Bio-Synthesis Announces Exclusive Collaboration in the Area of Immune Agonists and Antagonists  
1/23/2008 11:55:49 AM

LEWISVILLE, TX- January 9, 2007 – Bio-Synthesis Inc., a closely held biotechnology company, is pleased to announce an exclusive scientific collaboration with Dr. Dante Marciani, a world renowned expert in immune agonists. Over the last 20 years, Dr. Marciani has pioneered work with proprietary immune stimulatory saponins and their semi-synthetic analogs that have immune enhancing activities. These small molecule constructs have the potential to stimulate Th1 immunity thus become an important element in preventive vaccines as well as active immunotherapy.

These plant-derived glycosides and their analogs have the unique ability to stimulate antigen-specific CTL production that will seek and destroy cells carrying abnormal markers, such as viral, intracellular parasites or tumor markers. Previous work by Dr. Marciani has been effective in stimulating a protective preventive immune response in commercial products, against various pathogens, such as retroviruses. These molecules have the capacity to stimulate both humoral and cell-mediated immunity; its inclusion in vaccines may result in a safe and protective immune response against infection.

The collaboration between Dr. Marciani and BioSynthesis is focused on proprietary novel glycosides that stimulate innate immunity while taking advantage of the synergistic effects between innate and adaptive immunity. In addition, the collaboration extends to proprietary compounds that down regulate Th1 immunity, an area of significance in the treatment of chronic inflammatory conditions. About Bio-Synthesis

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