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Biotech Support Group Release: Delipidation Of Serum Using Cleanascite™ For Peptidylarginine Deiminase & Atherosclerosis Research

2/3/2014 8:48:04 AM

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Feb. 1, 2014 - MONMOUTH JUNCTION, N.J. -- Neutrophil extracellular trap (NET) formation leads to thrombosis and blocking peptidylarginine deiminase (PAD) with Cl-amidine reduces atherosclerosis. NET formation is a marker for sepsis, cancer, thrombosis, autoimmune disease. Authors Knight et al published an article in the journal Circulation Research which cites Cleanascite™ from Biotech Support Group for lipid clarification and adsorption from serum samples. The article quotes, "Clearance of lipids from serum. Lipids were removed by Cleanascite Lipid Removal Reagent (Biotech Support Group, Monmouth Junction,NJ) according to manufacturer’s instructions. The protocol removed >80% of total cholesterol and triglycerides."

For detailed protocol:


Characteristics of Cleanascite™ Lipid Removal Reagent and Clarification

Helps purify antibodies, recombinant proteins, nucleic acids, proteoglycans

Ideal for clarifying ascites, serum, cell & tissue culture, bile and organ homogenates

Clarifies saliva and fecal components

Very low protein binding

Does not bind to DNA, RNA, enzymes and proteins

Leaves glycoproteins, antibodies, nucleic acids, hemoglobin, proteoglycans, nucleic acids, serum components(such as hormones, nutrients, globulins, clotting factors, transport proteins) alone

Extends the life of membrane and chromatographic columns.

Enrichment of delipidated tissue samples

Ideal for delipidation treatments for downstream processing of large-scale therapeutic proteins, enzymes and monoclonal antibodies.

Selectively removes lipids, cell debris, lipoproteins, floating fats, impurities from cohn paste, transgenic milk, egg yolk and biological samples for pretreatment of samples prior to purification.

For more information visit: Cleanascite™ Lipid Removal Reagent and Clarification

About Biotech Support Group LLC

Biotech Support Group LLC is a leading provider of genomics and proteomics sample preparation products and enrichment reagent kits as well as integrated biotechnology services for life sciences research, biomarker and drug discovery. Based in New Jersey, it’s principal products include: AlbuSorb™& AlbuVoid™ for albumin depletion, Cleanascite™ for lipid adsorption and clarification, HemogloBind™ & HemoVoid™ for hemoglobin removal, NuGel™ for functional & chemical proteomics, and ProCipitate™ & ProPrep™ for nucleic acid isolation. For more information, go to

Dr. Swapan Roy
Biotech Support Group LLC
1 Deer Park Drive, Suite M
Monmouth Junction NJ 08852
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Knight, Jason S., Wei Luo, Alexander A. O'Dell, Srilakshmi Yalavarthi, Wenpu Zhao, Venkataraman Subramanian, Chiao Guo et al. "Peptidylarginine Deiminase Inhibition Reduces Vascular Damage and Modulates Innate Immune Responses in Murine Models of Atherosclerosis." Circulation research (2014): CIRCRESAHA-113.

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