Johane Boucher-Champagne Appointed President And Chief Executive Officer Of Anapharm (SFCC)  
2/21/2007 1:09:52 PM

PRINCETON, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--PharmaNet Development Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: PDGI) today announced that Johane Boucher-Champagne, executive vice president, early clinical development of PharmaNet Development Group, has been appointed president and chief executive officer of Anapharm, Inc., a subsidiary of the Company, effective March 18, 2007. Ms. Boucher-Champagne will report to Mark Di Ianni, president of the Company’s early stage operations.

“Johane provided valuable assistance during the transition of the early stage business over the past year,” commented Mark Di Ianni. “Her energy, integrity and leadership skills have been demonstrated over the many years that she has contributed to the growth and development of Anapharm.”

Ms. Boucher-Champagne was appointed executive vice president, early clinical development in March 2006 to focus senior leadership on global phase I and early stage business development. She has been serving as acting president and chief executive officer of Anapharm, Inc. since December 2006. Previously, she served as chief operating officer of Anapharm since April 1998.

Ms. Boucher-Champagne holds an Executive Master’s Degree in Administration and a degree in life sciences and has more than thirty years of experience with health-science research activities, business management and administration.

Additionally, Dr. Marc LeBel will be leaving the Company. The term of Dr. LeBel’s employment contract ends on March 18, 2007 and he and the Company have mutually agreed to not renew the contract. He has served as president and chief executive officer of the Company’s Anapharm subsidiary since its acquisition in March 2002 and has held the position of executive vice president, bioanalytical laboratories, PharmaNet Development Group, since March 2006.

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