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Ace Laboratories Announces Licensing Of Resveratrol Patents

2/7/2017 8:40:50 AM

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SEATTLE, WA (PRWEB) FEBRUARY 07, 2017 Ace Laboratories, Inc. ( today announced the execution of an exclusive license to methods and compositions related to trans-mucosal delivery of resveratrol. The company has assembled an experienced drug development team to develop the technology for pharmaceutical use in vascular and inflammatory indications.

Resveratrol, a natural polyphenol found in red wine, captured the public interest in 2006 after a landmark study showed it improved the health-span of rodents fed a high calorie diet. In the decade since, human clinical trials have demonstrated resveratrol has potential to be helpful to patients with vascular and Alzheimer’s diseases, amongst other conditions associated with aging. However, the molecule’s large-scale potential to improve human health has been constrained to date by poor oral bioavailability and dose-limiting gastrointestinal side effects.

Ace Laboratories’ lead product candidate, AIC-101, appears to circumvent resveratrol’s oral delivery problems by freeing the molecule to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream across the tissue in the mouth in a process known as buccal or oral trans-mucosal delivery. An early trial in human volunteers suggested this new delivery method allows more resveratrol to enter the bloodstream, while also being more rapidly absorbed than standard delivery methods.

In January 2017 Dr. R. Scott Turner and his team at Georgetown University published further results from a 119 patient Phase II dose escalation trial showing positive neurovascular effects of resveratrol in Alzheimer’s disease. High dose resveratrol improved the function of the blood brain barrier and led to reduced inflammation in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients, but also resulted in weight loss in the elderly population. “There are few drugs that target vascular tissues. The results of this trial lead us to believe that improved resveratrol delivery could have important implications for the treatment of neurovascular disease,” said Dr. James Smoliga, chair of Ace Laboratories Scientific advisory board.

Ace Laboratories plans to investigate AIC-101 in Alzheimer’s disease, Mild to Moderate Traumatic Brain Injury/Concussion, as a co-therapy in Erectile dysfunction, and in certain orphan diseases. The Company is led by an experienced team including Chief Executive Officer Chip Jacob, Chief Technology Officer Otis Blanchard, Chairman Daniel Wilds, and Corporate Secretary Jim Johnston. The group brings more than a hundred years of collective drug development experience and has a successful working history together.

“We are excited to announce the formation of Ace Laboratories, Inc., and its licensed technology to unlock the potential of resveratrol. We look forward to continuing to build on our clinical pipeline in conjunction with our stellar network of university researchers,” said Chief Executive Officer Chip Jacob.

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