Phage Biotechnology Corp. Engages The Bruckner Group To Find A Joint Commercialization Partner For Phage's Portfolio Of Recombinant Protein Biopharmaceuticals, Technologies, and Development Platforms  
11/6/2007 9:36:53 AM

WAKEFIELD, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Bruckner Group is pleased to announce that Phage Biotechnology Corp. (“Phage”) has engaged The Bruckner Group to find a partner to jointly commercialize Phage’s portfolio of recombinant biological therapies, the products of Phage’s development platforms and technologies. The Phage portfolio includes ten innovative and standard-of-care recombinant proteins, including pegylated human growth hormone, pegylated G-CSF, pegylated interferon alpha, beta interferon, and single-chain antibodies (which will compete with monoclonal antibodies). Phage anticipates its portfolio will produce a revenue stream in the moderate nine-figure range within four years, and a medium to high ten-figure range eventually. Phage’s development platforms include a single-chain antibody development platform, a new proprietary pegylation technology, and a new recombinant protein manufacturing process that avoids existing protein process manufacturing patents.