Biolog, Inc. Announces Additional Phenotype MicroArray(TM) Capabilities for Mammalian Cells  
9/27/2007 8:30:17 AM

HAYWARD, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Biolog, Inc. announced today the expansion of its Phenotype MicroArrayâ„¢ (PM) product line to enable nearly 1,500 simultaneous phenotypic assays of human and other mammalian cells. PM technology is a powerful assay platform that allows phenotyping to be performed in a simple, rapid, cost-effective, and comprehensive manner. Phenotypes are the biological properties of a cell that result from its genetic and epi-genetic blueprints. Tools for sequencing and manipulating cellular genetics are well advanced. More and better tools are needed to understand how genetic changes alter cellular phenotypes. PM technology is designed to fill that need.