The Day In Review: Schering-Plough Corporation (SGP) Gets Approval For Noxafil  
9/18/2006 5:11:23 PM

September 18, 2006 -- Schering-Plough won FDA approval for anti-fungal drug Noxafil; GlaxoSmithKline asked the FDA to approve cancer drug Tykerb; Schering out-licensed the opthalmological rights to its glucocorticoid receptor agonist; Pfizer in-licensed several Alzheimer’s disease drug candidates from TransTech Pharma; Cell Therapeutics partnered cancer drug Xyotax with Novartis; Nektar won orphan designation in Europe for a fungal infection drug; NeoPharm released positive long-term data on its brain cancer candidate; Cytogen cited a journal publication detailing positive data on Quadramet; MannKind released positive results from its inhaled insulin product; ZymoGenetics said its recombinant human thrombin passed a Phase III trial; Serono optioned infertility drugs from Syntonix Pharma; Angiotech Pharma reported its Vascular Wrap was effective in pre-clinical testing; and Aastrom released positive long-term data on its Tissue Repair Cells. At the close, the Centient Biotech 200™ was higher by a quarter of a point at 3735.11, an increase of .01%. More details...