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PharmaTech Solutions, Inc. Changes Company Name To Inclinix, Inc.

6/21/2006 6:44:45 PM

WILMINGTON, North Carolina - June 19, 2006--Formerly known as PharmaTech Solutions, Inc. (PTS), the Wilmington, North Carolina based clinical trial recruitment services provider has announced that it has changed the company’s name to Inclinix, Inc. Existing offices will be maintained in Wilmington, North Carolina and Annapolis, Maryland, with combined sales and research consulting staff positioned throughout the United States. The name change comes just weeks after PTS finalized its merger with Realinterface Expert Systems, Inc. (RESI) of Annapolis, Maryland.

The company name change to Inclinix, Inc. reflects the combined organization’s expansion into several high growth areas of clinical development, and the integration of PTS’s recruitment services and RESI’s patient screening technology platform. Recognizing that clinical research is conducted “in the clinic” was a driving force behind the name change.

The new Inclinix, Inc. brings together PTS’s pioneering approach to patient and clinical investigator recruitment with advanced technologies from RESI. Based upon favorable client responses, management believes the Inclinix, Inc., patient recruitment platform will set the standard throughout the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

“This is a strategic transaction that will define the trial recruitment market and methodologies moving forward” said J. Tobin Geatz, President and Chairman of the Board of Inclinix, Inc. “The combined services provided by the two former companies will allow Inclinix, Inc. to identify and connect clinical researchers with patients far more efficiently than ever before.” Geatz went on to say “the industry needs to adopt technology that is in widespread use in other industries to improve patient accrual rate and accelerate time to market”. The Inclinix platform has been designed from the ground up to be deployed unobtrusively in the independent investigative sites where trials are performed.

About PharmaTech Solutions, Inc. PharmaTech Solutions Inc. (PTS) is an integrated clinical development services company founded in 1999. PTS clients include major pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device organizations across the United States. PTS recently announced its entrance in the European markets as well. In addition, PTS has developed relationships with over 4,000 physician groups across the United States and Canada and continues to develop novel relationships with healthcare providers interested in participating in clinical development activities.

About Realinterface Expert Systems Realinterface Expert Systems is a specialized applications company focused on the clinical trial and first responder markets. Realinterface uses its patent-pending Expert Systems Platform to develop mobile and web-based support applications that allow users to quickly navigate specialized datasets without specialized training. InClinix™ is clinical trial recruiting and management application that accelerates enrollment and improves the quality of data collected during candidate interviews. Realinterface is a client company of the Chesapeake Innovation Center, the nation’s first technology incubator focusing on homeland security and bioinformatics.

CONTACT: Bryan McIntyre, Senior Vice President 910.332.2007

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