Aphton Corporation (APHT) Announces Closing of Commercialization and Manufacturing Agreements for IGN311 With Celltrion, Inc.  
11/17/2005 12:01:42 PM

PHILADELPHIA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 17, 2005--Aphton Corporation (NASDAQ:APHT) announced the formal completion of two agreements with Celltrion, Inc., South Korea for the licensing and commercialization and the product development and manufacturing of Aphton's clinical product candidate IGN311. IGN311, a humanized monoclonal antibody targeting the Lewis Y antigen, is being developed by Aphton's wholly-owned subsidiary, Igeneon AG, as a potential new therapy for the treatment of cancer. Lewis Y is a tumor-related antigen that is expressed in up to 90% of all epithelial cancers, including breast, colon, gastric, and pancreatic cancers.