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Mettler-Toledo (MTD) Release: New Guide Discusses How To Solve The Problem Of Moisture Measurement 7/25/2016 Opens New Headquarters And Distribution Center, Company Continues To Meet Growing Customer Demand 7/20/2016
Pelican BioThermal Pedal Power Partner In Global Cycling Challenge 7/20/2016
Bio-Rad (BIO) Launches Clarity Max Western ECL Substrate 7/20/2016
ZEISS Introduces LSM 880 With Airyscan 7/20/2016
Thermo Fisher Scientific (TMO) Release: Responding to Customer Needs With Ergonomic Design 7/19/2016
Spectro Scientific Expands The Spectroil 100 Series Of Elemental Spectrometers, Improving Performance And Value 7/19/2016
Thermo Fisher Scientific (TMO) Release: New Pre-Weigh Dehydrated Culture Media Format Enables More Streamlined Workflow For Microbiology Laboratories 7/19/2016
Thermo Fisher Scientific (TMO) Rlease: New Gas Chromatography System Brings Power Of Orbitrap GC-MS Technology To Routine Applications 7/18/2016
Agilent (A) Showcases Unprecedented Sensitivity And Ease Of Use In New Triple Quadrupole GC/MS Instruments 7/18/2016
Phenomenex, Inc. Release: New Positive Pressure Manifold Streamlines Sample Preparation 7/15/2016
Marken (Formerly known as Marken Time Critical) Releases Exclusive Gold Book 7/14/2016
Creative Bioarray Delivers Custom 3D Cell Culture Services 7/14/2016
MANTA Instruments Launches The Viewsizer 3000, A Scientific Instrument Offering Breakthrough Nanoparticle Characterization 7/14/2016
Gilson, Inc. Launches EXTRACTMAN Magnetic Bead Extraction Platform 7/14/2016
Quantum Pharma CEO Resigns for Family Reasons 7/13/2016
Insulet (PODD) Launches New Educational iPad App: Toby’s T1D Tale 7/13/2016
Lonza Inc. Release: New e-Learning Module In The Lonza QC Insidertm Toolbox Helps Scientists Overcome Interference In The Bacterial Endotoxins Test 7/12/2016
Thermo Fisher Scientific (TMO) Release: New Microbroth Dilution Susceptibility Plate Supports EUCAST Recommendations For Staphylococcus Testing 7/11/2016
Thermo Fisher Scientific (TMO) Release: New Cell Culture Plate Eliminates Edge Effect During Extended Incubation 7/8/2016
Sartorius Stedim Biotech BioOutsource Introduces New Released N-Glycan Assay 7/7/2016
Sartorius AG Release: Claristep Filtration System: Fast, Easy And Reliable Sample Preparation 7/7/2016
Intelsius Extends Its Orca Range For The Transport Of Whole Blood Products 7/7/2016
Thermo Fisher Scientific (TMO) Announces Next-Generation Sequencing Assay For Liquid Biopsy Research 7/7/2016
Thermo Fisher Scientific (TMO) Announces Commercial Availability Of Next-Generation Axiom Precision Medicine Research Array For Global Research Screening Initiatives 7/7/2016
Spirax Sarco Evolves RIM10 To RIM20 7/6/2016
Denator AB Release: CDC Invest In Donator’s Unique Heat Stabilization Technology 7/5/2016
Micronic Release: Premium Storage Tubes For Light Sensitive Samples 7/5/2016
Supplemental ISM Report On Business Brexit Report 6/30/2016
Zecotek Photonics Inc. Receives Second LFS Scintillation Order For Radiation Safety And Homeland Security 6/30/2016
Micronic Release: Premium Storage Tubes For Light Sensitive Samples 6/29/2016
Dalton Pharma Services Announces Addition Of Flow Chemistry Technology 6/29/2016
VMS Rehab Systems Eyes Anomaly In Stock Price 6/27/2016
Premier, Inc. Innovation Celebration Features Range of New Healthcare Products 6/22/2016
MR Solutions Ltd. Offers Choice Of Two Preclinical Cryogen-Free MRI Scanner Ranges 6/22/2016
Oxford Gene Technology Ltd. Launches 9 New High-Intensity, Low-Background Cytocell Aquarius FISH Probes 6/22/2016
Irvine Scientific Introduces PRIME-XV Neural Basal Medium 6/21/2016
The Higher Technical Vocational College Of Chemistry In Wels, Austria Uses The Magritek Benchtop Spinsolve To Teach Students The Basic Practices Of NMR 6/21/2016
Evonik Industries Commercializes Biosurfactants 6/21/2016
credentis Presents First Data For Periodontitis Treatment With CUROLOX TECHNOLOGY 6/21/2016
Sodexo Launches Xenon UV Disinfection System At Queen’s Hospital, Romford 6/21/2016
Evonik Industries Increases The Value Of Its Innovation Pipeline By Half A Billion Euros 6/21/2016
Medizone International Release: AsepticSure's South American Distributor Places Order 6/20/2016
Thermo Fisher Scientific (TMO) Release: New System For Fast And Consistent Results Makes UHPLC Widely Accessible 6/20/2016
CryoPort Launches Next Generation Condition Monitoring Technology 6/20/2016
Crown Bioscience, Inc. Announces Strengthening Of Global Immuno-Oncology Platform With Immunophenotyping Service Offering 6/16/2016
Zurich Instruments Launches MFIA 5 MHz - A High-Performance Impedance Analyzer & LCR Meter For Mid-frequency Testing 6/16/2016
Sartorius Stedim Biotech Launches Innovative ambr 250 Modular Bioreactor System 6/15/2016
Empirical Bioscience Introduces RTScript cDNA Synthesis Kit For qPCR And PCR 6/15/2016
DeltaTrak Releases New Life Science Models Of The FlashLink Mini PDF In-Transit Logger 6/14/2016
Mettler-Toledo (MTD) Release: New Materials Help Determine If Weighing Is Compliant After 2013’s USP Changes 6/14/2016
Kalorama: Top Firms Vie For Share In The Market For Sample Prep For Next Generation Sequencing 6/14/2016
Prime Medical Launches Line Of Bactericidal Soft Surfaces That Continuously Kills 99.9 Percent Of Germs On Contact 6/14/2016
BASF Increases Prices For Ethanolamines In Europe 6/13/2016
Sartorius Stedim Biotech Presents Virosart Media 6/13/2016
Magnetic Insight Signs Supply Agreement With Meito Sangyo Co., Ltd. To Enable Cell Therapy Research With Magnetic Particle Imaging 6/9/2016
Leica Biosystems And Pathline Team Up To Address Patient Safety 6/9/2016
Photometrics Launches Next Generation Scientific CMOS Camera With 95 Percent Quantum Efficiency 6/8/2016
AMSilk Expands Distribution Network With Two New Sales Partners Zeus Química And Biochim 6/7/2016
Thermo Fisher Scientific (TMO) Release: New Technology Enables Comprehensive Biopharmaceutical Characterization Workflow With A Single Platform 6/6/2016
New Solutions For Safe Vaccination From B Medical Systems 6/2/2016
Micronic Release: Tube Selector Enables Rapid Picking Of Storage Tubes 6/1/2016
ibidi Release: Fuse-It-mRNA -- The New Shortcut To Protein Expression 6/1/2016
Marken (Formerly known as Marken Time Critical) And Green Cross LabCell Sign MOU 5/31/2016
Eppendorf AG Expands Single-Use Vessel Portfolio For Microbial Fermentation 5/31/2016
Ziehm Imaging Inc. Extends NaviPort Interface For Image-Guided 3D Navigation 5/31/2016
New Catalog: Nanometer-Precision Motion Systems With Magnetic Direct Drives & Air Bearings From Physik Instrumente 5/26/2016
Thermo Fisher Scientific (TMO) Release: Hybrid Pharmaceutical Twin-Screw Extruder Designed To Deliver True Drug Formulation Flexibility 5/25/2016
Empirical Bioscience’s TAQ DNA Polymerase Labeling Extended To Include Long Term Refrigeration And Room Temperature Storage 5/25/2016
Molekule Launches The World's First Molecular Air Purifier 5/24/2016
Thermo Fisher Scientific (TMO) Release: New Large Capacity Blood Banking Centrifuges Deliver High-Throughput Sample Processing 5/24/2016
5-HMF Leader AVA-CO2 Successfully Develops Interface For Different FDCA Oxidation Routes 5/24/2016
Vidant Edgecombe Deploys Xenex Germ-Zapping Robot 5/24/2016
Analytical Methods For Determination Of Amino Acid Has Been Carried Out In Creative Proteomics 5/23/2016
Mettler-Toledo (MTD) Release: Ensure Free-flowing Lab Data With A New LabX Instrument 5/23/2016
DeltaTRAK Announces New Model Of Its FlashLink Mini PDF In-Transit Logger 5/19/2016
Juniper Pharma Services Strengthens Topicals Capability 5/17/2016
Lonza Group (LZAGY.PK) CytoSMART Lab Free-Trial Initiative Launched 5/17/2016
Celgene (CELG) Launches Fictional Film, Millefeuille, To Shed New Light On Complex Psoriasis Challenges 5/17/2016
Xenex Release: Finally: Evidence-Based Best Practices For Utilizing UV Disinfection To Stop Hospital Acquired Infections 5/17/2016
DeltaTrak Release: FlashLink Mini Electronic Time-Temperature Indicator 5/16/2016
Waters Corporation (WAT) Introduces Xevo TQ-XS, The Most Sensitive Benchtop Mass Spectrometer Available 5/16/2016
Sartorius Stedim Biotech Release: New Poster On The Ambr 15 Fermentation Micro Scale Bioreactor System 5/12/2016
Thermo Fisher Scientific (TMO) Release: Second Generation Cell Imaging System Enables Higher-Quality Experiments 5/12/2016
Micronic Release: Secure Post-Analytical Sealing Of Sample Collection Tubes 5/12/2016
DeltaTRAK Announces New FlashLink USB PDF Reusable Data Loggers 5/11/2016
Lakeland Industries Announces Participation In June 2016 Investor Conferences 5/11/2016
Plandai Biotechnology, Inc. (PLPL.OB) Announces Vitamin Express To Release New Product Containing Phytofare 5/11/2016
CEVEC’s CAP GT Sets A New Standard Through RCA-Free Production Of Adenoviral Vectors For Gene Therapy Applications 5/10/2016
Almac Group Release: The Almac Pod - Changing The Dynamics Of Temperature Controlled Shipping Solutions 5/10/2016
Thermo Fisher Scientific (TMO) Release: Transforming Customer Needs by Accelerating Innovation 5/10/2016
Thermo Fisher Scientific (TMO) Release: New Recirculating Chillers Combine Noise Reduction And Cooling Performance 5/10/2016
Watson-Marlow Launches puresu Single-Use Tube Assemblies 5/10/2016
Phenomenex, Inc. Release: Enhanced Polar Retention With New Luna Omega 1.6µm Polar C18 UHPLC Columns 5/9/2016
Rx-360 Completes Training Workshops In Africa Covering Good Distribution Practices 5/4/2016
RSC Bio Solutions Expanding Global Capabilities 5/4/2016
NanoComposix Supplies NIST New Nanoparticle Reference Material For Consumer And Industrial Product Research 5/4/2016
Low-Cost Precision Linear Stage: Compact And Smooth Running Stepper/Servo Motor Solution, By Physik Instrumente 5/4/2016
Kerafast Adds New Zika Virus Antibody To Its Catalog Of Novel Life Science Reagents 5/3/2016
Hamamatsu Photonics’s New LIGHTNINGCURE LC-L5G Offers The UV Intensity Of Metal Halide Lamps For A Wide Range Of UV Curing Applications 4/29/2016
Thermo Fisher Scientific (TMO) Release: A Faster Way To Separate Proteins With Electrophoresis 4/29/2016
VMS Rehab Systems Looks To Value Added Health Assets For Strong Growth 4/28/2016
Axol Announces Custom Cell And Tissue Sourcing Service 4/28/2016
Micronic Release: Screw Cap Tube Recapper Accelerates Sample Storage Process 4/28/2016
The Department Of Chemistry Of Bloomfield College Uses The Magritek Benchtop Spinsolve To Teach Students How To Apply NMR For Their Future Laboratory Career 4/28/2016
Nicopure Labs Responds To UK Royal College Of Physicians Report 4/28/2016
Thermo Fisher Scientific (TMO) Release: A Faster Way To Separate Proteins With Electrophoresis 4/28/2016
Biologistex LLC And MNX Global Logistics Partner To Offer Enhanced Cold Chain Logistics Services For Time And Temperature Sensitive Biologics, Vaccines & Cell Therapies 4/26/2016
Graco Announces Launch Of Fluid Automation F4-5 & F4-55 Equipment For Dispense Of Liquid Silicone Rubber For Medical Manufacturing 4/26/2016
Creative Bioarray Expanded Its Human Adult Stem Cells 4/26/2016
Evonik Industries Release: Hollow-Fiber Membrane For Efficient Nitrogen Separation 4/21/2016
Colorcon, Inc. Delivers Savings, Speed And Flexibility For Pharmaceutical Film Coating With Opadry QX. 4/21/2016
Wabash National Corporation To Market Pharmaceutical Products Under Extract Technology Global Brand 4/20/2016
Corning Incorporated (GLW) Introduces New Cell Culture Vessels For Stem Cell Research 4/20/2016
ARKRAY USA Selected As Apexus 340B Prime Vendor Program Supplier For Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems 4/19/2016
Thermo Fisher Scientific (TMO) Release: New Portable Infrared Spectrometer Enables Scientists To Analyze Samples In The Field 4/19/2016
Paints Launched By Mäder Based On Reverdia’s Biosuccinium 4/19/2016
FEI Incorporate Glencoe Software's Bio-Formats Library Into AMIRA 4/15/2016
DXE Medical PMA Series - Part 4: Consequences Of Non-PMA Devices 4/14/2016
High Throughput Cell Counting From Bulldog Bio, Inc. 4/14/2016
Oxford Gene Technology Ltd. Develops New FISH Probes In "Outstanding" Innovate UK Project 4/13/2016
CAS DataLoggers, Inc. Release: UHF RFID Temperature Tags For Cold Chain Traceability 4/13/2016
Colorcon, Inc. Introduces Opadry EC, A New Film Coating For The Modulation Of Drug Release From Multiparticulate Oral Dosages 4/13/2016
Worthington Biochemical Corp. Launches Celase GMP An Avian And Mammalian Tissue-Free Collagenase And Neutral Protease Enzyme Blend Produced Under GMP Guidelines 4/5/2016
aquila biolabs GmbH Release: The New Standard For Biomass Monitoring 4/5/2016
Reliance Precision Limited Release: Reliably Automating Blood And Stem Cell Banking 4/5/2016
SSCI, Inc., A Division Of AMRI (AMRI), Adds Rigaku Oxford Diffraction SuperNova Diffraction System For Small Molecule Crystallography 4/5/2016
Pacific Biosciences (PACB)’s SMRT Sequencing Provides Scientists with A Superior Gorilla Genome Reference 4/1/2016
Micronic Launches New 1.40ml Sample Storage Tube with External Thread 3/30/2016
Mini Rotary Stage With Ultrasonic Motor Only 10mm Tall, Precision Design By Physik Instrumente 3/30/2016
Aesica Comments On API Manufacturing Trends 3/24/2016
Thermo Fisher Scientific (TMO) Release: New Large-Capacity Bioprocessing Centrifuge Enhances Productivity And Reliability 3/22/2016
BioElectronics Corporation Appoints Evomed As Australian And New Zealand Distributor 3/21/2016
Phenomenex, Inc. Release: New Luna Omega 1.6µm Particle Brings Acclaimed Capabilities To UHPLC 3/17/2016
Merz North America Release: Neocutis Launches Micro•Firm Neck & Décolleté Rejuvenating Complex Powered By MPC 3/15/2016
CPhI - UBM Release: Pharma Ingredients Suppliers To Benefit From Indonesia's First Ever Tax Free Logistics Centers 3/14/2016
Lonza Group (LZAGY.PK) Launches PowerCHO Advance Media for Improved Protein-Production Yields 3/14/2016
Mettler-Toledo (MTD) Launches New Compact Titration 10S Line: Simple And Secure 3/7/2016
Thermo Fisher Scientific (TMO) Release: New Air-Bearing Rheometer Provides Enhanced Measurement Capabilities And Greater Flexibility 3/7/2016
Bioo Scientific Corporation’s Cell Free DNA-Seq Tech Now Manufactured Under ISO 13485 3/7/2016
Sartorius Stedim Biotech Release: Ginkgo BioWorks Chooses ambr 250 Systems To Enable High Throughput Process Development Of Engineered Microbes 3/7/2016
New Agri-Genomics Tools Available On Genestack Platform 3/7/2016
Affordable High Precision Compact Linear Positioning Stage, Newly Released By Physik Instrumente 3/4/2016
Firstkind Seeks Global Distribution Partners To Extend geko Device Roll-Out 3/3/2016
Thermo Fisher Scientific (TMO) Release: Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing Now Available For Tedizolid 3/2/2016
Physik Instrumente’s New High Performance Multi-Channel Digital Piezo Controller Is Cost-Effective Too 3/2/2016
Bedfont Scientific Responds to FDA's Decision to Temporarily Detain Its Products 3/1/2016
Thermo Fisher Scientific (TMO) Release: Accurately Detect Volatile Organic Compounds In Manufactured Products 3/1/2016
RSSL Release: Addressing Nanoparticles In Pharmaceuticals 3/1/2016
SCIEX Webinar Showcases Rapid, User-Friendly N-Glycan Sample Prep Workflow 2/25/2016
TSO3 Inc. (TOS) Provides Operations Update - Recruiting, Supplier Relationships And Improved Process Flow All Contributing To Increased Production Rates And Shipments 2/25/2016
Groupe Grimaud Chooses Affymetrix (Santa Clara, California) (AFFX) Genotyping Arrays For Poultry Breeding Business 2/24/2016
J-Pac Offers Dry Room Processing Capabilities for Assembly & Packaging Of Environmentally-Sensitive Healthcare Products 2/24/2016
Gilson, Inc. Launches New Line Of PIPETMAN M Electronic Pipettes With Industry Leading Guaranteed Performance In Repetitive Pipetting 2/23/2016
Creative Bioarray Expanded Its Tissue Block Products Variety 2/22/2016
Mettler-Toledo (MTD) Announces New Technology That Tracks Changing Particle Size And Count In Real Time 2/22/2016
Filmetrics Announces World’s First Affordable Optical Profiler 2/16/2016
Sartorius AG Presents New Premium Mechanical Pipette Tacta 2/15/2016
10X Genomics' New Chromium System Enables Full Access To Critical Molecular And Cellular Information 2/11/2016
Compact Planar XY Air Bearing Stage Introduced At Photonics West, By Physik Instrumente 2/11/2016
Cynvenio Announces Availability Of Concordia, A New Cell-Free DNA Purification Upgrade For Its LiquidBiopsy Whole Blood Enrichment Platform 2/10/2016
Tarrant County College’s South Campus Department Of Chemistry Uses The Magritek Benchtop Spinsolve To Teach Students How To Apply NMR For Spectroscopic Characterization 2/9/2016
Phenomenex, Inc. Expands Chiral Screening And Separation Power With New Lux 3µm Amylose-1 Chiral Columns 2/9/2016
Thermo Fisher Scientific (TMO) Release: New Benchtop Centrifuge Incorporates Hybrid Rotor For Application Flexibility 2/8/2016
The Jackson Laboratory Expands Availability Of Cutting-Edge NSG-SGM3 Mouse Model To Fast-Track Disease Cures 2/8/2016
Daxor Corporation (DXR) Announces Sale Of BVA-100 Blood Volume Analyzer To Nebraska Medicine 2/8/2016
Thermo Fisher Scientific (TMO) Release: High-Pressure Ion Chromatography System Delivers New Levels of Simplicity And Flexibilit 2/5/2016
Thermo Fisher Scientific (TMO) Release: New Benchtop Centrifuge Incorporates Hybrid Rotor For Application Flexibility 2/4/2016
Celprogen Introduces Its Novel 3D Organelle Human Hair Follicle Culture System (HF36007-08) For Testing / Screening Cosmeceutical And Pharmaceutical Products 2/2/2016
Taconic Biosciences Launches huNOG-EXL Mouse Model With Extended Cell Lineages, Providing A Clearer Representation Of Human Immune Response 2/2/2016
Peli BioThermal Launches New Credo Cargo 1/27/2016
Magritek Expand Benchtop NMR Capabilities With 31P Phosphorus System 1/26/2016
Thermo Fisher Scientific (TMO) Release: New Barcoded Latch Rack And Wireless Barcode Reader Improve Sample Tracking 1/25/2016
Thermo Fisher Scientific (TMO) Release: New Automation And Screening Technologies Designed To Accelerate Innovation And Enhance Productivity On Display At SLAS 1/25/2016
Angle’s Parsortix System Demonstrates Notable Performance In The Capture Of Circulating Tumor Cells Versus Other Separation Technologies 1/25/2016
BioXcel Strengthens Position In Immuno-Oncology With Dedicated Big Data Analytics Platform 1/22/2016
Pelican BioThermal Announces Credo On Demand General Availability 1/21/2016
SLIPS Technologies Expands Commercial Deployment After Successful 2015 Product Rollouts 1/21/2016
Biotest Pharma Announces The Appointment Of Kedrion Biopharma Inc. As The Exclusive Distributor Of Its IGIV Product, Bivigam In The US 1/19/2016
Dynatronics Corporation (DYNT) Expands Presence At The University of Utah 1/19/2016
Promega Corporation Nanoluc Enables A First In Measuring Drug-Target Residence In Live Cells 1/19/2016
Thermo Fisher Scientific (TMO) Release: New Research Device Enables Leak-Free Protein Gel Casting 1/19/2016
SARTOFLOW Smart: Sartorius Stedim Biotech Presents New Crossflow Filtration System For Process Development 1/19/2016
Innova Biosciences Introduces Thunder-Link PLUS 1/18/2016
ProImmune Inc. Introduces ProT2 MHC Class II Tetramer Reagents To Study Antigen-Specific CD4+ T Cell Immune Responses 1/14/2016
Vapourtec Release: Flow Chemistry Continues To Grow 1/13/2016
Essential Pharmaceuticals Releases New Data On Bioproduction Scalability Using Cell-Ess Media Supplement 1/13/2016
The Newest Halogen Moisture Analyzer From Mettler-Toledo (MTD) - Convenient, Clever And Robust 1/12/2016
Mettler-Toledo (MTD) Announces FastTrack UV/VIS Spectroscopy To Speed Up Measurements 1/11/2016
Creative Biolabs Released A Series Of Glycoconjugation Services 1/8/2016
BioLife Solutions, Inc. (BLFS.OB) Distributor StemCell Technologies Inc. Will Test The evo Smart Shipper And Cloud Based biologistex Cold Chain Management App 1/6/2016
Magritek Release New Reaction Monitoring Solutions For Their Spinsolve Benchtop NMR 1/6/2016
Amedica Corporation Signs International Private Label Supply Agreement With Chinese Orthopedic Company 12/30/2015
Waters Corporation (WAT) Glycoworks Rapifluor-MS Kit Now Available In A 24-Sample Format 12/16/2015
New Motion Controllers For Ultrasonic Piezo Positioners: Smaller, Lower Cost, Higher Performance From Physik Instrumente 12/16/2015
32mm Wide x 7mm High: Physik Instrumente’s Newest Compact Rotary Stage 12/10/2015
Rice Lake Weighing Systems' 2016 Precision Solutions Catalog Available Now 12/9/2015
Certara Corporation Launches Version 15 Of Its Simcyp Population-Based Simulator 12/8/2015
Improved Weigh Module From Mettler-Toledo (MTD) Delivers Higher Accuracy And Safety 12/3/2015
Veeva Systems, Inc. Introduces Medical CRM To Improve Key Opinion Leader Engagement And Ensure Lasting Relationships 12/3/2015