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Three Potential Blockbusters that Could Singlehandedly Catapult Big Pharma in 2016     2/8/2016
Emails Reveal Turing, Valeant (VRX) Price Increases Were Basis for Revenue Growth     2/3/2016
Valeant (VRX) Has Found Another Enemy in Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton     1/29/2016
Gilead (GILD) Faces Lawsuits over AIDS Drug Patents, Threats of Lawsuits for Hepatitis C Treatments     1/28/2016
Congress Subpoenas Martin Shkreli to Testify About Drug Pricing, Shkreli May Plea the Fifth     1/22/2016
Off Label Use of Roche (RHHBY)’s Avastin in India Puts 15 in the Hospital, Prompts Officials to Halt Using the Drug     1/21/2016
Gilead (GILD) Should Have Investors Giddy Over Continued HCV Dominance at J.P. Morgan     1/13/2016
Pfizer (PFE) Jacked Up Prices of More Than 100 Drugs on Jan. 1     1/11/2016
Why Merck & Co. (MRK) May Find Twitter an Unfriendly Environment to Be In     1/11/2016
Analyzing Gilead (GILD)'s Gamble on a Drug Both AbbVie (ABBV) and Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) Gave Up On     1/4/2016
Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) Exec Blasted After Saying Company Pricing Is 'Very Responsible'     12/31/2015
Analysts Take a Peek at Pfizer (PFE)'s 2015 Drug Sales, With a Few Surprises     12/31/2015
Collegium (COLL) Delays Launch of OxyContin Variation Xtampza     12/30/2015
In Wake of Investigation, Emails Reveal How Gilead (GILD) Priced Its Hep C Blockbusters     12/15/2015
Embattled Valeant (VRX) Cuts Prices in Walgreens Distribution Pact     12/15/2015

Featured Stories
Massive Problem Martin Shkreli Zeroed-In On Is Happening Again     1/28/2016
Hired By Huge Drug Companies Like Eli Lilly (LLY), Ex-Cop in London Tracks Down Knockoff Drugs on the Web     10/21/2015
Bug Business: Inside The $1.6 Billion Effort To Prevent The Flu     10/20/2015
Pharma CEOs Should Take A Stand On Deplorable Price Increase -- But They Won't     9/22/2015
Why Prescription Drugs Cost So Much     6/9/2015
Fight Over Hot New Cholesterol Drugs May Be Won In Milligrams     5/26/2015
AbbVie (ABBV) CEO Believes New Form of Humira Could Confront Generics     3/6/2015
Vertex Pharmaceuticals (MA) (VRTX) Learns From Gilead Sciences, Inc. (GILD)'s Solvadi Mistakes as it Preps for CF Drug Launch     2/2/2015
When Will Biosimilars Impact The U.S. Market?     10/30/2014
BioSpace’s Favorite FDA Tricks Or Treats     10/24/2014
Gilead Sciences, Inc. (GILD)'s $1,000-A-Pill Hepatitis C Drug May Make Financial Sense For Prisons     10/21/2014
BioPharm Executive: Have Drugs Finally Been Priced Too High?     7/31/2014
Morning-After Pill Available By Vending Machine On Campus, University of Pennsylvania Reveals     12/31/2013
Adults Turn To ADHD Drug to Enhance Work Performance     12/11/2013
Did Pfizer Inc. (PFE) Have Jitters Over a Story About a Nerve Gas Antidote?     10/3/2013
Sandoz Canada Expands Its Cancer Medication Portfolio With The Launch Of (PR) Oxaliplatin Injection     2/5/2016
Boehringer Ingelheim Release: SPIRIVA RESPIMAT Now Available In The U.S. For Maintenance Treatment Of Asthma In Adults And Adolescents     2/4/2016
Boehringer Ingelheim Release: SPIRIVA RESPIMAT Now Available In The U.S. For Maintenance Treatment Of Asthma In Adults And Adolescents     2/3/2016
Vensun Pharmaceuticals Announces Launch Of Carisoprodol Tablets, USP, 250 Mg     2/3/2016
Specialised Therapeutics Asia To Distribute Novel Multiple Myeloma Drug APLIDIN In South East Asia, Australia And New Zealand     2/3/2016
Admedus Release: Cardiocel First Sales In MENA Region     2/3/2016
Sun Pharma (SUNPHARMA.NS) Hopes Cut-Price Generic Gleevec Will Win Third Of U.S. Market     2/2/2016
Lupin (LUPN.BO) Launches Generic Glumetza HCI ER Tablets In The US     2/2/2016
Eagle Pharma (EGRX) Announces Commercial Availability Of Docetaxel Injection, Non-Alcohol Formula     2/2/2016
ExeGi Pharma Launches Visbiome Probiotic     2/1/2016
Sun Pharma (SUNPHARMA.NS) Launches Imatinib Mesylate In USA     2/1/2016
AVA Biochem, World Leader In 5-HMF, Adds FDCA To Its Product Portfolio     2/1/2016
AlchePharma Launches Tripeptide-2X with AmealPeptide, For Cardiovascular Health     1/29/2016
Teva (TEVA) And Eagle Pharma (EGRX) Announce Commercial Availability Of BENDEKA (Bendamustine Hydrochloride) Injection     1/28/2016
Sinovac Biotech Ltd. (SVA) Announces Issuance Of GMP Certificate For EV71 Vaccine     1/28/2016

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