Creative Biolabs Launches "One-Stop" Phage Display Services  
9/6/2013 9:25:17 AM

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September 06, 2013 -- After services expansion, Creative Biolabs is delighted to announce the launch of “one-stop” phage display services for researchers and institutions. The services range from phage display library construction (such as cDNA libraries, peptide libraries and scFv/Fab antibody libraries) to phage display screening (including screening of phage display peptide, cDNA and scFv/Fab libraries).

Phage Display Libraries:

- Libraries commercially available

- In house premade libraries (HuScL®, HuSdL®, HuFabL®, MuScL®)

- Custom constructed library or libraries from the customer Targets:

- Purified antigens;

- Un-purified antigens;

- Intact cells, tissues or any in vivo selection systems required by the customer.


- Identify enzyme inhibitors

- Map epitopes on antigens;

- Select new antibodies;

- Discover/validate new therapeutic targets;

- Discover interaction between ligand and receptor;

- Select any peptide/protein binders

Contact Details:

Email: info@Creative-Biolabs.Com

Phone: 1-631-871-5806

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