Kelly Scientific Resources (KELYA) Cultivating Tomorrow's Scientists  
4/15/2008 2:36:41 PM

Recognizing a need to develop students into more competitive candidates in the workforce, Kelly Scientific Resources, a world leading scientific and clinical trials staffing provider, sought out means to augment academic knowledge and skill sets. As a result, Kelly Scientific founded its Future Scientists Program, an internship program that strives to cultivate a more talented and experienced candidate pool. Ultimately, this program is an opportunity for students and companies to grow together, and its success has been astounding.

Continuous growth

In 2000, Kelly Scientific launched the program and successfully placed 16 interns with customers across the United States. Seven years later, more than 400 interns were placed in jobs that allowed them to develop and expand their scientific skills.

“Doing my internship through Kelly Scientific Resources gave me the opportunity to reinforce class material in a real working environment, learn important skills that are not taught in school, and realize opportunities for full-time employment after graduation,” said Jennifer Patel, a former intern of Kelly Scientific.

Another milestone reached in 2007, was the successful launch of the internship program overseas in the United Kingdom. Kelly Scientific plans to continue expanding the program internationally to reach out to both students and companies for their mutual benefit.

The benefits of interns

Internships provide excellent insight into future employees and can help mitigate some of the risks associated with hiring new employees. While an interview can assess a candidate’s scientific aptitude, work ethic and commitment to the field of science, the internship is an ideal incubator for determining how someone will contribute to a company in the future.

“For companies, it’s a way to add support staff during busy times of the year or to help complete special projects. More importantly, it gives a company insight as to what a prospective candidate is capable of and if they’d be a good fit for the company on a permanent basis,” says Michelle Bradford, district manager for Kelly Scientific Resources.

Employing interns allows companies to observe prospective employees, guide them in the development of their laboratory techniques, and discern their reliability. There also is the potential that interns will spread the word about the company they worked for, as they tend to return to their college or university and discuss their experiences with their peers. Interns can also be great networking contacts, referring candidates with similar experiences and academic backgrounds.

Your future workforce awaits

Finding the right person for the job is never an easy task. Companies continue to struggle to fill scientific jobs, but programs like internships can help identify the talent needed to fill skill shortages.

Companies who wish to out-perform the competition will need to develop ways to help identify their future workforce early, attract them to their company culture and retain them with unconventional programs.

About Kelly Scientific Resources

Founded in 1995, Kelly Scientific Resources has emerged as the leading scientific and clinical trials staffing company in the world today. On average, Kelly Scientific employs over 400 clinical trials professionals and 4,500 scientists in temporary, contract and full-time positions from more than 100 locations across North America, Europe and the Pacific Rim. For more information about the Kelly Scientific Resources and the Future Scientists Program, visit us online at or call Michelle Bradford at (913) 451-8322.