Copernicus Therapeutics, Inc. Release: Manuscript Demonstrates Remarkable DNA Delivery And Expression In The Mouse Retina  
1/9/2007 1:04:37 PM

CLEVELAND--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Copernicus Therapeutics, Inc. announced today that a research team at University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, led by Dr. Muna Naash, professor of Cell Biology, demonstrated that Copernicus’ DNA nanoparticles safely and effectively deliver and express DNA in the rods and cones of the mouse retina. According to Dr. Naash’s team, current data indicate that greater than 95% of these retinal cells expressed the DNA nanoparticle and there was no evidence of toxicity. These findings, published on December 20, 2006 in the journal PLoS ONE, have significant implications for the development of DNA-based therapeutics for various eye disorders, including retinitis pigmentosa and macular degeneration company officials said.