprehensive Concept Optimizes The Production Of Numerous Specialty Polyesters 12/16/2016
Rainin Terraracks Provide A Greener Alternative For Pipetting 12/15/2016
Oxford Gene Technology Ltd. Expands Cytocell Technologies Ltd. Sarcoma FISH Probe Range 12/15/2016
The Chemistry Department Of The University of Helsinki Uses A Magritek Benchtop Spinsolve NMR Spectrometer In The Organic Chemistry Laboratory On Courses At Bachelor And Masters Level 12/13/2016
Hamilton Automation And Storage Systems Will Be Built For All Of Us Research Program Biobank 12/9/2016
Mettler-Toledo (MTD) Release: Simplifying Environmental Microbiology Research With Rainin Pos-D Pipettes 12/8/2016
Dolomite Bio’s Single Cell RNA-Seq System Accelerating Cancer Research 12/8/2016
BASF Launches Ucrete MF40AS Industrial Flooring System On The European Market 12/7/2016
Evonik Industries Shows Customized Invisible Protection Systems Containing Protectosil At BAU 2017 12/7/2016
New Flash Cartridges For Peptide Purification From Biotage AB (BIOTa.ST) 12/7/2016
Glass Solutions Delivers High Quality Glassware For Laboratory Applications 12/6/2016
Midway Dental Supply Partners With Nexus Data Services 12/5/2016
A Look At Solid-Phase Peptide Synthesis From Creative Peptides 12/5/2016
New 10-Minute Test From Mettler-Toledo (MTD) Can Improve Moisture Analysis 12/5/2016
BOC Sciences Launched One-Stop Carbohydrate Service 12/2/2016
MilliporeSigma (MKGAF) Launches Parteck MXP Excipient For Increased Solubility 12/2/2016
Difarma Invests In Automatic Capsule Filling Capabilities 12/1/2016
Phenomenex Release: New Clarity Columns Refine RP And IEX Chromatographic Analysis Of Synthetic Oligonucleotides 12/1/2016
Lucideon Publishes Industry White Paper On Additive Manufacturing 12/1/2016
LDS, Lyotopic Dlivery Systems Introduces Bio-Enhanced CBD Products 11/30/2016
Particle Works Offers Hydrogel Beads For 3D Cell Growth 11/30/2016
Lone Star Neuromodulation, Inc. Release: Disruptive Pulse-Generator Technology 11/30/2016
OCSiAl Release: Cutting-Edge Nanotechnologies Are Breaking Into Industries 11/30/2016
Cook Regentec And Asymptote Introduce The CellSeal Automated Thawing System 11/29/2016
Mettler-Toledo (MTD) Release: Elevate Your Metrology Understanding With New White Paper 11/28/2016
Bluechiip Ltd AGM Presentation 11/28/2016
Mass Spec Analytical Launches TEIS-3200 Thermal Extraction Ion Source 11/23/2016
Creative Peptides Release: Peptides Synthesis Is At A New Era 11/22/2016
Creative Biolabs Launches Various Bispecific Antibodies And Related Services To Increase The Efficacy Of Current Therapeutic Antibodies 11/22/2016
adidas Unveils World’s First Performance Shoe Made From AMSilk’s Biosteel 11/18/2016
Creative Bioarray Allocates Millions To Develop Its Bone Marrow Cells Line 11/18/2016
Empirical Bioscience Elevates Detergent Free Master Mix Line With Enhanced Stability, Activity, And Low-Foam Qualities For PCR 11/17/2016
Thermo Fisher Scientific (TMO) Launch A New Integrated Elemental Analyzer 11/17/2016
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Scientists Devise More Accurate System For Predicting Risks Of New Chemical Products 11/15/2016
A*STAR Researchers Are Bringing Big Data Genome Analytics To Singapore 11/11/2016
Irvine Scientific Introduces PRIME-XV Mouse Hematopoietic Cell Basal Medium 11/11/2016
Rainin Release: A Pipetting Revolution 11/10/2016
Thermo Fisher Scientific (TMO) Expands Portfolio Of Next-Generation Sequencing Cancer Research Assays 11/9/2016
BioDuro, LLC Increases Spray Dried Drug Product Manufacturing Capacity 11/9/2016
ScienCell Research Laboratories A Unique Provider Of Primary Schwann Cells Worldwide 11/8/2016
Roche (RHHBY) Launches New RNA HyperPrep Product Line 11/7/2016
Evonik Industries Submits Bid For METEX Methionine Technology Platform 11/4/2016
Arzeda Scales High-throughput, Automated Molecule Development Pipeline 11/4/2016
Rentschler Biotechnologie GmbH & Co. Expands cGMP Manufacturing Capacity Following Increased International Demand 11/4/2016
Rainin TerraRacks Enhance Process Security For CROs 11/3/2016
Integrated DNA Technologies Ships qPCR Master Mix At Ambient Temperature 11/2/2016
GE Healthcare Enhances Single-Use Manufacturing Capabilities With Facility Expansion And Automation 11/1/2016
Bioz Announces New Bioz Stars Technology, The World's First Unbiased Rating System For Life Science Products 11/1/2016
Wyatt Technology Corporation Launches The ViscoStar III Online Viscometer For Polymer And Protein Characterization 10/25/2016
Alfa Chemistry Updated APIs Research Development 10/25/2016
Phenomenex Adds Polar, Mixed-Mode Selectivities To Luna HPLC/UHPLC Column Line 10/25/2016
Thermo Fisher Scientific (TMO) Release: New High-Performance Refrigerators And Freezers Designed To Meet The Demands Of Laboratory And Clinical Settings 10/24/2016
Mettler-Toledo (MTD) Launches New Melting Point Excellence Instruments MP55 And MP80 10/24/2016
Creative Peptides Has Updated The Oligoarginine Peptide For Specific Use 10/24/2016
CORAR Foresees No Imminent Risk To Molybdenum-99 (Mo-99) Supply 10/21/2016
New Addition To DuPont (DD) Kalrez Portfolio Offers New Alternatives For Sanitary Seals 10/20/2016
Creative Biolabs Released De Novo Antibody Sequencing Service Based On DASS 10/20/2016
Rigaku Innovative Technologies Announces Synchrotron Optics Refurbishment Program And New Optics And Coatings For Synchrotron Applications 10/20/2016
Siemens (SI) To Supply Major Components For Saskatchewan Power Plant 10/19/2016
Thermo Fisher Scientific (TMO) Release: High-Performance Refrigerated Incubators Are Free Of Refrigerants And Provide Energy Savings 10/19/2016
Spirax Sarco Releases The FT62 Range Of High Pressure Float And Thermostatic Steam Traps 10/19/2016
Genesis HealthCare System Launches Xenex Germ-Zapping Robot During International Infection Prevention Week 10/19/2016
Thermo Fisher Scientific (TMO) Announces Next-Generation Transcriptome Profiling Assays For Fast Biomarker Discovery 10/18/2016
Standex Acquires Horizon Scientific 10/18/2016
Creative Biogene Organizes A Promotion Activity On Its Hot-Sale Products 10/18/2016
Thermo Fisher Scientific (TMO) Enables Preemptive Pharmacogenomic Screening Research With New Pharmacoscan Solution 10/17/2016
Expedeon - From Single Cell Genome To Whole Proteome 10/17/2016
Hugo Beck And Aera Exhibit High-Speed Packaging Applications At The ALL4PACK Paris 10/17/2016
Pall Life Sciences (PLL) Launches Kleenpak Presto Sterile Connectors For Genderless Fluid Transfer Applications 10/14/2016
SYGNIS Announces Global Launch Of CovChecktm Kit For Quality Control Of The Whole Genome Amplification Process 10/12/2016
Customer Input Drives Expansion Of Oxford Gene Technology Ltd.'s Cytocell Aquarius Haematology FISH Probe Range 10/11/2016
Sodexo Leverages Scope Of Its Supply Chain To Make Positive Economic Impact In The Local Communities Where It Operates 10/11/2016
Three Kinds Of Services From Creative Proteomics Brought It Great Industrial Breakthrough 10/10/2016
PerkinElmer (PKI)'s New QSight Triple Quadrupole LC/MS/MS System Delivers High Sensitivity And Enhanced Productivity For Analytical Labs 10/10/2016
Sekisui XenoTech Introduces Lysosomal Test Systems For Biopharmaceutical Development 10/6/2016
Bruker Corporation Introduces Enhanced Wine-Profiling Module 3.1 For Its NMR Foodscreener 10/6/2016
Repligen (RGEN) Launches Single-Use XCell ATF System For Bioprocess Intensification 10/5/2016
Sakura Finetek Launches The Latest Generation Of The Gold Standard VIP Tissue Processor: Tissue-Tek VIP 6 AI 10/4/2016
Pall Life Sciences (PLL) Extends The Range Of Continuous, Single-Use Technologies To Improve Speed And Quality Of Biopharmaceutical Production 10/4/2016
CPhI Worldwide Experts Advocate Single Reference Product For Generics And "3D Printed Personalised Formulations" 10/4/2016
Alcami Announces Innovative Protect Your Brand Offering To Secure Your Supply Chain 10/4/2016
Syrris Creates Orb Pilot For Effortless Reaction Scale-Up 9/28/2016
Creative Biolabs Released Anti-idiotypic Antibody Production Service For Antibody Drug Development 9/27/2016
Sulzer Mixpac Gains Court Order Involving Dental Mixing Tips 9/27/2016
The Chemistry Department Of George Washington University Has Two Magritek Benchtop Spinsolve NMR Spectrometers Which Are Used To Teach Undergraduate Students The Applications Of NMR 9/27/2016
Creative Enzymes Continues To Update Its Products On Hydrolases Category 9/27/2016
Mettler-Toledo (MTD) Offers Scientists Resources On Heat Transfer, Scale-up, And Mixing 9/26/2016
Keeping Lifesaving Products Safe: Cold Chain Technologies Launches First Solid Phase Change Material For Drug Shipping 9/26/2016
Agilent (A) Launches New Panel For Fast FISH Testing On Dako Omnis In Lung Cancer 9/22/2016
Agilent (A) Launches New Panel For Fast FISH Testing On Dako (A) Omnis In Lung Cancer 9/22/2016
ZEISS Donates Digital Microscope Technology For Classrooms To ASM International Teachers’ Camp 9/20/2016
BBI Solutions Launches Innovative Conjugate Blocking Technology That Enhances Signal Intensity For Lateral Flow Immunoassays 9/20/2016
Innova Biosciences Introduces AbPure Magnetic Purification System 9/19/2016
GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Sets Out Further Steps To Address Emerging Global Health Security Challenges 9/19/2016
Waters Corporation (WAT) Advances Proteomics And Lipidomics Research With Novel Mass Spectrometry Acquisition Mode 9/19/2016
Thermo Fisher Scientific (TMO) Release: Automating the Extraction Of DNA, RNA and Proteins 9/19/2016
DiscoveRx Corporation Launches Cell-Based Assays For Confirmation Of Compound-Target Engagement In Drug Discovery 9/19/2016
BioLife Solutions, Inc. (BLFS.OB)' CryoStor Embedded In Manufacturing Process For PROMETHERA Biosciences S.A./N.V. Hepastem Cell-Based Treatment For Liver Disorders 9/15/2016
CSafe Global Introducing Passive Pallet Shipper to US Market at IQPC Boston 9/15/2016
Dr. Kelin From Creative Biogene Introduced The Newly-developed Cloning Services And Products 9/14/2016
Lonza Group (LZAGY.PK) Release: New FAQs Tech Tip In The QC Insider Toolbox Helps QC Professionals Manage The Low Endotoxin Recovery Phenomenon 9/14/2016
Phenomenex, Inc. Release: New Immobilized Lux Chiral Columns Expand Selectivity And Solvent Robustness 9/13/2016
Creative Proteomics Has Set Its Future Goal On Developing Protein Related Products 9/13/2016
FDA Approves The Cleveland Cord Blood Center's CLEVECORD For Stem Cell Transplants 9/13/2016
TTP LabTech Ltd. Release: Productivity And Performance Of Laser Scanning Cytometers 9/13/2016
MACROGEN Launches "Easybox", A Premium Temperature-Controlled Package 9/13/2016
Agilent (A) Lowers The Cost Of Multi-Element Analysis 9/13/2016
Meet Xenex, The Germ-Killing Robot At Sharp Coronado Hospital 9/13/2016
Creative BioMart Enhanced Its Protein Interaction Services Recently 9/9/2016
Saneca Pharma Invests In Small Scale API Capabilities 9/9/2016
Thermo Fisher Scientific (TMO) Release: New Cell Culture System With Increased Capacity Is Designed To Increase Yield And Efficiency 9/7/2016
Cannabis Science Receives Initial Batch Of Nebulizers For CBIS MDI Rescue Inhalers Targeting Asthma/COPD; Prepares Packaging & Distribution 9/6/2016
Nolato AB ( NOLA-B.ST) Strengthens Overall Customer Offering 9/2/2016
OptraScan Digital Pathology Launches 120-Slide Whole Slide Imaging Scanner As Part Of Its On-Demand Subscription-Based Model 8/30/2016
Mettler-Toledo (MTD) Release: A Simple Choice For Pipette Calibration 8/24/2016
FEI Company Introduces New Talos S/TEM For Life And Materials Sciences 8/23/2016
Trinity Homes Welcomes Xenex Germ-Zapping Robot 8/23/2016
Phenomenex, Inc. Release: Yarra 1.8µm UHPLC Size Exclusion Column Delivers Increased Separation Of High Molecular Weight Biomolecules 8/22/2016
Thermo Fisher Scientific (TMO) Releases Block Management System For Pathologists 8/19/2016
Lies, Damn Lies, And CRISPR: The Legal Battle Escalates 8/18/2016
Syrris Introduces Fully Automated Synthesis 8/18/2016
Pelican BioThermal Launches Mobile Critical Care Blood Transport Container For Military Applications 8/17/2016
Irvine Scientific Introduces BalanCD HEK293 System For Large-Scale Expression Of Proteins And Viral Vectors 8/15/2016
Hamamatsu Photonics Release: New Range Of Multi-Pixel Photon Counters (MPPC) Utilizing Through-Silicon Via Electrodes 8/15/2016
Hamamatsu Photonics’s Latest Compact, High-Sensitivity Mini-Spectrometer For Color Measurement Applications 8/15/2016
Teleflex Inc. (TFX) Launches New Second-Generation 2.9 Mm Percuvance System – A Breakthrough Advance That Makes Percutaneous Approach To Laparoscopic Procedures Even Less Invasive 8/15/2016
Full Spectrum Analytics Provides the Total Fix for the Customer 8/11/2016
Empirical Bioscience Debuts Extended Storage And Use Labeling For Their Master Mix Product Line, Includes Long Term Refrigeration And Room Temperature Storage 8/11/2016
Synthego Launches To Bring Precision And Automation To Genome Engineering 8/10/2016
Tosoh Bioscience LLC Introduces TSKgel Protein A-5PW HPLC Columns 8/9/2016
Peter Huber Kältemaschinenbau Release: Measure And Control Flow Directly At The Temperature Control Unit 8/5/2016
BOC Sciences Rearranged Its Inhibitor Products For Better Search Experience 8/3/2016
DECTRIS Ltd. Introduces The PILATUS3 R Cdte Detector Series At The ACA Meeting 2016 8/3/2016
Xenex Germ-Zapping Robots Help Norman Regional Enhance Patient Safety 7/29/2016
Thermo Fisher Scientific (TMO) Release: New AOAC-RI PTM Certification For STEC Detection Workflow Provides Beef Producers With A Rapid But Simple Solution To Screen For STEC 7/27/2016
Dolomite Bio Lends A Helping Hand To Synthetic Biology Research 7/27/2016
A*STAR’s IME Kicks Off Consortia To Develop Advanced Packaging Solutions For Next-Generation Internet Of Things Applications And High-Performance Wireless Data Transfer Technologies 7/26/2016
Glass Solutions Help ALS To Maintain Laboratory Supplies 7/26/2016
Mettler-Toledo (MTD) Release: New Guide Discusses How To Solve The Problem Of Moisture Measurement 7/25/2016 Opens New Headquarters And Distribution Center, Company Continues To Meet Growing Customer Demand 7/20/2016
Pelican BioThermal Pedal Power Partner In Global Cycling Challenge 7/20/2016
Bio-Rad (BIO) Launches Clarity Max Western ECL Substrate 7/20/2016
ZEISS Introduces LSM 880 With Airyscan 7/20/2016
Thermo Fisher Scientific (TMO) Release: Responding to Customer Needs With Ergonomic Design 7/19/2016
Spectro Scientific Expands The Spectroil 100 Series Of Elemental Spectrometers, Improving Performance And Value 7/19/2016
Thermo Fisher Scientific (TMO) Release: New Pre-Weigh Dehydrated Culture Media Format Enables More Streamlined Workflow For Microbiology Laboratories 7/19/2016
Thermo Fisher Scientific (TMO) Rlease: New Gas Chromatography System Brings Power Of Orbitrap GC-MS Technology To Routine Applications 7/18/2016
Agilent (A) Showcases Unprecedented Sensitivity And Ease Of Use In New Triple Quadrupole GC/MS Instruments 7/18/2016
Phenomenex, Inc. Release: New Positive Pressure Manifold Streamlines Sample Preparation 7/15/2016
Marken (Formerly known as Marken Time Critical) Releases Exclusive Gold Book 7/14/2016
Creative Bioarray Delivers Custom 3D Cell Culture Services 7/14/2016
MANTA Instruments Launches The Viewsizer 3000, A Scientific Instrument Offering Breakthrough Nanoparticle Characterization 7/14/2016
Gilson, Inc. Launches EXTRACTMAN Magnetic Bead Extraction Platform 7/14/2016
Quantum Pharma CEO Resigns for Family Reasons 7/13/2016
Insulet (PODD) Launches New Educational iPad App: Toby’s T1D Tale 7/13/2016
Lonza Inc. Release: New e-Learning Module In The Lonza QC Insidertm Toolbox Helps Scientists Overcome Interference In The Bacterial Endotoxins Test 7/12/2016
Thermo Fisher Scientific (TMO) Release: New Microbroth Dilution Susceptibility Plate Supports EUCAST Recommendations For Staphylococcus Testing 7/11/2016
Thermo Fisher Scientific (TMO) Release: New Cell Culture Plate Eliminates Edge Effect During Extended Incubation 7/8/2016
Sartorius Stedim Biotech BioOutsource Introduces New Released N-Glycan Assay 7/7/2016
Sartorius AG Release: Claristep Filtration System: Fast, Easy And Reliable Sample Preparation 7/7/2016
Intelsius Extends Its Orca Range For The Transport Of Whole Blood Products 7/7/2016
Thermo Fisher Scientific (TMO) Announces Next-Generation Sequencing Assay For Liquid Biopsy Research 7/7/2016
Thermo Fisher Scientific (TMO) Announces Commercial Availability Of Next-Generation Axiom Precision Medicine Research Array For Global Research Screening Initiatives 7/7/2016
Practichem Announces Industry’s Most Compact Arista Slice Protein Purification System With Integrated Fraction Collector 7/7/2016
Spirax Sarco Evolves RIM10 To RIM20 7/6/2016
Denator AB Release: CDC Invest In Donator’s Unique Heat Stabilization Technology 7/5/2016
Micronic Release: Premium Storage Tubes For Light Sensitive Samples 7/5/2016
Supplemental ISM Report On Business Brexit Report 6/30/2016
Zecotek Photonics Inc. Receives Second LFS Scintillation Order For Radiation Safety And Homeland Security 6/30/2016
Micronic Release: Premium Storage Tubes For Light Sensitive Samples 6/29/2016
Dalton Pharma Services Announces Addition Of Flow Chemistry Technology 6/29/2016
VMS Rehab Systems Eyes Anomaly In Stock Price 6/27/2016
Premier, Inc. Innovation Celebration Features Range of New Healthcare Products 6/22/2016
MR Solutions Ltd. Offers Choice Of Two Preclinical Cryogen-Free MRI Scanner Ranges 6/22/2016
Oxford Gene Technology Ltd. Launches 9 New High-Intensity, Low-Background Cytocell Aquarius FISH Probes 6/22/2016
Irvine Scientific Introduces PRIME-XV Neural Basal Medium 6/21/2016
The Higher Technical Vocational College Of Chemistry In Wels, Austria Uses The Magritek Benchtop Spinsolve To Teach Students The Basic Practices Of NMR 6/21/2016
Evonik Industries Commercializes Biosurfactants 6/21/2016
credentis Presents First Data For Periodontitis Treatment With CUROLOX TECHNOLOGY 6/21/2016
Sodexo Launches Xenon UV Disinfection System At Queen’s Hospital, Romford 6/21/2016
Evonik Industries Increases The Value Of Its Innovation Pipeline By Half A Billion Euros 6/21/2016
Medizone International Release: AsepticSure's South American Distributor Places Order 6/20/2016
Thermo Fisher Scientific (TMO) Release: New System For Fast And Consistent Results Makes UHPLC Widely Accessible 6/20/2016
CryoPort Launches Next Generation Condition Monitoring Technology 6/20/2016
Crown Bioscience, Inc. Announces Strengthening Of Global Immuno-Oncology Platform With Immunophenotyping Service Offering 6/16/2016
Zurich Instruments Launches MFIA 5 MHz - A High-Performance Impedance Analyzer & LCR Meter For Mid-frequency Testing 6/16/2016
Sartorius Stedim Biotech Launches Innovative ambr 250 Modular Bioreactor System 6/15/2016
Empirical Bioscience Introduces RTScript cDNA Synthesis Kit For qPCR And PCR 6/15/2016
DeltaTrak Releases New Life Science Models Of The FlashLink Mini PDF In-Transit Logger 6/14/2016
Mettler-Toledo (MTD) Release: New Materials Help Determine If Weighing Is Compliant After 2013’s USP Changes 6/14/2016